Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 Achievement Guide

Guide By: Setsuna x360a
There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
- Offline: 46 (850)
- Online: 4 (150)
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 40+ hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 Ultimate Adventure Mode
- Number of missable achievements: 1 - "I Love Ninja Tools!" (This achievement CAN be missable, but so long as you do NOT sell any material items then you're in the clear)
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: N/A
- Does difficulty affect achievements? N/A
- Glitchy achievements: N/A
- Unobtainable achievements: N/A
- Extra equipment needed?: Second controller recommended, one preferably with turbo

Finally, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 has been released after long years of waiting since the first Ninja Storm. The game has been given ONLINE play which was a lacking factor in its previous title. The battle system isn’t a hard one to understand, some battles can be difficult but not enough to prevent you from your achievements, but the real time spent on this game will be working on side quests, collectibles, and your titles.

Step#1 Ultimate Adventure Mode
During this step you’re going to play straight through the story. Don’t worry about all the side quests, you can do all of that after you beat the main story in Free Roam. During this step you can attempt to get an S rank on certain boss battles in the game for the following achievements:

  • Bell-Stealing Expert
  • Village Guardian
  • At the mercy of Puppet Jutsu
  • Unstoppable Rampage
  • Difference in Growth
  • Fourth Hokage's Back
  • Overflowing Hatred
  • Overwhelming Sage
  • Vision of a New Wind

Step#1.5 Ultimate Adventure Mode Cleanup
During this step you’re going to backtrack and collect the remaining pearls, curse dolls, etc and whatever else you missed during Step#1. You can also replay those certain boss battles if you did not get an S rank on them AND get the Secret Factor from the battle. You can get the following achievements from this step:

  • Cursed dolls exterminated!
  • Oink!!
  • Trial accomplished!
  • Request Master
  • Ninja of Letters
  • All Friends Here!
  • Nothing escapes you
  • Wealth to move nations!
  • I Love Ninja Tools!
  • General Store Booming!
  • Message Ninja shocked!
  • Review Complete!
  • The Unknowable Moment
  • Conquered all events!
  • Card Collector

This will be the longest step... kind of, but at least it’s not boring when compared to a later step.

Step#2 Online Mode
During this step you simply have to win 10 ranked matches. These matches can be boosted, however its a bit complicated. Look under "Dextrous Ninja" for more information. Also keep in mind you need 50 wins for one of your titles. If you're looking to boost it, you can find a partner in the Achievement Trading Thread.

Step#3 Title Grinding
For this step you’re going to complete the remaining titles you have left. More than likely you'll be doing this final step in Free Mode fighting as everyone 30 times and any other title you may have missed. Playing as each character 30 times is VERY time consuming.

This is definitely a great sequel to the previous Ninja Storm title, it was given online play and went pretty deep into the Shippuden story. The 1000 isn’t a hard one but a time consuming one for sure.

x360a would like to thank Setsuna x360a for this Road Map.

Clear Prologue5
You've cleared the Prologue.    (2) 

During this chapter you will play out the following battles:

  1. Naruto vs Sakura
  2. Naruto vs Kakashi (S rank for "Bell-Stealing Expert")
Clear Chapter One5
You've cleared Chapter One.    (2) 

During this chapter you will play out the following battles:

  1. Gaara vs Deidara (S Rank for "Village Guardian")
  2. Neji vs Kisame
  3. Might Guy vs Kisame
  4. Kakashi vs Itachi
  5. Tenten vs Neji
  6. Rock Lee vs Might Guy
  7. Sakura vs Sasori (S rank for "At the mercy of Puppet Jutsu")
  8. Naruto vs Deidara
Clear Chapter Two5
You've cleared Chapter Two.    

