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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
- Offline: 2/12 (15)
- Online: 10/12 (185)
- Approximate amount of time to 200: 40+ hours  (Because of Mutate)
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: Na (No campaign, just matches)
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Glitchy achievements: Yes (See Globetrotter and Mutate)
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: None

This game is mostly an online only "Quick Match" game. The achievements are a not exactly hard, but a full 200 will be pretty time consuming. The Quick Matches last 10 minutes and it's a mix between team death match and capture the flag. It's only 3 versus 3. Your difficulty actually can depend on many factors. How good are you at the game? Did people quit on either team? How good are they? It's a first person shooter similar to Quake or Unreal Tournament. For an arcade game the graphics are polished, the soundtrack is deep, and the various mutator options are vast. This is one of those games that will have a medium at best community and eventually will dwindle. After it has been out for a while, it will become a little bit easier to boost a few of the achievements (or, play at all). 

Step 1: Read the @$%^ing manual and play a bot match
You can gain the first two achievements with ease which are both the only offline based ones. Just go to the How to Play section and scroll and tab through everything. Then go into a custom bot match and set score to 1 kill against 1 easy bot. That's it for step 1.

Step 2: Quick Matches
Now you'll be gaining the rest of the achievements. Focus on getting 3 melee kills in a row (dying in between is okay). Also make sure while playing a capture the flag match, you use a Dynamic Mutator that helps you specifically for that game type. As you play you should get a good portion of the achievements out of the way. Hopefully you will rack up a bunch of medals and gaining lots of points.

Step 3: Continue to Grind
Your last few achievements will consist of 50 different medals which hopefully you will have gotten most of randomly. Also, amassing tons and tons of points in order to max out a Tier 3 Dynamic Mutator. Going for this means there is a gigantic gap in the "last time you got an achievement" scenario. Patience will have to hold you together. Lastly, if you haven't gotten 25 Dynamic Mutators in 1 Quick Match, camp the spawn and hopefully you will get it eventually. It's somewhat tricky if others are going for it a lot.

Instantly under rated game which a good amount of content for the price and achievements that aren't so difficult (besides a bit of grinding).

[x360a would like to thank Tyger7 for this roadmap]

Win a match in bot training.   

This can be done where loading time takes longer than the actual match. From the main menu choose Bot Training. Now go to Custom Bot Match and choose the settings to make it as fast and easy as possible. See the picture below and make sure you choose a map that is a TDM (Team Death Match)

Read the manual.   (4) 

When you start the game up, you'll be in the main start menu. Go through the following steps:

  • Help & Options
  • How To Play
  • Click  on each menu item, making sure to press  to go through all the various pages of the list.

Top Dog15
Win your first Quick Match!  

You will most certainly get this achievement while going for everything else. You don't have to be the number one player, so even if you are bad at the game you can still easily earn this. Just keep playing Quick Matches and you should gain it pretty quickly. 

Max out a Tier 3 Dynamic Mutator.  (3) 

Glitchy: The numbers aren't really adding up. I have contacted Illfonic about it, hopefully they respond quickly. What you spend is not what it requires, and it requires a TON of points. Hours and hours of gameplay required right now.

This will be your last achievement of the game. To put points into mutators, go to the Dynamic Mutators menu from the Play Xbox Live menu. Press  until you get to Tier 3. You must put 10 "pips" (upgrades that are just dots in the bubbles) into 1 mutator. The first one in Tier 3 costs 49,600 points. This will take several games to even get 1 upgrade point. The real kicker is that it doesn't even actually upgrade the mutator, just gives you more of a chance. The mutator upgrades get more and more expensive.

Word of warning: Removing a pip will cost you the previous pip's cost out of your point pool. Be extremely careful when you are upgrading. If you do something wrong, dashboard so that it doesn't save what you did.

TIER 3 Mutator Scores Needed List

  1. 49,600 (actual cost is 14,260)
  2. 57,040 (actual cost is 28,520)
  3. 114,080 (actual cost is 42,779)
  4. 171,119
Rule Changer5
Use a Dynamic Mutator for the first time in a Quick Match.  

In all levels there are a few powerups that resemble the icon for this achievement. They are the "game changing" powerups that can really help you. When you find this icon on a level, collect it and use either , or depending on what random mutators show up on the wheel. They have icons as well as names. You will get this while going for everything else.

Remember: This is a Quick Match only achievement.

In Your Face20
25 Headshots in a Quick Match.  (6) 

This is actually cumulative throughout your quick matches. Just aim a little bit at the head when shooting. A great gun to get this is actually your starting weapon which is a shotgun. You will know it is a headshot by two different indicators. One is on the right where it shows you what gun you killed them with. Next to that is a special icon showing if it was a headshot. The other way is to look at the left of your screen where it shows your points for kills. There will be a 15 point headshot bonus one there. To check your total, just go to Player Status on the menu where you start matches. This will likely be something you gain without trying. They do not have to be "kill" shots, regular headshots count too.

