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Guide By: acdougla17
There are 40 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
-Offline: 22 (410)
-Online: 18 (590)
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 60+ hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 season of Be A Pro, 4 seasons of Be A GM
-Number of missable achievements: 0
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? N/A
-Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes
-Glitchy achievements: None
-Unobtainable achievements: None
-Extra equipment needed: None

This is not a very hard 1000 although it will definitely take some time depending on how you approach it. Boosting all 250 games played, the 5 HUT tournament wins, and pretty much all of the online in general would probably put this game in the 60-70 hour range. Playing the 250 games legit means you are looking at around 125+ hours alone for just that. All of the offline achievements can be easily obtained by just messing with sliders to make it very easy to score. Any achievement that doesn't specify a specific game mode can be boosted with a friend in versus or practice mode, for example Look Ma, No Stick. There are no really difficult achievements, especially if you are willing to boost. It can be a time consuming game but is definitely a doable 1000 for anyone, no matter how much NHL skill you have as long as you are willing to play a lot.

Step 1: Hockey Ultimate Team
Start off by going to Hockey Ultimate Team mode to unlock Getting Started. Enter the Trading HUT for Looking for Deals. Play one tournament game against Pro Difficulty AI and win to unlock HUT CPU Win and Taking on the CPU.

Now you can either keep playing the AI (or boosting online) to get EA Pucks so you can buy cards and card packs, or you can spend Microsoft Points to buy a Jumbo Pack and as many other packs as you want. You will need 15 packs for Box of Cards, quite a few good cards in order for a 5 star team to unlock 5 Star Battle, and all the jerseys and logos for one team to unlock Team Colors.

Step 2: Be A Pro
Start Be A Pro mode making sure to start with one of your created players and not a current pro. Play three games before the draft where you will want to try and get one goal or assist each game to guarantee you get drafted in the first round. After the three games and the draft are over with, you should be on an NHL team and have unlocked Top Draft Pick.

Now your team is going to have eight preseason games. You are going to want to play most of these (or at least simulate the first two periods and then join in). Getting a point in each game will guarantee that you stay in the NHL and unlock Staying Power. At this point you should have unlocked some sort of equipment, so go to the Be A Pro main menu, select My Pro, and enter the Hockey Shop. Select any piece of equipment you have already unlocked and apply any attribute you have unlocked for Try It On For Size.

Now you are going for Boost Master and Filled Up. View the achievement guide specifics on there, but note that you can get these by playing or by spending some more Microsoft Points.

Step 3: Be A GM
Follow the guide to unlock Poached then delete that GM season as you will be starting a new one.

From the main menu go to My NHL 11 > Roster Management > Player Movement. Then fill up the Tampa Bay Lightning roster will the best players. Start Be A GM mode and select the Tampa Bay Lightning as your team, and swap out all the other teams with bad teams from the other leagues. Make sure GM difficulty is set to medium and Salary Cap and trading is off.

When you are at the draft screen you can simulate if you want but you must write down one of the players your team drafted so you won’t forget it. Now simulate to the first preseason game but don't play it yet. First go to your lineup and put the player that you drafted on the first or second line. Now you need to win a preseason game and score a goal with that newly drafted player to unlock Good Preview and Proven Worth.

From this point just follow the guide to Legendary GM and you should have all the GM achievements after about four seasons of simulating.

Step 4: Ranked Versus/Shootout
All of the ranked versus achievements can be done in one game if you boost. They are:

  • Faceoff Victor
  • Penalty Killer
  • Come Back King

Now you just need the shootout wins and it is easy and fast enough that you don't really need to boost. Use an OHL team until you win to unlock Schooled!, then win four more times to unlock Shootout Start.

Step 5: EA Sports Hockey League
Create an EASHL team and when you have to pick a jersey, create a custom one. Then send a friend an invite to the club and go play one game. This will get you Custom Sweater as well as qualifying you for the playoffs at the end of the month, where you can unlock EASHL Playoffs and EASHL Playoffs Champ

Get a friend and go into the EASHL Practice, set it to Open Practice mode, and play through eight games of three periods each for Practice, Practice, Practice. Now go for EASHL Sophomore and EASHL Veteran.

