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Monster Jam: Path of Destruction Achievement Guide

Guide By: Drake O'Phile
There are 43 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
-Offline: 43 (1000)
-Online: 0 (0)
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 5-6 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
-Number of missable achievements: None
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes (2 achievements require "Hard" mode)
-Glitchy achievements: None
-Unobtainable achievements: None
-Extra equipment needed?: None

Path of Destruction is the sequel to 2007's eponymous Monster Jam game. This game is notoriously simpler and is meant for a younger audience. Diehard Monster Jam fans may be let down by the virtually nonexistent difficulty, but those looking for a quick gamerscore fix need to look no further.

Step 1 - Playthrough:
Begin your game by picking a truck and sticking with it for at least 20 events before you decide to get creative and change trucks (for the Biggest Fan achievement). After you get that achievement you're free to experiment with other trucks and create your own, but from this point on focus on completing every single event with a gold medal. The object of the game is pretty simple, complete events. That's it. Once you do this, it's time for the "Hard" playthrough.

Step 2 - "Hard" Playthrough:
For this mini-playthrough all you need to do is complete 20 different events on "Hard" mode (for Tough and Pro Driver achievements). The events are literally no harder now than they were the first time, and this step should be a breeze while also letting you get some additional stunts to go toward the cumulative achievements for them. Once you complete 20 rounds it's time for the clean up phase.

Step 3 - Clean Up:
After you attain a gold in every event, have completed 20 Hard events, and have unlocked everything it's time to look at the achievements. What are you missing? The easiest achievements to miss are the ones that require you to perform X number of stunts, so it's time to grind for these. If you are missing any of the customization achievements you can knock those out, and if you're missing any of the uncategorized Secret achievements you can knock those out relatively fast as well.

In summary the game is a very easy 1000 even for those who aren't too familiar with monster trucks or racing games in general. PoD is a step back from the more in-depth 2007 title mostly so that it would be easier for kids to enjoy playing it, but in the process alienated their older fans. PoD probably isn't worth a purchase, but it's definitely worth sticking in your GameFly queue to get some easy points.

x360a would like to thank Drake O-Phile for this Road Map.

Welcome to Monster Jam!10
Pass the test event. 

When you begin the game for the first time Dennis Anderson will introduce you to the game by letting you run a freestyle event with Grave Digger. You can not skip this and you only get to play this event once in your Career. You cannot fail this mission; whether you actually drive around or just park for two minutes, you will get this achievement when time expires.


Equip an accessory on a monster truck. 

See "Gearhead".


Speed Demon10
Win a gold medal in 1 Circuit Racing event. 

For all events it is best to play on "Easy" mode. Circuit Racing is an event where you race three other trucks in a course that extends outside of the arena. Getting into first place is sometimes tricky because of the AI's tendency to drive slow and get in your way, but once you pass into 1st place it is incredibly simple to maintain the lead. Just don't stray too far off the course or respawn too many times.


Piston Popper10
Win a gold medal in 1 Stadium Racing event. 

Stadium Racing is an event where the race takes place ONLY in the arena. These are short races introduced with a tournament bracket (they are the type of races you'll see at a real Monster Jam event). All you have to do is drive a relatively short course, usually one turn and a couple of jumps, and cross the finish line first. Don't use Boost when the level starts or else you'll do a wheelie and probably go off course. These are easy, just focus on the track and you'll win every time.


Crowd Pleaser10
Win a gold medal in 1 Freestyle event. 

Freestyle is probably the most difficult event in the game, but there are some tricks. You are graded on Air Time, No Respawn, Objects Smashed, Stunts, and Stunt Variety here. Firstly, don't try to do any flips until you're about to enter Bonus Time, because if you respawn any time before that you will lose Bonus Time and you will also lose five points from your final score for "No Respawn". You can respawn during Bonus Time without penalty in the event though.

To maximize the amount of points you get in Freestyle, take the first 30 or so seconds to break as much stuff as possible. If you get XP for crushing it, it counts toward this. This includes: cars, vans, buses, airplanes, Advance Auto Parts banners, Activision banners, big blue wooden dice, and campers. Don't bother knocking over pylons or stacks of tires, they are not worth any points. After this, kick into a Donut and then a Cyclone, then back into a Donut, and another Cyclone. Now, try to do some Wheelies, Sky Wheelies, Slap Wheelies, and Pogo stunts. By now you will probably be close to Bonus Time, so now try for some Backflips, Barrel Rolls, and Flat Spins. If you divide your time up into these chunks then you should be good. If all else fails, toward the end just do Donuts/Cyclones back and forth and this will boost you a few extra points.


Time is on my side10
Win a gold medal in 1 Time Crunch event. 

