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Guide By: Epilogue of Euphoria
There are 41 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
-Offline 41/41 [1000/1000]
-Online None
-Approximate amount of time to 1000 10-15 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed 1 (level replays needed though)
-Number of missable achievements A few, but you can replay levels
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? No Cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements? No
-Glitchy achievements None
-Unobtainable achievements None
-Extra equipment needed? No

You will unlock 9 achievements for 130 just from playing through the story. It doesn't matter what difficulty you chose for this as there are no difficulty related achievements. However you will get many achievements on the way to this.

Follow this guide to make sure you collect all of the gene upgrades and secret as you will need them all to unlock X-Files, Snoop, Post Graduate and Batchelor. The gene upgrades unlock different skills for you to use throughout the game. Make sure you are using these skills throughout the game to maximise your achievements.

Your character will get stronger throughout the game. Make sure you are using all of your abilities and the following achievements will be awarded as you play through.

  • Master Of Reflection - Simply deflect 200 shots over the course of the game.
  • Butcher, Bloodbath - Kill 5 & 8 enemies with Rage. Level 8 is the best place for these
  • Overmind - Take 30 enemies under your control.
  • Cat's Eye - Spend 15 minutes in alien view. Use this whenever you can as it takes a while to accumulate all 15 minutes
  • Illusionist - Kill an enemy with a reflected shot. You will get this soon after you get the ability.

There are a lot of kill x with x type achievements, but most of these will come naturally throughout the game, things like close combat kills, grenade kills etc. You should have most of these by the time you have finished playing through. Be sure to shoot any bottles and barrels you see for Anonymous Alcoholic and Explosives Expert.

You can unlock Collector on the first level by picking up all 4 melee weapons, however these weapons are pretty useless as guns and ammo are everywhere in this game. On the second level where you are being chased by the beast do not kill any human enemies for Humanitarian, but remember you can replay any level so don't worry if you don't get this first try. When you fight the Terminator on level 5, kill him with a grenade instead of performing a fatality to unlock Ripper. On level 6 you will fight the Annihilator, again kill this sucker with a grenade for Energy Blast. Beware it is quite easy to kill him accidentally before you get the chance to throw a grenade, just take your time when his health gets pretty low.

On the final boss level, you have to kill him in a few different ways. Once you have one you can just reload the last level and kill him the other way. Kill him with his own shot, reflected by your shield for Suicide, kill him with a grenade for Deadly Metal and use Isolation to kill him with an alien for Alien DNA.

Once you have finished your playthrough there is a little method you can use to get Immortal. This is awarded for completing all levels without dying. As it says, complete all levels, not complete a playthrough. Load up a level, and play through to the final checkpoint. It doesn't matter how many times you die, but when you get past the checkpoint, exit the game to the dashboard. Go back into the game and select Continue Game, and it will start you at the last checkpoint with 0 deaths. Finish each level from this point without dying and this will unlock.

Mop Up
There may be a few miscellaneous achievements that you don't have by now, so simply replay a few levels to mop up any kills, barrels, fatalities or even maybe jumps you need.

This is an easy 1000 but do not expect to be playing a great game. It has some cool features but the graphics made my eyes bleed, and even though it was a pretty quick completion it felt like it took a lot longer than it did. It is not the worst game around but won't win any awards. The achievements are all pretty straightforward and using the method to complete all levels without dying will save you a bunch of time.


[x360a would like to thank Corrupt x360a for this Roadmap]

Late night shopping10
Level Awakening is complete.    (1) 

Story related and cannot be missed.

Level Run from Beast is complete.    (3) 

Story related and cannot be missed.

Level Kurskaya station is complete.    (1) 

Story related and cannot be missed.

Level Inside the Perimeter is complete.    (1) 

Story related and cannot be missed.

Back to back10
Level Field hospital is complete.    

Story related and cannot be missed.

Ominous silence10
Level Way to the Base is complete.    

Story related and cannot be missed.

Heart of evil10
Level The Mound is complete.    

Story related and cannot be missed.

Home sweet home10
Level The Base is complete.    

Story related and cannot be missed.

Level Final battle is complete.    

Story related and cannot be missed.

All secret cocoons have been collected.    (1) 

See Snoop

All gene cocoons have been collected.     

The secret cocoons are the ones with the white lights and there are 44 of them total in the game. For the most part they aren’t hidden very well either. Finding these unlocks concept art in the Extras in the Bonuses Materials menu.

The gene cocoons are the ones with the green lights and there are 74 cocoons to find, each containing 2 genes totalling 148. Finding these lets you up-grade your abilities. Most of these cocoons (secret and gene) are fairly easy to find, as they are mostly out in the open.

I suggest you max out your Alien-view ability since it allows you to see objects of interest in the environment like health kits, ammo, hidden enemies, and cocoons to make it easier. Also be as thorough as possible by exploring everywhere you can go in every level (1-8) with the Alien-view on.

There is a guide for the cocoons located here.

All close combat weapon has been collected.    (1) 

All the melee weapons are on the first level, and you’re looking for a wrench, bat, rusted pipe, and a katana. You don’t have to score a kill with these, you just have to have held them at one time or another.

