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Guide By: Tyger7
There are 26 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 1/10
-Offline: 26 (1000)
-Online: 0 (0)
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 4-5 Hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
-Number of missable achievements: 0
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? No Cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements? No difficulty options
-Glitchy achievements: No
-Unobtainable achievements: None
-Extra equipment needed? None


This game is based on the show with the same name. The game plays fairly similar to the CSI games if you have ever played them. This time, you actually point and click where your person walks. This allows different viewing angles. You hardly have to move much. To answer your main question: Yes, this game is extremely easy. It's probably one of the easiest games on the Xbox 360. Every single achievement is basically story related. There is no real way to fail. If you do somehow fail on anything, you get unlimited retries. If you keep doing bad on certain things, you will get hints/clues sometimes. You can complete the entire game in one sitting. This game is much easier than the CSI games, because you don't really need to follow any guides.

Step 1: Play The 4 Cases

There are a total of 4 cases to play. As you progress, you will unlock the achievments. There is nothing you can miss. The game is well beyond holding your hand. It lets you try everything over and over again. Most of the mini games take under a minute to do and there aren't even that many. It's just playing through the game and getting the achievements. Point A to point B. You do not have to stress about anything. This is the only step, as once you are done with your playthrough, you will have completed everything.


I cannot stress how easy this game is, even without following a walkthrough. One is provided for you just in case you do find yourself stuck (some clues can be overlooked). Also a walkthrough could provide you a quicker playthrough since you know exactly what to do and not play any guessing games.



[x360a would like to thank Tyger7 for this Road Map]

You know I'm awesome10
Collect first piece of evidence   

You'll get this as soon as you take a picture of any type of evidence in the first crime scene.


Rule #110
Complete first co-op activity    

In the first crime scene, go to the cabinet and help the woman move it (more like she helps you). The achievement unlocks afterwards.


Hey, I'm a hacker.15
Complete first database search    

While in the office after the first crime scene, you will obtain this after doing the mini game on the computer.


Nice goin' Abs.15
Complete first fingerprint lifting    

When you are in the lab for the first time, your objective is to process the evidence. There will be a mini game where you must lift fingerprints from the evidence. The mini game is extremely easy and you get unlimited attempts. Just follow the onscreen instructions.


Abigail Sciuto FTW15
Complete first fingerprint comparison    

In the lab after you have lifted fingerprints, you will be asked to compare. Click on the fingerprints on the panel on the right. Find the closest match and drag the right one over to the left. Rotate with and to get it fitted.



Complete first chemical analysis    

This will have been the only mini-game that was not available in Episode 1. It is available in Episode 2 after the crime scene. The equipment on the left has the residue you had gotten from explosives. Match the chemicals with the shapes above for another easy achievement.


Rule #3915
Complete first ballistics test    

During the first Case, you will eventually need to compare ballistics. This is almost identical to the fingerprints minus the rotating. It's an extremely easy mini game take takes under a minute to do.


Cooking up some awesome15
Complete first footprint comparison    

During the first case in the lab, you will get this when selecting to compare footprints with the bottom of shoes. Just like the fingerprints, you must rotate with and .


Rule #3815
Complete first deduction    

In the first case, the deduction comes when you have done a bunch of work with the evidence. You compare two pieces of evidence together and then you choose why you came to that conclusion.


Waddaya got for me, Duck15
Complete first autopsy    

During the first case, you will eventually need to examine a body. All that you do is take pictures of the wounds which are easily noticed because they are red. Once done, the achievement will unlock.


Rule #815
Complete first interview    

Your first interview is right after your first crime scene. Just keep tapping so that you always get the interactive part. If you fall asleep during the interview or weren't paying attention, the game will let you try again. You can afterwards skip the talking with .



Rule #315
Complete first interrogation    

This is just like an interview, except a new twist is added. You can prove someone is lying based on evidence. If you get everything wrong or miss something important, the game lets you try again (just like the interview). Below is how you should answer.

Lie: I already told you. I didn't touch nothing. I just left.
Evidence: Jason Valesco's Fingerprints

Lie: Melvin was a great shot.
Evidence: Shots in the Dark

Lie: I didn't walk far inside.
Evidence: Jason Valesco's Footprints


Complete first satellite tracking    (7) 

During the first case, you will have to track a car via satellite. Just hold your curser over the dot that is first indicated. Keep doing so until the mini game ends.


Like shooting fish in a pond15
Complete first safe cracking    

This happens in the first case but in the second crime scene. There is a safe and there is also a locker with a lock on it in the scene (the shooting range). Go ahead and choose either one. Rotate your analogue to the right until it is green, then to the left until it is green.


