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Moon Diver Achievement Guide

Guide By: Sakura4600 & Taiyz
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10 
- Offline: 8/12 (160/200) (Single Player).
- Online: 4/12 (40/200) (Co-Op).
- Approximate amount of time to 20010 hours minimum.
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1+ (Grinding for experience after first playthrough will be necessary for one achievement).
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: Three extra controllers will be necessary if you do not have an Xbox Live Gold subscription.

Moon Diver is the spiritual successor to the Strider franchise, a game to fill the void left after Strider 2 since ol' Hiryu seems more concerned with fighting games at the moment. The series was always about side-scrolling action gameplay and very little focus on platforming, where you chop up tons of robots with rapid sword strikes. It differs from the previous games in three key areas, Moonsault Combinations which are essentially magic spells that you can mix and match with varying effects, RPG elements that allow you to level up and bolster your HP, MP and strength, and 4-player co-op which is a real asset due to a steep increase in difficulty half-way through the game. Think of Strider mixed with Castle Crashers, and you've got a pretty accurate summary.

Step 1: Main Playthrough:
There are no missable achievements, or anything based on specific stages. Simply beating the game will unlock three achievements tied to the completion of levels. Like I said earlier, if playing solo, grinding will be inevitable as enemies begin to deal more damage. There are no general strategies for this, the game is intended to be very arcade-y and there are plenty of achievement-relevant reasons to revisit stages (see the following step). Multiplayer decreases MP use with multiple-player Moonsault Combinations, makes enemy projectiles focus on different targets, you have more people defeating enemies and making boss battles quicker, and you have the ability to rescue one another when killed in battle. The game was very much intended to be played in co-op.

Step 2: Clean-up:
After unlocking all the stages, you will have to replay most of them and access all of the secret areas, many containing hidden Moonsault Combinations which you will require 50 of. You'll need to get a 100 kill combo at one point, of which there are multiple locations to do so (Score Attack is not eligible). kill 10,000 enemies across your career, and level up your characters enough so that when you average their levels out, the number is 50. The remaining achievements all involve co-op interactions; reviving other players 10 times in the same lobby, and perform 10 multiplayer Moonsault Combinations with every possible number of players.

Moon Diver is not a long game by itself, nor are the achievements particularly difficult, but they are fairly grind-heavy due to the average level 50 achievement and the late-game difficulty level for solo play. As a game, if you're looking for an arcade throwback with a lot of button mashing, amazing synth music and four-player co-op, this is an excellent and very underrated pick.

[x360a would like to thank Taiyz for this Roadmap]

Moon Traveller25
Visit all areas in all stages.    (2) 

For this achievement you have to visit all the areas in the game, this will take a while as some levels have alternate routes. I would recommend making a copy of this list and mark off the areas whenever you visit them this way you will be able to go back and complete visit the area that you missed first time.

Check out the area list in the companion thread to find all the sub-stages, secret rooms, and maps of stages that have multiple branching paths, too.

Stage 1.
Ninja Assault
Hersey (Hidden room) This secret room in the first area, you have to crouch pressing LT and charge up your attack the rubble will break then all you down in press down and A to enter the area.
Monstrous army
Fallen city 
I thought I told you to not to come here
Asterious ruins

Stage 2.
Szk air torpedo
Run ha-ha
Mosquito museum 

Stage 3.
Sheer wall
Destruction (hidden room) this room is right before you get to the sealed off area where the mansion is in the background. Drop down and destroy the stone wall and you will enter the secret room.
We have descended 
Temple of the wicked 

Stage 4.
The end of fiction
Yell scream
Broken dream
Prototype model
Planter plaster
Humanity purpose 
Evolutionary purpose 
Killing machine 
Fruit of paradise 
Prison of delusion
Escape of reality

Stage 5.
North Atlantic
Buoyant travel bags
Great union
Rudderless voyage
Ghost fleet

Stage 6.
Great ocean waterfall
Underwater space base

Stage 7
Escape velocity 
To space
Hijacked battleship
No saviours
Auto pilot 
To the moon 
Flash from space
Lunar orbit
Blaster canon
The target is straight ahead
Bullet nest
Note: there are also 3 hidden levels in this stage; I will add them in once I find them.

