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NHL 13 Achievement Guide
Guide By: acdougla17
There are 47 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
- Offline: 22 (435)
- Online: 25 (565) (HUT requires Xbox Live)
- Approximate amount of time to 1000100+ hours  (60+ for EASHL Legend, 25+ for Be A Pro)
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 5+ Be A Pro Seasons
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Glitchy achievements: (see You Are The Champion My Friend)
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: None



Abbreviations you should know:
OTP = Online Team Play or Drop In Games
EASHL = EA SPORTS Hockey League or Club Games
HUT = Hockey Ultimate Team
BAP = Be A Pro


Be A Pro:
It will require a minimum of 3 full seasons to unlock all 7 trophy related achievements, plus an additional season(only 4 games) in the CHL to win the Memorial Cup and several more for your Legend. One full season will need to be as a goalie to win the Vezina trophy. You will need another season as a defenseman to win the Norris (you can also try to get all the other trophies in the same season). And a final season as a froward to win the Frank J Selke. You will then need to become a legend. This requires you to complete 250 games and meet several other requirements. I recommend you do this as an offensive defenseman (see guide for details).
There are 16 achievements locked to this mode for 290g:
Legend Player
Raise the Cup
Another Direction
Are You Kidding Me?
Playoff Hero
Play Through the Pain
Memorial Cup
Promising Start
7 additional trophy related achievements


Hockey Ultimate Team:
HUT allows you to collect, sell and trade cards to build a better team. If you use the same team name as NHL 12, you will get a puck bonus based on how high your teams overall was in NHL 12. Unfortunately, there is one achievement for winning the playoffs that occur on the 1st of every month but luckily, you get 3 tries at winning the amateur division before getting eliminated.
There are 6 achievements locked to this mode for 145g:
Complete Set
Chosen One
HUT Playoff Winner
Pro Contender
Mad Scientist
Changing Skins


EA Sports Hockey League games (aka Club games), require a minimum of 2 v 2. You can boost these achievements by challenging a friends club to a 2 v 2 game and working together. The playoffs begin 5 days before the end of each month and if you played 1 regular season game, your team will qualify.
There are 4 achievements locked to this mode for 155g:
Lead By Example
EASHL Playoffs
Fear No Man


OTP or Drop In (EASHL also counts towards these):
OTP games are accessed through the Xbox Live menu and searching for an Online Team Play game. Drop in games are accessed through the EASHL menu and you are just dropped into a random lobby.Both of these game modes as well as EASHL games will count towards your Online Pro stats.
There are 3 achievements tied to this mode for 100g:
EASHL Rookie
EASHL Legend


Ranked Shootout:
Play 1 v 1 in a shootout against another player, alternating between playing goalie and skater in a best of 5 competition (a tie will lead to best of 1 until someone wins).
There are 2 achievements locked to this mode for 30g:
Locked and Loaded
That’s Embarrassing


NHL Moments Live:
Rewrite or relive history as you replay some of the most thrilling moments from today’s NHL. “NHL 13” evolves the concept introduced by other sports games, introducing each scenario with real-world NHL footage to bring players closer to the intensity of the moment. There are 22 scenarios you can play and more will be added throughout the year.
There are 5 achievements locked to this mode for 75g:
HONDA - Superstar For A Moment
HONDA – Second Season
HONDA – 82 Game Grind
HONDA – Time To Shine
HONDA – Your Moment Is Now


GM Connected:
Allows gamers to manage, play, or coach with and against friends in their own 30 team human controlled league. There is also a mobile app so you can manage your team while away from your xbox. 
There are 4 achievements locked to this mode for 60g:
Call In The Ringers
Tactical Advantage
You Are The Champion My Friend
Real Competition


The Winter Classic achievement must be done in the Winter Classic game mode obviously, and Legend GM must be done in Be A GM mode. The other 5 achievements can be unlocked in any game mode (possibly even in practice).
There are 7 miscellaneous achievements for 145g
Winter Classic
Legend GM
Desperate Measures
Put It On Net
Coast To Coast
Come At Me Bro


[x360a would like to thank acdougla17 for this Roadmap]

HONDA - Superstar For A Moment15
Win a NHL® Moments Live moment on Superstar difficulty (11) 

You can knock out 3 achievements in one go here. Select "Red Hot Rangers" and set the difficulty to Superstar. Now all you need to do is score on the penalty shot and you will unlock HONDA - Superstar For A MomentHONDA - Time To Shine and HONDA - 82 Game Grind.

