National Geographic Quiz: Wild Life

National Geographic Quiz: Wild Life Achievement Guide

Guide By: Agent Aero
There are 47 achievements with a total of 1250 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
-Offline: 40 (1000)
-Online: 0 (0)
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 50+ Hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: N/A (Round Based)
-Number of missable achievements: 2  (The Big 50, Perfect 30)
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? No Cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes, when stated
-Glitchy achievements: None
-Unobtainable achievements: None
-Extra equipment needed?: An extra controller

Nat Geo Quiz: Wild Life is a quiz type, family game on the lines of the Scene it? And Buzz franchises for the PS3. There are four gametypes: quest mode, stat attax, puzzle mode and quiz mode. All questions are based on a certain category, referred to as a series, which you can choose yourself. The series being: Amazing Planet, Aquatic Life, Predators vs. Prey, and Dangerous Encounters. The gamerscore is obscenely easy providing you have internet access, but it is a very lengthy game, exceeding the 50+ hour mark.

Step 1 – Stat Attax
It is best to gain these achievements right away as when you progress through the story you will unlock more cards, making the achievements related much longer. You will need to work towards Top Stat Attacker, along the way you’ll also earn the achievements for 1 and 25 stat attax wins. You’ll also need to gain the Lost, Full House and Tie Breaker achievements. If you need some help see the related achievements in the guide.

Step 2 – “Quiz Genius”and “Quiz Master” Achievements
Quiz Genius is one of (if not the longest) grind achievements in the game. You’ll need to play through three quizzes – short, medium and long for each of the four games series. Take a look at Quiz Genius in the guide for the easiest and most efficient way to net this achievement.

Quiz Master
requires you to win 50 multiplayer games in quiz mode and can be done offline. You’ll unlock achievements for 10 and 25 wins en route.

Step 3 – Quest Mode
This is where quite a bit of the gamerscore will come in. You will unlock Predator, Fish FaceAmazing, and Dangerous along the way. You may also gain some miscellaneous achievements depending on how you play, but don’t worry if you don’t as you can always return to them. There are two missable achievements, Perfect 30 and The Big 50. To prevent yourself from missing these take a look at The Big 50 in the guide below.

Step 4 – Puzzle Mode
Your main goal in this step is to work towards Puzzle Genius, as you work toward this you’ll unlock all puzzle mode related achievements without even trying, so there’s no need to worry about the rest.

If you’ve been following the roadmap then you will have unlocked every achievement along the way, so congratulations! If you somehow don’t have either of the missable achievements you cannot simply replay quest mode, you’ll unfortunately need to create a new save game and start on the new save to get them.


[x360a would like to thank Agent Aero for this Road Map]

Stat Attax Novice5
Win a game of Stat Attax. (1) 

Refer to Top Stat Attacker.

General Knowledge10
Win an 80 question multi-team game of Mega Quiz. 

You’ll need another controller for this one. Just go to Quiz from the main menu and choose Mega Quiz then 80 rounds. To unlock this each controller will need to be assigned to another team. You can play on easy and just make sure to answer the questions with your controller to build yourself a lead, but just make sure you win because you have to in order to unlock the achievement.

Play all episodes in the Predators vs. Prey series. 

This has to be unlocked in Quest mode. There are a number of different episodes, each having a total of 10 questions. All in all it took me about 2.5 hours to gain this achievement with an answer sheet handy. See Nat Geo Researcher for all answers.

Top of the Class5
Score 10 out of 10 in any episode. (1) 

This can only be gained in quest mode, but with any series and any episode. See Nat Geo Researcher for all answers.

You're a Card10
Unlock 10 new Stat Attax cards. 

Stat Attax cards are unlocked as you progress you quest mode. You should unlock 10 once you have completed around 20 episodes. You will gain this while going for the Nat Geo Researcher achievement

Play all episodes in the Amazing Planet series. 

This has to be unlocked in Quest mode. There are a number of different episodes, each having a total of 10 questions. All in all it took me about 2 hours to gain this achievement with an answer sheet handy. See Nat Geo Researcher for all answers.

Family Time15
Play Quiz Mode with multiple players. 

