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Guide By: dakisbac
There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
- Offline: 50 [1000 ]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000 : 8-15 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: None!
- Do cheat codes disable achievements? No cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes*
- Glitchy achievements: 15/50**
- Unobtainable achievements: None!

*This game must be played at default gameplay settings.
**Many users have reported that if you unlock too many achievements at once then none of them will unlock. For that reason I counted all of the achievements that unlock when you finish a game as glitchy. A few users also reported that the secret achievements unlocked for them before they were supposed to, so they were also counted.

Welcome to NCAA Football ’07. This game has 50 achievements for 1000 , all of which can be unlocked offline. There is only one time consuming achievement, "60 Year Dynasty", which accounts for almost all of the time listed in the overview. Unlike many sports games, this game requires you to play on default gameplay settings, which is Varsity Level with 5 minute quarters, and you are not allowed to use a second controller to help out.

You can’t change any settings that alter gameplay, but you CAN edit the rosters, which ends up working better anyway. First thing you’ll want to do is set the default teams: From the main menu go to My NCAA > Settings > User Settings and set San Jose State as the default Away team and Ohio State as the default Home Team. Back out and select Rosters > View/Edit Rosters. Navigate to Ohio State and increase your QB’s Throw Power and Throw Accuracy, as well as the kicker and punter’s Kick Power and Kick Accuracy. This will help with passing in general, as well as the "50 Yard Field Goal" and "50 Yard Punt" achievements. Optionally, go edit San Jose State and decrease their QB’s Throw Accuracy and Throw Power as well as the Speed for every player on the team. This will make it easier to unlock all the achievements, especially the following: "Intercept 2 Passes", "Return Interception for a TD", "Punt Return for a TD", and "Kickoff Return for a TD".

Mini-Game Warm-up:
Before you get to the real football, you might as well knock out "Perfect Game", "High Score – Option Dash", and "Win Tug-of-War". Choose Mini-Games from the main menu to access these.

Gameplay Achievements:
Since each game takes at least twenty minutes, you’re going to want to knock out the achievements as fast as you can. If so inclined, you could probably unlock all the gameplay achievements in one game but unfortunately, many of these achievements are glitchy so you should spread them between two games to be safe. You are safe with achievements that unlock during the game though, so you can do those at your leisure. I recommend going for "350 Total Passing Yards", "200 Total Rushing Yards", and "500 Total Yards" in your first game and "Pass to 5 Different Receivers", "Throw 4 TD Passes in a Game", "Win By 21", "Score 25 Points", and "Shutout" on the second game.

Dynasty Mode:
A) Twelve Team Dynasty: Although it’s not necessary, I recommend setting up two different dynasties. The first one, this one, is the one you will select the top twelve teams with and simulate for the achievements. Since you’ll be in control of twelve top teams, you increase your odds for unlocking "#1 Offense", "#1 Defense", "Undefeated", "Heisman Memorial Trophy", and "Mr. February" without having to put the work in. If you don’t get some of these on your first try, just simulate another season. It shouldn’t take more than two seasons. With this dynasty, you will also play one game. Quite a few teams you will be using have conference championships and at least one should get invited. Play as that team and win the game for "Conference Champs!".

B) One Team Dynasty: Pick Ohio State as your team and simulate the first two seasons. Use saving/loading to cheat if you end up not getting invited to the national championships or end up losing, since it’s required that you win. In the third season you have to play the national championship game. Once you win, you will unlock "Bowl Win", "National Champions", and "Dynasty Trifecta!". Now that that’s done, save the game and start trying for "5 Star Recruiting".

C) Wrap-up: Now, with either dynasty, start simulating season after season until you finally unlock "60 Year Dynasty".

Congratulations, you now have 1000/1000 on this game. Before you put this game to bed, you have one last thing to do. Madden NFL 07 has an achievement which requires you to import a draft class from this game, which means on this end you need to export. Go back to your unfinished dynasty and get to the Offseason. Select Players Leaving then press to export. Even if you have no plans to play Madden 07, doing this doesn’t hurt, and it’s better to be safe than sorry in the case that you should change your mind.

