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There are 42 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10 (5 or 6 for Hardcore.)
- Offline: 36/42 (850)
- Online: 6/42 (150)
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 15-25+ hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 (2 is Recommended)
- Number of missable achievements: 8 (Missed on first playthrough, obtainable through chapter replay. Missable achievements denoted in achievement descriptions)
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes (3 Stackable difficulty achievements)
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: None

500 years ago, Demon Hunter Bryce Boltzmann faced the Demon King Astaroth with his wife and Medium Cypher. In that battle, Astaroth killed Cypher and implanted the Evil Eye in Bryce, making him immortal. This left Bryce stranded with no Medium, no way to kill demons, and no way to die.

Today, Bryce continues his struggle with his partner Arcadia as part of the demon hunting organization known as NADA. As events which put the entire human race on the line are set in motion, Bryce finds himself once again facing demons in order to save the world. This time however, one thing is different. This time, he is one of the Never Dead.

Step 1 - Single Player Campaign
Starting the game on Hardcore is a good way to knock out most all of the achievements in a single run, but if you are not yet used to playing on high difficulties then start on Easy, it can get annoying at times playing on Hardcore. Starting on Easy, you can run through the game focusing on getting XP & getting used the controls & boss fights. Also on your first play through try to go for as many collectibles you can. Refer to The Great Collector & Funky Dunk achievements for more info below. Through your first play through you might want to go for these achievements, as they are tied to specific levels. See achievement guide below for more information on how to get them, listed in order they appear.

  • Explosive Personality 
  • Antiquarian
  • Mind the gap 
  • Let There be Light
  • Don't Stop, Look or Listen 
  • Evacuation Plan
  • Out of the Frying Pan
  • Boulder Dodge 
  • Curiosity Killed the Cat (see achievement for more details, this on is tricky & has steps.)

Step 2 - Online Multiplayer
Best tip for these achievement is to go to the Achievement Thread and message some of the people there to see if they are up for Co-op since the online is pretty much dead. The Completist will take quite a while even with Boosting though as you must beat all Challenges on Normal and Hard. Most all the challenges are better done with just 2 people, except for the Search and Rescue Missions, Hardcore Arena & Arena Onslaught Challenges would have better success with 3 players. Refer to the Guide below for more specific info about each of the Challenges.

*If you need to find Boosting Partners, refer to the Achievement Trading Thread.

Step 3 - Clean Up
BY now you should have just about all the story completed and most of the achievements but Big Spender, Funky Dunk, The Great Collector & Antiquarian maybe, if you didn't replay Chapter 2 Museum again. For Big Spender, refer to achievement description for details. For Antiquarian, refer to achievement description for details. For Funky Dunk, refer to achievement description for details. For The Great Collector, refer to achievement description for details.

[x360a would like to thank MeonOner for this roadmap]

Take a trip down memory lane.    (1) 

Story related, can't be missed.

A pain in the ass!20
Defeat the Sword Pig.    

Story related, can't be missed.

Four-to-one Odds20
Defeat Quad Jaw.    

Story related, can't be missed.

Serve and Protect20
Save Nikki.    

Story related, can't be missed.

Tower'n Inferno20
Take down the water tower.    

Story related, can't be missed.

Sangria, on ice20
Defeat Sangria, Duke of Hell.   

Story related, can't be missed.

Womb with a view20
Defeat Sullivan    

Story related, can't be missed.

Tumble Dried20
Get caught up in the whirlwind.    

Story related, can't be missed.

There can be only one!20
Defeat your nemesis.    

Story related, can't be missed.

Eye for an eye20
Defeat Astaroth, King of Hell.    (4) 

Story related, can't be missed.

Ever Dead40
Complete the game on easy difficulty.      

See Never Dead achievement description.

Rarely Dead45
Complete the game on normal difficulty.      

See Never Dead achievement description.

Never Dead50
Complete the game on hardcore difficulty.     (4) 

This is the hardest difficulty in the game and its available from the start. Also you can start a New Game+ after your easy or normal playthrough.WHEN STARTING A NEW GAME+ YOUR SKILLS WILL BE RESET BUT YOUR XP AMOUNT WILL BE RETURNED BACK TO YOU. SO YOU WILL HAVE TO RE-BUY ALL THE SKILLS AGAIN. On this difficulty you will want to stay in motion as much as possible. The Butterfly Sword will be your main weapon of choice. So buying the blade abilities will help you out. Try to conserve ammo, not as much on your pistols, but for your SMGs, Assault, Shotgun & Grenade Launcher. This will help you when you get to the Panda Bear fights or main boss fights. You will also lose your limbs a lot quicker and more often, usually your head most of the times. So get really good at attaching your body quickly and using up on the  to move away from the Grand-babies or else..