Step 6: Hockey Ultimate Team
Start up a tournament for Taking on the Public and win an online game for HUT Online Win.

Next is the long grind for One Down and HUT Champion. Refer to the guide for details.

Once you have gotten a 5 star team you will need to play and win against someone else with a 5 star teamto unlock 5 Star Battle.

The last achievement is to qualify for the monthly playoffs and you are going to need probably around 550 rank points or more depending on how many people play that month. Check that by going to HUT Stats and then Leaderboards. When you qualify at the end of the month HUT Playoff Contender will unlock at the HUT menu.

By this point you should have gotten all of the miscellaneous goal achievements and should have the full 1000. Congratulations on finishing the best and most realistic NHL game out so far!

[x360a would like to thank acdougla17 for this roadmap]

Custom Sweater10
Complete an EA SPORTS™ Hockey League match while wearing a Custom Jersey  (8) 

Either join or create a club that has a custom jersey. Then just play and complete 1 game with them. When you first create a club, you immediately need to select a team name, logo, and jerseys. Simply change to colors before continuing. You will need at least 1 more player in order to start a club game.

Boosted Up25
Complete an EA SPORTS™ Hockey League match with any one attribute boosted by +9  (2) 

You will need to unlock the +1, +3, and +5 boosts for 1 attribute. For example; equip +1, +3, and +5 Agility to your player. To view your attribute boosts and equipment slots, enter the hockey shop.
An easy way to unlock boosts is to play EASHL until you have 10 total points, then go play Be A Pro and make sure you play 40 games (simulating until the last 5 min and joining in counts) and win the Stanley cup in your rookie season. You should have multiple attributes with all 3 boosts unlocked. If you don’t, just go to the hockey shop and highlight a boost you don’t have and it will tell you how to unlock them in the bottom right corner. After having one attribute boosted by 9, you MUST play an EASHL game. Drop-In or OTP games wont count.

Practice, Practice, Practice10
Play at least 8 hours of game time in EA SPORTS™ Hockey League Practice  (8) 

You need 2 human players to start a EASHL practice. Enter an Open Practice in EASHL and just wait until the end of the game. Rinse and repeat. Both people will need to press A at intermissions to keep the practice going. If you keep the game tied it will keep going to overtime. This only requires 8 hours In-game time, not real life hours. So that's only 8 games of 3 periods each (about 2 hours or 24 periods). This must be done in EASHL Practice. Regular practice mode doesnt count.

EASHL Playoffs40
Be a member of an EA SPORTS™ Hockey League team when they participate in a monthly playoff (9) 

See "EASHL Playoffs Champ" for more information.

EASHL Playoffs Champ75
Be a member of an EA SPORTS™ Hockey League team when they win a monthly playoff match  

The playoffs start during the last week of each month. In order to qualify for the playoffs, all you have to do is play at least 1 game during the regular season (beginning of the month) with your club and you are automatically in. The next step is to play and actually win a playoff game. You have to be in the game when the team wins in order to get the achievement. Losing a game takes your team out of the playoffs until the next month. But the way around this is to quit your club, and then search for a "Public Only" club so you and a friend can just join in and play in their playoffs. Then just keep doing this until you eventually get a win (or run out of teams).

EASHL Sophomore20
Play 100 Ranked matches with your online Be A Pro character  

See "EASHL Veteran" for more information.

EASHL Veteran65
Play 250 Ranked matches with your online Be A Pro character  (11) 

Playing 250 games with your online Be A Pro can be done by playing any combination of EASHL, Drop-In Games, and Ranked Online Team Play games. Games played as goalie or skater do combination (you can have 200 skater games and 50 goalie games).

