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Ultimate Enforcer

Reach rank (20) Ultimate Enforcer as a Cop   

Reach the top rank as the Enforcer. You will need 2,000,000 bounty to get to rank 20. Online and Offline modes apply to this rank. Getting all Distinction Medals in the Career will help you rank up to about rank 12 or 14. You can replay events in the career to keep gaining bounty.

For Single Player, you can boost your Enforcer Rank using any of the Special Response Unit events you are good at doing. I found the event "Fight or Flight" good for gaining bounty fast.

Here is an online boosting method found by Turkdaballa6:

  1. Start a private match with 1 other person.
  2. Player 1 will start out as a cop and Player 2 as a Racer.
  3. Player 2 will stop at the start of the race and Player 1 will stop next to them to bust them fast.
  4. The next round, Player 1 will be a racer and turn around and drive the opposite way as Player 2 so they escape to end the match quickly.
  5. Switch side and let Player 2 win as each side.
  6. Repeat to level up.

You should get around 8,000 bounty per match.


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User Comments
Comment #1 by ELITExASSASSIN9
Sunday, January 02, 2011 @ 07:32:16 PM

What is the best way to get a lot of bounty? The seacrest tour for racers gets 50,000 bounty but is there a good way to quickly get up to rank 20 cause I already got the true blue achievement for the cop missions but still have 7 ranks to go since i am almost at 14. So If there is a good cop mission or just play online whatever you thinki could help rank up a little quicker...

Comment #2 by webmister15
Monday, January 03, 2011 @ 04:21:27 AM

any special response unit events you are good at doing or do the event
"Fight or Flight".

Comment #3 by webmister15
Monday, January 03, 2011 @ 05:00:05 AM

Also "end of the line" event will bag you around 25,000 bounty per try, just
get used to this race and you'll be doing it in around 2mins.

Comment #4 by ELITExASSASSIN9
Monday, January 10, 2011 @ 12:13:56 AM

ok thanks. where is the "end of the line" event located at? Ive done some searching and must have looked over it b/c I cannot find it..

Comment #5 by Sk4u
Tuesday, January 11, 2011 @ 07:41:09 AM

damn, it's so much easier to get to 20 as racer..

Comment #6 by ThomasShearerr
Sunday, January 16, 2011 @ 02:30:03 PM

I would complete all cop events with a distinction before trying to boost
for level 20. You want to find a Hot Pursuit event with the 'Special Response'
series. These events will give you 15,000 bounty for a distinction. The 15,000 plus
your bounty for pursuit skills, which are maximised when you use more weapons
and get more hits, plus your use of force bounty can net you around 25,000 per try
Personally, I used the event 'Hard Target' which is located in Grand Ocean Coast,
in the bottom left of the map. Find an event you are good at, then keep retrying
that same event, it may be tedious, but doing the same event will help you get used
to that event, and make it easier for yourself. Hope this helped anyone

Comment #7 by tweek4632
Thursday, January 20, 2011 @ 08:03:01 AM

I just used "fight or flight" to boost this, it took maybe a total of two hours from level 18

Comment #8 by hallowedbemyname
Friday, January 21, 2011 @ 01:18:30 AM

The Fight or Flight method is definitely one of best that i've found. You can earn somewhere between 20k and 25k per round, depending on your use of force, usually in 2-4 minutes. That's a pretty decent XP Rate, even if you are going from from like 15-20

Comment #9 by Mr Matty
Sunday, January 23, 2011 @ 02:29:01 AM

Block buster is the best if done correct can be done in under 30 seconds thats 6k -12k xp amin. my fastest time is 10 seconds

Comment #10 by Toams07
Saturday, January 29, 2011 @ 04:43:31 AM

This one doesnt really seem to take THAT long.
I have played the game for a few hours and already am on 350k bounty ..

Comment #11 by TTP Penguin
Friday, March 18, 2011 @ 03:42:15 AM

It's a little bit annoying having to grind through the last few levels of an otherwise really enjoyable game, if they'd put the same amount of "Cop" events in as they did "Racer" events then it wouldn't be so much of a grind.

Comment #12 by f1ferrari
Friday, April 08, 2011 @ 12:03:30 PM

Completely agree 12 to 20 is a long way just to grind out rep, wish I'd done badly on my runs now oh well.

Comment #13 by Daniel55645
Tuesday, April 26, 2011 @ 11:57:14 PM

I do the end of the line in 4 min and get about 25k everytime

Comment #14 by Choco Sjoerdson
Friday, May 13, 2011 @ 06:11:10 AM

The best way is like Daniel55645 said: just constantly trying to improve yourself at 'end of the line'. It gives you the most points.

Comment #15 by xholy shackles
Wednesday, June 01, 2011 @ 08:37:51 PM

hey guys. thought id create an account to help you guys out here on this paticular achievement. fastest way i'v figuered out (and a bit repetative) is doing mission "chases 101". should take you 20-24 sec to finish, and you get 6k for finishing with distinction, 200 for driving and 25 for force. thats 6,225 a min. that's 25k in 4min comparing to daniel55645 recomendation. that's 74k-80k in 12-13min in comparison to elite assassin's idea.

most people arent the best drivers on these games, so assuming most players wont land 25k for a 2min run.

this method is straight and simple. you dont need to be a pro driver. just drive completely straight and when your about half boost tank full, nail tha mazda. should finish in 24sec. real easy, just frustratingly boringly repetative. slipstreamin

Comment #16 by AA x driv3r
Tuesday, July 05, 2011 @ 12:06:39 PM

I found the Escape to the beach a good event to earn bounty in.

Comment #17 by Inevias
Sunday, July 10, 2011 @ 11:16:42 PM

Doing this one now, shame it's not as fast as racer.

Comment #18 by Littlebabyjesus
Thursday, July 14, 2011 @ 11:09:34 PM

anyone want to boost


Comment #19 by wvayne
Sunday, July 17, 2011 @ 08:21:06 AM

i used "fight or flight" too. worked better for me :)

Comment #20 by zrluke
Wednesday, August 31, 2011 @ 10:09:51 AM

how much xp is it? send me a message so tht i dont av to come back on here

Comment #21 by JKTaylor95
Monday, May 14, 2012 @ 09:15:12 AM

I found that if you have a friend that can play with you, then boosting online is very easy as he/she can pull over at the start and you can bust them within 30seconds or less if done correctly, but only generates around 8-11k bounty per go, so it'll take a long time anyway, I'm still doing it now as its just too long winded to get around for the last 80 odd G

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