Plug in your second controller and head back to quiz mode and start a short quiz (40 questions). Now put both controllers and the same team and just finish all the questions. It doesn't matter if you win or lose, as soon as you finish the achievement is yours.

Play all episodes in the Dangerous Encounters series. 

This has to be unlocked in Quest mode. There are a number of different episodes, each having a total of 10 questions. All in all it took me about 2 hours to gain this achievement with an answer sheet handy. See Nat Geo Researcher for all answers.

Long One10
Complete a long quiz in any series. 

Go to the quiz menu and opt to play a long quiz (80 questions). Win or lose, just finish and at the end the achievement will be unlocked.

Fish Face15
Play all episodes in the Aquatic Life series. 

This has to be unlocked in Quest mode. There are a number of different episodes, each having a total of 10 questions. All in all it took me about 2 hours to gain this achievement with an answer sheet handy. See Nat Geo Researcher for all answers.

Use a cryptic clue to help you find a hidden episode. 

You will be given cryptic clues every so often whilst playing through quest mode, just find the correct location and the achievement will unlock with another episode for you to play.

Fast Finger5
In a team that only has one player, correctly answer a Quiz Mode question within 3 seconds. 

The quickest way to get this is to  start up a new quiz with any amount of questions. From there, there are two ways to gain this achievement. You can either progress through the questions until you find one you know and answer it swiftly in less than 3 seconds or you can keep hitting a random answer without reading the question and sooner or later you will coincidentally get the right answer.

Full House15
Win a game of Stat Attax without losing a single card. (1) 

This can be somewhat of an annoyance as the game may give you low scoring guards and your opponent much better ones. It is best to do this achievement right off the bat as when you progress through quest mode you unlock more cards and it makes this achievement more difficult.

There’s not much advice I can give you as it is mostly common sense, although I would suggest playing with the Preys v Predators card deck. This is because it is easier to judge if your stats are better than your opponents (for instance, is your cheetah faster than a tarantula? Obviously it is, so choose the speed option).

This can be made easier with a second controller and you can make your opponent choose his lowest stats.

Refer to this thread for more details on the Stat Attax cards to make this easier.

Lots of Pieces15
Complete any Level 6 jigsaw. 

As you work your way through the episodes in quiz mode you’ll start to unlock puzzles and puzzle pieces. Once you finish the first series, back out to the main menu and go into puzzles. You should have unlocked a level 6 puzzle. Just complete this and the achievement is yours. If you're having trouble, just treat it like a normal puzzle: do the outside first, then work your way in.

What Competition15
Win 15 multi-team games in Quiz Mode. 

Refer to Family Time. The only differences are that you actually need to win for this achievement and that you need to do so 15 times.

My First Puzzle5
Complete any puzzle. 

Refer to Lots of Pieces.

4 Sliders20
Complete a slider in each series. 

When you’re at the main menu go to slider puzzles. You’ll be given the option to choose which series puzzle you want to play with. For this achievement you need to complete a puzzle from each of the series, so you just work your way through them.

Amazing Squares20
Find all of the square puzzles in Amazing Planet. 

This is a lot simpler than it sounds and only takes about 3 minutes to achieve. Once you have unlocked Amazing and are back in control you will still be looking at the globe and you’ll need to find 6 secret locations where square puzzles will lie. To find them you just need to pan over them and hit to locate them, you don’t even need to play them. I suggest you zoom in by holding as it’s easier to navigate. The locations are:

  • Caspian Sea, slightly to the East of the Asia sign 
  • South America, slightly to the North of the Amazon Basin sign 
  • South America, zoom in on the Amazon Basin sign
  • Siberia, zoom in slightly below the Siberia sign
  • Tasmania, zoom in slightly to the East of the Tasman Sea sign
  • Arctic Circle, zoom in to the North of the Siberia sign, on the white land mass
Tie Breaker15
Win a tie breaker in a game of Stat Attax. (1) 

This can be tricky to gain as it requires a bit of luck. What will need to happen is you and your opponent will need to choose a stat that you both have the same value in, you will then need to pick another stat and beat your opponent.

This is easiest done with the Aquatic Life series of cards as the red-bellied piranha, clownfish, seahorse, sea star, octopus, clownfish, pufferfish and blue fish all have the same speed stat.

