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There are 14 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
- Offline achievements: 14 (1000 )
- Online achievements: 0
- Approximate time for 1000 : 5-10 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs required for completion: 1
- Number of missable achievements: None!
- Glitched achievements: None!
- Do cheat codes disable achievements: No cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements: Yes

NFL Tour has a very short and easy achievement list, even for non-sports followers. The game’s achievements are made up of just completing NFL Tour mode, playing the two minigames, and picking up the rest in exhibition games. The most time consuming is Tour mode which takes about 5-6 hours itself.

Welcome to the NFL Tour road map. There’s nothing tricky about these achievements and the achievements themselves specify the requirements for the game in which you have to obtain that achievement. NFL Tour mode will take up the bulk of your time and only offers one achievement which sets up a pretty quick and easy 850 . The rest of the game you’ll just have to play Smash & Dash, Redzone Rush, and however many exhibition games it takes to get the rest of the achievements.

The only way difficulty affects these achievements is that you must obtain them while playing on Veteran which is the default setting. One achievement requires you to play on All Star or Legend, All Star being the easier of the two. So for the rest make sure you have it on Veteran in the game settings to make the achievements easier.

Step #1: Minigames (Smash & Dash and Redzone Rush)
These are the two minigames that can be found under Game Modes. Start up Smash & Dash. The goal here is to keep the ball away from the other player. You rack up points based on how long you have possession of the ball and by running by the bonus rings that appear throughout the arena. There are two achievements for this minigame, winning and winning with over 50% possession (at least 2:31 out of 5 minutes). Use reversals/power moves () and wall jumps () and you should have no problem. When you do get tackled and lose the ball, try and tackle the other player as quickly as possible to get the ball back. If you can get it right, you can just run in a circle and the AI won't be able to tackle you.

The other mini-game is Redzone Rush. The achievements here are for winning a game and scoring on every possession. Set the amount of possessions to 5 to make it easiest. You’ll probably want to pick a running back that has good break tackle ability such as Ladainian Tomlinson of the Chargers. Your best friend in this game will be the Power move by using the which will allow you to bust through the opposition. If you don’t get it on your first try, no big deal, the game only takes a couple minutes to complete so just start up another game. This achievement shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Step #2: Exhibition game achievements
Eight achievements can be earned here. All you need to do is setup an exhibition game for these achievements and all but one you can just play on the default difficulty (Veteran). It’s recommended to use a team like the Colts and Patriots and set the computer up as the Bills since they are the weakest on both sides of the ball. For the achievement Skate Through, make sure you set the difficulty to All Star in the game settings. The achievement guide does a great job at describing these achievements and they shouldn’t take a long time.

Step #3: NFL Tour Mode
The final achievement is for playing through Tour mode. You create a player and pick a team you want to be on. There are a total of 38 challenges and they are broken down here (credit to Krenn). Playing at the default difficulty, these challenges should not be a problem, but just time consuming compared to the rest of the game. It’s very easy to sack the QB in this game and it’ll help since the coverage in this game isn’t very good. The play ‘Storm Blitz’ works very well and you’ll be forcing a lot of ‘Turnover on Downs’ which gives you the ball back. Offense is very easy as well because as I mentioned, coverage is very weak in this game. You’ll probably always have the option to throw to a wide open receiver or if you can then you can scramble with your QB to pick-up a good amount of yards.

This is another very easy 1000 points and within an hour or two you will likely have the majority of the points. A few achievements may get a little frustrating but the game is very basic so it’s just a matter of time (short time) before you’ll have the perfect scenario to score these achievements.
x360a would like to thank gatorbait for this Road Map

Win a game of Smash & Dash (1-player, Standard rules, Veteran or harder)    (2) 

Chose Smash & Dash game mode. Skill level Veteran, 5 minute time limit, 2 players. The computer will generate a random list of available players at different positions. You want to choose a running back or wide receiver with the most speed. The computer will randomly select their player.

You will automatically start with the ball. The goal here is to maintain possession of the ball for at least 2:31. Run around the ring, wisely using your turbo and reverse diving tackles the computer tries. When the computer has the ball tackle him instantly. Win the game and the achievement will unlock when the game is over.

