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NBA Street Homecourt Achievement Guide

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There are 16 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
- Offline 14 [900 ]
- Online 2 [100 ]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000 : 5-10 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs 1.5
- Number of missable achievements: None!
- Glitched achievements: None!
- Do cheat codes disable achievements: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No

The reason that there is 1.5 playthroughs is because you have to build two custom characters to Level 10, which is the halfway point for the Homecourt Challenge Career Mode.

Welcome to the NBA Street Homecourt Roadmap! This game contains 16 achievements and is a variant from traditional basketball that features 3 on 3 street ball with some very impressive and over the top moves that you usually wouldn’t expect from a basketball game. The game is simple enough for a non-sports gamer to quickly pick up and even enjoy as it’s fun to watch as it is to play. Play on Easy as it shows the Gamebreaker and Dunk Gauge so you can better time your dunks and shots.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
To quickly progress through the game, I would suggest when you pick your new baller that you would use the Forward Class “JJ Smoke” as his skill highlights are Shooting, Dunking and Steals, which will be the skills that you will be using the most throughout the career. Proceed to customize your character however you want and begin your Homecourt Challenge. When choosing your teammates, focus on boards/blocks and passing so you can leave defense to the computer and all the scoring to you. Don’t forget to periodically check for new recruits to replace your players with better ones. When you get the option for a new homecourt access or tournament challenge, win those to progress through the game. You will earn 7 achievements through the first playthrough and the "Seeing Double" achievement will be earned halfway through the second. Additionally, all 7 shot type achievements can easily be achieved in the process of completing the career mode.

Leveling Achievements:
"Freaked", "Named" and "Mastered" will come as your character you level hits 5, 10 and 15, respectively. At level 5 and 15 you have a choice to max out one statistic. I suggest maxing out shooting at level 5 and dunking at 15 since you will naturally build your steal skill over the career. Maxing out those stats will ensure that you have a much larger window of success and give you peace of mind knowing that your player won’t waste a shot regardless of the situation.

Jump-Offs, Double Dunks, Trick Moves and Gamebreakers:
Most of the instructions to do these moves are explained in the achievement guide, but this is the process for performing a double dunk:
Double Dunks are done by releasing the button the moment your dunk meter is full. You will know that you did it right when your player does some over the top dunk and earns you 2 points. Using Double Dunks also ensures that your player doesn’t try to shoot the ball instead because he was placed in the wrong place of the court. Useful for dunk only games.

Speeding up the scoring process:
The game types are Pickup game, Shots Only, Dunks only and GB points only. If you maxed out your shooting skill, you can pick the quick games and finish the round by shooting 2 pointers continuously. You can also quickly earn points by using your Gamebreaker over and over, but I often had problems with the computer actually stealing the ball and using the Gamebreaker against me. But every successful maxed Gamebreaker will net you 6 points, so if you prefer dunks over shots, that would be the recommendation for you. Maxing out your dunking skill will ensure that you don’t waste a dunk attempt.

Online Boosting:
The final part to completing the achievement list is the online portion. Set game to a player match pickup game set to 11 points and invite your boosting partner. Boosting can be done in 30 minutes for both players if the losing player actively moves their players away from the player carrying the ball. If a player is unchallenged, the winning player will easily make 2 point shots continuously. Otherwise your computer players will swat the ball every time, prolonging the boosting process. After winning 10 games in a row, both online achievements will pop. Repeat process for the second person.

As you begin to play this game, you’ll encounter more, “Oh Snap!” moments than you will in some more mainstream games. It’s one of the few games that are enjoyable to play, if only just for the purpose of earning achievement points.

[XBA would like to thank Fighterspledge for this Roadmap]

Reach Level 5 In Homecourt Challenge Mode   

See “Mastered”.

Reach Level 10 In Homecourt Challenge Mode   

See “Mastered”.

Ash Park Champ50
Complete The Ash Park Tournament In Homecourt Challenge Mode.    

Just play Homecourt Challenge until Rip Hamilton invites you to the Ash Park Tournament. The tournament consists of three games (including the finals). All games are pick up to 21.

Online Showdown30
Play 10 Games Online  (12) 

Self Explanatory

Dialing Long Distance50
Complete 7 Successful Long Distance Shots In A Single Game   

The minimum of scoring MUST be 14. Anything lower and you cannot do it. If you need help just choose Carmelo Anthony, Kobe Bryant and Rip Hamilton to play against Carmelo Anthony, Kobe Bryant and Rip Hamilton. And play a pick up game to at least 14.

Perform 5 Successful Jump-Off Dunks In A Single Game   

A jump off dunk is when you jump off a teammates back and dunk it. Just press and a teammate will immediately get down. Run to him and press to jump off him and dunk it hence the name. Just do it 5 times and this achievement is yours.

Doubling Up50
Perform 3 Successful Double Dunks In A Single Game   

To see how to do a double dunk see the video:

If you need help just practice double dunking in practice mode. Dunking with Lebron James also makes it easier. Minimum of points must be 6.

Tricked Out50
Perform 10 Successful Trick Moves In A Single Game   

To do a trick press either or . You can do different tricks by holding or while pressing or . For this just set the game to trick battle and do tricks. By a trick move they mean a move that gives you a multiplier. This can be done in any mode.

GB Insanity50
Perform 4 Gamebreakers In A Single Game   

This is pretty easy really. Just keep faking your opponent by pressing the button and a direction on the until you have a 4X multiplier now unleash all your tricks(do not do the same ones mix it up) until the shot clock appears. Now do a double dunk. If done right you should get a Gamebreaker easily. Now just activate and do it 4 times. I recommend you play first to 30 on the easyand on Gamebreaker battles.

Ultimate Finish50
Win A Game With A Gamebreaker   

A Gamebreaker is a mode that your character can enter once you fill up the Gamebreaker bar. When you have the ball just do tricks until the shot clock appears then shoot it. It helps if you have a multiplier. Repeat until you get a Gamebreaker. Once you get a Gamebreaker just wait until you are only one point away from winning. Now activate it by going to the center of the court and pressing . Now just dunk the ball when you only need to score one more point to win.

Seeing Double60
Level Up 2 Different Created Ballers To Level 10   (4) 

Create 2 players. Now play homecourt on easy. Just play until you reach Level 10. You know your created character reached Level 10 when he gets a nickname. Now switch to the other created players.

Rupert Bell Champ70
Complete The Rupert Bell Tournament In Homecourt Challenge Mode    

You will get the Rupert Bell Tournament while in Homecourt Challenge. It consists of 3 matches again to 21 points.

King of the Court70
Win 10 consecutive games in Online  (7) 

If you need help click here This is the hardest of them all if you choose to do it legit.

Reach Level 15 In Homecourt Challenge Mode   

Don’t worry about getting this. You will get it while playing through Homecourt Challenge.

Cloverdale Champ100
Complete The Cloverdale Tournament In Homecourt Challenge Mode    

You will get the Cloverdale Tournament while in Homecourt Challenge. Like the other tournaments consists of 3 matches of first to 21 points. Just play Homecourt Challenge until Carmelo Anthony invites you.

Ultimate Journey150
Complete The Homecourt Challenge Mode    

After you beat Cloverdale Touranament beat everyone in the Air Jordan Gym until you invite people to play at your homecourt.(It will show Carmelo Anthony and say to invite him.) Just beat the tournament and you will unlock this achievement after you beat the final game.
Like previous tournament it is first to 21 points and 3 matches including the final.

NOTE: If you do not see the invite to the tournament and no court acess match just play until you see one.

Game Info
EA Canada
Electronic Arts


US February 19, 2007

ESRB: Everyone
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