[XBA would like to thank dakisbac for this Roadmap]


Throw 4 TD Passes in a Game15
Throw 4 touchdown passes in a single game.    (3) 
You just need to throw the ball and score the touchdown four times. You don’t need to catch the ball in the end zone, you can catch it then run and it will still count. If you’re far away from the end zone try a Standard Pass or Hail Mary and if you’re close try a Quick Pass, Fake FG and Pass, or a Fake Punt and Pass. This unlocks during the game.
350 Total Passing Yards15
Pass for 350 or more total yards in a game.    (4) 
Gain 350 yards from throwing plays. Your QB doesn’t have to actually throw that many yards, if you catch it then run the yards you ran also count as a passing yard. Any throwing play will do, but if you want to minimize the amount of running then choose the Hail Mary play. This unlocks at the end of the game.
200 Total Rushing Yards15
Rush for 200 or more total yards in a game.    
Instead of throwing plays, you’ll be doing running plays. Run 200 yards total with the QB or do handoffs. If you’re looking to run with the QB you can try the QB Run or pick Hail Mary (when you pick Hail Mary the defense is expecting you to throw far so they’re a good distance away- leaving you plenty of room to run). If you want to do a handoff I suggest the Inside Handoff or FB Run plays. This unlocks at the end of the game.
No Fumbles in a Game15
Do not fumble the ball in a game.    
If you pick a good team you’re not likely to fumble on your own, so basically you have to hope that the defense doesn’t cause you to fumble. Thankfully that doesn’t happen very often. This unlocks at the end of the game.
No Interceptions in a Game15
Do not throw an interception in a game.    
The easiest way to do this is to not throw the ball at all. Choose all running plays and this achievement is a giveaway. This unlocks at the end of the game.
Win by 2110
Win a game by 21 points or more.    (2) 
Pick a really good team and play against a really bad team to make this easier. You have twenty minutes to get ahead by twenty one, which is three touchdowns and three conversions. To make sure they don’t advance at all, turn off the "Offsides Rule", stand next to their QB when you’re on defense, and sack or tackle him as soon as he gets the ball. This unlocks at the end of the game.
Pass to 5 Different Receivers10
Complete a pass to 5 or more receivers in a game.    
You’ll need to do five throwing plays to five different teammates. You throw to different people by pressing either , , , , or . Remember that you have to complete the pass, which means you have to catch the ball. This unlocks during the game.
100 Yard Receiver10
Gain 100 or more receiving yards with a single player.    
This is basically the same as the 350 Total Passing Yards achievement, except it has to be done by one player. For big yards fast, choose the Hail Mary play. Don’t forget that catching then running also counts. This unlocks during the game.
100 Yard Rusher10
Rush for 100 or more yards with a single player.    
Basically the same as the 200 Total Rushing Yards achievement, except it has to be done by one player. It is easier to do a handoff than to run with the QB, so do that. I found that the Inside Handoff works well. You’ll only gain a few yards at a time this way, but the AI seems to do the worst against these plays. This unlocks during the game.
Complete a 30 Yard Pass10
Complete a pass for 30 or more yards.    (1) 

See "Complete a 60 Yard Pass".

Complete a 60 Yard Pass20
Complete a pass for 60 or more yards.    
Make sure you’re starting this play from your 40 yard line at most, then complete any pass that makes it at least 60 yards. You can do this with a Hail Mary then a short run or a short pass then a long run, so go with whatever is easiest for you. This unlocks during the game.
Break a 30 Yard Run10
Break a run for 30 or more yards.    

See "Break a 60 Yard Run".

Break a 60 Yard Run20
Break a run for 60 or more yards.   
Make sure you’re starting this play from your 40 yard line at most, then complete any running play. A FB Handoff works best for this since a QB Run or Inside Handoff will get you surrounded fast. Make sure to twirl and tackle your opponents along the way. This unlocks during the game.
Allow No Sacks15
Do not give up any sacks in a game.    
There are two guaranteed ways to avoid a sack. Either get rid of the ball immediately (throwing play) or start running with the QB (any play). If you get tackled while running out of the pocket, it won’t count as a sack. This unlocks at the end of the game.
Intercept 2 Passes15
Intercept 2 passes in a game on defense.    (2) 
Getting an interception is really just a matter of waiting. Play against a team that has a bad QB and twenty minutes should be more than enough time. This unlocks during the game.
Recover 2 Fumbles15
Recover 2 fumbles on defense in a game.    
This is actually very easy. When on defense wait for the other team to get into a formation where the QB will be farther back from his teammates. Then turn off the "Offsides Rule" and stand between him and the center (the player that snaps the ball). When the ball is snapped it will hit you and count as a fumble. Make sure you pick it up fast as the AI is pretty quick to recover. This unlocks during the game.
Return Interception for a TD20
Return an interception for a touchdown.    
Getting the interception is the easy part here, but it’s scoring the touchdown that’s difficult. Try and back them right up to their end zone to minimize the running you’ll need to do and avoid the other team's players by cutting, spinning, and sprinting. This unlocks during the game.
Return Fumble for TD20
Score a touchdown after recovering a fumble on defense.    
Use the method mentioned for the "Recover 2 Fumbles" achievement and this is really easy. If you cause the fumble behind their defensive line you’re basically already home free - the only person left to pass will be the QB. Dodge him or break his tackle attempt and score the touchdown. Again, this is even easier if you back them up towards their end zone beforehand. This unlocks during the game.
Make 4 Sacks20
Sack the opposing quarterback 4 or more times in a game.    
Turn off the "Offsides Rule". Choose a player on either end of your defensive line, stand right next to the QB, and wait until the ball is snapped. As soon as he gets it, run into him for the sack. Sometimes it will only count as a tackle and not a sack, but you should be doing this anyway to prevent the other team from advancing, so you’ll achieve this through normal play. This unlocks during the game.
Held Under 200 Yards10
Hold the opposition to under 200 total yards.    