If you want to boost this is, play EASHL Club games (not drop-in); wait until 5 minutes runs off the clock, and then quit out. It still counts as a game played even though you quit. It will take at least 10 hours to boost 250 games played but that is better than the 125 hours it would take to play them out legit.

Boost Master25
Purchase or unlock 20 Boost items    

An easy way to unlock boosts is to play EASHL until you have 10 total points, then go play Be A Pro and make sure you play 40 games (simulating until the last 5 min and joining in counts) and win the Stanley cup in your rookie season. You should have more than 20 by the end of all that. If you don’t, just go to the hockey shop and look at the boosts you don’t have, it will tell you how to unlock them. Or you can always just buy them with Microsoft points.

Top Draft Pick10
Get your created Pro drafted in the first round of the NHL® draft   (4) 

Start Be A Pro mode and make sure draft mode is on. Then play (and win) the first 4 games while getting as many points as you can. You should easily be the first pick in the draft. You can also adjust sliders as well as simulate and join in the last 5 minutes.

Staying Power15
Remain on your NHL® team after the Pre-Season with a created Pro   (3) 

Once the preseason stars, try to get at least 1 point per game and your NHL team should keep you. You can adjust sliders as well as simulate and join in the last 5 minutes.

Filled Up35
Complete a Be A Pro game with all Boost Slots of one equipment type filled   (4) 

In order to get this, you must have all 3 slots of one equipment unlocked. They are unlocked either by doing a specific task or buying them with Microsoft points. I found the easiest to unlock was the stick. Just play 40 Be A Pro Games and complete the season. Then play an EASHL with one attribute boosted by +9 and you will have all 3 sticks. If you don’t, just go to the hockey shop and look at the equipment slots you don’t have, it will tell you how to unlock them.

Penalty Killer10
Kill off a 5 on 3 powerplay lasting at least 1 minute in a ranked versus match  (1) 

Simple, get two penalty's and kill off the 5 on 3. Easy ways to get penalties are dumping the puck out of play, having the goalie touch the puck in the no play zone, hit someone that doesn’t have the puck, or any other penalties. You can also boost this if you go to Xbox Live >> Community >> Lobbies >> Game Modes >> Versus. Once you and a friend are in there, have one person create a ranked game and invite the other person.

Come Back King20
Win a ranked versus match starting the 3rd period down by at least 2 goals  (2) 

Make sure you are losing by at least 2 goals when the 2nd period ends. Then just come back and win the game. You can also boost this if you go to Xbox Live >> Community >> Lobbies >> Game Modes >> Versus. Once you and a friend are in there, have one person create a ranked game and invite the other person. If you want to pull your goalie, press + at the same time.

Shootout Start10
Win 5 Ranked Online Shootout matches  (1) 

Very easy to do legit. Shootout games usually only take about 2 minutes to complete. You can also boost this if you go to Xbox Live >> Community >> Lobbies >> Game Modes >> Shootout. Once you and a friend are in there, have one person create a ranked game and invite the other person.

Play and win a Ranked Online Shootout match using an OHL, WHL or QMJHL team  (1) 

You just have to win while using and OHL, WHL, or QMJHL team. Press LT to switch leagues on the team select screen. You can also boost this if you go to Xbox Live >> Community >> Lobbies >> Game Modes >> Shootout. Once you and a friend are in there, have one person create a ranked game and invite the other person.

Getting Started10
Open a Hockey Ultimate Team Starter Pack  

Start up Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT) mode and achievement unlocked.

Play and win a Hockey Ultimate Team single player match versus at least a Pro level CPU  

The CPU shouldn’t be too hard on Pro. If you are having a hard time, you could always wait until you have a 5 star team and then play a really bad AI team.

HUT Online Win10
Play and win a Hockey Ultimate Team online match  

Just start up a EASUHL online match and win. You will also get this achievement if you are boosting the tournament wins.

