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Guide By: Blind x360a
There are 26 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
- Offline: 26 [1000]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000 : 5-10 hours
- Glitched achievements: None!
- Does difficulty affect achievements: Yes. For one 3-point contest and for one slam dunk contest achievement, the difficulty has to be set to Superstar.

NBA Live 08’s achievements are pretty simple but there’s a few of them that can cause you some trouble. This Road Map should take some of that trouble away and help you get the achievements in this game a little quicker.

Note: If you would like some additional help along with this Road Map check out the Achievement Guide for NBA Live 08 written by Blind x360a. That guide can be found HERE.

Step 1: In-game achievements
Most of these achievements are pretty easy to obtain and you should have no problem getting them in 2 or 3 games if you set the difficulty to Rookie. There might be a few you have problems with like the individual records achievement but edit or create a player and make him as tall as he can be and when you’re in a game you should easily be able to get the “Blocks Individual record” and “Rebounds Individual record” achievements. The other individual record achievements should be pretty easy to obtain and if you put the Quarter Length at about 8 minutes and difficulty on Rookie you should get them by the end of the game. The other in-game achievements you should have no problem getting. As a matter of fact you should get them in that 8 minute game you play, if you play an 8 minute game that is.

Step 2: Dynasty achievements
The only Dynasty achievement you should have any trouble with is the “Dream Lineup in Dynasty” achievement. For some reason this achievement only unlocks when it wants to. To get it easier edit your players to over a 90 rating. If you can wait to get it, play as the Boston Celtics and by the 2nd season Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, and Paul Pierce should all be above 90. All of the other Dynasty achievements you should get while you’re going for the “Win 10 Dynasty Championships” achievement. You can also edit your players to above 90 to get the other Dynasty achievements faster too.

Step 3: 3-point & Slam Dunk achievements
These few achievements might look hard or seem hard to you but in all honesty they are pretty easy to obtain. To get the “Score a 50 in a Slam Dunk Contest” and “Superstar Slam Dunk Champion” achievements, simply choose LeBron James (Cleveland Cavaliers) as Player 1 and have Nate Robinson be the CPU. Disable all of the other play slots and make sure the difficulty is set to Superstar. Now when you go into the contest have your player stand right behind the 3-point line while you hold both & on the controller. Now run up a little bit and hit , LeBron should do a flip, once he lands on his feet hit once more and he should take the ball in between his legs and dunk the ball. You should then get the “Score a 50 in a Slam Dunk Contest” achievement. Now let the CPU do their dunk. They should not get a 50 on their dunk. If they did not you should unlock the “Superstar Slam Dunk Champion” achievement after the game shows you the dunk scores. For the “28 points in a 3-point Contest” achievement choose Ray Allen (Boston Celtics) and put the difficulty to Rookie. Time your shot just right and you should easily get that achievement in 2-3 tries. Now to get the “Superstar 3-point Champion” achievement choose Ray Allen again and have the CPU player be a 60-62 3-point shooter and disable the other player slots. Make sure the difficulty is set to Superstar and just make sure you win the contest. Let the CPU go first and only try to beat him when his score is between 13-16 since that will be easy to beat.

Well if you follow this and after playing only 3 or 4 games, you should have most if not all of this game’s achievements. Like I said the only achievement that is even remotely difficult is “Dream Lineup in Dynasty” since it unlocks when it wants to. But other than that one achievement the rest of them are pretty easy to unlock.

[XBA would like to thank Bishop24 for this Roadmap]

Score a 50 in Slam Dunk Contest50
Score a 50 in a slam dunk contest   

For this achievement I used Lebron. Start at the top of the 3 point line. Hold both modifiers (+) and hit  then for the air trick hit  again. This should do a double flip and a double between the legs. You will know when you got a 50 because the people will come on the court and fireworks will go off.

28 pts in 3Pt Contest30
Score 28 or more out of 30 in a 3pt contest.   

Playing on Rookie and boosting the 3pt stats of the player you want to play with should help you get this. Time the shot right and this should be easy.

Superstar Slam Dunk Champion30
Win the Slam Dunk Contest vs. the CPU on Superstar difficulty level.   

See "Score a 50 in the Slam Dunk Contest" Make the CPU go first and the CPU's player Dunk stat to be a 75. You can rematch them until they mess up then do a easy dunk and Achievement Unlocked.

Superstar 3PT Champion30
Win the 3PT Shootout vs. the CPU on Superstar difficulty level.   

Play a person who's 3pt stat is 60. Put the character you are going to use 3pt stats to 99. Disable the other players. Let the CPU go first. If you don't think you can beat there score rematch them until they get a low score (13ish) then just make 14pts and there ya go.

Two 30's30
Have two players in your team score at least 30 points in a solo game vs. the CPU.   

You can get this achievement when you are going for the Quadruple double. When you are going for assist just pass it to the same guy and let him score 30 points.