During this chapter you will play out the following battles:

  1. Naruto vs Kiba
  2. Naruto vs Sai
  3. Naruto vs Yamato
  4. Naruto vs Orochimaru (S rank for "Unstoppable Rampage")
  5. Yamato vs Kyuubi Naruto
  6. Naruto vs Sai
  7. Sakura vs Kabuto
  8. Naruto vs Sasuke (S rank for "Difference in Growth")
Clear Chapter Three5
You've cleared Chapter Three.    (2) 

During this chapter you will play out the following battles:

  1. Naruto vs Kakashi
  2. Asuma vs Naruto
  3. Asuma vs Hidan
  4. Shikamaru vs Hidan
  5. Naruto vs Kakashi
  6. Shikamaru vs Hidan
  7. Kakashi vs Kakuzu
  8. Shikamaru vs Hidan
  9. Naruto vs Kakuzu (S Rank for "Fourth Hokage's Back")
Clear Chapter Four5
You've cleared Chapter Four.    

During this chapter you will play out the following battles:

  1. Sasuke vs Orochimaru
  2. Sasuke vs Suigetsu
  3. Sasuke vs Sasuke (Clone)
  4. Suigetsu vs Jugo
  5. Sasuke vs Jugo
  6. Sasuke vs Deidara
  7. Sasuke vs Deidara
Clear Chapter Five5
You've cleared Chapter Five.    (3) 

During this chapter you will play out the following battles:

  1. Sasuke vs Itachi
  2. Suigetsu vs Kisame
  3. Sasuke vs Itachi (S Rank for "Overflowing Hatred")
Clear Chapter Six5
You've cleared Chapter Six.    

During this chapter you will play out the following battles:

  1. Jiraiya vs Naruto
  2. Jiraiya vs Konan
  3. Jiraiya vs Pain (S Rank for "Overwhelming Sage")
Clear Final Chapter10
You've cleared Final Chapter.    

During this chapter you will play out the following battles:

  1. Naruto vs Kakashi
  2. Naruto vs Jiraiya
  3. Kakashi vs Pain
  4. Kakashi vs Pain
  5. Kiba vs Konan
  6. Tsunade vs Pain
  7. Naruto vs Pain (S Rank for "Vision of a New Wind")
Clear Fragment10
You've cleared Fragment.    (5) 

To unlock the Fragment chapter you must first find all the cursed dolls and return them to Cursed Jutsu Master. During this chapter you will play out the following battles:

  1. Sasuke vs Killer Bee
  2. Sasuke vs Killer Bee (Transformed)
Naruto's Friends5
You can now use members of Naruto's generation.    

The following characters will unlock after you have this amount of Storm Points:

  • Sai (200,000)
  • Kabuto (220,000)
Naruto's Teachers5
You can now use Kakashi, Yamato, Guy and Asuma.     

Kakashi, Guy and Asuma are already playable. Yamato will unlock after you have gained 180,000 Storm Points.

Sand Village Friends5
You can now use Gaara, Kankuro, Temari and Chiyo.     

Gaara, Kankuro and Temari are already playable. Chiyo will unlock after you have gained 140,000 Storm Points.

The Legendary Sannin5
You can now use Jiraiya, Tsunade and Orochimaru.     (2) 

The following characters will unlock after you have this amount of Storm Points:

  • Orochimaru (240,000)
  • Jiraiya (440,000)
  • Tsunade (460,000)
Stealthy Akatsuki5
You can now use all members of the Akatsuki.     

The following characters will unlock after you have this amount of Storm Points:

  • Deidara (100,000)
  • Kisame (120,000)
  • Sasori (160,000)
  • Hidan (260,000)
  • Kakuzu (280,000)
  • Itachi (400,000)
  • Konan (480,000)
  • Pain (500,000)
Hebi on the Move5
You can now use Sasuke, Suigetsu, Karin and Jugo.     

The following characters will unlock after you have this amount of Storm Points:

  • Suigetsu (320,000)
  • Karin (340,000)
  • Jugo (360,000)
Assassin from Tekken 610
You can now use Lars.    (3) 

Lars will unlock after you have gained 600,000 Storm Points.

All ninja assemble!30
You can now use all characters.    (2) 

After you have unlocked all the characters through Storm Points rewards, you still have one more character to unlock: Hokage Naruto. He is unlockable after you have beaten the main story. Make your way to the door of the Hokage's Mansion and at the base of the stairs, talk to the Contact Frog to teleport you to Mount Myoboku. From there, head up the stairs behind you. Investigate the shrine at the corner with  to unlock Hokage Naruto.

