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The Dragon-Slayer Brothers

Got S rank in Brothers, United.

This fight is long and annoying, but can be made easier with some planning. First go get a Brawny Lunch Bento Box, which if you don't have one can be bought from the Amguriama shop. Also having healing items is a must, generally 2/4 slots filled with healing items is a good idea. I had two slots with healing items, one with soldier pills and one with chakra items when I beat Kabuto. If you need more healing items then feel free to stock up on more of them. You can also restart the Itachi part as many times as you need, you can still get the S rank by restarting from that point. No need to do the Sasuke part over again.

The location of the Amguriama shop is circled in red. Other bentos are available here as well.

The fight is split into two parts, one where you are fighting as Sasuke and the other as Itachi. If you're doing the Sasuke part, Itachi can be used as support and vice-versa. The Sasuke part isn't hard and is relatively quick. The Itachi part is long, drawn out and kind of annoying.


Sasuke Part:
This part is pretty much a par for the course fight in this game. Except for the fact that Kabuto has 3 health bars. Try and keep your health bar as high as possible during this part as your health bar will carry over into the Itachi part. This part is pretty easy and simple, so it shouldn't pose too many issues.

Itachi Part:
For the first health bar he is a normal opponent that is just hard to fight. Very good with dodging. Once you have taken off his first health bar he will jump on top of the giant rock off to one side and will the abilities of a long dead enemy from the first series. He will use this ability like a lance and will dash around the arena trying to stab you with it. Luckily Itachi is one the faster characters, so once you have the basic rhythm down you can dodge him pretty easily. During this part spam the Fireball jutsu  +  when you are at range to knock him back and hurt him.

Once you take off some more of his health, he will jump back up to the rock and switch abilities to that of another dead character. This one will have giant rock walls coming at you. Each wave has a safe passage you have to dash to. after you dodge the walls, get ready to substitute or dodge again because another lance attack is coming in right away.

Once he loses his second health bar he will jump on the rock again and start using a 3rd ability from another long dead character. In which he spits out spider webs in an attempt trap you and then stab you with the webs. Avoid these by dashing around and paying attention to the land zones. Once dodge this he will either come in with the lance again or summon an attack snake from his stomach. dodge this and hit with more fireballs. The secret action will eventually become available. Now dash towards (forward on the  + ) To trigger quick times events to prevent him from healing and also heal yourself through correct quick time event prompts.

Take off more health and he will summon a 4th ability with the flute girls power. As soon as he triggers this power run all the way to the left or right. This will allow you to dodge all but one of the attacks without changing direction. If he hits you, you will also be hit with spikes from the ground.

Once you get him down to 1.5 health bars left he will jump back on the rock and go into a bit of a panic mode; combining the tactics of each dead characters move in rapid secession. First Rock Walls, then Ghost Flute, then Lance and then normal fighting starts again. Once you get his health down to half of his last bar, he will go onto the rock for another panic mode. Spider web, ghost flute, rock walls and then he will come at you again for spikes from below attack. Once his health is down to a quarter of the last bar the final set of qtes will kick in. Do them correctly the first time to increase your health to ensure your S rank.

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User Comments
Comment #1 by Ryuuk GX 57
Tuesday, October 22, 2013 @ 09:15:17 PM

I felt like I kept getting spammed by Kabuto on the second part of the battle, so I restarted and got an S the second time around.

Comment #2 by TheMacias
Friday, June 20, 2014 @ 11:05:28 AM

This is the hardest fight in the whole game, I couldn't win it :-(

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