Time Crunch is an event where you race solo on the given arena's "Circuit Racing" track, collecting Monster Jam logos to get a time boost. To get a gold you have to finish with a Time Remaining counter at or above the "Best Time". These are relatively simple and you don't need to lay on the Boost or be nervous, you can take a course nice and slow and still finish with plenty of time. Make sure you don't miss too many Monster Jam logos though. Don't be afraid to respawn if you start to go out of control, sometimes it's not worth trying to save the truck and waste time.


Shake and Bake10
Win a gold medal in 1 Team Racing event. 

Team Racing is just like Circuit Racing except you have a teammate with you. The objective here is to stay in the lead and you get points for completing laps in first, second, third, or fourth place. Generally your teammate will stay in second, and it's not too hard to push into the lead. This is EXACTLY like Circuit Racing except you have 1 extra lap to perform.


Gate Crusher10
Win a gold medal in 1 Gate Rush event. 

Gate Crush is an event that takes place in the stadium where you have to grab Monster Jam logos at various places in the Freestyle set up. These can be tricky mostly because the guide arrow is totally worthless and doesn't really direct you very well. Luckily though, the logos will appear pretty much in clear view from the previous one so it's only a matter of keeping an eye out for them. Some logos will require you to hit large ramps, don't worry about landing the jump, if you're not going to land well, just respawn and continue as it is much faster.


Fast Learner10
Win a gold medal in 1 Stunt Challenge event. 

Stunt Challenge events are beginning levels where a given Monster Jam star will tell you about a stunt, show you how to do it, and then tell you to do it. The controls and instructions are given to you and afterward you have a set amount of time to complete the objective (again, your Time Remaining needs to be at or above "Best Time). Here is how you do each stunt in the game: 

  • Big Save: When you are on your side turn your front and back wheels into the ground ( to turn rear wheels) and use Boost to roll over.
  • Wheelie: Hold down (the direction) on  and press Boost to pop a wheelie.
  • Slap Wheelie: Slow down just before hitting a large ramp so your front wheels will land first, now hit the gas and hold down (the direction) on  to perform a Slap Wheelie.
  • Sky Wheelie: Hit a large ramp while holding down on , your truck's nose will point straight up and perform a Sky Wheelie.
  • Stoppie: Similar to the Slap Wheelie, except when you land nose-first press Reverse and you will stop on your front wheels.
  • Pogo: While performing a Sky Wheelie keep your truck vertical in the air and land on your back tires, you will bounce and do a Pogo.
  • Donut: Turn your front wheels one direction and your rear wheels the opposite for a tight turn, hold this turn until it says "Donut".
  • Cyclone: Perform a Donut, then hold Boost to perform a faster one, this is a Cyclone.
  • Back Flip: Hit a large ramp or half pipe while boosting and holding down (the direction) on . If done correctly you will do a complete flip.
  • Front Flip: Same as the Back Flip except you will hold up on  instead. These are generally harder to do.
  • Barrel Roll: Hit a ramp with one side of your tires while using Boost, you will roll in the air.
  • Flat Spin: Boost into a large ramp and just before you leave the ramp push  and  in the same direction to send your truck spinning through the air.


Customize 5 or more monster trucks. 

When you unlock Digger's Dungeon you can use the custom monster truck chassis to customize your own truck. To access them press or  when in Digger's Dungeon to change from Official to Custom trucks. Pick any truck and throw a decal or accessory on it, it doesn't matter where.


Training Wheels15
Reach level 5. 

See "Beastmaster".


Gas tank is half full15
Reach level 10. 

See "Beastmaster".


Heartbreak Hill15
Reach level 15. 

See "Beastmaster".


Reach level 20. 

XP is earned by completing races, performing stunts, and by smashing stuff. You will reach level 20 before you complete the game, but if you want to do it faster focus on big point smashables such as campers (40 XP each), buses (40 XP each), big blue dice (50 XP each), surfboard racks (70 XP each), train cars (90 XP each), and long rows of yellow cars (each car is 20 XP, a whole row can add up to 100). Additionally, if you're out to maximize points, keep replaying Freestyle events as you gain points for every stunt and for every smashable you run over plus the completion bonus of the event.


Win a gold medal in 3 events in a row. 

This should come to you relatively easy but if you are having problems make sure the difficulty is on Easy and simply play three easy events in a row such as a Stunt Challenge, Time Crunch, or Circuit Race.


Defy Authority15
Defeat any two Champion monster trucks in their home event. 

See "King of the Monsters".


Can't be Stopped!15
Perform 200 Big Saves in total. (5) 

Important Note: All stunts must be performed in an event. They do not count if done in "Test" mode.

