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Guide By: Arsenic 17
There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10 with touch (6/10 with non-touch PC).
- Offline: 13/20 (145/200)
- Online: 7/20 (55/200) Either online or just require network connection.
- Approximate amount of time to 20045+ hours and 10 days (log-in only).
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: N/A 
- Number of missable achievements: 2 (You can miss the chance for them to be free).
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: 1 ("Back to the Sweet" see description).
- Extra equipment needed?: Windows 8 PC or Tablet.

Monsters Love Candy is a free-to-play puzzle adventure game with chain-combo swipe and match gameplay. There is the ability to adopt more than 170 monsters while playing through 70 levels split across 5 different worlds. As you clear the board of candy, you feed it to your monster. Enough candy and the monsters can evolve! There is even an addictive multiplayer game aspect to the game and you can compete against you friends for high scores on each of the levels. As mentioned, the game is free, but does offer up in-game purchases to give you an advantage and speed-up completing the game. Currently the game is FREE in the Windows 8 Store. 

Step 1: Single-player:
Play through the single-player portion of the game. This is where a majority of the game's achievements lie. There are 75 levels to complete and you will need to earn 3 stars on all of them. Even after getting all your stars, you will likely still have some work to do on some of the single player achievements, particularly the luck-based one for evolving all monsters in a world. 

Step 2: Multiplayer games:
Multiplayer is easy and is similar to single-player, except your goal is not to evolve a monster, it is to beat your opponent's score. There are two achievements in this mode, awarded for getting 10 and 50 wins against random players. This is not actually that difficult because there are so many bad players out there that you can easily beat. And, after you get matched up against a bad player, you can repeatedly keep challenging them to get wins towards these achievements. 

Step 3: Mop-up and grind to Research Level 30:
Your last achievement will be grinding to reach Level 30, which is done by earning experience points, also known as XP. You need around 45,000 XP to rank up to level 30. Along the way, you can mop-up any of the other achievements you may need as well.

Monsters Love Candy is one of the best free-to-play games out there. It offers enough content to keep the average gamer satisfied, and doesn't try to force you to spend real money. Sure, if your friends are spending their hard-earned cash in the game, you probably won't be able to come close to them on the leaderboards, but overall it is a fairly straightforward puzzle game. Also keep in mind that the game is far easier if you have a touch screen. Using a mouse can be tough, as the game does require a bit of speed. The gameplay is repetitive and it will be quite a long grind to complete this game.

*WARNING ABOUT PURPLE JEWELS* Two of the game's achievements REQUIRE purple jewels to unlock. These jewels can only be earned for free in fixed amounts when you level up and you will only accumulate them slowly. You need to save up at least 214 of the jewels to unlock TWO specific achievements in the game. If you spend all of the jewels aimlessly (which is quite easy to do, be careful), you will HAVE TO to spend REAL $$$, at very unforgiving prices, to unlock the achievements.


  • As a general rule to succeed at the game, focus on clearing as many candies as fast as possible, not necessarily looking for and making long chains. The scoring is done in a way that it is more beneficial to rapidly clear small chains than it is to slowly get big ones. 
  • You get points for long chains of candies, but also for clearing as much candy as possible before more falls. More candy ONLY falls when you stutter or pause for a second without making any chains or make any kind of mistake when selecting chains. It is a very slight hesitation, but it can cost you points. Therefore, as you are making a chain, be on the look out for another one you can do right afterwards. Repeat this process until you have cleared all the chains from the screen.
  • After you clear all the chains you can see, there may be a pause in the action before more candy falls. This can be skipped by double-tapping on empty space within the game board. The new candy will rapidly fall, saving your some precious time. 
  • Possibly the best boost in the game is Stray Angel, which destroys any candy on the board that cant be matched. This makes it very easy to rapidly wipe out the remaining chains on the board, clearing it completely. This might be the best boost. Monsters with this boost can only be found on the Cave World. Jumper (common monster) has 2 Stray Angel boosts and costs 1500 coins to use. Meemo (Legendary monster) has 3 Stray Angels and costs 4200 coins to use. 
  • The Magnet Magic boost is also very helpful. It comes in a close second. Learn the in-and-outs of these two boosts and focus your play style around one of them. 

NOTE: There are counters for every cumulative achievement in the game, so you never need to guess where you stand. Just select the Achievements book from the Main Menu.


