NCIS Achievements

Torture Chamber

Complete sixth crime scene   

This crime scene is in Episode 3.

-Find a way to the entrance-

Go to where there are crates in front of the other characters. Push the box on the right forward. Push the box on the left over to the right. Move the next box on the left backwards. Now move the box on the right again back to the original position. Finally, move the box in the back middle over to the left. The position needed is the crate with the lid to be below the high ladder and rope. Now click that crate. Lift your partner to pull the rope. This will lower the ladder. Click on it to climb up. Now click on the plank on the right while up there. This will create a bridge. Now you can reach the door.

-Take photos of items linked to torture-

This is the main objective. There are other objectives, but they still all relate to this one. They are all listed seperate and each will show you how to get in the various areas.

1. To the left of where you stand you'll see green lockers. Check in front of them.
2. Inside the locker is a baseball bat. Take a picture.
3. Go to the other side of the room and take a picutre of what's on the table.
4. Above the table, take one of the hammer.
5. Below the table, take one of the car battery.
6. To the right of the table is a torture chair. Take one of that too.
7. On the other side again, go down in the basement through trap doors. Take picture of shackles.
8. Inside the basement still, take a picture of the handcuffs on the bed.
9. In the double door room after gaining access, you can climb boxes to take a picture of the rope.
10. Vial B is inside of the toilet base. After investigating, move chair to climb up and take photo.
11. Vial A is in a safe in the room. Unlock to get the last photo.

-Find Vials-

1. Vial B: After unlocking the double doors, investigate the toilet. Move the chair, and open the toilet top in order to gain access to take a picture.
2. Vial A: Start walking to the back and left. You will see a safe. Open it for the 2nd vial.

-Take photo of the gallows-

You'll notice a rope hanging by some double doors near the female NPC. Click on it to obtain this objective. Now go inside the room that is open on the other side. Click on the top part where the cords lead. Then click on the desk to move it. Climb the table. Click on the opten part to climb through the window. You will now unlock the double doors. Once inside, next to the door is some boxes to stand on so you can take the picture.

Investigate the basement-

You should notice a trap door leading to the basement on the side of the room. This objective relates to your main objective for finding items linked to torture. It counts for both objectives.

1. There are shackles on the wall.
2. There are handcuffs on the bed.

-Access the locked room-

This objective ties directly into Take Photo of the Gallows. You will unlock the door from the other side after climbing through a hole.


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US November 01, 2011

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