HONDA - Second Season15
Win a playoff NHL® Moments Live moment 

Select an NHL Moment that occurred during the playoffs. I used "Battle Of The Jersey Turnpike" since all you need to do is score a goal in overtime. Set the difficulty to rookie and it should be easy.

HONDA - 82 Game Grind15
Win a regular season NHL® Moments Live moment 

You can knock out 3 achievements in one go here. Select "Red Hot Rangers" and set the difficulty to Superstar. Now all you need to do is score on the penalty shot and you will unlock HONDA - Superstar For A Moment, HONDA - Time To Shine and HONDA - 82 Game Grind.

HONDA - Time To Shine15
Win a team based NHL® Moments Live moment 

You can knock out 3 achievements in one go here. Select "Red Hot Rangers" and set the difficulty to Superstar. Now all you need to do is score on the penalty shot and you will unlock HONDA - Superstar For A Moment, HONDA - Time To Shine and HONDA - 82 Game Grind.

HONDA - Your Moment Is Now15
Win a Be A Pro NHL® Moments Live moment 

I found this easy to do on "Elliott Blanks the Preds". Set the difficulty for Rookie and all you have to do is survive 2 minutes as goalie without allowing the other team to score.

Winter Classic10
Complete a Winter Classic Match playing with the New York Rangers® versus the Philadelphia Flyers® (4) 

Complete a Winter Classic Match playing with the New York Rangers versus the Philadelphia Flyers

Simply select Winter Classic from the main menu and make sure the teams are both set to the NY Rangers and Philadelphia Flyers. Win or lose, the achievement will pop after the game.

Complete Set30
Collect all player, jersey and logo items for any team in the Collection in Hockey Ultimate Team (26) 

Collect all player, jersey and logo items for any team in the Collection in Hockey Ultimate Team

As stated, you will need to collect all the cards for a single team. It will be much easier if you focus on a AHL team since people will sell those cards cheap on the auction house. 
Or you can always message me and I can trade you a full team. You will need to have 4 cards to trade (free pack cards can't be traded).

Chosen One20
Assign a captain to your Hockey Ultimate Team using the Assign Captain item (8) 

Assign a captain to your Hockey Ultimate Team using the Assign Captain item

Simply apply the Assign Captain item to any player on your Hockey Ultimate Team. The captain cards are "Training" cards so you will need to either get one from a pack or try and find one cheap on the auction house. I can't confirm if Alternate Captain cards will unlock this.

HUT Playoff Winner40
Win any Hockey Ultimate Team monthly playoff tournament (12) 

The playoffs begin on the 1st of every month and run for 1 week. The entry requirements for Amateur is to be in the top 60% of the monthly HUT leaderboards. You get 3 chances at this tournament, so 1 or 2 loses won't get you eliminated, but you will have to start the tournament over again each time to try and get the 4 wins in a row.

You can only match up against other people that are searching for the same tournament as you, so try to get a couple friends/spare accounts together and come up with a boosting plan.

Pro Contender30
Win a Hockey Ultimate Team tournament (5) 

You will need to win 4 games in a row (in a selected tournament) in order to win the tournament(online or single player). To make things easy, just select the first single player tournament and play on Rookie difficulty.

Mad Scientist15
Use the line assistant feature to setup your lines in Hockey Ultimate Team (2) 

The line assistant feature will setup your lines with the best possible chemistry based on the cards in your current roster. Simply press  while on the line-up screen for a free achievement.