Stage 8.
Planet blaster
Lock down
Earth watcher
Humanity’s weapon
Lunar gaze domination
The door has been closed 
Firebird in the void
Endless battle
Moon of extension
Canon control room
Heavy snipers
Burning light
Ruler of the earth 
Moonlight destruction 
Note: there are also 3 hidden levels in this stage; I will add them in once I find them.

Stage 9.
The new world
Treacherous moonlight
Moon diver
Ragna rock

Stage 10.
Skyscraper barrage
Beneath a full moon
Wreaked labyrinth
Lonely orchard

Stage 11.
Lunar eclipse
Early summer
The black horse of war
Humanity descendants 
Ask their names again

Stage 12.
La duel tactique
Divine door
Ancient covenant
Memory without record
What’s the enemy name?
Ancestors and descendants 
Evolution and pride
Changing species
Static species
And spirits
Fighting together
Verge of extinction
The creator
Note: there is also one secret room on this level i will add it in once i find it.

Chain Kill Master15
Achieve a Chain Kill of 100 or more.   

Every time you kill an enemy, a counter above your chosen character's head will increase. This is the Chain Kill counter. It will keep increasing until you are unable to kill an enemy within 3 seconds of your last. While it has little influence on any in-game mechanics, only restoring your HP and MP fully every 50 kills (it doesn't even act as a score multiplier!) it's still satisfying to see it rise, isn't it? To unlock this achievement, you'll have to reach a Chain Kill count of 100.

There are only a few places to attain this feat, and it's worth noting that Score Attack is not one of them. You can actually get this as your first achievement because there are two areas in Stage 4 where it is possible, as well as in Chain Kill Mode, but the easiest place in the game to unlock this is obviously the end of Stage 5-5 - Rudderless Voyage. Just over 175 exploding hornets will attack you, and with one of Nive's MoonSault Combinations, getting a 100 Chain Kill is an absolute joke.

The easiest place to get this achievement is on stage 5 at the very end. Make sure you have the MC technique “Body Slam” before you start the level. Then whenever it comes to it just keep using this technique while killing the bee like enemies.

Please refer to the video below, all credit goes to MasterLL.
YouTube - Moon Diver - Trophy: "Chain Kill Master" [JTV]

Save your companions 10 times in a single game.   

For this achievement you have to save your companions’ before they die. To do this you have to hit them whenever their health reaches zero. A timer will appear beside them and you have roughly 10 seconds to revive them.
An easy method for this is on the stage 1 near the end you will encounter a laser make your partner run in to the laser once his health goes done to 0 he can still move a little, make him move towards you then you simply revive him. Rinse and repeat until you have the achievement.
You may also get this achievement by playing through a level if the players don’t have a lot of health or just keep running out and getting hit.

Act. 1 CLEAR5
Clear Stages 1–4.    

This achievement cannot be missed, just simply complete chapters 1-4 to receive this achievement. Levels 1-4 are quite simple so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting past these levels.

  • Avoid Stage 3's Secret Room until your chosen character is at least level 20. Expect to deal with Faust's magic, the exploding purple hornets, three red and six crystalline enemies. The enemies that essentially turn into big bullets of energy may also pose a threat if your HP stat is low.
  • Stage 4's boss will kill you instantly unless you jump on top of one of the walls. Sure it seems logical that standing behind the wall furthest from the cannon would shield you, but you can easily see that it melts through all of the walls, and you, without much issue.

Boss 1: this boss appears on the first level, he is very simple to beat you shouldn’t have any trouble. Just simply keep hitting him and he will eventually die. Whenever he jumps to the other side of the map wait until he lands then continue to attack him.