With all of the stunt achievements you should get them simply by completing all of the missions in the game. If you do not, however, it is best to grind for these in a Freestyle event. I find that Reliant Stadium (Houston) is the best to farm Big Saves on. Drive up a ramp with only one set of tires going rather slow and tip your truck over. Now turn all four wheels into the ground and boost. For some reason the game does not seem to register Big Saves when you are on the left side of your truck, so only aim to flip onto your right side.


Win a gold medal in 5 different events on hard difficulty. 

See "Pro Driver".


I don't get dizzy15
Perform 100 Donut or Cyclone stunts in total. 

The fastest way to get this is to load up any Team Race and when the race starts just ignore it and start with a Donut, then boost into a Cyclone, then let off the boost to go back into a Donut and repeat this until you get the achievement, then you can quit the level.


I think I'm gonna be sick15
Perform 50 Flat Spin or Barrel Roll stunts in total. 

This is probably the hardest stunt-related achievement to get, mostly because the stunts are pretty hard to complete and the game doesn't always register them. The best way to farm them is to load up Freestyle at Oakland, California because this track has a corkscrew ramp specifically made to give you Barrel Rolls. Just keep hitting this ramp, you may have to do multiple playthroughs of this level.


Perform 50 Wheelie, Slap Wheelie or Stoppie stunts in total. 

Wheelies are easy to perform and you may actually get this during the racing portions of the game. If not, load up any Team Race and start doing wheelies. From a standing position, hold down on and press boost to perform one.


Perform 25 Front or Back Flip stunts in total. 

This is incredibly easy to farm. Load up Freestyle at the Citrus Bowl (Florida), this is the map that has the giant half pipe right in front of you at the start of the level. Get in there and just start doing flips until the achievement pops up.


Port of Call20
Win a gold medal in at least 1 event in each stadium. 

See "Monster Jam Master".


Be your own boss20
Win a gold medal in every event of 1 stadium. 

See "Monster Jam Master".


Monster Mash20
Destroy 250 obstacles in the game. 

See "Path of Destruction".


You're the best around!25
Win a gold medal in 20 events. 

See "Monster Jam Master".


Veteran Driver25
Earn 9,000 XP in a single event. 

The later events in the game will have baseline rewards of well over this amount, so if you are having trouble doing enough stunts or damage don't worry, you will eventually get this by simply completing a level.


Pro Driver25
Win gold medals in 20 different events on hard difficulty. 

"Hard" is a misnomer in this game, there is nothing really hard about this at all. The only changes made affect the speed of the trucks (barely), the amount of points needed to win Freestyle, and the window of time they give you on the timed events. The easiest events to complete on Hard are the Stunt Challenges, Time Crunch, and Freestyle (if you got good at it). If Freestyle gives you problems then Stadium Racing isn't very difficult.


Freestyle Domination!25
Win a gold medal in 1 Freestyle event with a score of 40 or higher. (2) 

The best way to do this is to follow the advice I listed in the "Crowd Pleaser" achievement. If you roll over and lose Bonus Time restart the level, as you will need those five extra points because 45 is the highest you can get in Freestyle. The Minneapolis event is the best one for this. Smash EVERYTHING (there isn't much) and start off with some Donuts and Cyclones (two of each) before going into the Wheelies and "lighter" air stunts like Sky Wheelies and Pogos. Finally, use your Bonus Time to drive off the quarter pipe against the wall for some Back Flips.

If you do not get 40 points, pay attention to the results screen and adjust your actions accordingly. Make sure you break as much stuff as you can because this is a 10 point section and there isn't much to hit in this event. Remember, cars, vans, and the little 5 XP banners - ignore the tires and pylons.


Advance Auto Parts Upgrade25
Unlock all Advance Auto Parts performance upgrades. 

Upgrades are unlocked as you level up and progress through the game. You will unlock this long before you reach Level 20 in the game.


United Champion25
Win both the Southern and Western National Tour. 

These events are kind of hard to notice. On the map screen go to the far right and you'll see a little grey graphic of a checkered flag with "I", "II", or "III" under it. Completing the top two of these will net you this achievement. A "Tour" event is just three events back to back, and none of them are particularly difficult. You start out with a Stadium Race (3 of them), then Circuit Race (2 of them), and finally Freestyle. There is no shift in difficulty, just an extra race for the first two events, so completing them is rather easy. For finishing first you get points (10 for first, less than that for second, etc.), and if you complete the Tour with the most points you win.


King of the Monsters40
Defeat all 8 champion monster trucks once in their home event. 

"Champion Truck" events are noted by a little truck explosion graphic on certain events. Completing these events will unlock the Champion Truck (Grave Digger, Grinder, Blue Thunder, etc.). There is no real spike in difficulty with these events, they are just like the others.


World Finals Champion60
Win all National Tours. 