Wrench: Near the beginning of the level when the game tells you about the melee combat and movement. Press to pick it up from in front of the boarded up doorway you have to smash through to continue the game.

Bat: Just after you picked up the wrench you’ll come to a large hole in the wall you have to go through to progress, where the body falls in front of you. Go through the opening and up the hill then turn around and look in the right corner, next to the white door is the bat. Hang two rights through the doorway on you left to get to it.

Rusted Pipe: Immediately after getting the bat you’ll have to turn a wheel to stop poisonous water form blocking your path. After you’ve done that you’ll see a body at the end of the hall, next to it is the rusted pipe.

Katana: This is located in the are where you have to climb a flight of stair to knock off a couple of explosive barrels to take down a wall so you can progress. There are two areas where you have to go upstairs to the third floor, and the katana is in the first area. When you are on the top floor and see the barrels dead straight ahead of you, you should also see a large doorway on you left (a room with the light out). Back behind that is another room, you should be able to see if not it’s on your right. Use the alien vision to see in the dark if you need to. In the back left corner you’ll see a light over another body, beside the body is the katana.

You did not kill a single soldier when you were running away from the Beast.   (1) 

Simply run through level 2 (Run from Beast) without killing any human enemies. You can get it on the first time you play the level if you want, just don’t fire you weapon and do not shoot the explosive barrels.

The Beast has been killed by its own shot, reflected from the shield.   

This is done in the final boss fight of the game. In order to pull this off you’ll need to have to have your Evolution, Symbiosis, and Energy abilities maxed out. Doing this will increase the amount of energy and health you have and increase the amount of health and energy you get from the cocoons, while decreasing the amount of energy you use and damage taken by using the Energy Shield. Just stay at the spot where the game spawns you since this will force him to shoot his energy blast at you. Stay there and reflect his shots and refill your health and energy as needed until he bites the dust.

You have completed all levels without a single death.   (4) 

Not as hard as it sounds. Take your time and max out your Evolution, Symbiosis, and Transformation abilities as soon as you can to make your life easier. Do not get backed into a corner or surrounded by three or more enemies at once as you will die quick, even with your abilities maxed out. Beware, beware, beware of the Terminators and Spargs as they will make short work of you. Upgrading Rage will also help you out since using it refills your health some each time you score a hit on an enemy. Do NOT try using the Rage ability on the Terminators as they will just knock you away every time you try. Use your Alien-view to see them and do not get cornered by two or more them.

Anonymous Alcoholic25
You have broken 50 bottles.   

You’re looking for green beer bottles that are placed throughout levels 1 through 8. They are placed in every level so don’t worry about getting it. Once you’ve found them either shoot them or use a melee attack to break them. You can replay levels if you need to grind it out.

Explosives expert15
You have blown up 20 barrels.   (1) 

Don’t even sweat this one, the barrels are all over every level. You could get this a soon as level 2 (Run from Beast) as they are literally placed everywhere in the level. Be extra careful on level 2 so that you don't mess up Humanitarian.

You have jumped 100 times.   (1) 

You will get this through natural progress, but you can get it at the beginning of the first level if you want. Just hit 100 times and it's yours.

Master of reflection25
You have reflected 200 shots with your shield.   

It's not recommended that you go for this as soon as you get the ability because you will still take damage for using it. Upgrade your Evolution and Shield abilities a couple times and then attempt this, as you’ll have more health, energy, and use less energy using it. You should get this by the end of the game.

You have killed 5 enemies in one 'rage' spell.   

See Blood Bath

Blood bath50
You have killed 8 enemies in one 'rage' spell.   (1) 

You won’t get the Rage ability until the third level. If you wait until the end of level 8 and you can get both this and Butcher at once. You’ll need to have both your Evolution and Rage abilities near maxed out so you have more health and consume less energy.

At the very end of the level 8 (The Base) there will be specimen containers with Explorer aliens in them (four of them) and four gun turrets on the area you have to hit the switch in order to finish the level. When you hit the switch the level won’t end until you have killed all 10 or so enemies that come out. Don’t turn on any of the gun turrets, let the Spargs gather around you, locate the three Gunner aliens, and then head towards them, making sure the Spargs follow you. Once they’re all around you activate the Rage ability by pressing then and tear them to bits.

You have taken 30 aliens under control.   

You won’t be able to do this until near the end the game because you don’t get the ability to do this until level 8. You’ll be using the Isolation ability to get this one, which consumes massive amounts of energy unless you max it out. Having the Evolution and Symbiosis abilities maxed out as well is a good idea as well. Just refilled your energy regularly then get close to an alien then hit then to use it. Repeat 29 more times to unlock it.

Cat's eye20
You have spent 15 minutes in Alien-view mode.   (1) 

You get this ability in the first level and can start going for it there, but it consumes energy pretty quick until you’ve upgraded it. You can unlock this through natural progression, or you could save it until you've maxed out the ability, when it won’t use up any energy at all. Turn it on by with then then wait for it to unlock.