Boss 2: this boss appears on stage 4; now this boss can be tricky at first if you don’t know what you doing. Basically you have you wait until the boss opens up his defence then start to attack him. Now once you see red lights on the ground run back and wait for the blocks to drop down. Once they have you need to quickly jump on top of them will he “fires his laser” Then all you need to do is simply repeat the process, but be warned there may not be 3 blocks to jump on so keep on your guard.

Act. 2 CLEAR10
Clear Stages 5–8.    

This achievement cannot be missed; these levels are slightly harder than the first 4 levels, just simple keep your health up and make sure you don’t waster your mana on easy enemies. On stage 5 you will get a MC technique called “Niltor’s Resonance” this allows you to freeze enemies for a certain amount of time. I would highly recommend attaching this MC technique before you continue to Stage 6. You should use this technique whenever you see a laser because they take a lot of health off you and whenever you die you have to start the level from the start again.

Boss 3: This boss is in stage 8, he isn't hard but you can't get to close to him because his flames will hurt you. I would recommend having the kutohs taste MC technique equiped as this fires homing missles so you dont have to get close to him. The first step of this boss fight is he will be in a sphere of fire, you have to destroy it, then the really fight begins. Just keep using the Technique "kutohs taste". There will also be explosives on the ground you will have to dogde to avoid dying. Every now and then he will turn back into a sphere this is when you use the "Niltors Resonance" to return him to his normal form. Simply rince and repeat until you defeat the phoniex.

Act. 3 CLEAR15
Clear Stages 9–12.    

This achievement cannot be missed, now these levels are the hardest levels within the whole game, they are twice as long so I would advice having a MC that can heal you or all your party members. Also have MC’s that have powerful attacks this will make the levels easier and the enemies will die faster.

  • Remember the Planet Blaster Cannon, Act 1's boss? Well in Stages 9 and 10 it's a standard enemy! You can increase your health enough so that a single blast will not kill you, but quite frankly that's only useful if you keep your HP at its maximum consistently. If you're fighting one solo and you aren't going to be able to avoid its attack, quickly slide into it and take the physical damage; comparatively, it does so little damage that it barely matters.
  • On the same note as the above, sub-stage 9-3 does have a fight against two PBCs with no platforms to stand on. As far as I'm aware, ramming into them to take physical damage is the only way to avoid their lasers in single player.
  • Plasma cannons are more common in this act and deal hefty damage (twice as much as a hit from a laser cannon) if you let them cover the screen in bullets. Remember that they have to rotate to follow you, so keep their locations in mind, run below or behind them and strike at their blind spot, opposite their muzzle. Note that unlike laser cannons, plasma bullets will persist after using one of Niltor's MCs.
  • In Stages 11 and 12, the game gets an annoying new trick; spawning laser cannons. If you're playing solo, always keep the Niltor/Ceno combo handy, because you'll frequently be minding your own business and suddenly find yourself up against a few turrets out of nowhere!

Boss 4: this boss appears on stage 11, this boss is fairly simple. The enemy is a gaintic horse, basically all you need to do is try and stay in the middle of the horse and hit him. Stay away fom his front and back legs as he will hit you and it takes a lot of damge off. If you don't feel like getting so close to him you can use MC techniques that use range attacks such as "Thor's arc" or "kutohs taste", this will make the battle a lot easier I would also recommend keeping a healing technique on you just in case.

Final boss: I’m not really good at explaining what to do for this boss so ill just add in a video. All credit goes to FranknStein:
YouTube - Moon Diver: Stage 12 - Final Boss

Tips for level 12:
This level takes about 20-30 minutes to complete and you will encounter all the bosses that you did in the previous levels.
-I would recommend just running past all the enemies during this level, there’s no point in dying half way and having to start all over again.
-The first part whenever your outside can be annoying so just run past everything and keep freezing. Once you get inside the level gets a bit easier but just keep running forward.
-Have the “Niltor’s Resonance” MC equipped and keep freezing and also near the end of the level there are loads of lasers and you do not want to repeat this level.
-As I said before you will encore all the bosses from previous levels so keep what MC techniques that are most effective against them.
-Doing this level with 4 people will be the easiest thing to do as you will have loads of MC technique.

