MX vs. ATV Alive

MX vs. ATV Alive Achievement Guide

Guide By: Bare Bum Cheeks & roneraven
There are 45 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
- Offline: 40 [895]
- Online: 5 [105]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 20+ hours.
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements? None
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: Only for “All Around Talent” level one Race Goals.
- Glitchy achievements: No
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed? None

MX vs. ATV Alive is an off-road racing game developed by THQ Digital Pheonix. Alive is the fourth installment to the MX vs. ATV series, and the last of the bunch to be published by THQ. MX vs. ATV Alive was the free game with gold for the Xbox 360 in January of 2015.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
There is no story mode in this game, so you can begin anywhere. I would recommend playing locally until you get the hang of things. Everything you do will grant you experience, so start off by completing some local races on any difficulty (difficulty doesn’t affect achievements, but it does affect XP earned). As your character levels up, you will unlock more locations. Once you feel confident enough, you can play online, or just mess around in free ride. There’s no specific order in which you should get the achievements, but your last few will undoubtedly be “Record Chaser” and “All Around Talent.” For the online achievements, I would recommend boosting in a private session with a partner. You can do them legitimately, but it will be very time consuming. Once all other achievements are done, have fun grinding out “Record Chaser.

There is local multiplayer, which will still earn you experience, but only the lead profile will unlock achievements. There is also online multiplayer, where you can either race against other players or goof off in free ride.

The whole game is basically a mop-up, but I will say that the mop-up for this game will consist of you grinding out “Record Chaser” and trying to complete all the challenges for “All Around Talent.

All in all, MX vs. ATV Alive is a fun little game, and can be a blast if you’re playing locally with a few buddies. The achievement list is great, and you will certainly enjoy getting every last one.

[x360a would like to thank Bare Bum Cheeks for this Road Map]

Looking Cool10
Customize your vehicle or rider   (4) 

From the main menu select customize vehicle or rider, change something, and back out.

No Help Needed20
Earn a podium on Xbox LIVE with assists turned off   (7) 

During the Pre-Race lobby of an Xbox LIVE match, hit  and turn off the two assists. Finish the race and earn a podium finish.

Cover the Bases20
Finish at least one race at each track    (3) 

You need to be player level 25 to unlock every track. Simply finish a race on each track to unlock this achievement.

On the Edge20
Save 35 wrecks using wreck avoidance    

See "That Was Close."

True Skills10
Change your Rider Skills   (1) 

From the main menu select Equip Rider Skills and select a skill under both sections. You may need to unlock an additional skill first. You may use two skills at once.

On the Right Track20
Finish a race without going off track    

You will most likely get this as you progress. If you're having difficulties just go slow for the entire race as you just have to finish the race, not win.

Land a backflip    (3) 

To perform a backflip hold the Trick Modifier () before a jump and hold down on  as you go off.

Gone Shopping10
Visit the MotoClub Depot   

From the main menu select MotoClub Depot. Xbox LIVE required.

Complete 50 overtakes using bar banging    

You will most likely get this while playing through the game. If you come in contact with another racer while passing them, you may notice your character bang on his handlebars as a taunt. Do this 50 times and the achievement is yours.

Front Runner40
Win 35 races online   (42) 

Grab a partner and start a private session online. I suggest using the short track Kinoko because it’s the shortest track. Set the laps to the minimum and location to five. You will play five rounds on that map and then just set it up the same way when it’s over. You won’t be sent back to the menu.

That Was Close30
Save 100 wrecks using wreck avoidance    

As you play through the game, you may notice an orange arrow pointing in a certain direction prior to a wipe-out. Push the  in the direction prompted to save yourself from a wreck. Do this 100 times.

Complete 5 overtakes with bar banging in a race    (2) 

Refer to "Bully."

High Miles20
Ride for over 100 miles in Free Ride    (6) 

This is cumulative. There is no way to check how many miles you have ridden total, but it will tell you how many miles you have ridden at the end each session. This does not pop until the end of a session.