Illusionist 15
You have killed an enemy with shots reflected from the shield.   (2) 

You can get this as soon as you get the ability. You won’t get the shield ability until you reach level 3. You can get this on the two gun turrets through the doorway you have to go through after the cut scene after harvesting the Gunner alien. You can also get it by reflecting the shots of the Gunner alien. Just hit and and aim their shots back at them until dead.

You have collected gene material of every alien type.   (1) 

In order to get this one you’ll have to harvest each of the alien types that can be harvested. They are: Explorer, Persecutor, Gunner, Sparg, Terminator, and Surgeon (story related). Just down one of every type and press the to harvest their genetic material. You should get this in level 5.

You have kicked to death 20 kamikaze.   (1) 

To get this you’ll be looking for the little red Detector aliens. Don’t worry too much about this one either, as these annoying little bastards are in every level but the last one. You’ll know them when you see/hear them as they make a very distinct whining noise. The aren’t hard to miss since they pop up everywhere, they're the little red aliens that jump at you and explode when they hit you. Just wait until one is near you and hit to give them the boot. You should get it in the third level or through natural progression

You have killed 2 enemies with one grenade.   

See Senior Grenadier

Senior Grenadier25
You have killed 3 enemies with one grenade.   (1) 

Don't won’t worry too much about this as there are several areas where you could get this - you could easily get this on levels 2, 4, 5, 7, and the end of level 8. Just wait for them to get close and use to toss one.

You have killed the Terminator with a grenade.   (1) 

You won’t be able to get this until level 5. Just use your energy cannon or other grenades to weaken him and wait for him to go to his knees, then instead of performing the fatality toss a grenade at him and the achievement is yours.

Prybar master25
You have killed 100 enemies with close combat weapon.  

You can get this by usingthe wrench, bat, rusted pipe, katana, or the spike on your right hand that you get at the beginning of level 3. If you miss this you can replay the first two levels until you have it. Just have one of the weapons handy and hit until your opponent is dead and repeat 99 more times.

You have killed 100 enemies with distant combat weapon.   (1) 

You have to kill with projectile based weaponry such as the AK47, shotgun, energy cannon, and the mounted AA guns you can use. You will mostly likely get this by beginning/middle of level 3.

Moscow saviour10
You have killed 100 enemies.   (1) 

See Galaxy Saviour

Planet saviour25
You have killed 250 enemies.   (1) 

See Galaxy Saviour

Galaxy saviour50
You have killed 500 enemies.   (2) 

Don’t sweat these achievements at all as the game throws a lot of enemies at you so you’ll easily get it with little to no grinding at all. Kills count even if you die afterward. You can replay any level to grind on these achievements if you need to.

You have dealt fatality to 10 aliens.   

See Fatalist

You have dealt fatality to 25 aliens.   (1) 

You have to get an enemy to a near death state and then hit to perform the fatality. Try to do this against Persecutors, which you can do easily by keeping your distance from them and firing your energy cannon or AK until you can perform the fatality. You can also get this against Spargs and Terminators. Again, you can replay levels if necessary to get this.

Post graduate10
You have achieved maximum level in one of the skills.   

This one will depend on how well you find the green gene cocoons in each level, as you have to have the gene strains in them to build the pathways. Once you’ve found enough of the genes you’ll have to arrange them so that all the green genes are connected to the red genes. There is not set way to do this, as there are numerous ways to connect them. Just make sure they are all connect to a single strain or all connected individual or a mixture of both ways, doesn’t matter as long as all the green genes are connected to red genes.

You have reached maximum level in all of your skills.   (13) 

Same as with Post Graduate, except you have to connect all the green genes with the red genes in every one of you seven abilities. You WILL have to collect every last one of the gene strains from levels 1 through 8 in order to do this and be pretty creative when connecting them. Remember, all green and red genes have to be connected in your Energy Shield, Evolution, Rage, Insulation, Symbiosis, Alien View, and Transformation abilities to get credit for this one.






Energy Shield


Secret Achievements
Energy blast25
The Annihilator has been killed by a grenade explosion.   (3) 

The Annihilator is the boss you fight at the end of level 6, Way to the Base. Just do what you would normally do to take him down. Wait for him to charge you and dodge his attack to expose his weak spot after he hits the wall, then hammer away at him until he is almost dead and then toss your grenade to finish him off.

Deadly metal25
The Beast has been killed by a grenade explosion.   

This is just like Energy Blast except you will be doing it against the final boss of the game, the Beast. Same as with fighting the Annihilator, take his life any you want but just make sure the final blow in done by a grenade. If you run out of grenades don't worry, there's a room behind the two gun turrets with extra ones in it.

Alien DNA25
You disconnected a monster from the Swarm and it killed the Beast.   

Almost the same as with Energy Blast and Deadly Metal, except you'll be making use of the Isolation ability. Load up the last level again (Final Battle) and weaken the Beast how ever you wish, then wait for one of the other aliens to show up and use the Isolation ability on them to get them to fight you and just let them finish him off.

Game Info
Buka Studios
505 Games


US September 28, 2010

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