Note: Difficult achievements are stackable. Skills will only be available on what ever playthrough you bought all the abilities on, THEY DO NOT CARRY OVER TO A NEW GAME+! When you start a New Game+ all your XP is carried over, and will only be able to buy the stander abilities you get when you start a new game. So all abilities will have to be bought again as you progress in the story.

The Great Collector50
Find all Major Collectibles.    (4) 

Jeff McAllister over at Gamesradar has been kind enough to write a collectible guide with pictures. To view his guide, please click HERE.

Funky Dunk30
Put head through all basketball hoops.    (4) 

There are 8 basketball hoops through-out the game.

Orphen24 was kind enough to put together a good written guide with pictures HERE!

  • Asylum After the spoon demon breaks out of the wall in next area with the puppies. (replay).
  • Museum This one is not a hoop. When you start the mission there will be a fight. When the fight is done there will be a short cut scene asking you to reconnect the wires to the gate with your body. After doing this if YOU look on the building to your left you will notice a long red tube used by construction workers for disposing materials off the roof. Simply get up there (you have to anyway) and toss your head down it. You will get a collectible in the process and land in a yellow garbage bin.
  • Police Station At the end of level you'll fight a bunch of enemies at the bottom left toss your head on a beam with a red wing orb on it and then on the little area there you should see a gold collectible too.
  • Sewers I didn't see the hoop but in the part where you use the sword to move the pipes for your head to meet up with Arcadia have your head get the gold collectible you'll hear him say one of the hoop lines. (note: this is right after the hippo fight)
  • Streets to Church In the area where you fight the 2nd panda bear.
  • Agency HQ After you take the elevator with Arcadia, and it breaks, you will walk up the slanted elevator shaft. When u get to the top go right, fight a few enemies and enter a room on your left. This room will be on fire and there will be an inflator enemy on top of a short staircase. Above him and to the left will be a series of three hoops one on top of another. Simply throw your head through the top one. The others don't matter
  • Destroyed Streets Right near the end of the level after going through the building that falls on top of you, you will be face to face (basically) with the windstorm/tornado thing. Instead of going towards it, (don't get too close) go to your left near a burning building. The hoop is right there. (this is the area just after a subway entrance that leads to another collectible in the broken wall)
  • Demons Nest In the building on the bottom floor back right wall, its kinda near gold collectible.


Explosive Personality20
Blow up 35 enemies in the Asylum using barrels.   (1) 

This is the first real level after you leave your apartment. There will be plenty of red barrels laying around, so use your pistols to shoot these when enemies are around them. Works best if you get them into big groups. If missed out, you can replay chapter from main menu or after completing the level.

Destroy less than 25% of the museum exhibits.   (3) 

*Can Be Missed*

This one might take a few tries. Once in the museum try to avoid destroying any displays, walls or anything in the environment that can break easily. If an enemy destroys something it wont affect you. If using the sword do up and down slices instead of left to right slices. Stay away from the Demolition Bullets & gun usage. You know you did it right if it unlocks before fighting Quad Jaw. 

Mind the gap20
Lure Panda Bear in front of a train.   (1) 

*Can Be Missed*

This is only done on the Police Station level. After you have dropped its health down midway, you will be sent through the ground into the subway station. A subway will pass by every few seconds. To get this work best make the Panda Bear chase you into the subway tracks. Start bringing its health down until the point where it falls to the ground and hope for a subway to pass by on the tracks while hes down.

Note: If you miss this on the first play through, you can replay the Police Station again or start a New Game+. The Police Station is the only place to do this in.

Let There be Light20
Light all the sewer barrels.    

*Can Be Missed*

This is in the Sewers level. You have to light up all the unlit barrels. There are 30 of them. They are little hard to see so I would suggest to raise your brightness. The barrels are white with a picture of a flame on them. Just light yourself on fire and walk around in that area. You unlock this achievement once you have passed the area with all the water shooting from the walls.

GODCHILD1020 from PSN Trophy has written a detailed guide HERE!

Don't Stop, Look or Listen20
Dodge the traffic on the bridge.   

*Can Be Missed*

This is on the Streets to church level-Its easier than it sounds. After taking a few steps forward a Panda Bear will come and knock you of the bridge to a lower section. Once you land is where the achievement starts. You can run past the enemies they will just slow you down, dodge about 4 to 5 sliding cars in this area and your golden. Unlocks once you enter the fallen bus.

Note: If you get hit by the traffic, you can restart the level and will spawn in the area again.