Probie Wan Kenobie100
Complete Episode 1    

See "Very Special Agent" achievement description.


NCIS Investigator100
Complete Episode 2    

See "Very Special Agent" achievement description.


NCIS Agent100
Complete Episode 3    

See "Very Special Agent" achievement description.


Very Special Agent100
Complete Episode 4    

There are only 4 episodes in this game. Each one will get easier as you figure out how the game works. There is no difficulty to select. The game is automatically very easy. You should have no trouble completing the cases by yourself. If you would like help or to make things go faster, you can follow the walkthrough below:


Atlantic City50
Complete first crime scene    

The first crime scene happens in Episode 1 at the casino.

-Take a photo of the pistol-

This pistol is next to the body. Take a picture of it. On screen instructions show you how!

-Take a photo of all bullets-

*Take a photo of the bullet holes above the dead body.
*Take a photo to the left of the door, on the brown part.
*Move to the cabinet which is to the left of the hole in the wall. You will have to move the cabinet. You can see a hole in the cabinet where the bullet went through. Once you help push the cabinet over, you will see the hole.
*Move across the room to the right of the computers and bookshelf. You'll see three holes by the light there.
*Next to the above, click on the chair and move it to the right. Click on it again, and you still stand on it. Now take a picture of the hole above.

-Take a photo of the footprints-

*There are footprints in front of the hole in the wall with the 2 yellow measuring tools. They are white footprints.
*Just follow the prints and you'll see another set, with the measuring tools.

-Take photos of the victims-

*Justin Johnson: He is the one opposite the cabinet in blue on the broken table.
*Melvin Farley: This is the first body you see, the security guard.

-Move the body-

Move the security guard's body

-Take photos of all bullets continued-

Now take one more snapshot of the bullet hole that was behind the body.

-Install laser emitters-

*Install lasers by clicking on the bullets behind the security guard body area
*Install lasers next to the bookshelf by where you stood on the chair
*Install a laser above the chair
*Install a laser by the cabinet

-Turn off the lights-

Go to the light switch by the silver door

-Take photo of fingerprints-

Take a picture of the fingerprints on the light switch.


Dirty Harry50
Complete second crime scene    

The second crime scene happens in Episode 1 at the shooting range.

Collect evidence

*Take a picture of the cash register
*Take picture of the victim behind the counter
*Take a picture of the handgun near the victim behind counter.
*Take picture of other two victims on floor
*Take picture of the two guns on the floor
*Take a picture of the money in the middle of the victims
*Take a picture of the cell phone on the floor
*On the front counter there is a piece of paper hanging. To the left of it is a set of bullet holes to take a picture of.
*At the right of the area are some lockers. Click on the lighter locker. Rotate your analogue sticks to crack the lock.
*Take a picture of what's inside the locker
*Go back behind the register. Click on the safe and do the same mini game you did with the locker. Take a picture of the documents
*Right next to the safe is a wall with bullet holes. Take a picture of them

*Click on the open door next to the safe to go in the other room. Go to the desk area and click on the cell phone
*Take a picture of the blood in the middle of the floor
*Take a picture of the blood on the chair


Bank Heist50
Complete third crime scene    

The starting crime scene of Episode 2.

-Take samples of the explosives-

Move to the area where the safe is. It's hard to get to, so just highlight the safe and click it, then interupt before going in. Behind the hole is yellow residue. Click on it to collect a sample.

-Take photos of the cameras-

Talk to the guy in black. He will ask you to take photos of the cameras.

1: There is a camera to the right and above the gold eagle on the wall from where you started. Click on the table to stand on it and take the picture.
2: Go to where the entrance of the bank would be. There is furniture around. You'll see the camera on the wall by where broken panels of glass are. Click on the desk to move it left. Climb up and then snap the picture.
3: Head inside the safe. You'll see the camera as soon as you enter.

-Look for traces of the robber's car-

Go to where the big hole in the ground is in front of the safe. Climb down the rope. You will be told to look out for this kind of evidence.

1. In front of the man is your first clue on the ground (mirror).
2. On the wall right near you is paint chips on the corner.
3. Continue forward to see skid marks.


BBQ'd Apartment50
Complete fourth crime scene    

Episode 2, the second crime scene is in a residence.

-Collect evidence of suspicious activities-

*Start by moving the obstacle out of your way
*Collect explosive samples listed below this objective
*Move the couch

1. After moving the couch, click on the computer and take a picture.

*After the above, move the board you see on the screen. Then move the other couch. Then move the dresser.