Bell-Stealing Expert20
You've acquired S Rank in "The Bell-Stealing Drill".   (1) 

To obtain an S rank in any and all of your missions you must accumulate a good amount of points in the post game stats. You gain points depending on the amount of life you have left, time and bonus factors such as the following:

  • Maintained High Health
  • Defeated enemy quickly
  • Attacked with a combo
  • Used Ninjutsu
  • Used Ultimate Jutsu
  • Used Team Ultimate Jutsu
  • Performed Substitution Jutsu
  • Performed Guard Break
  • Used Awakening
  • Defeated a powerful enemy
  • Used support
  • Used Battle item

Also keep in mind your life increases during the action sequences for the amount of stars you get per action, so don't stress about taking a lot of damage.

The battle itself is pretty simple; Kakashi poses no threat at all. Once you are redirected to a enclosed body of water with rocks surrounding it, Kakashi will start charging his Chidori and electrifying the water you stand on and then charge at you with his Chidori multiple times. Whenever he is charging it on the rock, use Sakura's assist with  to destroy the rock he stands on then proceed to attack him. If your assist charge isn’t filled then you can throw an explosive tag instead, giving Kakashi no way to attack you.

Village Guardian20
You've acquired S Rank in "Sand and Art Blast".   (2) 

When you get close to Deidara, use your Ninjutsu to knock him off his clay bird, leaving him open for damage until he gets back on his clay bird. Repeat this method and simply run around the stage to avoid all his incoming attacks to keep the damage minimum. Once you are in the aerial battle, lock on to Deidara and just spam your Ultimate attack with  +  until it runs out and then just spam .

At the mercy of Puppet Jutsu20
You've acquired S Rank in "Sakura Dances".   (1) 

After the introductory battle, Sasori will unleash 100 puppets on you. If you even try to rush in alone your asking to die. Avoid his attacks by circling the stage. Once Chiyo’s assist gauge is filled use it. Her assist will give you an opening to Sasori, rush to him with a Chakra Dash  +  and press  to bring him down where you can now attack him and weaken him, rinse and repeat.

Unstoppable Rampage20
You've acquired S Rank in "Forbidden Fury".   

After the introductory battle you will be placed on a rock surrounded by a sea of snakes. You have to blast Orochimaru while he's moving left and right on his rock. Hold  and just blast away at him. Whenever you see larger snakes approaching, shoot them down and return to shooting Orochimaru. If he stops, use your ultimate blast with  +  to take a good chunk of his life away.

Difference in Growth20
You've acquired S Rank in "Showdown Between Best Friends".   (1) 

There’s nothing special about this fight, Sasuke does become potentially threatening as you decrease his health but aside from that nothing. Watch out for change of scenery, the battle will bring you guys back to a flashback of Naruto and Sasuke's first fight, so adjust to the changes accordingly in terms of your and Sasuke's movement and attacks.

Fourth Hokage's Back20
You've acquired S Rank in "Sturm und Drang".    (3) 

This is by far one of the most annoying fights ever. Get through the intro fight. In the second part of the fight he will transform. Avoid using aerial attacks as he has an annoyingly overpowered counter for it. After you make it past this stage he will transform again into a large being. During this section you want to just stand back and avoid all this attacks. The order will usually be along the lines of 3 wind attacks which you can run between, fireballs which you can avoid by running around the stage, him swinging a "tail" at you which you can avoid the same way and then finally a combination of his wind and fire for a "Hyper Beam" attack.

After this attack Chakra dash toward him with  +  and press  to extract him from the larger being and attack him, he'll run away once he can but try to Chakra dash to him to deal a bit more damage. Once he powers up BACK AWAY, use a Backward Chakra dash and just avoid all the attacks until he returns to the larger being and then rinse and repeat.

Overflowing Hatred20
You've acquired S Rank in "The Two Uchiha".   