This can be achieved with two controllers, so if you can't seem to get the AI to help you out here that's always an option.

That's Easy20
Score 2,500 points in any 40 question quiz at easy level. 

Refer to Team Work.

Team Work20
Score 2,700 points in any 40 question quiz when there are multiple players on the same team. (1) 

Start up a new short quiz (40 questions) and put yourself and a secondary controller on the same team. Most of the questions are general knowledge but you may have a bad run and answer a few incorrectly and fall short of 2,700 points. Once the question came up I searched for the answers on the internet, this way you will get plenty of points and not miss out on this achievement as well as That’s Easy.

Jigsaw Friends40
Complete any 5 jigsaws with a friend. 

This is essentially the same as single player jigsaw puzzles, just have another controller playing. Some people are saying that both controllers need to lay a certain amount of pieces for the achievement to register. Your best bet is to lay all the outside pieces with controller 1 and fill the rest in with controller 2.

It’s also in your best interest if you play the lower level puzzles as they are easier to complete.

Stat Attacker25
Win 25 games of Stat Attax. (1) 

Refer to Top Stat AttackerSt

Mega Score30
Score 3,200 points in a 80 question quiz of Hard Mega Quiz. 

This is similar to Team Work, except this time you’ll need to play a long quiz (80 Question) on hard whilst gaining a score of 3,200 or more. You can just use the same technique of pausing the game and looking up the answers on the internet to make this a breeze.

Square Hunter50
Find all of the hidden Square Puzzles. 

This is similar to Amazing Squares, except you’ll need to find 18 different square puzzles on the Dangerous Encounters, Aquatic Life and Predators v Prey episodes. Here is the location list:

Dangerous Encounters

  • Level 6 Puzzle – Southern Africa – Kalahari Desert just below the K in Kalahari
  • Level 5 Puzzle – Southern Asia – Just East of Dhaka which is close to India
  • Level 4 Puzzle – Indonesia. – Just East of Java Trench. South from Puzzle 2 location
  • Level 3 Puzzle – Japan – Osaka
  • Level 2 Puzzle – Indonesia – By “on” in Indonesia text
  • Level 1 Puzzle – South America – Just North of Amazon Basin Text on Equator

Aquatic Life

  • Level 6 Puzzle – In middle of Ocean – East of Southwest Indian Ridge. West Of Australia. Just South West of Jigsaw Level 3 Puzzle
  • Level 5 Puzzle – Arctic Circle, Just North East of Hudson Bay
  • Level 4 Puzzle – Just South of Bay of Bengal. Off East coast of India
  • Level 3 Puzzle – Tricky to find. In middle of ocean south of North Pacific Ocean text below Tropic of Cancer but above Equator. It’s fairly close to Endangered Fish Episode. Just North West of it
  • Level 2 Puzzle – East of New Guinea, North West of Fiji Islands
  • Level 1 Puzzle – In middle of Ocean – East of Southeast Indian Ridge. Just South of Australia

Predators vs. Prey

  • Level 6 Puzzle – Africa – Just West of Lake Malawi
  • Level 5 Puzzle – Antarctic Circle – Just West of Antarctic Peninsula. Near Jigsaw Level 5
  • Level 4 Puzzle – Arctic Circle – Just East of Svalbard, North of Barents Sea
  • Level 3 Puzzle – East of Moscow just North of Araf Sea
  • Level 2 Puzzle – In middle of Ocean. West of Atlas Mountains in Africa. If you zoom out a little it’s right by “O” in North Atlantic Ocean
  • Level 1 Puzzle – In middle of Ocean. East of New Zealand. Just North West of Louisville Ridge
Missing Pieces50
Collect all of the missing jigsaw pieces. 

Jigsaw pieces are awarded to you as you complete the episodes throughout quest mode. The last jigsaw puzzle will be awarded when you complete the last episode of all four series in quest mode. There’s no technique to getting this achievement quickly, you just need to finish quest mode in its entirety.

Perfect 3030
Score 10 out of 10 in 30 episodes. (1) 

Refer to The Big 50.

The Big 5050
Score 10 out of 10 in 50 episodes without retrying. (2) 

This is as simple as it sounds. You’ll need to finish 50 episodes answer 100% of the questions correct. There are little over 60 episodes in total throughout the four series so there is little room for error. Your best bet is to grab an answer sheet, which can be found under Nat Geo Researcher and just progress through quest mode answering all of the questions right.