2. To the left of the above desk with the computer is a safe. Open it and take a picture.
3. Walk to the kitchen area. Open the hanging microwave and take a picture of the passport.

-Collect samples of the explosive-

Take a picture of the middle of where all the yellow is which is the hole

-Take a photo of the victim-

Take a picture of the victim in the kitchen when you get there. You will have to move first off of him first.


Front Lines50
Complete fifth crime scene    (1) 

This happens in Episode 3 at the start.

-Take a photo of the body-

Go to the body on the bed and take a picture.

-Move the body-

Help move the body to reveal more objectives.

-Find Traces of Blood-

1. Outside in the middle of the area
2. Go outside, then inside the building in the middle (bathroom). Open stall and take picture of mop inside the bucket.
3. Go inside the third building which is an office and take a picture of the blood on the floor.
4. Inside the office area, check the corner of the desk

-Look for signs of a struggle-

1. Click on the big grey closet and open it. Take a picture of the mess
2. While outside, move the obstacle to take a picture of a broken chair
3. In the third area which is the office, take a picture at the bottom of the flag
4. Click the wood thing next to the couch in the office area. Click the couch to move it. It's a broken chair leg. Take a picture.


Torture Chamber50
Complete sixth crime scene    

This crime scene is in Episode 3.

-Find a way to the entrance-

Go to where there are crates in front of the other characters. Push the box on the right forward. Push the box on the left over to the right. Move the next box on the left backwards. Now move the box on the right again back to the original position. Finally, move the box in the back middle over to the left. The position needed is the crate with the lid to be below the high ladder and rope. Now click that crate. Lift your partner to pull the rope. This will lower the ladder. Click on it to climb up. Now click on the plank on the right while up there. This will create a bridge. Now you can reach the door.

-Take photos of items linked to torture-

This is the main objective. There are other objectives, but they still all relate to this one. They are all listed seperate and each will show you how to get in the various areas.

1. To the left of where you stand you'll see green lockers. Check in front of them.
2. Inside the locker is a baseball bat. Take a picture.
3. Go to the other side of the room and take a picutre of what's on the table.
4. Above the table, take one of the hammer.
5. Below the table, take one of the car battery.
6. To the right of the table is a torture chair. Take one of that too.
7. On the other side again, go down in the basement through trap doors. Take picture of shackles.
8. Inside the basement still, take a picture of the handcuffs on the bed.
9. In the double door room after gaining access, you can climb boxes to take a picture of the rope.
10. Vial B is inside of the toilet base. After investigating, move chair to climb up and take photo.
11. Vial A is in a safe in the room. Unlock to get the last photo.

-Find Vials-

1. Vial B: After unlocking the double doors, investigate the toilet. Move the chair, and open the toilet top in order to gain access to take a picture.
2. Vial A: Start walking to the back and left. You will see a safe. Open it for the 2nd vial.

-Take photo of the gallows-

You'll notice a rope hanging by some double doors near the female NPC. Click on it to obtain this objective. Now go inside the room that is open on the other side. Click on the top part where the cords lead. Then click on the desk to move it. Climb the table. Click on the opten part to climb through the window. You will now unlock the double doors. Once inside, next to the door is some boxes to stand on so you can take the picture.

Investigate the basement-

You should notice a trap door leading to the basement on the side of the room. This objective relates to your main objective for finding items linked to torture. It counts for both objectives.

1. There are shackles on the wall.
2. There are handcuffs on the bed.

-Access the locked room-

This objective ties directly into Take Photo of the Gallows. You will unlock the door from the other side after climbing through a hole.


Five Star Accommodations50
Complete seventh crime scene    

-Find the laptop-

The laptop is is in the main bedroom to the right of the painting from where you start. You must move the cabinet that is below the TV first. You'll see the laptop in the vent.

-Take photos of all bullets-

1. There is a bullet hole on the railing outside.
2. A bullet hole is right next to the victim on the chair.
3. Behind the basket which you must move.
4. Before leaving the bathroom, it's on the door on the right, unde the handle.

-Take photos of all victims-

1. A victim lays on the floor in the living room.
2. In the bathroom which is left of the painting from where you started.

-Find all cellphones-

1. There's a cell phone outside on the table.
2. When you go into the bedroom, open the cabinet.

Look for signs of a struggle-

1. In the bathroom the mirror is smashed.
2. In the bedroom move the cabinet below the TV. Investigate the item.


NCIS 1, Terrorists 050
Save the world from terrorists    (10) 

You get this after defusing the bomb at the end of the game. It's story related and you will receive it at the end of case 4.


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