The fight with Itachi is a pretty tough one, but after you make it through the initial beginning battle the rest is pretty easy. You fight Susanoo, who isn’t as intimidating as he looks. Keep using Ninjutsu on Itachi whenever he’s open while watching out for Susanoo’s attacks which are all painfully predictable. After a while the Susanoo will do twice as much as he normally does so watch out for that.

Overwhelming Sage20
You've acquired S Rank in "Battle Between the Sage God".   

At the beginning of the fight you face a giant crab... yes I’m serious. Simply move to the side of the crab and attack it with basic  combinations. Shortly after you finish killing off the crab, Pain will use a summoning Jutsu and clone himself. You will have to kill off all the copies within the same time frame. To do so, weaken all of them with  attacks and then once they're all at the edge of death use your  support and water gun them all to death. Quickly run up to them and press  on each of them to kill them off and then finally  when they’re all in the center.

Vision of a New Wind20
You've acquired S Rank in "Earth Shatter".   

After the initial fight with Pain, Naruto will transform into his Kyuubi form. Pain will surround himself with rocks and a wind barrier, simply jump up and attack with  to take away his barrier. He will kneel down and be open for attack. When he is, rush him and press  and continue to rush him until he brings the barrier back up. After a while he will go airborne. Continue the same tactic until he goes off screen and lifts up LARGE rock boulders. At this point you want to circle the area to avoid the meteors he’s about to unleash, they hurt ALOT. After this onslaught, you should be able to finish him.

Afterward there’s one last normal fight, though he may be a bit difficult, try spamming your normal jutsu attacks and it should kill him off.

The Unknowable Moment100
You've seen all secret factors.   (8) 

To unlock secret factors, you must fill up all the stars in the action sequences during the major boss fights (the same fights you must obtain an S rank for). You can either look at the corresponding achievement to see what buttons you need to prepare yourself to press during each battle or you can easily just move your thumb over the direction pad and the face buttons while clicking  and . The game only registers the correct button when it's pressed, so mashing all of them will guarantee you get them all right in the fastest amount of time. If you do want to press or know the appropriate buttons please refer to this link:

You've seen all secret factors combo buttons list (Credit for this thread goes to SaulAu92)

Cursed dolls exterminated!10
You've retrieved all cursed dolls.   (2) 

Near the beginning of the game you will be given a mission to find an imposter of Naruto leading you to meet a Cursed Jutsu Master who asks you to find his many cursed dolls that are replicas of playable characters in the game. As you progress through the game, more cursed dolls will reveal themselves and their locations are showed in the descriptions in the menu. Go to "Confirm Events" and from there select "Wanted List". After finding all the replicas on the Wanted List, you want to return the cursed dolls to the Cursed Jutsu Master so he can reveal to you the last replicas that are still out and about. Keep returning those dolls to him immediately until he has none left for you to reveal.

Here is the twist - after you finish the Wanted List he will betray and ambush you with 3 battles of cursed dolls and then escape. Lady Tsunade will then send you a letter through your messenger bird about his location in "Orochimarus Hideout." There you will face a couple more curse doll ambushes and finally a battle with a cursed doll replicating Sage Mode Naruto. After defeating him you should get your achievement.

You've retrieved all Tonton's pearls.    (3) 

Near the beginning of the game talk to the 2 ninjas near the messenger table by the "Amagurina" restaurant and they will give you a request to find all 30 of Tonton's scattered pearls. The pearls will appear on the ground all around the world map; they are indicated with the same symbol that appears on the ground when birds leave items before they fly away. You can only pick up these pearls when you're in control of Naruto. In every area (including Mount Myoboku and the Hidden Rain Village) that you enter be ABSOLUTELY sure that you have walked every inch of it, looking behind all the objects like trees and rocks and at the corners of the areas for the pearls. So long as you do that you should find all 30 of them.

