Need for Speed: Carbon

Need for Speed: Carbon Achievements

There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Complete Career50
Complete Career Mode    (4) 
Complete Career Mode and own every race   
Ram 100 police vehicles in a single pursuit while in Career Freeroam   (1) 
12 Minute Exit5
Escape after a 12 minute police pursuit in Career Freeroam   (3) 
Perfect Canyon Duel5
Win a Canyon Duel with no collisions   (1) 
Drift King10
Score 500,000 points in a Drift event   (4) 
Career Mogul10
Earn 1,000,000 cash in Career Mode    (3) 
Bronze Challenge Series Champ10
Beat all Bronze Challenge Series Events   
Silver Challenge Series Champ20
Beat all Silver Challenge Series Events   
Gold Challenge Series Champ30
Beat all Gold Challenge Series Events   
Fast Wheels20
Cause 200,000 Cost to State in a single pursuit while in Career Freeroam   
Need for Speed20
Hit 230 Mph in a Speedtrap   (4) 
Public Enemy No. 110
Disable 50 police vehicles while in Career Freeroam   (3) 
Wheels of Steel5
Avoid 5 spike strips in a police pursuit while in Career Freeroam   (2) 
Big Game Hunter10
Immobilize a police Rhino while in Career Freeroam   
Urban Battle10
Win 50 Free Roam Challenges in Career Mode  (14) 
Car Collector15
Unlock 36 Cars   (3) 
Muscle Head25
Fill your Career Garage with only Muscle Cars   (1) 
Tuner Addict25
Fill your Career Garage with only Tuner Cars   (1) 
Exotic Aficionado25
Fill your Career Garage with only Exotic Cars   (1) 
Reward Card Hustler100
Completed every Offline and Online Reward Cards      (5) 
Head Start25
Check to learn how to get this Achievement   (6) 
Race Week15
Finish an Online race during a Race Week   (7) 
Online Lieutenant15
Play 50 games Online   
Online General25
Play 100 games Online   
Lucky Break10
Get a 3 game winning streak in Ranked Online games   
Rock Solid20
Get a 5 game winning streak in Ranked Online games   
Online Challenge Contender5
Beat 5 Challenge Series Events Online   
Online Challenge Champ10
Beat 15 Challenge Series Events Online   
Cross the finish line in reverse to win a ranked Sprint race   
Hot Streak10
Get a 4 game winning streak in Ranked Online games   
Iron Man30
Get a 6 game winning streak in Ranked Online games   (2) 
First Steps5
Finish an Online Ranked race or Online Challenge Series race   
Moderator Challenge30
Beat an EA Moderator in an Online game    (9) 
Knockout Fever10
Catch Knockout Fever by playing an Online Pursuit Knockout race with an infected player    
Canyon Craze10
Catch Canyon Craze by playing an Online Canyon Duel with an infected player    
Pursuit Pandemic10
Catch the Pursuit Pandemic by playing an Online Pursuit Tag game with an infected player    
The Carbon Plague20
Catch the Carbon Plague by catching all 3 other viruses    (6) 
Online XP Level 15
Reach Online XP Level 1   (1) 
Online XP Level 25
Reach Online XP Level 2   (1) 
Online XP Level 45
Reach Online XP Level 4   (1) 
Online XP Level 610
Reach Online XP Level 6   (1) 
Online XP Level 910
Reach Online XP Level 9   (1) 
Online XP Level 1310
Reach Online XP Level 13   (1) 
Online XP Level 1815
Reach Online XP Level 18   (1) 
Online XP Level 2315
Reach Online XP Level 23   (1) 
Online XP Level 2920
Reach Online XP Level 29   (1) 
Online XP Level 3530
Reach Online XP Level 35   (1) 
Online XP Level 4240
Reach Online XP Level 42   (2) 
Online XP Level 5060
Reach Online XP Level 50   (14) 

Game Info
EA Black Box
Electronic Arts


US October 31, 2006
Europe November 02, 2006

ESRB: Everyone 10
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