See "Held Under 100 Yards".

Held Under 100 Yards25
Hold the opposition to under 100 total yards.    
For this you’ll need to prevent the other team from advancing 100 yards, which unfortunately includes yards gained from a kickoff. For that reason, you should always do an Onside Kick so that you can tackle them before they get many yards. When you’re on defense, again just turn off the "Offsides Rule", stand next to the QB, and tackle him as soon as he gets the ball.
2 Sack Player10
Make 2 sacks in a game with the same player.    
Basically the same as the "Make 4 Sacks" achievement, except it has to be done by one player. This unlocks during the game.
Score a Safety30
Score a safety on defense.   
While on defense back the other team into their own end zone by tackling them for a loss of yards. On the next play, tackle the QB while he is still in the end zone for the safety. This unlocks during the game.
Prevent your opponent from scoring any points in a game.    
Simply prevent the other team from scoring. If you’re tackling the QB as soon as he gets the ball then this is really easy. If you’re playing properly just make sure you’re a really good team and you’re playing a really bad team. This unlocks at the end of the game.
Punt Return for TD15
Return a punt for a touchdown.    (2) 
To get the other team to punt, simply get them to their fourth down. As long as you pick some sort of Punt Return play, the AI will catch the ball for you, meaning all you have to do is run. Do your best to dodge the opponents and twirl and tackle as necessary. Again, this is even easier if you back them up towards their end zone beforehand. This unlocks during the game.
Kickoff Return for TD20
Return a kickoff for a touchdown.    
Pick a really good team and play against a really bad team to make this easier. Since this is quite a far run it may seem difficult, but it’s actually not. Zigzag back and forth right down the middle of the field and use your teammates as blockers. This unlocks during the game.
50 Yard Field Goal25
Kick a 50 or more yard field goal.    
You can get as close as the opponents 35 yard line before attempting to kick. Try to get downed in the middle of the field as well, so that you don’t need to aim to compensate. If you do that, you don’t have to aim at all actually, just make sure you get full power on the kick. This unlocks during the game.
50 Yard Punt15
Punt the ball 50 or more net yards.   (1) 
You have to be on your side of the 50 yard line to attempt this, which means your 49 is as close as you can get. Make sure your kick is at full power. The ball doesn’t need to fly all 50 yards, yards gained by a bounce also count. If the ball bounces into the end zone, it gets placed on the 20 yard line, so make sure that that doesn't happen. This unlocks during the game.
Block a Punt25
Block a punt.    

See "Block a Field Goal".

Block a Field Goal25
Block a field goal.    (6) 
There are two ways to do this. You can either tackle the kicker right as he makes contact with the ball or you can turn off the "Offsides Rule" and stand immediately in front of the ball so that it hits you when he kicks it. This unlocks during the game.
Score 35 Points15
Score 35 points or more in a game.    
Pick a really good team and play against a really bad team to make this easier. On defense I recommend tackling the QB as soon as he gets the ball to save time, although even if you don’t twenty minutes is more than enough time. On offense you should mix plays up a little bit, use Hail Mary for throwing or running and Inside Handoff for just running.
500 Total Yards25
Gain 500 total yards or more in a game.    (3) 
This counts all yards gained. If you are going for either 350 Total Passing Yards or 200 Total Rushing Yards (or both) you’ll likely get this as well. This unlocks at the end of the game.
#1 Offense25
Have the #1 ranked offense in a dynasty season.   

See "Mr. February".

#1 Defense25
Have the #1 ranked defense in a dynasty season.   

See "Mr. February".