Trial accomplished!10
You've cleared the 10 trials.   (8) 

After completing the "Cursed Doll Retrieval" request, you will meet Grandpa Gen who stands outside the gates to the Hokage Mansion (basically the same place as the Cursed Jutsu Master). Talk to him and you will be engaged in a fight and then redirected to the Hokage's Room where he announces the 10 trials he has awaiting you. You can go to the roof of the Hokage Mansion and challenge him whenever you want. After you have finished one trial you have to leave the area and then return back to activate the next trial. The trials are all pretty difficult fights compared to the fights of the main story. Each fight gives the opponent attack power up (+xx), chakra recovery plus (+xx) and a random battle effect. Choose your best team and support and fight carefully, don’t worry if you lose as you can always retry as many times as you want. The characters you fight in the trials are as follows: Character (Assist 1, Assist 2)

  1. Hinata (Tenten, Shino)
  2. Neji (Might Guy, Rock Lee)
  3. Temari (Shikamaru, Kankuro)
  4. Asuma (Ino, Choji)
  5. Tsunade (Kakashi, Yamato)
  6. Chiyo (Sakura, Gaara)
  7. Kakuzu (Deidara, Kisame)
  8. Konan (Hidan, Sasori)
  9. Tobi (Sasuke, Itachi)
  10. Jiraiya (Pain, Naruto)
Request Master10
You've cleared all requests.   (2) 

There are 26 requests in total. If you're having trouble looking for a request, you can ask the Info Merchant outside the Konoha gates and he will tell you of an event or a person in need somewhere. Sometimes requests don’t show up because you have certain characters in your party, if that’s the case just remove them and then ask him again and it will show up.

Complete Mission List

Ninja of Letters10
You've cleared all correspondence events.   (12) 

To get this you must finish reading a chain of letters from all the main characters as well as the 4 filler characters that you get chain letters from. To start getting letters from other characters, you must first have a messenger bird unlocked. Next you have to fill at LEAST one heart on the character, you can do so by completing a request mission that involves that character and gives you a heart for them after completion or by giving that character an special item that fills up their heart gauge. For males you can give them a Ninjutsu Reference Book from the Item Shop and for females you can give them Flowers from Ino’s Flower shop (both cost 10,000 ryo a piece). Once you have at least one heart on that character, so long as that character isn’t in your support party then they will send you letters. After 3 letters you will have completed that character's correspondence event. You can do multiple characters at the same time. 

For the 4 filler characters; after completing the main story a book merchant will appear right by the "Amagurina" at the front of the village and sell 4 different books at 500 ryo a piece. After buying one of the books you will receive letters from a random character relating to that book. The book merchant appears multiple times so you can buy each book, he also appears while you’re already doing a chain letter with the current filler character. He'll appear randomly, but don't stress over not getting him early, just keep working on your friendship with the main characters and viewing friendship events until he shows up.


All Friends Here!10
You've seen friendship events for everyone.   (9) 

Friendship events occur after filling up a certain characters heart gauge. To fill up their heart gauge you can do certain requests involving them or you can reply to their letters with the "best responses" to fill a heart gauge. The best responses can be found in the link below:

All the good choice for the Friendship Mails (Credit to HiryuMK for the thread)

If you still don’t have their heart gauge filled, you can purchase the Ninjutsu Reference Book from the Item Shop and Flowers from Ino's Flower shop. Afterwards, groups of certain characters will appear outside of the many restaurants of Konoha with a heart symbol above them indicating it’s a friendship event. Simply view all the events and you will get this achievement. Here are the following groups that will appear at each restaurant:


  • Sakura & Hinata
  • Tsunade & Shizune
  • Sai, Neji & Hinata


  • Kankuro & Shino
  • Yamato & Tsunade
  • Rock Lee, Guy & Choji

Leaf Village Cafeteria

  • Shikamaru, Kiba & Shino
  • Kakashi, Yamato & Iruka
  • Choji, Kiba & Rock Lee

Dumpling Shop

  • Sakura, Ino, Tenten
  • Sai & Ino
  • Shikamaru, Temari & Konohamaru

Sunagimo Estate (Located in the Sand Village)

  • Guy & Kakashi
  • Gaara, Kankruo & Temari
  • Gaara, Neji & Tenten
Conquered all events!50
You've cleared all events.   

