NeverDead Achievements

Funky Dunk

Put head through all basketball hoops.   

There are 8 basketball hoops through-out the game.

Orphen24 was kind enough to put together a good written guide with pictures HERE!

  • Asylum After the spoon demon breaks out of the wall in next area with the puppies. (replay).
  • Museum This one is not a hoop. When you start the mission there will be a fight. When the fight is done there will be a short cut scene asking you to reconnect the wires to the gate with your body. After doing this if YOU look on the building to your left you will notice a long red tube used by construction workers for disposing materials off the roof. Simply get up there (you have to anyway) and toss your head down it. You will get a collectible in the process and land in a yellow garbage bin.
  • Police Station At the end of level you'll fight a bunch of enemies at the bottom left toss your head on a beam with a red wing orb on it and then on the little area there you should see a gold collectible too.
  • Sewers I didn't see the hoop but in the part where you use the sword to move the pipes for your head to meet up with Arcadia have your head get the gold collectible you'll hear him say one of the hoop lines. (note: this is right after the hippo fight)
  • Streets to Church In the area where you fight the 2nd panda bear.
  • Agency HQ After you take the elevator with Arcadia, and it breaks, you will walk up the slanted elevator shaft. When u get to the top go right, fight a few enemies and enter a room on your left. This room will be on fire and there will be an inflator enemy on top of a short staircase. Above him and to the left will be a series of three hoops one on top of another. Simply throw your head through the top one. The others don't matter
  • Destroyed Streets Right near the end of the level after going through the building that falls on top of you, you will be face to face (basically) with the windstorm/tornado thing. Instead of going towards it, (don't get too close) go to your left near a burning building. The hoop is right there. (this is the area just after a subway entrance that leads to another collectible in the broken wall)
  • Demons Nest In the building on the bottom floor back right wall, its kinda near gold collectible.


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User Comments
Comment #1 by ALecander23
Sunday, February 05, 2012 @ 11:04:05 PM

Anyone know where all these are?

Comment #2 by WH00PAGE
Monday, February 06, 2012 @ 11:13:42 AM

so far all i can tell is grandbabies will spawn constantly where there is a basketball hoop in the area but i havent found them all

Comment #3 by The Malta Dog
Thursday, February 09, 2012 @ 04:54:00 PM

The first one i saw was in the courtyard of the asylum but that was before you have the ability to take your head off. I'm guessing that is for a second playthrough. There is one in the street when you fall off the bridge and have to fight a panda. And i did see a ring on the wall when escaping the Nada building. It was on top of a small flight on stairs leading nowhere with fire all around it.

Comment #4 by Kamikazenuns
Wednesday, September 05, 2012 @ 05:32:33 PM

Any way to check which ones you have got?

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