CTF Champion5
Use a CTF Dynamic Mutator to aid your team in a Quick Match!  

A Dynamic Mutator is a special pickup in the game which grants various bonuses for you and your team, or hardships for your foes. You can only get this in capture the flag based maps. The mutators look like the achievement icon for "Dynamic!" and respawn after being picked up after a while. After picking one up, you should notice a selection of powers you can pick using the D pad. Just stay at one of these spawn points and continue to collect it until you find a flag based mutator. They are random so you will have to only be slightly lucky. The levels listed below are CTF:

  • Vertigo
  • Overlook
  • Vigor

There are a total possible 13 mutators that can gain you this achievement. The Dynamic Mutators that count are:

Use 25 Dynamic Mutators in a Quick Match.  (1) 

You must use all 25 in one match. There is a lot of speculation on what is the best method. Some people like to go from area to area only focusing on collecting the power-ups. Other people like to capture flags which earn you mutators as well as pick them up. The problem with these is not only your enemy, but your team. They will also be going for the power-ups and collecting the flags making it very difficult for you. Luckily, there is one Tier 2 mutator that can help you with this achievement. It is called "Wild Card". When you use it, it will give you more mutator options. So if you end up getting this mutator, it will actually count as 2 since you will have used both. This is the sure fire way to get the achievement, but it will take some extra playing because they cost points and you're already wasting the majority of your points on a Tier 3 mutator. This will hopefully be fixed soon with a patch (the glitchy cost/spent point system).

Mister Melee15
Kill 3 players in a row with melee attacks in a Quick Match.   (1) 

To perform a melee attack, you must press . Run up to enemies while playing in Quick Matches and try to get kills this way. You must be close enough. Hitting them from the back is your best chance, so try to follow enemies through portals and surprise them from the back. This is a fast paced game, so you will likely die many times attempting this. This achievement requires 3 melee specific kills in a row, and is only voided if you kill an enemy by shooting them. This means dying is fine in between.

Kill a member of IllFonic or someone who already has this achievement in a Quick Match.  (5) 

IllFonic is the developer. This is a viral achievement, which means you kill someone who has the achievement and you will gain it yourself. Everyone that kills you from that point on will get the achievement. 

Medal Master20
Acquire 50 unique medals.  (1) 

Medals are awarded while playing in Quick Matches. You can find which you have gained by going to the Player Stats screen and tabbing over using . Here are some examples:

Kill based medals

  • Weapon kills with each weapon (10, 100, 500)
  • Team killing (10)
  • Survive match without death
  • 100 Headshots
  • 100 Kills
  • Killing Spree earned
  • 10/15/20 kills in a row
  • 5-1 KDR in one match
  • Achieve 50 kills while using strength
  • 100 assists
  • Score a kill in the last 5 seconds of a match

Mutator based medals

  • Picking up mutators (100)
  • Used "everyone" mutators 10 times
  • Used "team" mutators 10 times
  • Used "self" mutators 10 times
  • Used dynamic mutators 100 times

Capture the flag medals

  • Capture 10 flags
  • Scored flag without dropping
  • No points scored against you
  • Scored twice as many points as other team
  • Held a flag for more than a minute


  • All weapons/ammo collected in 1 match
  • Score twice as many points as other team
  • Earn 10/25/50 unique medals
  • Earned 10/50/100 medals
  • Widest variance of point bonuses
  • Collected 1000 armor shards
  • Stand stationary for more than 1 minute
  • 1 Hour total time played
  • Ranked 1st on boards in a match
  • Receive maximum ranking
Globe Trotter15
Played a match on every map in Quick Match.  (1) 

Somewhat Glitchy: Some report this achievement to be glitching for them. They eventually unlock it, but after replaying some of the same levels. This is only somewhat of an issue, as while going for the 200 points in the game, you will spend hours playing each of these levels.

There are a total of 9 maps that you must play in Quick Matches in order to gain this achievement. You only need to play them once and it doesn't matter if you win or lose. Below are the levels and a picture you can load into paint and mark off the ones you have played. This way, when it comes to voting for a level, you pick one you need. Remember, you must complete the match for each level. You cannot quit. The achievement unlocks in the post game screen.

  1. Vertigo
  2. Crash
  3. Sanctuary
  4. Strength
  5. Overlook
  6. Vigor
  7. Refinery
  8. Station
  9. Tension

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US February 29, 2012

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