If all goes well this should unlock about midway through the third series of questions. If at any point you do answer a question wrong you can quit out to your dashboard and continue with the game. The game autosaves when you complete every episode so you won’t be pushed back too far.

Brain Box30
Win 30 multiplayer quizzes. 

Refer to Quiz Master.

Not Puzzled35
Complete 35 different puzzles. 

Refer to Puzzle Genius.

Easy or What25
Score 10 out of 10 on your first attempt in any episode. 

Refer to Top of the Class.

Top Stat Attacker40
Win 50 games of Stat Attax. (1) 

Stat Attax is just another version of the popular card game top trumps. Each person is given a set amount of cards with different stats on them, one player must quote a stat and if the stat beats the opponents card in that particular stat then player one receives player 2’s card.

All these achievements can be accessed from the main menu and can be gained with a second controller. There is no quick way to do these, just choose a short game and either take all your opponents cards or end up with the most cards after 20 turns have been taken.

Common Knowledge25
Win 10 multi-team games in Quiz Mode. 

Refer to Quiz Master.

You're Good30
Win 25 multi-team games in Quiz Mode. 

Refer to Quiz Master.

Quiz Master50
Win 50 multi-team games in Quiz Mode.  

This is a very lengthy achievement and has to be done with 2 controllers, both on different teams. The quickest way to burn through this is to play short quizzes (40 questions) on easy difficulty. Remember: you actually need to win for the game to count!

Puzzle Genius60
Complete all puzzles. 

To gain this achievement you will need to complete all four series in quest mode to unlock all square, jigsaw and slide puzzles. Slide puzzles are truly irritating whilst jigsaw and square puzzles are pleasantly easy. There are 24 of each puzzle type equalling 72 different puzzles you’ll need to complete. You will know if you’ve completed a puzzle as it will have a recorded time next to it when viewing it.

Quiz Genius55
You are at the top of each leaderboard. 

Luckily, this is not a multiplayer achievement and can be obtained offline solo. There are a total of 16 leaderboards, you will top a leaderboard once you unlock the “Nat Geo Researcher” achievement and the other 15 can be topped via quiz mode. You’ll need to play a 40, 60 and 80 question quizzes on each kind of quiz. To become top of the leaderboard you’ll need to beat a certain score, these being :

  • 40 Questions = 3,000 points
  • 60 Questions = 4,000 points
  • 80 Questions = 5,000 points

Like many other achievements you can pause the game and look up the answers on the Internet if need be.

Nat Geo Researcher100
Complete Quest Mode with a score of 100%. 

Each series is worth a maximum 25% to your total score, but to gain the 25% you’ll need to answer every question in every episode correctly. So altogether you’ll have to complete the game answer every single question right, which can be a royal pain.

However, if you do answer a question wrong you can exit to the dashboard and then reload the game and continue, the game autosaves after every episode so you won’t be pushed back too far.

There is also a list of all questions in Quest mode with the correct answers that can be incredibly helpful for this achievement and many, many others. That list can be found here.

Secret Achievements
Answer all 10 questions incorrectly in any episode 

This may or may not come naturally, so take a look at the answers guide linked under Nat Geo Researcher and choose the incorrect answers. I would highly suggest you try for this after you get The Big 50.

Lose 5 Stat Attax matches in a row (1) 

This is as simple as it sounds. Refer to Top Stat Attacker, except this time treat yourself as the second controller and lose on purpose.

DLC: Question Pack
Cost: $6.99 USD Achievements: 7 Points: 250
How many pieces?20
Complete any Level 7 jigsaw. 
Something Fishy15
Play all of the new episodes in Aquatic Life. 
Something New20
Complete 5 episodes from the new content. 
They Bite30
Play all of the new episodes in Dangerous Encounters and Predators vs. Prey. 
Amazing Times15
Play all of the new episodes in Amazing Planet. 
New Puzzles Done50
Complete all of the new puzzles. 
The whole of Quest Mode is fully complete. 

Game Info
Black Bean Games


US November 16, 2010
Europe April 16, 2010

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