[x360a would like to thank Arsenic 17 for this Roadmap]

Sugar On Top5
Win 10 multiplayer games   

See "Mystery Flavor."

Pure Sugar5
Feed and evolve your first Monster   

You evolve a monster by feeding him candy, which increases the bar between the monster and the playing field, increasing your multiplier. You just need to feed the monster enough candy to fill the bar the whole way and max out your multiplier. The level of the monster determines how difficult it is to evolve, with Common being the easiest, and Mythical the most difficult. On the very first level, you should have no problem evolving the monster you are given, following the tips at the beginning of the guide.

Candy Chemist5
Use every Boost in the game   (1) 

Once you evolve a monster, you are given the option to adopt it and add it to your inventory. The boosts each monster provides (and how many of each you will get in a game) are shown next to the image of the monster. There are a total of 10 different boosts in the game: Bubble Up, Star Blossom, Score Master, Sugar Bomb, Super Swipe, Magnetic Magic, Color Clear, Time Freeze, Stray Angel, and Color Link, each offering up a unique ability when you destroy it in-game. You just need to use each ability once. This entails first coming across a monster with the boost, then evolving the monster, then adopting the monster, and finally using that monster in at least one game and activating the boost by matching it with the other candy. It is suggested anytime you evolve a monster with a boost you did not use, adopt it just to work towards this achievement until it is out of the way. The monsters you get are random, so it will take a bit of luck to be able to get this achievement.

Play 100 games   

Both single-player and multiplayer rounds count towards this achievement. Each game consists of a one-minute round. You will complete far more than 100 games when working towards the other achievements, so do not worry about this one.

Rainbow Eyes5
Customize your Monsters or Candy from the Store   

*Requires network connection* You can get to the Store by clicking on the shopping cart in the upper right corner of the Main Menu (amongst other ways). From here, click on the Customize tab. Just purchase the cheapest coin item "Monument Ally Minty Mix" for 20,000 coins. Then click to equip it. You could also purchase the "Menagerie of Chocolate Morsels", for 25 jewels, but those are harder to come by than coins and are needed for other achievements, so I would recommend the Minty Mix.

Sugar Sands5
Reach the Desert World   

See "Everlasting Globetrotter."

Monster Master5
Evolve a Mythical Monster   

Your first task will be finding a Mythical Monster. The type of monster you get in a level depends on chance. The percentage odds of getting each type of monster is shown when you click on the level your want to play. In all of the worlds, Mythical monsters do not even have a chance of spawning until the last 5 levels of each world (11-15). Level 15 of each world has the best odds (10% chance) of spawning a Mythical monster, so try that one if you are having trouble. Evolving a Mythical monster works the same way as evolving any other type of monster (see the "Pure Sugar" achievement), except it is more difficult as you need to feed it more candy. It is best to use a good monster with helpful and plentiful boosts when attempting this.

Sweet Tooth5
Acquire Monster Research L1 in the Store for all 10 Boosts   

*Requires network connection* In the Store, click on the Utilities tab. You need to purchase the Research L1 upgrades for all 10 of the boosts. In total, this will cost 120,000 coins and 190 purple jewels. Coins can be eared slowly in any game mode, so those will come with time. Jewels however are only earned when you go up a level, or though the Store, where they cost real money. DO NOT spend jewels at all and save them for this achievement. Be careful as the game will try to trick you into spending them on things by shoving a button on your screen to continue a game and such. Each time you level up, you earn the next multiple of 5 that is higher or equal to your level. So when you level up to 8, you earn 10 jewels, but when you reach level 11, you will earn 15 jewels. This means that you will surpass 190 jewels at Research Level 18, if you do not spend any of them on anything else. Also, it should be obvious not to purchase any higher levels for your boosts until you get all 10 of them to L1 (the max is L10 for each).

Mystery Flavor10
Win 50 multiplayer challenges against Random opponents   

For these two achievements, you need to win a total of 50 multiplayer games. "Mystery Flavor" requires it to be against random opponents, while "Sugar On Top" does not. Therefore, to get them to stack, you should only play against random opponents. When you enter Multiplayer from the Main Menu, click on New Game and then Random. Wins in this mode will contribute to both achievements. Winning 50 games is not that difficult. There are a lot of bad players just trying the game because it is free. Just keep at it. Playing online is also a good way to boost XP, as you get 25 XP just for playing a game, win or lose, whether you even try or not in the game. Additionally, in the screen with New Game at the top, you can scroll down and see every opponent you ever played. If there is a bad opponent, you can click (and hold) on their name and challenge them to rematches over and over. If they accept and lose you will get the victory. Even though they are not technically a random opponent, it will count.