Evacuation Plan20
Get all the civilians to the chopper.   (2) 

*Can Be Missed*

Right after the fight with Sullivan and getting to the rooftop, you will come in contact with a couple civilians. You must keep them alive and kill the demons that spawn. If a civilian goes down, run over to them and press  to pick them back up. When all demons are killed, the chopper will come to pick up the civilians and you. If all civilians survive to the end, the achievement is yours.

NoteCan be missed if a civilian dies before the chopper arrives.

Out of the Frying Pan20
Lure Panda Bear into lava.   (1) 

*Can Be Missed*

On Destroyed Streets, you will come across two Panda Bears while protecting some police officers. Just make one or both of them follow you to the gate they came in through and 'lure' them into the lava. Try to have them charge at you and dodging at last minute. Achievement should unlock one falls in.

Boulder Dodge20
Dodge the boulders.   

*Can Be Missed*

On the last level, once you have entered the first flight of stairs. You will notice the boulders as soon as your in the area, they are pretty big. Make your way up each flight without getting hit. The boulders don't really interfere with you while in battle. As long as you reach the top without a boulder hitting you the achievement will pop!

Curiosity Killed the Cat20
Explore all of Arcadia's Apartment.    (13) 

*Can Be Missed*

You enter Arcadia's Apartment three times during the story mode. Once after the Sewers. After the Streets to Church & after Agency HQ. You must interact with everything below: 

You will unlock the achievement on the 3rd visit. If you interact with one of the objects and don't receive a red shard, then you will have to do it on your next visit.

  • *Toss your head in between Arcadia & Nikki. (make sure you do this on your first visit!)
  • Toilet
  • Sink (bathroom)
  • Shower 
  • Dresser Drawer 
  • Mirror next to the Dresser ( shoot rip head throw in hole)
  • Bed 
  • Washing Machine 
  • Refrigerator 
  • Under the bed (rip your head off)
  • Behind the couch where Arcadia & Nikki are sitting (roll your head behind it)
  • Chair (next to fire place)
  • Break the mirror above the fire place and toss your head inside it.
  • The rug in front of Arcadia's bed. Shoot the vent, then toss your head inside it.
  • The Door (do this last)

Note: Must do these in one or all three visits. Also MUST COLLECT THE RED SHARDS AFTER INTERACTING WITH EACH OBJECT for it to count.

Shock and Awe20
Kill an enemy with Electricity.   (1) 

For this achievement you will need to purchase the Electric Bullets ability. Search for an electric box or something that causes an electric shock to come out. Hit it with your Butterfly Sword, once your electrified switch to your guns, prefer the SMG + Assault Rifle and shoot the Puppies. 

Note: Electric Bullet ability - You must be electrocuted first for this to work.

Kill an enemy with Fire.   (1) 


You can net this achievement early in the game without having the Fire Bullets ability. In the Asylum you will come to a kitchen where you have to get the keys to open a door. Look against the walls and you will see a tall red tank, these don't blow up. If you shoot it and line of fire will spray out of it which will harm and kill an enemy.

Note: Fire Bullet ability - You must be on fire first for this to work.


Endangered Species20
Kill 8 panda bears.   (1) 

You will come across 4 Panda Bears while on your first play through. To get the achievement you must go through the single player twice.

Note: Or you can replay the last level and knock both Panda Bears into the lava. Hit the check point after and restart level.

Swiss Army Bryce20
Kill an enemy with every weapon.   

This achievement can either be done in story or in a co-op multiplayer game. Just one kill is needed with each weapon for it to unlock.
The weapons are:

  • Pistol
  • Sub-machine gun
  • Assault Rifle 
  • Grenade Launcher 
  • Shotgun
  • Butterfly Sword 

Note: Not sure if the Crosbow you get after you complete the game count towards this. But a buddy of mines said that's how he got it. So if the weapons above don't unlock the achievement then you have to beat the game on any difficulty for the Crosbow. Also don't think the different colored blades count either, since this was one of the first achievements I unlocked.

Insurance Fraud10
Destroy $100,000 worth of objects.   

See Criminal Damages achievement description.

Criminal Damages25
Destroy $1,000,000 of objects   (9) 

This will come over time. Got this myself on my second in a half play through. Just destroy anything in sight - walls, chairs, doors, cars, displays, status, lights, etc. There is no way to see exactly how much value in damage you are causing. You can use the Bowguns with the Demolition Bullets and shoot at EVERYTHING.

Note: Any damage done on multiplayer DOES NOT count!

Hop, Skip and Jump10
Hop, roll and jump...   (1) 

As the achievement says, just Hop > Roll > Jump. 
Loose a leg (hop), roll onto your missing body part (roll), & jump right after rolling (jump).

Note: Has to be done out of the Prologue.