3P MC Practise10
Use 10 different 3P MC techniques.   

For this achievement you will need 2 other players, simply chose a technique that needs three people. Now hold down  until your partners presses  as well you will go into a short animation sequence. Remember you have to use 10 DIFFERENT techniques.

4P MC Training10
Use 10 different 4P MC techniques.   (2) 

For this achievement you will need 3 other people, simply chose a technique that needs two people. Now hold down  until everyone else presses  as well you will go into a short animation sequence. Remember you have to use 10 DIFFERENT techniques.

Whenever the player holds down  you only assist him, you do not need to have the technique yourself.
Whenever you are choosing your techniques you will see how many people can use the skill, it will be in brackets beside the name. Please refer to the achievement “MC collector” for a guide of where all the MC techniques are located.

You can randomly join people who are playing online for all these multi-player achievements or you can use the Achievement Trading Thread to look for partners.

Battle Master20
Defeat 10,000 enemies.   

This achievement will unlock when you've killed ten thousand enemies. You will likely meet this requirement during your first playthrough, but if you don't, you're guaranteed to have it by the time you complete "Level Maniac." If you keep replaying stage 12 you will get about 1000-1500 kills each time you complete the level alone. You will get this achievement naturally whenever you are trying to level all 4 characters up to level 50.

Level Maniac50
Raise the average level of all characters to level 50.   

This achievement requires some simple math and a lot of grinding. To figure out your current average level, add the levels of all four characters together, and divide by the number of characters.

To make it even easier, skip the math: you'll unlock this achievement when you've acquired 200 levels total, across all four characters.

When grinding, avoid using charge attacks as you are awarded EXP for each hit on an enemy. Note that some MCs may not give you EXP despite dealing damage to enemies, so avoid using those. In general it is a better idea to avoid using MCs because they are often more powerful than your default attacks. Nive's MCs are typically a great idea though, as they are quite weak and also help you catch an extra enemy before it teleports away once in a while.

Stage 12 and Chain Kill Mode provide the highest concentrations of enemies in the game, and Stage 9 contains many Planet Blaster Cannons.

MC Collector20
Collect 50 MC techniques.    

MC is shorthand for MoonSault Combination. Essentially the game's take on the typical magic spell or "special attack," MCs are collected from yellow crystals stashed throughout the game's stages in specific locations. Multiple MCs may be hidden in a single sub-stage, and even though every character starts out with a different MC (Silence starts with two!) each character can obtain every MC. Locations and MCs acquired do not change between characters. To unlock this achievement, you will need to find 50 of the game's 60 MCs.

Check out this post in the companion thread for the locations of all the MoonSault Combinations.

2P MC Drill10
Use 10 different 2P MC techniques.   

Multiplayer MC techniques are a very useful ability, in that they allow other players to use the caster's magic for free. Co-op MoonSault Combinations are performed by holding down  while you have a 2-star or higher MC selected, and waiting for other players to press  to answer your call to arms. Once any number of players have answered, the caster releases the button, spends the required MP, and the players that joined you will come along for the ride at no cost to any of them.

A MoonSault Combination's star level corresponds to the maximum number of players that may take part in its co-op casting, and the general rule is that, in the MC list, each row is dedicated to a single spell that increases in star level from 1-4. The final two rows however, consist of one-off MCs that aren't ordered by star level, and also have exact requirements for their casting, instead of the typical "up to # players" structure.

This achievement will unlock when you execute 10 different MoonSault Combinations with one other person.

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US May 04, 2011

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