For this achievement you must complete the main story, the extra fragment chapter, complete all the requests and view all the friendship events. Basically, this is a achievement that will unlock after you have gotten the corresponding achievements before it.

Nothing escapes you20
You've picked up 500 items.   (2) 

You pick up items by investigating plants, drops by birds, barrels and various other objects laying around by pressing . Investigating shrines give you more luck in finding multiple items per investigation. The amount you find per investigation counts toward the 500; for example, if you investigate a plant and you find 7 Ninja Pills, then that counts as 7/500 for the achievement. Just keep investigating the plants and objects you run past while playing through the story and you should get this pretty early. I also advise investigating everything so that you don’t have to grind for the materials needed for the "I Love Ninja Tools!" achievement.

Wealth to move nations!30
Saved up 999999 Ryo.   (3) 

Ryo can only be earned by playing battles in Ultimate Adventure mode and by completing requests and selling valuable items found while you’re playing. I recommend not worrying about this during the playthrough of the main story, however once you’re in the Free Roam aspect, start saving up. Once you have unlocked the fragment chapter and completed it, return to the Hokage's room and talk to the male ninja to the left and select "Challenge Main Battle Again" option, then select the first Sasuke vs Killer Bee battle in the Fragment chapter. Beat the battle and complete the bonus condition - doing so should get you 2 Gold Bracelets which sell for 8,000 ryo each, so basically every time you do the battle you get 20,000 ryo for winning and 16,000 for the sellable Gold Bracelets.

Point Tycoon30
You've saved up 999999 Storm Points.   (1) 

You earn Storm Points after every battle. You get Storm Points according to the amount of life you had left, time it took to finish the match and any type of bonuses received. You should get this well before completing everything you have to in Ultimate Adventure mode, however if you're impatient there’s a quick way to get 999,999 SP.

Quick Method:
Go to Free Battle and select 1P vs 2P. Press  and set the handicap all the way in 1P's favor. Select Naruto vs whomever and at the start of the battle use your Ultimate Jutsu - this should take off half of the opponent's health. Once you’re out of the animation, press  to restore your Chakra with ramen and then charge a bit more Chakra and use your Ultimate Jutsu again, the attack should kill the opponent. This method only takes about 8-9 seconds on the timer and nets you well over 9000 SP per battle.

I Love Ninja Tools!50
You've acquired all battle items.    (16) 

WARNING: Do not sell any materials! If you happen to sell any one time materials then this achievement will become missable and you will have to restart.

You acquire all battle items by ordering them from the Item shop in Konoha. As you progress through the game more items become available on the order list. There are a total of 48 different battle items in the game. Make sure you pick up EVERYTHING during your main playthrough to ensure you have all the materials you need to make everything. Some materials however, can only be obtained through requests.

5 particular materials only appear in a special way. Viper Fang is a bonus condition for the Sasuke vs Killer Bee (Transformed) fight from the Fragment Chapter in the Hokages room. The other 4 materials are:

  • Bell Flower
  • New Moon Flower
  • Sparking Rikorisu
  • Leaf from the tree of life

These materials are obtained after certain chain letters that you get after buying these books from a merchant, to find out more about those books refer to "Ninja of Letters"

Complete List of Battle Items

General Store Booming!50
You've collected all collection items.   (4) 

You can purchase all the collection items from the General Store Bandai in the village. Wait until you finish the game so you can buy all the collection items in one go.

The First Edit5
Edited a Ninja Info Card.   

As soon as you get your first Title or Ninja Info card (that could have been unlocked and purchased from Storm Points), then Edit your Ninja info card. If you’re in Ultimate Adventure mode, you can select Ninja Info Cards in the main menu. If you're in Online Mode you can hit  to edit it, select a new ninja info card or a new title and it should unlock the achievement.