You and whose army?25
Shoot 50 enemies with dismembered arms.   (3) 

This can be a pain to do. You have to detach your arms using either  or  from your body with guns in them. Using the SMGs, Assault Rifle or the Bowgun will give you the best results. Make sure there are no Grand-babies in the room when you try this as they will suck in your arm and eat it. The early chapters have small rooms & dont have Grand-babies in them. Best level you can do this is the Asylum courtyards.

Group Hug20
Kill 5 enemies with a single arm explosion   (2) 

Best done on Asylum get to the courtyard. There will be a few hives/wombs which spawn pups. Just rip an arm off and toss it into a group. Press  or  to rip off an either arm.

Note: The ability cost 100,000 XP. Just go back and replay the Asylum level again. Do Not Press New Game, as that will reset all your abilities.

Level Up25
Purchase 50% of the abilities.   

See Big Spender achievement description.

Big Spender50
Purchase all abilities.   (5) 

There are 65 abilities you get from one playthrough on any difficulty. Once all 65 have been purchased a 66 ability will show up, Never Dismember. To make this a little faster you can attach the Extra XP, Extra XP+ & Extra XP++ abilities. Or use the Panda Bear XP boost.

  • 65 abilities require 3 000 000 XP
  • 66 abilities require 13 000 000 XP
  • Never Dismember cost 10 000 000 XP 

Note: Not until you buy the Never Dismemberment ability will the achievement unlock

nikolai429 shared the Panda Bear XP boost/farm HERE!

Complete an Arena Onslaught Challenge.   (3) 


This challenge just have you to defeat a certain numbers of waves under the time limit. You will be fighting these waves in one area unlike the 'Runner' achievement (see below). If you do not beat the challenge under the given time you will not receive the achievement.
*You can create a match with just 2 people to start, you can choose up to 4 players.

Note: Must complete all challenges under the given time, and with the exact amount goals to receive the achievement for the given challenge!

Complete an Onslaught Challenge.   (1) 


This challenge is similar to the 'Arena Onslaught'. Except for this one you have to clear out a number of section to move on to the next area.
*You can create a match with just 2 people to start, you can choose up to 4 players.

Note: Must complete all challenges under the given time, and with the exact amount goals to receive the achievement for the given challenge!

Complete a Search and Rescue challenge.   


This one of the more challenging ones. You have to save the exact number of civilians without them dying. You and your team have to work together to defeat all enemies before making the civilian follow you. Don't rush on this challenge, enemies tend to spawn once you have the civilian following you. Just tell the civilian to wait in a safe area while you take out the remaining enemies.
*You can create a match with just 2 people to start, you can choose up to 4 players.

Note: Must complete all challenges under the given time, and with the exact amount goals to receive the achievement for the given challenge!

Frail Friend20
Win a Fragile Alliance challenge.    (1) 


Another of the competitive ones. This challenge is like a race to see who can cap more points. There will be two different size yellow circles. Small circles just require you to walk over. Big circles require you to stand in them and capture it. If a circle turns red, you must kill the enemies in/around the circle to be able to finish capturing it.
*You can create a match with just 2 people to start, you can choose up to 4 players.

Note: Must complete all challenges under the given time, and with the exact amount goals to receive the achievement for the given challenge!

Easter Bunny20
Win an Egg Hunt challenge.    (1) 


This is one of the competitive ones, so you will have to be quick. To get this achievement you must capture 10 eggs. You can only hold 3 at a time. The eggs are colored gold and spread around the map. The have random spawn points, some can be found all next to each other and some will make you search up and down, behind objects. So be on the look out.You can boost this with a friend. Have them collect 3 eggs, go to the drop off zone and shoot them with the Grenade Launcher. Score your eggs first, then get the other persons eggs.
*You can create a match with just 2 people to start, you can choose up to 4 players.

Note: Must complete all challenges under the given time, and with the exact amount goals to receive the achievement for the given challenge!

Unlock all Prestige Badges.    (12) 


There are 6 Prestige Badges in total. To unlock all 6 you must play each challenge on Normal and on Hardcore. They do not stack unfortunately. From Normal to Hardcore isn't much of a difference. Just get a good party and start clearing out the challenges one by one.
*You can create a match with just 2 people to start, you can choose up to 4 players.

Note: Must complete all challenges under the given time, and with the exact amount goals to receive the achievement for the given challenge!

Secret Achievements
Premature Evacuation5
You win some, you lose some...    (7) 

Story related, can't be missed.

You will unlock this at the end of Agency HQ. This will come across after earning the Evacuation Plan achievement. You will earn both achievements during the scene where you have to kill the demons and protect the police officers that are helping you fight off the demons.

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US January 31, 2012
Europe February 03, 2012

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