Blocking fest20
Have your team block 15 shots in a solo game vs. the CPU.   

The easiest way to do this is to release a whole teams roster. Sign a bunch of PG's and SG's. Place a bunch of Centers and PF's on your team. This achievement should come quick.

Offensive Rebounds galore30
Have your team grab 20 offensive rebounds in a solo game vs. the CPU.   

A good team to use for this is Suns. They have two good rebounder's. Play on 10 min quarters and box out on the offensive side and grab the rebounds.

Defensive Rebounds galore30
Have your team grab 30 defensive rebounds in a solo game vs. the CPU.   

his can be accomplished with any team in 7-10 min quarters. Make sure you box out and grab every missed shot by the CPU.

3’s in the practice arena30
Score 5 straight 3’s in the practice arena.   

The easiest way to do this is boost the stats of the player you wanna use and just hit 5 threes in a row. Any player will work just boost the 3pt stats of the player.

The underdog40
Pick the lowest rated NBA team and win vs. the CPU as the highest rated team (no special teams).   (2) 

Play on 2min quarters and try to play good D and outscore the other team.

Hot shooting streak30
Make five 3 pointers in a row with the same player during a solo game vs. the CPU.   

I used Kobe and boosted his 3pt stats to 99.
Then just try to make him come off a screen of get a wide open shot and he should drain them.

Trivia King30
Correctly answer a minimum of 3 questions during a single trivia mini-game.   

You get about 3-5 trivia questions during the loading screen. Just answer 3 correctly. If you don't just quit and retry until you get it.

Double Double30
Have one of your players get a Double Double in a solo game against the CPU.   

See "Quadruple Double".

Triple Double40
Have one of your players get a Triple Double in a solo game against the CPU.   

See "Quadruple Double".

Quadruple Double50
Have one of your players get a Quadruple Double in a solo game against the CPU.   

Its good to use a SG or SF for this. I used Kobe. Play 10-12min quarters.
Points- Try to get open or fast breaks 10 points will be easy.
Assists- When you get on fast breaks try to pass the ball and hit the shot. 10 assist will also come pretty quick.
Rebounds- Try boxing out with your player and jumping at the right time. If worst come to worst you can boost the player's rebounding stats that you wanna get this achievement with.
Steals- Turn the Reach in foul to 0. Then use your SG/SF to get steals.
Blocks- If you want this to be the fourth 10 then turn your players blocking stats to 99 and try to block every shot.

Shoot 100% Free Throws30
Have your team shoot 100% from the free throw line in a solo game against the CPU (minimum 10 shots)   (2) 

For this achievement I played on 5 min quarters on Rookie. I boosted the team I was using Free Throw stats to 99 for everyone. Drive the lane and just hope to get fouled. Once I made 10/10 free throws I tried to stay out the land so I didn't mess up my 100%.

Win it Inside40
Win without making a 3 pointer in a solo game against the CPU.   

Play 2 min quarters and don't shoot any threes. On rookie this is rather easy.

Scoring individual record50
Have one player score at least 101 points in a solo game against the CPU.    

For this achievement I found it easy to play on 10min quarters on rookie. Use Kobe or any player of your choice and put all his shooting stats at 99. Then just keep shooting until you get 101 points.

Steals individual record50
Have one player get at least 12 steals in a solo game against the CPU.   

I used Steve Nash and turned the reach in foul down to 0. This achievement came pretty quick. You can put it on 5 min quarters and rookie. If you really can't get it put the others teams ball handling down to 0.

Blocks individual record50
Have one player get at least 18 blocks in a solo game against the CPU.   (1) 

See "Blocking Fest" Try to block all the shots with one player. 12 min quarters would be best.

Assists individual record50
Have one player get at least 31 Assists in a solo game against the CPU.   

I used Steve Nash since the suns have a lot of different offensive weapons. Play on Rookie and 10-12 min quarters.

Rebounds individual record50
Have one player get at least 56 Rebounds in a solo game against the CPU.   

See "Blocking Fest" This time only get rebounds. You can also adjust the other teams stats so that all of their shooting stats are at 0. That will give you a lot of rebounds.

Dream Lineup in Dynasty40
Have 3 players with an overall rating of 90 or more on your Dynasty roster.   

Go to team management and boost three players on your team to 90+ then just simulate the season.

Best regular season record40
Finish a Dynasty Mode™ season with the best record in the NBA.   

See "Win a Dynasty Championship".

Win a Dynasty championship40
Win a championship in Dynasty Mode™   

You should get this when you boost 3 players to 90+. Simulate the whole season and you will make the playoffs. Then simulate the playoffs and you should win.

Win 10 Dynasty championships60
Win 10 championships in the span of 25 years in Dynasty Mode™   (1) 

You can get this when you get bump 3 of your players to 90+. This should be rather easy to get. Just simulate 10 years with your 90+ players and you should win the championship each year.




Note: For all of these achievements it would be good to turn off Fatigue.

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