Medal Chaser20
Win a Gold medal in a Free Ride Challenge    

In free ride press , and then press  to cycle to your challenges. Get a gold medal in one of the five challenges for this achievement. If you find the bonus vehicle, this achievement will unlock automatically. For vehicle locations see “Play Rides.

Earn a medal in a Free Ride Challenge    

See "Medal Chaser."

Testing the Waters20
Hydroplane over 120 feet of water    (2) 

In free ride (Devil’s Playground location) drive straight to the water. Now just ride through the water for 120 feet, but make sure that you’re at the very edge of the water, practically on the beach. If you’re in too deep it won’t unlock.

Play Rides25
Find the bonus vehicle in all of the Free Ride events    (4) 

There are only two available free ride events (Devil’s Playground + Bryn Carreg Quarry), which makes this achievement very easy. You can visit THIS THREAD for a picture guide, and THIS THREAD for a video guide.

Fast Lap20
Capture a record lap time    

Simply set a record lap time. If it doesnt pop right away, beat one of your personal best times.

Top of the Line20
Own a 3 star MX or ATV    

Get one vehicle from any class to 3 stars. If you need to work on your vehicle XP, simply load up the short track Kinoko on a difficulty level you can reach first place at with minimum laps and keep winning until you reach 3 stars.

Bragging Rights20
Beat a friend's record in a Free Ride Challenge   (1) 

Select single player and go to Free Ride. Your friend's records will posted on the bottom of the screen before selecting which Free Ride session you want. Beat one of their records and you will unlock this.

World Class15
Finish 50 races on Xbox LIVE   (9) 

Grab a partner, load up a private Xbox LIVE session, and finish 50 races. Note that you must FINISH the race, which consists of you crossing the finish line. The quickest way to do this is on the short track Kinoko, set to five laps.

Wreck 50 times    

This should come naturally as you progress, but if not just wreck intentionally.

Green to Checkers10
Get the holeshot and win a race    

To get a holeshot, simply be the first person to the first turn and you will see a yellow message pop up in the bottom left of the screen saying you got the holeshot. To get a jump off the line, hold in  and give it some gas. When the gates drop release  and away you go.

Getting Known10
Reach Rider XP Level 2 and meet James Stewart    

See "Record Chaser."

Create an Image10
Almost Amateur, Reach Rider XP Level 6 and make a name for yourself    

See "Record Chaser."

Pull off 100 stunts    (1) 

Perform stunts by holding  before a jump, and using  as you go off. There are several different stunts you can do with different rotations of the . Do 100 stunts (it can be the same one 100 times) and the achievement is yours.

Radical Dude15
Win the race and do a 360 over the finish line jump    (11) 

To do a 360 you will have to hold  before a jump, and as you go off hold the  to the right, but down. So at an angle, as if you’re trying to point it at the bottom right corner of a square room that you are in the middle of. I did this in the 45 Palms MX location.

All Around Talent30
Achieve every level 1 Race Goal    (19) 

At the main menu select Records, and then Race Goals. Here you can see you progression for each individual challenge. At the top right of each challenge, under Goal, it will tell you how many more to go before you level up. You must have all of the challenges past level one (the first line).

Level Headed10
Reach Amateur Status at Rider XP Level 10    

This will come as you progress and gain XP.

Record Chaser100
Reach Rider XP level 50, chasing records is all that is left    (1) 

Reach level 50. Most likely you will need to grind out some XP by just continuing to win races. Make sure to use the bonus XP rider skill. Experience is gained both online and offline.

Be the Star20
Win a race with the James Stewart character    (2) 

You will unlock James Stewart at XP level 25. Before you're able to play as him, you must first beat him in a race (see "New Hero, For Now"). Then simply choose him as your character, and win a race. Quickest way to do this is to play on Rookie, set laps to the minimum and play on the short track Kinoko.

