NBA Unrivaled

NBA Unrivaled Achievement Guide

Guide By: Purp Kush Killa
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

Bench Time10
Win by 10 or more 

Pretty self-explanatory. I would go to Quick Play, then choose West/East Conference All-Stars as my team, set the quarter length to 2 minutes, no fouls, no fatigue, manual subs. *Can be done with two controllers

In The Flow10
Score a 3 in momentum 
You increase your chances of starting a momentum session by stealing/blocking shots. Once the screen lights up with funky colors this is your cue that you should start jacking up 3 pointers. Don't let your opponent score before you accomplish this because they can steal away the momentum. *Can be done with two controllers
Above The Rim10
Complete an alley-oop dunk 
Sounds easier than it is. Your button combo should be smooth and without hesitation or the other team will promptly steal the ball (even on easy). For best results wait until you have a fast break with at least 2 guys out in front. Press and hold (to switch to a player without the ball), immediately press , maneuver the guy around towards the basket then press to jump/shoot. As your player is doing the jump animation release the button to then pass him the ball and he will complete the alley-oop. *Can be done with two controllers
Complete 10 dunks in one game 
Pretty simple, go to Quick Play, set the quarter length to 5 minutes. Dunk away! *Can be done with two controllers
Win the challenge ladder with one team 
If you are a homer you could be like me and go no questions asked straight to the Rockets. However if you want skill on your side as opposed to luck the hard research points towards well a coin toss either the Lakers or the Mavericks.
From Downtown10
Score 3 back to back 3 pointers 
Set manual subs, everything else doesn't matter...Ok so we will map it out this way. If you choose WEST-AS put Nowitzki in and let him be your 3 point shooter. Don't worry about the score because we are focused on the achievement. If you're an EAST-AS fan then bring in Mo Williams and Danny Granger. *Can be done with two controllers
Triple Double10
Post a triple double (at least 10 points, 10 rebounds, 10 assists) with one player 
For whatever reason this game doesn't allow blocks and/or steals to count towards a triple double. This just makes it a tad more difficult to attain. Choose quick play, West/East vs Trash, most importantly set the quarters to 8 minutes as you will need all the time you can get to achieve a triple double. Decide ahead of time who will be your designated guy so you can make sure to pass pass pass until he gets the ball then pass once more and shoot right away. Getting the 10 assists is the most difficult part. 10 points should be no problem, and for 10 rebounds you want to make sure your guy you choose to triple double should be a big body who can crash the boards. If you notice your rebound numbers are low just start jacking up errant 3 pointers. *Can be done with two controllers
Double Up20
Win a game with at least double your opponent's score 
Go to quick play, choose West/East vs Trash, quarter length at 2 minutes (trust me on this one). It's way more difficult to keep a double up pace with longer quarters; just unnecessary. Set to no fouls, no fatigue, manual subs. Your game plan should be steal and score at will. Go for easy shots. Don't try and get the 3 pointers chievos as these will muck up your plan and your competition will slowly come crawling back. *Can be done with two controllers
Winning Streak20
Win 10 ranked match games (1) 
Find someone...SOMEONE nice enough to return the favor. Please visit the Achievement Trading Thread to further help in finding 10 matchs. They do NOT need to be consecutive wins, just rack your win total to 10 regardless.
Buzzer Beater20
Win any game with a buzzer beater shot 
Involves a lot of trial and errors. Go to quick play, choose the Mavericks and choose the Rockets as your opponents. Set quarters to 2 minutes. subs, fouls, fatigue all off. Keep the game close until you get down by 2. At this point let Nowitzki have the final shot from downtown. If he doesn't drain it this time he won't miss on the next go around. *Can be done with two controllers
Shooting Clinic20
Make 10 shots back to back 
Go to Quick Play, pick West/East vs Trasher. Just be patience and don't rush a shot you don't have, and never jack up a 3 ball. Only go for the high percentage shots up around the basket. *Can be done with two controllers
Lead The League50
Be #1 on any challenge leaderboard 
If you want the easy 50 point achievement for being on a leader board just pick a team that nobody has used yet.... (look at the lead board go under single player game and you will see a couple of teams with nobodys/the fewest names below them). Just play one of the tournament ladder games and the achievement will unlock at the end of the match if no one has completed it with that team yet, otherwise try to be #1 with a team that hasn't been done much already.

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