Card Collector50
You've acquired all Ninja Info Cards.   (5) 

To acquire all the Ninja Info Cards you must buy them from the shop in Konoha. There are 5 packs at 3000 ryo a pack, 4 of which unlock overtime as you progress through the story. You can only buy about 10 or more of each pack until they are sold out and you have all the cards. There are some ninja info cards however, that are unlocked through the amount of Storm Points you earn (the highest amount is 995,000 for a Ninja Info Card) and as rewards in the following request missions:

  • 01 Cursed Doll Retrieval
  • 12 Collect Ninja Tools: 3
  • 12 Find Tonton's Pearls
Also Known As...20
You've gained 50 titles.    

Refer to "Which name shall I use?" for a complete list of all the titles.

Which name shall I use?60
You've acquired all titles.     (76) 

Titles are given to you after meeting a certain condition in the game; conditions such as battle conditions, doing something specific in ultimate adventure mode, etc.

Complete List of Titles

Message Ninja shocked!10
You've collected all messenger birds.   (2) 

After beating the main story, you have to visit the messenger tower to trigger the "Messenger Bird Hunt" request where you have to get your first messenger bird at the training field. Afterwards, messenger birds will start appearing on the world map. To capture the bird, approach it and press . There will be a gauge that appears and you must press  in the area it gives you. If you fail the bird will fly away but fear not, you can just leave the area and go back and it will reappear. Some messenger birds you can just run up and trigger the catching sequence and others you must slowly walk behind and sneak up on it. Messenger birds are generally in the center of circular areas and have a music note above their heads. Multiple messenger birds can appear in the same area so you might want to lap the world map twice when looking for them all. Here is a list of all the possible locations messenger birds can appear, their occurrence in areas are randomized:

  • Training Field
  • Desert of Wind
  • Tenchi Bridge
  • The Forest of Death
  • The Forest of Dead Trees
  • The Forest of Quiet Movement
  • The Akatsuki Hideout (Land of Rivers)
  • The Hidden Leaf Forest
Review Complete!20
You've seen all memories.   (1) 

Memories are collected through memory crystals that appear in areas after you have finished a major boss battle. Once you have all the memories, go back to the male ninja in the Hokage's room and open the "View Memories List" option to unlock your achievement.

Story Assembler30
Collected 100% of the stories.   (10) 

Much like the memories from the "Review Complete!" achievement, stories are collected through scrolls in the same matter. After you complete a major battle in an area they will show up and you must go back and collect them. After you have collected all the stories, open up "See Story View List" in the Hokage's room. Don’t forget about the Fragment chapter and the items it has to offer.

Thanks for all your time!20
Your total play time is over 30 hours.   (9) 

This achievement will unlock once you reach a total play time of 30 hours. In Ultimate Adventure mode, it is highly unlikely you will spent that much time there and if that’s the case just leave the menu on until it reaches 30 hours on the time clock.

On the Path to Ninja!30
You've won 1 time in online Ranked Match battles.   

Refer to "Dextrous Ninja".

Dextrous Ninja60
You've won 10 times in online Ranked Match battles.   (66) 

This is actually possible to boost, however it’s a complicated method. First you and your partner must be the same level. Next, search for each other in the same level. Search and trade wins after every other match to make sure the other doesn’t level up, keep doing this until you have your 10 wins. Also keep in mind you need 50 wins for a title.

If you do plan on earning this normally then keep these tips in mind:

  • Knowing your character – Know the do’s and don’ts with whomever you decide to use for online. Know which moves of yours can be used to punish mashers quickly and etc.
  • Patience – Don’t rush into battle head first with a Chakra dash, back up and wait for openings to get in, don’t use your jutsus unless it has a high chance of hitting, random jutsus are asking to be punished.
  • Support – Know your supports and utilize them. For example Hidan, his support is a continuous slash on your opponent, some characters have a lock dash ultimate jutsu which could be perfect to use if his support were to hit.

If you do plan on boosting it, you can find a partner in the Achievement Trading Thread.

A perfect Storm Master.0
You've unlocked all achievements.      (6) 

This unlocks automatically after acquiring every other achievement. You have acquired your own Ninja Way and are now one step closer to becoming a Hokage, but for now you are just a storm master who gets a 0 achievement.

Game Info
Namco Bandai


US October 19, 2010
Europe October 15, 2010

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