Jumbo Pack10
Open first Jumbo Pack  (4) 

This will cost you 7,500 pucks or 160 Microsoft points to buy a Jumbo Pack. You get pucks by playing and winning HUT games and tournaments or selling cards in the trading HUT. You should easily get this achievement while going for all HUT achievements.

Looking for Deals10
Visit a Hockey Ultimate Team Trading screen  

Just start up HUT, going to the Trading Hut and select Trade Pile. Achievement Unlocked.

Box of Cards30
Open 15 Card Packs  (1) 

You will easily get this while going for your 5 star team. But the fastest way to get this is to buy the PeeWee pack for 600 pucks. But you wont be getting any good cards. You can also use Microsoft points to buy card packs. You get pucks by playing and winning HUT games and tournaments or selling cards in the trading HUT.

Taking on the CPU20
Enter a Hockey Ultimate Team single player tournament  

This achievement will unlock as soon as you get to the loading screen after starting a single player tournament game in HUT.

Taking on the Public25
Enter a Hockey Ultimate Team online tournament  

This achievement will unlock as soon as you get to the loading screen after starting a online tournament game in HUT.

One Down75
Win a Hockey Ultimate Team online trophy  

See "HUT Champion" for more information.

HUT Playoff Contender40
Qualify for a Hockey Ultimate Team monthly playoff tournament  (2) 

For this achievement you will need to be somewhere around the top 20% of the monthly leaderboards. You will need 500+ rank points in order to be ranked around 10,000. If you only play 2 games and win both, there is a good chance you could have enough points. Boosting against the same account for 5 games will get you a little over 100 rank points, but after 5 games you will be getting 0. You can check rank points by viewing the HUT monthly leaderboards. Luckily if you qualify at the end of the month, your done. The achievement unlocks right in the playoff menu. But if you miss it, you MUST wait until the next month to try again.

Team Colors35
Collect both a Logo Card and all Jersey Cards from the same team  (4) 

You will most likely NEVER get a logo and all jerseys from card packs. Your best bet is to go to the trading hut and search for one teams cards and buy them. If you choose an AHL team, they only have the logo and 2 jerseys so you will only need 3 cards (unlike NHL teams that have alternate jerseys). Once you have the 3 cards, you must go to your collection and make sure they are applied and it should unlock.

5 Star Battle50
Beat another 5 star team with your 5 star team in a Hockey Ultimate Team online match  

Getting a 5 Star Team requires you to have a lot of high rated NHL players. My Team potential was an 88 and I had 91 offense, 89 defense, and 87 goalie. You can either buy card packs with pucks or Microsoft points and you can also trade and buy individual cards. The requirement is to have somewhere around an 87 Team Potential (seems to vary a bit). Chemistry does not matter at all towards this achievement.

HUT Champion75
Collect 5 Hockey Ultimate Team Online Trophies in your Collection  (10) 

The online tournaments are basically just HUT versus mode with brackets only you can see. In order to win a tournament you need to win 4 games in a row. They can be against the same person. Quitting does not count as a tournament loss, but unfortunately if someone quits on you, it wont count as a win. You have to win 5 DIFFERENT online trophies. Winning one twice WILL NOT COUNT. This is easily boosted with a friend but will take some time.

NOTE: The featured online tournaments also do NOT count towards this. I won 8 online trophies before getting the achievement because I won one of them 3 times and I won the featured tournament once.

Try It On For Size5
Visit the Hockey Shop and equip an attribute boost into a boost slot   

You unlock attribute boosts very easily by just playing EASHL or Be A Pro. After only 1 or 2 games you should have one unlocked that you can use. Just go to the hockey shop and apply it.

Up and Comers20
Play and win a match using an OHL, WHL or QMJHL team against a Pro level CPU NHL® team    (1) 

Just use play now and pick a team from the OHL, WHL or QMJHL and pick the worst NHL team (probably Edmonton). Then win. They shouldn’t be too much trouble on Pro. Sliders can be adjusted to make it easier.