All You Need is Friends10
Have 10 Friends playing the game   (23) 

*Requires network connect* You just need to have 10 friends on your friends list that have played the game in any way. They do not need to all be online at the same time or anything like that. Once you have 10 friends with the game and log-in, the achievement should pop right away. Check the leaderboards to make sure you have 10 on that list, as the game may take a bit to update. If you are looking for others playing the game to add to your friends list, check the Achievement Trading Thread HERE.

Top the Candy Mountain10
Evolve 200 Monsters   

Just evolve 200 monsters in single player. Every time you evolve a monster counts, even if it is one you already evolved before, as you will get repeat monsters eventually. See the "Pure Sugar" achievement for more information on how to evolve monsters.

Sugar High10
Have all 15 Crowns in any World   (1) 

*Requires network connection* When you select a world and are looking at the level selection screen (the one with dots and shows how many stars you have on all the levels), floating above each level will be a picture the player on your friends list that earned the highest score on that level, with a crown above their picture. Essentially you need to work to have your picture there on all 15 of the levels in any world, meaning you need to have the highest score out of all your friends on each level of a world. 

You can either go crazy and try to earn all of the high scores legitimately, or more easily, remove any friends from your list that have higher or unreasonable scores to beat. Feel free to write down all the friends you remove if you wish to add them afterwards. I personally just went to the leaderboards screen and removed all my friends that had more "Monsters Found" than me. It took a several minutes for the game to actually recognize I booted everyone from my list. You then just need to go to a world where you have the high score on all 15 levels and the achievement will pop when you enter the level selection screen within the world. If some of your other friends still have higher scores than you, either beat their score or boot them from your list. Repeat until the achievement pops.

The Candy Touch10
Use 10 different Legendary Boost Monsters   

You first need to evolve and adopt 10 different Legendary monsters. You can only have two monsters adopted at a time (unless you buy more slots with jewels/coins), so you will need to transiently earn this achievement. This means you will need to come across a Legendary monster, evolve it in the game, adopt it, then use it in a single game. 

Each Legendary monster costs 2 jewels to use in the Forest world and 4 in the Desert world. To minimize the number of jewels you use, you should use all 8 of the Legendary Monsters found in the Forest world and 2 of the Legendary monsters found in the Desert world, for a total of 24 jewels. It is best to write down which Legendary monsters you have adopted and used to make sure you do not use the same one twice, which would be wasting jewels. Actually getting the specific Legendary monsters you need will take a bit of luck, but just keep at it. Playing the latter levels of the worlds will give the best odds of being able to findLegendary monsters (Level 15 has a 90% chance of a Legendary monster spawning). 

Thanks to cccuaresma1 on TA for this list of all of the Legendary monsters in the Forest and Desert worlds! Check them off as you evolve, adopt, and use each of them.

FOREST (Cost 2 Jewels to Use): Flower, Billie Goat, Monkeyboy, Tessie, Bonbon, Big Bear, Biscuit, and Tiger Toes.

DESERT (Cost 4 Jewels to Use): Ginger, Olive, Hunnybunny, Duke, Lightning, Lana Banana, Indiana, and Gumdrop.

Back to the Sweets10
Return to the game 10 days in a row   (2) 

*Requires network connection* This achievement will unlock when you return to the game for the 10th consecutive day. You know the day has counted when you receive your daily bonus. Otherwise, you need to come back when the timer at the top left of the Main Menu has reached zero.

A World Much Sweeter15
Evolve all Monsters in a World   

You need to evolve all monsters in a single world. There are a total of 35 monsters in each world. There is a counter for how many monsters you have evolved in each world in the world selection screen (XX/35 next to image of a little brown book). You can also check out the ones you have already evolved from the Monster Scrapbook, found in the Main Menu screen. There will be a ton of luck and chance involved in getting the specific monsters you need and evolving them. If you start a level and notice it is a monster you have already evolved, you can exit the game right away with no penalty (swipe down from the top of the screen and return to the Main Menu). This however is not recommend because this can be part of the grinding process towards reaching Research Level 30, the most time consuming achievement in the game. The easiest world to attempt this on is Forest. Getting all 5 of the mythical monsters will likely pose the biggest challenge and frustration, as even on Level 15 of Forest, there is only a 10% chance of getting ANY Mythical monster to spawn, let alone the right ones. Just keep at it and eventually you will get them all. 

