MotoGP 09/10

MotoGP 09/10 Achievement Guide

Guide By: hairyfingernail
There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Win a race in any mode except Splitscreen.    
This will naturally unlock when you win your first race. If you are having trouble put it on beginner and it make it easier. 
Complete 100 races in any mode except Splitscreen.    
This achievement will come with time. There are 17 races a season so completing a 125cc, 250cc and a Moto GP season is 51 races, half way there, I unlocked this just before I reached G.O.A.T.
Win a 125cc class season in Career mode.   
See "Legend".
Win a 250cc class season in Career mode.   
See "Legend".
Win a MotoGP class season in Career mode.   
Winning the 17 race season is not a problem. Unlike other racing games there never seems to be a consistant winner, so as long as you race well and win about 10 of the races in the season you should get these achievements no problem.
Top of the Class10
Obtain an 'A' class rating in all three sessions of a race weekend in career mode.   

To get An 'A' rating in all three sessions you need to:

Practice: The first lap try and get a fast time, after the first lap return to pits and let the grade come up, usually a 'B'. If you were the fastest rider, after that just continue, finishing the timer by just showboating.
Qualifying: This one should only take one lap. As long as you qualify on pole position you will get an 'A' grade.
Race: If you qualified on pole it will make this easier, just race clean doing fast laps making sure not to collide with other riders as this will decrease your rating.

Middle Management10
Hire a full compliment of staff in career mode.   
This will unlocked when your going for G.O.A.T, I think there was 8 slots to fill.
That's a rep!5
Obtain a reputation level of 1 in career mode.   
See "G.O.A.T".
Obtain a reputation level of 10 in career mode.   
See "G.O.A.T".
Obtain a reputation level of 20 in career mode.   
See "G.O.A.T".
The G.O.A.T.100
Obtain a reputation level of 30 in career mode to become the greatest of all time.   
This achievement will take a long time. I finished 6 and a half seasons before I got it. I wasn't racing very well and kept getting 'C' grades. You get a grade for each of the 3 seasons. Try and get an 'A' grade all the time (easier said than done) and don't forget you get double rep for your home track so don't pick a track thats near you, pick one you are good at. Be prepared for a grind.
Choose your own team livery, helmet, leathers and paint them with your own team colours.   
This will be one of the first achievements you get in career. Just go to the brand option in the menu and let your creative juices flow.
Boy Done Good5
Win on your home circuit in Career Mode.   
Like I said before, don't pick a track because you live near it pick one you are good at, on beginner this will be no problem.
Corporate Cartel10
Obtain a full complement of sponsors.   
I can't remember exactly but I think this was 7/8 sponsors. Just hire a good press officer to get decent sponsors, this will unlock on your way to G.O.A.T.
Fully upgrade a MotoGP class machine in career mode.   
For this achievement you have to get to level 30. The fairing is the last thing you need to upgrade. To make researching go quicker just load up the next race so the research is done but then quit out of the race. The research will be done and you can tell them to do more before going back to the race. 
Jump through some hoops…10
Successfully perform every type of dynamic objective.   

This achievement is annoying but it will come in time. The objectives are:

1. Top speed,
2. Racing line,
3. Average speed,
4. Intimidate, and
5. Overtake. 

The first four are straight forward but the overtake one is annoying because it doesn't pop up that much. Just hang back in the pack, 12/13th something like that, this makes it easier to overtake the guy a couple of positions in front of you. You have a time limit. If the objective isn't the one you want at least you still have a lap to try a catch up with the leaders.

Complete over 50 dynamic race objectives.   
See "Jump through hoops". This will unlock on your way to G.O.A.T.
They Made Me Do It10
Complete a full season in championship mode.   
Exactly as it says, you don't even need to win the season.
Unlock the MotoGP Class in any game mode.    (2) 
This can be unlocked after one season. After you win the 125cc season you get a choice of where you want to go. You can go straight to MotoGP to get the achievement but you might as well do 250cc and then MotoGP.
Complete a full Arcade Mode season without using a continue.   
You start off in the first race with 60 seconds and doing various things gives you more time. Clean sections and new laps are worth the most time. Slipstreaming and showboating give you time as well, I finished with 15 mins at the end of the season, so it shouldn't be too hard.
Spend a total of 10 minutes slipstreaming in Arcade Mode.   
For this achievement the best thing to do is, in the first 5/6 races of the season just hang back in about 12th place and just slipstream, the other riders fan out round the corners, just go slow and stay behind the pack. I was getting about 30 seconds a lap using this method.
Mirror, Signal, Maneuver20
Get every type of time bonus within the same lap in Arcade Mode.   