Go undefeated during a season in dynasty mode.   

See "Mr. February".

Conference Champs!10
Win a conference championship game.   
Pick any team in dynasty mode that participates in the conference championships and perform well in the season to be invited to the championship game. Teams in the ACC, SEC, and Big 12 all qualify for this achievement because those conferences all have championship games. You can simulate the season games, but you actually need to play the championship game to unlock this achievement. The conference championship game is the game with a C next to it.
Heisman Memorial Trophy25
Win the Heisman Memorial Trophy with a player on your dynasty team.   

See "Mr. February".

5 Star Recruiting25
Sign 8 or more 5 star prospects in your recruit class.   (8) 
Play as a team with A+ prestige and attempt this after that team has just won you the Dynasty Trifecta! achievement. After the season ends, save the game and don’t advance yet. Back out and scroll down to Rosters. From there choose Create-A-Prospect. You’re allowed to create twenty-four recruits, so do that.

Make all of them a different position until you run out and choose whichever position you want for the leftovers. The important thing here is that you want to make everybody’s home state the same as the state you’re playing as, which ideally is also a state with only one high rated team. You also need to increase their stats so that their overall rating is 95 or better, which is done fastest by increasing stats relevant to their position as well as game awareness. Just for the sake of keeping track of them, I also recommend changing their last names to QQQ, WWW, EEE, etc, but it’s not necessary.

After all your prospects have been created save the game. Simulate up until the Recruiting stage, pick any state, then hold and scroll up to All Prospects. Count the number of interested 5* prospects there are (they’ve got a green circle next to their name) and if there are less than eleven, load the game and try again. The game randomly generates interested players so keep doing this until you see at least eleven. Once you have eleven or more, select Sim Through All Weeks then view your prospects by selecting View Signings. If you have eight 5* prospects back out and select Finalize Recruiting to trigger the achievement, if not you unfortunately need to try again. This does take a while, but it’s faster than any method that requires you to do the recruiting manually.

Note: Any 5* prospects you recruit during the season also count so this will be a little easier if you get one or two. It’s not required though, and either way I still recommend waiting for eleven or more interested prospects.
Bowl Win10
Win a bowl game in dynasty mode.   (2) 

See "Dynasty Trifecta!".

National Champions!25
Lead your team to a BCS championship in dynasty mode.   

See "Dynasty Trifecta!".

Dynasty Trifecta!50
Win the National Championship in three back-to-back seasons in dynasty mode.   (4) 
Pick one of the top teams and play through three seasons. You can win the National Championship the first two seasons by simulating, but you need to play the third game. The national championship game is the game with a N next to it.
Mr. February25
Have the #1 ranked recruiting class in a dynasty season.   
Start a new dynasty and sort the teams by their overall rating. Pick the top twelve teams and simulate. Since you’re using the best twelve teams it is very likely you will earn the achievement. If not, just simulate another season and try again.
60 Year Dynasty100
Complete 60 years of Dynasty.   (10) 
This will take about eight hours of simulating, so have something else to do while you’re doing this. Unfortunately this game requires your attention every couple of minutes, which makes it even more annoying.
Perfect Game40
Bowl a 300 Game   (8) 
In bowling a 300 game is twelve strikes in a row. In this mini-game a strike is a touchdown on your first play. Choose Quick Pass > Slants as your play. If your teammates are open throw the ball, otherwise run it in with your QB. Pick a really good team and play against a really bad team to make this easier.
High Score - Option Dash40
Score 15,000 or more points in Option Dash.   (8) 
In this mini-game you have two minutes to earn 15,000 points. You get points for advancing, tackling, etc but the big points are for scoring a touchdown. To do this easily just keep running touchdowns with the QB and when you’re far away from the opponents you can twirl or hold the ball out repeatedly to increase your score multiplier.
Win Tug-of-War40
Win the Tug-of-War mini-game.   (1) 
In this mini-game the two teams take turns trying to score a touchdown in one go, starting from where the other team finished. The first team to do so wins. Pick a really good team and play against a really bad team to make this easier, and choose plays you’re comfortable with.
Secret Achievements
Junior Varsity Level0
250G in NCAA Football 07  

See "Heisman Level".

Varsity Level0
500G in NCAA Football 07   

See "Heisman Level".

All-American Level0
750G in NCAA Football 07   

See "Heisman Level".

Heisman Level0
1000G in NCAA Football 07   
This will unlock alongside whatever achievement pushed you to the required gamerscore, which can be during or after a game.

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US July 18, 2006

ESRB: Everyone
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