Changing Skins10
Change the team of a player by using the Change Team item in Hockey Ultimate Team 

Use the change team item to change a selected players team. The change team card is a "Training" card that you can get from packs or buy on the auction house. Apply it to any player you want and now they will have better chemistry with other players from the same team.

Call In The Ringers10
Win a GM Connected league game with an OTP partner (11) 

Either get a friend to join your team in a GM Connected League or join their team. Then you just need to win 1 game playing together in OTP against either a human controlled team or AI.

Tactical Advantage10
Win a GM Connected league game using your Build Your AI file 

From the main menu, go to "My NHL" and select "Build Your AI" and save a setup. Now when you are in a GM Connected League, go to "GM Options" and upload your AI file. You will need to win 1 full game (against human players or AI).

You Are The Champion My Friend30
Participate in and Win the Stanley Cup® game in GM Connected (3) 

This achievement seems to be a bit buggy. I did it 3 times, doing different methods each time and it wouldn't unlock. So I would HIGHLY recommend you follow this guide exactly that someone posted on ps3trophies.

Start your own GM Connected League. For settings choose 4 min periods, Rookie difficulty, Game period length of 2 weeks, injuries off, Single Game Knockout playoff series length. 

Now Choose your team to be Boston or Vancouver as they have the highest overall star rating and should win on their own easier and more consistently than other teams. 

Now start simming the 2 week periods at a time and monitor the standings. Make sure you stay in the top 8 for your conference. If you happen to drop to 10th start playing games to get back into the playoff picture. 

Once you make the playoffs manually play all 4 games since you can't redo in GM Connected games and win the stanley cup. You can change the sliders in game to favor you and this will not affect the trophy nor will difficulty settings. After winning the cup the trophy will pop once you exit the game. Note you have to actually play the stanley cup clinching game. I simmed it my first time through and didn't get the trophy so make note you HAVE to play the clinching game.

If for some reason you still don't unlock it, back up your user profile on a memory card or usb drive and then delete it from your hard drive and do it all over again.

Real Competition10
Play in a GM Connected league of 5 Human GMs (5) 

Join a GM Connected League that has at least 4 Human GMs (additional OTP players DO NOT count as GMs). Post in this thread if you are looking for a league.

Legend GM30
Achieve Legendary GM Status in Be A GM (1) 

NOTE: You can play on rookie mode and set the GM difficulty to rookie mode. 
Edit the rosters and take all the best NHL players and put them on one team. Then make sure you set the playoffs to “Single Game Elimination.” Now all you have to do is keep on simulating. You don’t have to worry about trading players, or anything like that. Just try and resign your players if their contract expires and make sure you win the Stanley Cup every season. Soon after your 3rd Stanley Cup season, you should have enough GM points to unlock you legend plaque. Manually save after each playoff game encase you lose.

Legend Player30
Play and win any NHL® player trophy in Be A Pro with a Created Pro 

See all other trophy related achievements for specific details (i.e. MVP or Firewall)…

Raise the Cup30
Play and win the Stanley Cup® in Be A Pro with a Created Pro 

Before starting a Be A Pro season, edit the rosters to put all the best players on the same team. Now, when starting Be A Pro, select that team to join and the cup will be easy to win. You can play all the games out if you want. But if you just want to get it done quick, simulate a handful of game, then start the next game and score 1 goal and quit out. Now simulate another handful of games, score another point and quit out. Rinse and repeat. This will keep you from being demoted to the 2nd line.

Retire as a Legend in Be A Pro with a Created Pro (4) 

This achievement isn't nearly as bad as passing Wayne Gretzky's point total from last year. You will need to earn your offline legend card and then use the retire feature. This requires you to play 250 games and meet several requirements. The best way to do this is with an Offensive Defenseman because you won't need to worry about getting assists.

Once you get to an A- overall. Simply start up a game, score a goal and then quit out. You will keep an A+ overall throughout your career and by the time you reach the 250 games, the other requirements will be fulfilled. From the Be A Pro menu, go to "My Pro" and select the "Retire" option after you have unlocked your offline Legend Card.