This unlocked in my first race without even trying, so its pretty easy. As far as I can tell the various time bonus' are:

1. Clean section,
2. Slipstream,
3. Showboating,
4. Highest position, and 
5. New lap (just finish a lap).

Insert Coin10
Use a continue and then finish first in Arcade Mode.   
Do a single arcade race in Mugello and at the start just wait until your 60 seconds is up. Use your continue and then try and catch up and win. Mugello is a good track to do this on as its a long lap. I caught up on the start finish line on lap 2, so it's pretty easy.
Out Runned10
Finish a race with more time than you started with in Arcade Mode, without using any continues.   
For this achievement I did a single arcade race in Le Mans, it seems to be the easiest to get it on. Wheelieing up the start/finish line straight stops the clock, slipstreaming is helpful but not necessary, just have clean sections for the whole race and you should have no trouble doing this first try.
Power UP!10
Earn more time between timing-out and using a continue in Arcade Mode.   
Just pick any track (I used Mugello). Ride until you see the first set of green posts on either side of the track, they are where the section ends. Just wait about 10 metres back from the posts, and when there is 2/3secs left on the clock, floor it. The time should run out but you'll have the speed to carry you through the gate giving you more time. This would also work on the perfect line markers.
Bustin' Makes Me Feel Good!10
Download and race against an online ghost in Time Trial.   (1) 
You should combine this achievement and the Donnington time trial, that way you can race against the ghost to see where you need to improve. To download a ghost you need to: go to the multiplayer menu, then to leaderboards, moto gp, all time ghosts, and then pick Donnington as your track. Once downloaded, just race against it. At the time of writing this guide the ghost in 100th place had a time of 1.16.5 or something close to that.
Find Your Own Way10
Create a personal racing-line in Time Trial and then use it in another game mode.   
For this achievement you need to do a time trial, pick any track and once you have started go to display settings in the pause menu and change the line to personal. Complete a lap or two just to be safe and then go to a single race in championship mode, pick the same track as before and change the line to personal and the achievement should unlock.
Beat the 'Fun Vampire'20
Beat a time of 01:19.78 on Donington in Time-Trial Mode.   
This is one of the harder achievements in the game. I used Divizioso and downloaded an online ghost. I think you can only download the top 100 times so pick one that is near the time, about 1.20 or something and then watch the ghost. The beginning of the lap is very important and was where I was messing up. A lot of the corners you can just coast round without using the brakes, just keep up your speed and stick to the line as best as possible and with a few laps of practice you should get it.
Pole Position20
Qualify for pole position.   
If you put the setting on beginner you should have no problem getting this. I was getting pole position easily by 10/12 secs.
Win a race with no penalties, in any mode except Splitscreen.    
The best way to get this is start on pole, then just have an excellent race. If you come off the track its alright as long as you don't get a time penalty (red clock in the top left of the screen). Collisions count against you, as do crashes.
Panning For Gold30
Win a race at each track in any mode except Splitscreen.    
This will come as you go for G.O.A.T. There are only 17 tracks, I don't remember doing Leguna Seca on any other but MotoGP class. So if you don't do that track in a season just go to quick race and race it there.
Glove Slap20
Start in last position on the grid, but finish in first.    
During your first few races in career just skip straight to race this way you will start last. You could even start a single race in championship mode on your favourite track. Skip to the race and win. Not much more to say really.
Bohemian Unlike You10
Cross the finish line separately from your bike in any mode except Splitscreen.    (1) 
The best thing to do for this achievement is smash into the wall just before the line. Tracks like Indianapolis or Mugello are good for this. You could also try endoing over the bike, but smashing into the wall is easier.
I Can't Stop5
Complete a lap of any track in the wrong direction, in any mode except Splitscreen.    (1) 
Just pick championship, single race, a nice short track like Le Mans or Donnington. At the start of the race start as usual making sure you cross the line then turn around and complete the lap in reverse, the achievement will unlock as soon as you have completed the lap. Once done just quit.
Water Sports10