Good Preview5
Play and win a Pre-Season match in Be A GM mode   

Start GM mode and get to the preseason. Simply start a game on Rookie and win. Sliders can be adjusted.

Proven Worth10
Play and complete a game while scoring a goal with a newly drafted skater in Be A GM mode   

After starting a GM mode, take note of one of the players your team drafts. Then once the preseason stars, make sure he is on you NHL teams roster and put him on the first line. Then try your hardest to score a goal with him in the next game you play. Sliders can be adjusted.

Sign, from another team, a level 3 or above Restricted Free Agent in Be A GM   (2) 

Start a new Be A GM mode with Colorado (they have a lot of salary cap space) and make sure Salary Cap is off. Then simulate for about 2 weeks until the first day that you can sign RFA’s. Then look for the player with the most teams interested or the highest overall and offer them at least double what they are asking. Then just simulate for about a week more and wait to see if the offer goes through. If it doesn't, just start a new GM mode and try again. Its sort of random which players will be RFA's. But you should have it in less than 5 tries.

Legendary GM40
Receive your Legend Plaque in Be A GM using at least Medium difficulty   (3) 

Before starting GM Mode, you will need to make some roster changes. Basically take the best players from the Eastern & Western Conference and put them on the Tampa Bay Lightning (they have the lowest Legend Plaque requirement). Do this by going to the main menu, My NHL 11 >> Roster Management >> Player Movement.

Once you start Be a GM and get to the select team option, if you press on a team, you can swap it out for a different team. So all you do know is swap out all the NHL teams (except Tampa) with the worst teams from all the other Leagues. Also be sure to turn salary cap off,trading off, and Playoffs to 1 game series (sweep the payoffs).

Now you will just need to simulate through until you get the achievement. Depending on how your team does, you can get it done between 4 - 6 years of simulating. I personally would just Sim through until the playoffs started, then backup the save on a USB and sim through the playoffs until I won the Cup. If I lost, I would load the backup.

During each off-season, all you have to do is resign your players that have had their contracts expire. This achievement is actually very easy and only takes a couple hours of simulating.

Sacrifice the Body15
Block a shot without a stick    

Start up EASHL practice mode (Open Practice) with a friend and have him break your stick by stick lifting constantly until it breaks. Then just have him wind up for a slap shot, get in front of him and press before he shoots.

Fist Pump5
Perform a User Controlled Goal Celebration    (4) 

Press just about any button on the controller after scoring a goal. Will probably be your first achievement.

Faceoff Victor15
Play and finish a ranked versus match with a Faceoff percentage of at least 75%  (1) 

Boost this with a friend because it would be hard to get legit. Just hold up on the right stick and pull down on it once the Ref drops the puck to win faceoffs. Boost it by going to Xbox Live >> Community >> Lobbies >> Game Modes >> Versus. Then create a game and invite your friend.

Look Ma, No Stick30
Without a stick, perform a kick or glove pass that leads to a goal   (9) 

Start up an online game with a friend and have them constantly stick lift you(A) until your stick breaks. Then your friend needs to pull his goalie ( + ). Then just kick it to your teammate and have him score. Might take some tries before you get it.

Secret Achievements
Supposed To Be Standing30
Score a goal from the ground or your knees    (12) 

This one is easiest done while boosting in a ranked versus or online HUT game. Simply have the opponent pull the goalie and pull all of his defense away from you so you can get a breakaway. Then slow down and let the opponent dive at you with + and you should fall to your knees. Shoot it into the empty net. This might take a few tries because sometimes your guy just wont fall.
This also works in practice mode if you have 1 friend playing goalie so he can move out of the way.

Going Upstairs30
Have your team receive a goal based on video review     (6) 

This achievement is entirely based on luck. But if you are going for the full 1000 you should have gotten it multiple times after playing the 250 games. It happens all the time while playing online. The only conditions I know of are having the puck hit the glove or skate of one of your players. Or having the puck hit or deflected in by a stick near the crossbar. I wouldn't even worry about this achievement.

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