Games Played: 250
Overall Grade: A-
Goals: 170
Plus/minus: 58
Points: 40

Another Direction10
Get traded to another team in Be A Pro with a Created Pro (17) 

You can't request a trade in your first Be A Pro season. The coach will basically tell you that a washing machine is worth more than your trade value. So after you play through a season to get some of the other trophies, sign a new contract (preferably the smallest cap hit so you are easier to trade) and simulate to the start of the regular season. You can now request a trade. You will still need to play some games to keep your point production up. I had to make it almost halfway through the season before I finally got traded. The first time I got traded, the achievement didn't unlock so I tried again and it still didn't unlock. I had to start a new Be A Pro, and get traded on that save for the achievement to finally unlock. And if you get demoted to the AHL, then get traded, it doesn't unlock either and that could be one of the causes for the achievement being glitchy.
If the achievement seems glitched, start a brand new Be A Pro career and DO NOT request a trade until the 2nd regular season has started. The achievement should unlock properly now.

Two-Way Threat15
Win the Frank J. Selke Trophy in Be A Pro with a Created Pro (12) 

The Frank J. Selke Trophy is awarded to the forward who demonstrates the most skill in the defensive component of the game. I had some issues unlocking this one. I had the highest +/-, takeaways and hits and still wasn't winning it. So here is the method I used and it was relatively quick and easy.

Start a new Be A Pro as a 2 Way Forward Center with the Tampa Bay Lightning. Now play some games and simulate through the season and try to be near the top in takeaways and +/-. Whenever you get XP, try to focus on adding it to Hand Eye, Defensive Awareness, Stick Checking, Shot Blocking and Strength to get them above at least 90. Now hopefully once you finish that season and start the next, the coach will give you a goal of finishing in the top 10 or top 40 in Selke voting. Now you can go into "My Pro" and select "Season Expectations." In the top right, it should say "Top 10 Frank J. Selke Trophy" and a little under that you should see "Current Ranking: 1" that tells you what rank you are in the running for the Selke.

So now that you can see where you stand, SAVE YOUR GAME and simulate the first game of the regular season. Check your rank and if you are in the top 5, SAVE YOUR GAME and simulate the next. Keep doing this until you get to rank 1. Every 5 games, you will need to play a game, but as soon as the puck drops you can quit out. This will keep you from getting demoted. Now its as simple as simulating 1 game at a time and checking your rank after each game. Make sure you keep saving after each successful game. If there is a gap in the schedule where your team doesn't play for 5-6 days, you might drop a couple ranks but you should get it right back. And if you are getting sick of the 1 game at a time strategy, you can always switch to doing 3-5 games at a time and then checking your stats. 

There is probably a better method, but this is what worked for me.

Kid's Got Talent15
Win the Calder Memorial Trophy in Be A Pro with a Created Pro 

The Calder Memorial Trophy is awarded to the rookie of the year. If you win any other trophies during you rookie year, you will no doubt win this trophy.

Win the James Norris Memorial Trophy in Be A Pro with a Created Pro 

The James Norris Memorial Trophy is awarded to the top defensemen who demonstrates the greatest all-around ability in the position. If you can manage to be in the top 5 in the NHL in scoring and have one of the highest +/- ratings, you should be a lock for this.

Puck Puck Goose Egg15
Win the Vezina Trophy in Be A Pro with a Created Pro (9) 

The Vezina Trophy is awarded to the best goalie during the regular season. You will want to have the most wins, highest save %, and lowest GAA to be guaranteed this trophy. This one could be annoying if you don’t enjoy playing as goalie. To start off we are going to edit the rosters. Put all the Legends on the team of your choice (let's use Detroit for example). Now you are going to take all the goalies from your team (Detroit) and swap them out for goalies from the DEL league with 40 or 50 overalls (DO NOT SWAP WITH PLAYERS FROM THE FREE AGENTS). You are going to do the same thing with the goalies from the AHL affiliate (Grand Rapid Griffins). This makes it so you are the "best" goalie in your teams system and you shouldn't get randomly sent down to the AHL.