Win a wet-weather race in any mode except Splitscreen.    
This will unlock as you go for G.O.A.T. I don't know weather (no pun intended) you can change the setting to race in the rain. Germany and England always seem to be raining in the career. This achievement is easy because you seem to be able to go as fast as when its dry but the computer doesn't.
Road Thrash20
Lead an entire race and go on to win that race in any mode except Splitscreen.    
This is best done on a MotoGP bike because its doesn't wheelie off the start. Qualify on pole and then when it comes to the start just accelerate on go and tuck in early. On beginner at Mugello or Sepang you should have a nice 1 or 2 sec lead before the bend making the rest of the race easy. Just race the line and keep looking behind you.
Finish a race with each rider in the game in any mode except Splitscreen.    
When going for some of the other achievements just use a different rider all the time, making a note of what ones you have and haven't used. You could do this online with win the 69 races because there is about 60/65 riders.
Win 21 races online.   
See "Nicky Hayden".
Nicky Hayden50
Win 69 races online.   
Find yourself a boosting partner with alot of time and patience. You should combine this with Doppelganger and work through both of them at the same time. There are a few races happening online, but winning them is quite hard. Good luck with this one.
Back to my place…?10
Host a multiplayer race.   
Exactly as it says in the description. Not much more to say.
Use your own Career Mode motorbike and rider in a multiplayer race.   
This can be done in any class, you don't even have to finish the race if you don't want as the achievement unlocks before the race starts.
Win a race against a full grid of human riders.   (7) 
This is going to take a lot of planning and quite a lot of time to boost. There is currently a thread looking for players to help boost this achievement in the games forum.
Niko Wheelie20
Do a wheelie lasting at least 500 feet in any mode except Splitscreen.    
I unlocked this in my first race. Just pull back on the left stick and accelerate. Once at a nice height just balance by tapping the accelerate button. This achievement unlocked as soon as I landed the wheelie I think.
Do an endo lasting at least 50 feet in any mode except Splitscreen.    
This one is a bit harder than the wheelie but still pretty easy. Just pick any race or time trial, hammer it down the straight and when at a decent speed lean forward and slam on the front brake. Just make sure not to go over the handlebars. Because you are going so fast you should only have to endo for about 1/2 seconds before you have hit 50 feet.
Dude, Where's My Bike?20
Find yourself over 100 yards away from your bike after a crash, in any mode except Splitscreen.    (1) 
This one seemed a bit random. I was definately going over 100 yards but it could be because I was wheelieing off the back. One way to get it is to pull a wheelie, get a nice speed up and then just go over the back. Another way is to just smash into a wall on the home straight. I got it the wheelie way but the other way should work, just bear with this one, it will unlock. You always think you are going the distance but most of the time you're not.
Bon Voyage30
Ride over 100 miles in any mode except Splitscreen.    
Again this will unlock as you make your way through the career, not much else to say really.
Wind Tunnel10
Go over 207mph in any mode except Splitscreen.    
For this one I used Divizioso in time trial mode in Phillip Island Australia. Just come off the last bend following the racing line and tucking in as early as possible. You should have it by the end of the straight, don't worry about making the corner. You don't have to complete the lap. The achievement will pop as soon as you hit the speed. This is just how I did it, there are probably more methods.
Raise the crowd’s excitement level to max in any mode except Splitscreen.    
Very easy achievement. Just pick time trial, any track and wheelie up and down the start finish straight. I chose Le Mans and only had to do 3 lengths before it unlocked. 
Photo Finish5
Finish a race within 0.1 seconds of another rider in any mode except Splitscreen.    
This achievement will unlock naturally early on in your career as you get used to the handling of the bikes. If you are having trouble just stay behind another rider on the home straight slipstreaming behind him. I probably finished about 10/15 races with less then 0.1 secs between riders.
Mr. Consistent!10
Finish 10th or better in every race of a full season.   
I unlocked this in my first season, if you put it on beginner then it should be no problem getting in the top ten, I dont know if you can quit a race and try again but I presume you could.

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