Below is a listing of all monsters cost to use, name, and color for the Forest world. Thanks to Nonnenteufel1 on TA for compiling the list!

1000 Max (mint green)
1000 Petal (pink)
1000 Masher (grass green)
1200 Aggie (violet)
1200 Pompom (yellow-beige)
1200 Wilbur (blue)
1200 Baloola (copper red)
1400 Sammy (darker grass green)
1400 Banyan (light green)
1400 Sweet Potato (violet)
1400 Gnash (darker mint green)
1400 Squeakers (yellow-beige)

2000 Yum-Yum (pink)
2000 Skeeter (violet)
2000 T-Rex (red)
2500 Beam Sprout (light brown)
2500 Thumper (mint green)
2500 Abraximus (red)
3000 Atticus (green)
3000 Choochoo (violet)
3000 Vivi (blue)
3000 Baby Shoes (dark red)

2 Flower (grass green)
2 Billie Goat (lighter grass green)
2 Monkeyboy (green)
2 Tessie (mint green)
2 Bonbon (violet)
2 Big Bear (lighter violet)
2 Biscuit (pale red-pink)
2 Tiger Toes (beige)

6 Calico (mint green)
6 Daisy (blue)
6 Florrie (pale pink)
8 Coco (pale red-pink)
8 Angel (green)

Know the Ice Cream Man15
Reach the Tundra World   

See "Everlasting Globetrotter."

Sugar Rush15
Get promoted to Research Level 30   (1) 

You need to rank up to level 30. Each level up requires 100x your current level (except the first level), so in total you will need roughly 45,000 XP. 

You get experience by playing games. A multiplayer match earns 25xp (always). For normal games, you get xp for the following items:

  • Stars: 0 = 5 XP, 1 = 9 XP, 2 = 12 XP, 3 = 20 XP
  • Boost monster: Common = 3 XP, Rare = 7 XP, Legendary = 15 XP, Mythical = 20 XP
  • Evolved monsters: Common = 1 XP, Rare = 3 XP, Legendary = 6 XP, Mythical = 10 XP
  • 5 XP bonus for evolving a monster for the first time.

Thanks to Mike Marcelais on TA for providing a breakdown of the XP system.
After you have gotten all of the other achievements, boosting on multiplayer is the easiest. You are guaranteed 25 XP per game no matter what and do not have to worry about any nasty 30-second ads. Essentially you can just keep starting multiplayer games and making a single match and let the clock run out. This will earn you roughly 25 XP ever 90 seconds, or 1000 XP per hour. This is roughly the same rate that you will earn while repeatedly playing level 15 of Forest to evolve all the Mythical monsters for the "A World Much Sweeter" achievement. At these rates, it will take you a minimum of 45 hours to complete this achievement and the game.

Everlasting Globetrotter15
Visit the last Location in the Coastline World   

These achievements will unlock as you progress through the single-player game. There are 5 worlds which unlock by earning stars on all of the levels on the previous worlds (first world is unlocked automatically). The first level of the world will unlock when the world does. Progression through the levels of a world is done by earning at least one star on each level, which will unlock the subsequent level. Stars are only based on your total score and the their requirements are shown when you first click on a level to play. 

When you unlock the Desert and Tundra worlds, you must actually go in the world selection screen and click on the respective world for the achievement to pop. The last world, Coastline, unlocks when you earn 99 stars (out of 180 on the first 4 worlds). To unlock "Everlasting Globetrotter," you need to progress all the way to level 15 and the achievement will unlock when you complete it (you do not have to get any stars).

Shooting Sugar Stars15
Earn 3 Stars in all Locations in a World   (2) 

See "Monsters Love Your Candy."

Monsters Love Your Candy25
Earn 225 exploration Stars   

You need to earn all 225 stars across the 75 levels in the game. Stars are entirely related to score, with higher scores earning you more stars, up to three per level. The score requirements for the stars are visible when you first click on the level to play. The requirements are lower for the earlier worlds, and get harder as you progress to the later worlds, and through each individual world. You will certainly have to use monsters with good boosts to be able to three-star some of the tougher levels of the game where you are required to get more than 2 million score. Being able to afford using these monsters so frequently may require some boosting of coins. 

Earning all 45 stars in a single world will earn you the "Shooting Sugar Stars" achievement along the process.

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