If you find the right angle on your , you can hold it there and run around the top edge of the shadow from the people in the stands and the other player can't seem to tackle you. 

Win Smash & Dash with over 50% possession (1-player, Standard rules, Veteran or harder)    
See "Homecourt" for more information.
Army of Two50
Win a game of Redzone Rush (1-player, Standard rules, Veteran or harder)    (1) 
See "Icon" for more information.
Score on every possession in Redzone Rush (1-player, Standard rules, Veteran or harder)    (1) 

Select Redzone Rush from the game mode menu. Skill level Veteran, event type 1 vs. 1, Play to 5 rounds. Upon team selection you want to put the Rams or Bills (left side) vs. Chargers (right side) when you advance make sure your controller is on the right side for the Chargers. The player you want to select is Ladainian Tomlinson, Running Back #21. By doing these steps you give yourself the best possible offensive matchup vs. the worst possible defensive matchup if the computer selected player is a defender.

When the game starts, make sure you score. Wisely use your Turbo and try too initiate contact with the defender if you know that contact is going to happen anyway. By doing so, you have the final reversal move if the defender reverses your initial move. Use whatever means necessary to score and do so on all five attempts.

Wall Hurdle to score a TD (Exhibition, 1-player, Standard rules, Veteran or harder)    (2) 
When you are nearing the end zone, head toward the wall at an angle and tap  to run against the wall and into the end zone. You do not have to be holding turbo, but you do have to have available turbo to wall hurdle. If you don't, you'll fall off the wall and most likely get tackled.
Hit 3 reversals, same player, same play (Exhibition, 1-player, Standard rules, Veteran or harder)    

The easiest way to get this is on a Throwoff, using a fast player like Ladainian Tomlinson on the return. Run up to the right, then when you are close to the other team, turn and run back toward your own end zone. They should dive at you one by one, giving you an easy reverse of stepping over their hands. It is much harder to get this when running at the other team, because they will gang tackle you, or you will have to spin move reverse, which gives them time to take you out.

This can also be done fairly easy on a deep pass play with your quarterback, so long as the other team is not blitzing (sending more tacklers at your QB than you have linemen to protect you). If they don't blitz, move around until one of the tacklers gets by your lineman, then reverse when he tries to tackle. Repeat this three times.

Need for Speed50
Get a 40+ yd TD, no turbo or wall hurdles (Exhibition, 1-player, Standard rules, Veteran or harder)    (1) 

The field in this game is only 80 yards long, so this has to be from behind the midfield line (the 40), but can be done on either a rush or pass play.

Easiest way, pick the Colts or Patriots against the Rams or Bills, then use the Long Pass play Split the D or basically anything that sends your receivers downfield. Eventually, the defense will pick a short coverage play and you will have a receiver wide open downfield for a touchdown.

Get a TD on a play longer than 30 seconds (Exhibition, 1-player, Standard rules, Veteran or harder)    (1) 

Get into a goal line situation, around the 10 yard line or so and select a Long Pass play. If the defense does not blitz (which again is sending more tacklers at your QB than you can block), just sit behind your defenders and count out to 30, then chuck it to a receiver in the end zone, or you could try and run it in with the QB since most of the defense will be covering your receivers.

This achievement does not have to be 30 second of game clock. You can start a play with less than 30 seconds on the game clock and still score for this achievement. I personally started a play with 7 seconds left, then counted out to 30 and scored. 

Score 56 points (Exhibition, 1-player, Standard rules, Veteran or harder)    
Again using the Colts or Patriots vs. the Rams or Bills, your object here is to score at least four times in both halves, aiming to also get a 2-point conversion on those scores. On Throwoffs, simply turbo right up the middle, then dive to the ground to stop the clock. You can't waste time doing reversals or trying to bowl people over. Use the strategy for the "Need for Speed" achievement to score long touchdowns in as little time as possible. When your opponent has the ball, simply let them score. Keep switching guys and running away from the ball carrier to let him get the touchdown. Letting them score is the quickest way to get the ball back to score for yourself. I don't know if you have to win the game or not for sure since I did win when I got this, but if you stop their conversion after the touchdown and make all of yours, you should win anyway.
Skate Through100
Shutout a team on All Star or Legend (Exhibition, 1-player, Standard rules)   (6) 

Alright, this one is frustrating, but you can minimize the difficulty by again using the Colts or Patriots vs. the Rams or Bills. Change the game difficulty from the main menu to All-Star, then head to an Exhibition game without changing anything else. Make sure to change the difficulty back after doing this one to save yourself some headaches on other achievements.