The World Finals event is the "III" event in the list off to the right of the map screen. There is no change from this event compared to the first two mentioned in the "United Champion" achievement. Simply complete the courses and come in first place, which isn't hard to do.


Monster Jam Master100
Win a gold medal in all events. 

Winning a gold medal in an event means you have to come in first place. To do this you either have to win a race in first place, beat an event with your "Time Remaining" counter at or above "Best Time", or get the most points. On Easy mode the requirements of the game are laughable and you shouldn't have any problems at all. If you beat the game and are missing this achievement go back to each stadium to check the events, if you've completed it there will be a gold medal in the upper left of the event's card. Locked events unlock at dubious and confusing times throughout the whole game, so it is easy to miss an event at a stadium if it's the last one and is locked. Also, do not forget about the Tour Events to the right of the map on the map screen, these count toward this achievement as well.

Secret Achievements
Yard Sale20
Lost 2 wheels of a monster truck in an event. (1) 

You don't have to complete the event for this. The easiest way to get this is to load up any Freestyle event and continuously boost and crash into the wall. When your wheels are about to break they will start to wobble, continue to crash into the wall until they come off. Respawning while missing a wheel will fix your truck, so do not respawn while attempting this.


Path of Destruction 25
Destroyed 500 obstacles in the game. 

You will get both this achievement and "Monster Mash" in your playthrough of the game, especially if you are aiming to increase XP faster by breaking everything. Any time you run over something and get an XP bonus it counts toward this. If you want to get this achievement faster, avoid things like tires and pylons as you don't get any points for knocking these over.


Split a second 25
Won a gold medal in a racing event with a lead less than 0.5 seconds. 

The easiest event to do this on is the Stadium Racing event because they're short and you can usually see your opponent opposite from you. If you are having problems getting the timing right, then load up a Circuit Race, get to the finish line, and hold RB to look behind you. When you see someone right about to finish step on the Boost and get 1st place.


Performed 10 types of stunts in one event. (5) 

This is by far the hardest achievement in the game. The best level to attempt this on is Freestyle in New Orleans because of the large tabletop ramp in the center and the smaller ramps around the outside. Right off the bat, begin first with a Donut and a Cyclone. Next try to get a Wheelie, Sky Wheelie, and Slap Wheelie as fast as you can, use the tabletop in the center to try for a Sky Wheelie and Pogo at the same time. You should have 6 tricks by now, 7 if you've gotten a Big Save.

Now, use respawn to your advantage to put yourself in front of the center ramp. Aim for a Back Flip. The second you get the points for it respawn and go for a Flat Spin, repeat again and hit the ramp at an angle for a Barrel Roll. If you managed to get lucky and sneak a Big Save and Stoppie into the fray you should have 10 stunts by now. If not, use the smaller ramps along the outside to aim for a Stoppie and a Big Save. It helps to keep your Bonus Time, so if you're great at landing and controlling your truck then try to keep your Bonus Time. If not, don't worry about it and simply aim to throw in as many stunts as fast as you can.


Still got three more25
Finished a freestyle event with a wheel detached and won. (2) 

The best way to do this is to load up the Minneapolis freestyle because it takes only 20 points to win. When the freestyle starts, immediately run over everything you see to get the maximum points for Objects Destroyed. Now kick into the Donut/Cyclone combo for a few seconds and maybe try a few Wheelies. When you have about 30 - 45 seconds left (not counting Bonus Time) start smashing yourself into the wall repeatedly with Boost. Keep doing this until one of your wheels falls off and then wait for the timer to expire.


Crossed the finish line with a wheel detached and won the race. (3) 

Important Note: This will not work on a team race.

Start the Circuit Race at Reliant Stadium (Houston) and get into the lead as fast as you can. Now, hit every jump you see and hold forward on so you always land on your front wheels with a loud "clang" sound. Continue to hit every large jump and land this way, your wheels should start to wobble. If by the end of the second lap you haven't lost a tire yet as you enter the tunnel near the finish line start smashing yourself into the wall to finish off your tire. Once it's off the finish line isn't too far away, so simply cross it and get the achievement.


Biggest Fan40
Attended 20 events in a row without changing the monster truck. 

So long as you don't change your truck while playing the game (they have different "stats" but they pretty much don't change anything) you will unlock this. Just don't change your vehicle.


Bodyshop Wizard40
Fully customized one monster truck: placed an accessory, vinyl or decal in every area. (2) 

Load up any truck and pick "Accessories". Press   to go over to "Package" and place any package on the truck. Now go to "Decals" and place a decal on the Front, Side, Back, and Top of your truck. The achievement will unlock when you place the last decal.


They're all my favorite80
Collected all monster truck, accessories, upgrades and decals. (1) 

If you get a gold on every event and reach Level 20 you will unlock this.

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