Now start Be A Pro as a goalie on the team we just modified. In the preseason, play the first period of the first 2 games. This should make you set for the role as starter in the regular season. Once you make it to the regular season, make sure you SAVE THE GAME

My rule while going for this, was to NEVER allow more than 2 goals in a game. So for the first game of the season, start the game and play for about 5 minutes and then quit. The game will autosim the rest of it and if your team won and the other team scored 2 goals or less, then SAVE THE GAME. Now you should be able to sim the next 2-3 games without playing at all. Just do 1 game at a time and if the other team scored more than 2 goals, reload your last save. Make sure you are saving after every successful game. If you haven't played in the past 3 games or so, the coach will tell you he is not giving you as many starts. THIS IS BAD so you are going to need to reload your last save and play that game. The good news is that you don't need play the whole game, just hang around for 5-10 minutes and then quit. Keep doing this process of simulating 1 game at a time and only saving when you have good stats. I would recommend alternating save slots encase you need to fallback on an older one. As long as you have the best GAA and SV%, you should win the Vezina. But you should also shoot for the most wins. This can be a long process but at least you don't have to actually play as goalie.

My stats when I won it.
70GP / 62 Wins / 1 Loss / 1OTL
1.26GAA / 94.91 Sv% / 8 Shutouts

Win the Hart Memorial Trophy in Be A Pro with a Created Pro (1) 

The Hart Memorial Trophy is awarded to the player judged to be most valuable to his team. You will probably get this trophy if you finish top in scoring, but you will also probably want to be in top in the league for most other categories to make it a guarantee.

Are You Kidding Me?15
Hit the post 3 times in 1 game in Be A Pro with a Created Pro (15) 

This is a slightly lucky achievement but its not too bad. Make sure the Shot Accuracy slider isn't all the way up (but all other sliders are in your favor). You should be able to easily get 50 shots on net with only 4 minute periods, and you are bound to hit the post multiple times. Just try to take long range shots from just inside the blue line and aim for the corners. Eve to score n if it hits the post and goes in, that will still count towards the achievement.

Playoff Hero15
During the NHL® Playoffs, score a goal in OT in Be A Pro with a Created Pro (3) 

Once you make it to the Stanley Cup Playoffs, just hold the puck and kill time until you get to overtime. Score the game winning goal and the achievement is yours. Adjust the sliders to make this easier.

Play Through the Pain10
Score a goal while injured in Be A Pro with a Created Pro (5) 

Some people are having issues with this achievement unlocking and the only thing I can think of is that you must score in the same game that you got injured in. Since you can't just run full speed into the boards this year, your best bet is to turn the injury slider all the way up and then just give the puck to your AI and stand in their way. You are bound to get injured from 1 of the shots eventually. Once you get injured, you will need to try to score before the end of the game. It seems like if you get injured and then score in the next game, it won't count.

Bidz99 found a more consistent method to getting injured.
I turned penalties off and then kept getting in fights and losing intentionally. After about three fights, my guy came back on the ice with a protective shield for his jaw, signifying that he was injured. After this occurred, I scored in the same game and got the achievement.

Best of the Best15
Win the Art Ross Trophy in Be A Pro with a Created Pro (1) 

The Art Ross trophy is awarded to the player that leads the league in scoring at the end of the regular season. Adjust all the sliders in your favor and try to get as many points as you can. Even simulated points will count towards this so you can just score 100 points in the first week and then simulate the rest. You will want to be careful thought because someone on your team might have almost as many points as you (from assists).

Memorial Cup15
Play and win the Memorial Cup in Be A Pro with a Created Pro (4) 

The Memorial Cup is the CHL equivalent of the Stanley Cup. When starting a new Be A Pro, select NHL Entry Draft. This will start you out in the Memorial Cup Championship and all you will need to do is win 4 games. Score a lot of points and you can also get Promising Start.