Normally you want to have the ball first, but for this achievement, have your team be on the left so you throw off first. Doing it this way, you can attempt to stop their drive, and if you fail, you can just restart. If you get the ball first, you'll be spending tons of time with no guarantee that you'll stop them and it will be a waste of your time.

So, rush the QB and use any trick you can to stop them on all four downs and get the ball. Hopefully you're not too close to their end zone, because you have some time to kill. What you want to do is run three Long Pass plays in a row, each time hoping they don't blitz, then just sit behind your linemen and waste the clock. Once you feel you are going to get tackled or something, run forward a few yards and hit X to fall down. Do this three times, then get a first down; repeat as necessary until there is little time on the clock for the first half, then score. Now, since you chose to throw off first half, you will get the ball in the second half and will just need a repeat performance of the clock wasting. Run it down to zero and this achievement is yours.

Tour Superstar150
Complete Tour Mode   

This one is fairly easy, but long. Tour mode consists of beating every other NFL team in games with various rules. Once you have done this, you'll get the achievement. Some games are simply to beat your opponent in a timed game, which you should be used to from working on other achievements in Exhibition mode. Some require you to get to a certain score before the other team, again very simple. Others will have you start the game down a touchdown and require you win win a game or get a certain point lead, again fairly easy.

The annoying ones are the "play to zero" games, where any score, turnover or sack will add to your score and subtract from your opponent and vice versa, with the person who reaches zero first being the loser. Sacks are the key to winning these games quickly, especially later in the tour when the points from scoring are halved (touchdowns are only worth 3, where sacks are still worth 2 each). This will be the hardest against teams like Minnesota that run every single play, but try to stop them so they can't add to their score, and keep picking away at them with touchdowns.

Note that in the "play to zero" games, 1-point conversions are worth nothing, so always go for 2. 

Secret Achievements
Coast to Coast100
Wall hurdle off both walls for a touchdown   (3) 

Another very annoying achievement. This requires you to run up both walls before scoring a touchdown. You do not have to score the touchdown on a wall hurdle, just have used both walls sometime during the play. The easiest way to get this is using the "Need for Speed" strategy from your own 10 or 20 yard line, giving your receiver plenty of room before the end zone. As soon as he gets open, throw him the ball and run against the nearest wall. Now, hopefully no defense are near you and you can break diagonally across the field to the other wall and do the same. From there, simply run into the end zone. Make sure you do not use up all your turbo while running from one wall to the other, because you can't perform a wall hurdle without turbo!

Another way to get this is using Ladainian Tomlinson in a goal line situation. Use the play Freaky Sneaky or any Pitch play that will have him heading toward a wall, then hurdle the wall and run back and to the other wall, reversing any defenders when you have to. I tried it this way a few times and found it quite difficult, but many people have used it to success. 

2 reversals with 2 players on one play (Exhibition, 1-player, Standard rules, Veteran or harder)    (6) 
The basic strategy on this one is using the alternate way I described for "Slippery" for your first two reversals: pick a Long Pass play and reverse two tacklers with your QB, then throw the ball to an open receiver, perferably the one furtherst out. Once he has it, hopefully he's not in the middle of the field, because he will most likely be gang tackled, which can not be reversed, nor should he be too close to the wall, because they will just shove him into the wall and he'll fall down. Now, somewhere in the side portion, start running across and up the field so that defenders will dive at your feet, which is the easiest tackle to reverse and doesn't cause you to spin around or anything like that. Do this twice and you've got it. You do not have to score on this play for the achievement.
Same play four times in a row? Cheeser...   
This can be on offense or defense, simply pick the same play four times in a row. Nothing else really to be said on this one.

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