New Hero, for Now30
Defeat James Stewart in a race    (7) 

You will unlock James Stewart at XP level 25. He will appear at random in local races, so just continue to play, set the difficulty on Rookie if you have trouble winning. Technically you do not have to win, just beat James Stewart, but seeing as it’s pretty hard to tell who is who with the CPU I would recommend winning. If you pay attention though, all racers' names are above their heads.

If James Stewart is in a race, he usually blasts off ahead of everyone else at the start.

Note that you must be using a 450 mx in order for James Stewart to appear.

Racing Forward15
Almost Pro, Reach Rider XP level 18    

See "Record Chaser."

It's On25
Welcome to the big leagues, it's time to race James Stewart, Pro Rider XP level 25    

See "Record Chaser."

Getting Comfortable15
Earn a podium 3 races in a row    

Earning a podium spot in a race requires you to finish in first, second or third place. Do this three races in a row.

Off and Racing10
Finish a race    

Win or lose, this will unlock after your first race.

Hot Streak50
Win 5 races in a row    (4) 

Play on Rookie difficulty, set the laps to the minimum, and win five races in a row. This is not difficult at all on Rookie difficulty, just make sure to brake and use the  on sharp turns and you should get this no problem.

Factory Garage20
Own a 3 star vehicle for each class   

Must have at least one vehicle from each class at three stars. The classes are MX125, MX250, MX450, ATV250, and ATV450. If you need to work on your vehicle XP, simply load up the short track Kinoko on any difficulty with minimum laps and keep winning until you reach three stars. Once a vehicle is three stars, go to the Change Vehicle menu to switch to a new class. Experience can be earned both online and offline, in any game type.

Podium Pro30
Earn a podium on each track    

See “Greatest of All Time.

The only difference is that you can come in second or third place for this achievement.

MotoSport Holeshot King25
Capture 3 MotoSport holeshots in a row    (1) 

To capture a MotoSport holeshot, you must be the first racer the make the first turn of the track, then you will notice orange font appear at the bottom left side of the screen letting you know that you’ve earned the holeshot. Capture three of these in a row for this achievement, capture one and win the race for “Green to Checkers.

You can do this offline locally, or online with a friend.

Free Ride Pro30
Get at least a silver in all the Challenges in a Free Ride event    (1) 

While in free ride, press  and then use  to cycle to the challenge menu. There are five challenges for each location, making a total of 10. The challenges are Long Jump, Hangtime, Best Combo, Freestyle Jam, and Play Time (finding the bonus vehicle).

For this achievement you only need to get all silver or higher in ONE of the two events. I find Bryn Carreg Quarry to be easier for this achievement, because right at the start you can drive down the hill a bit, and then place a marker so that you can drive off the dump-truck jump. For the combo, make sure to pull off two tricks in the air (+ in any direction, I usually just rotate it) before landing. This can be annoying, but with your marker set it shouldn’t take too long. This will most likely get you a silver in Long Jump and Hangtime as well.

To start a freestyle jam, press up on the D-Pad (). You may notice a little timer at the top left of the screen. This is your jam session, so do as many stunts as possible before the timer runs out. You cannot respawn at your marker during a freestyle jam. To back out of a jam hold up on the D-Pad.

Beat a rider with a higher Rider XP than you   (11) 

This is done online. Simply come in a higher position than another person with a higher level than you. You can do this in a private session with a friend.

Greatest of All Time40
Win a race at every track    

Come in first place on every track. Lower the difficulty to Rookie and set the laps to a minimum. This shouldn’t be too difficult.

Pull a wheelie over 150 feet    (4) 

In free ride, find a flat stretch of land and place a marker with . To do a wheelie, hold down on the  while holding the gas (). Once you got yourself in the wheelie position, start pumping the gas (). It’s important that you pump the , or else you will wipe-out. If you mess up, press  to respawn at you marker.

When It Counts15
Win a race after not leading until the last lap    

Easiest method is to start a race with the minimum number of laps on Rookie and stay behind first place until the final lap, then speed past him until you win the race. The difficult part is making sure you do NOT pass the racer in first place before the last lap, because they can be pretty slow on Rookie difficulty.

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US May 10, 2011

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