Promising Start10
Get drafted 1st overall to an NHL® team in Be A Pro with a Created Pro (1) 

When starting a new Be A Pro, select NHL Entry Draft. This mode will start you out in the Memorial Cup tournament. All you need to do now is score a ton of points in the 4 games and you should get drafted 1st overall.

Locked and Loaded15
Score on a slapshot in Online Ranked Shootout (1) 

Simple achievement, might take a couple tries depending on how good the goalie is. My advice is to come in really slow, and try to get the goalie to dive towards you. Now just avoid the dive and slap it into the wide open net. Or you could boost the achievement by going to the Friends Leaderboard, selecting a gamertag and inviting them to a ranked shootout match.

That's Embarrassing 15
Score a goal on a goalie who is performing a desperation save in Online Ranked Shootout (2) 

Simple achievement that you should get within a couple games. It seems that most people will do at least one desperation save during a shootout. So you just need to put the puck in the net when they do. Or you could boost the achievement by going to the Friends Leaderboard, selecting a gamertag and inviting them to a ranked shootout match.

Desperate Measures30
Score a goal with your goalie pulled (7) 

Start up a play now game with 2 controllers. Once the game starts, press + on both controllers to pull both teams goalies. Now you just need to score with your account.

Score on a sprawling goalie (1) 

You should easily get this achievement during the course of play. Deking or cross-crease passes are your best bet to get the goalie to try desperation saves.

Put It On Net30
Score while skating full speed (4) 

Start up a play now game with 2 controllers. Once the game starts, press + on the other controller to pull the other teams goalie. Now you just need to skate full speed into the offensive zone and press up on the . Don’t aim with the , it makes it more likely that you will miss the empty net.

Coast To Coast30
Starting from behind your net, skate up the ice and score without passing (2) 

Easy way to get 3 achievements at once. 

-Start up a "Play Now" game with 2 controllers. 
-Have both teams pull their goalies ( + ).
-While carrying the puck, skate behind your own net.
-Now with that player, skate up the ice. 
-Once you make it to the center line, click and hold down the  to get to full speed.
-Once you are over the blue line, just press up on the  to score.

This should unlock Desperate MeasuresCoast to Coast, and Put It On Net.

Come At Me Bro5
Change your team's bias to Neutral Zone (5) 

To change the team’s bias, press  on the D-Pad and then press  until the bar is set to "NZ". The achievement should pop at the next whistle, line change, or end of the period.

Lead By Example20
As captain or assistant captain, be named one of the 3 stars during an EASHL match (5) 

Make sure one of the team GMs makes you a captains before playing an EASHL game. Now you just need to be one of the 3 stars. This is usually the 3 players who scored the most points during the game.

EASHL™ Legend60
Achieve Legend 1 status for your Online Pro (14) 

In order the get a better status, you must play EASHL or OTP games and get a certain number of wins, games played, and a certain overall grade. Getting the A- overall is not hard. Just play your position and don't cherry pick and you should be able to get an A+ in Position every game. Playing against human goalies makes is easier to get 2 points per game and get an A+ in stats. Team play is the hardest to keep up, but if you make some good hits, good passes, and don't turn the puck over too much then it should be easy to keep between B- and A-. If you are having a hard time, try playing D. It is much easier to get team play and you only need 1 point to get an A in stats.

Rookie 1 requires 10 games played, 4 wins, C- overall.
Pro 1 requires 25 games played, 10 wins, B+ overall.
Legend 1 requires 150 games played, 75 wins, A- overall.

If you are looking to boost this achievement, its very simple and surprisingly fast. You will need at least 4 people but more won't hurt. Go to Xbox Live > Community > Lobby and have one person create a room (press Y) and make sure to give it a password. Now everyone else can join that room and you won't have to worry about randoms. 1 person is going to play goalie on the losing team, and everyone else will play on the other team. Have one person score a goal and then quit as long as it's after the 18:59 mark. Now just rotate who is playing goalie on the losing team every game and you should be able to knock 100 games in about 5 hours.

EASHL™ Pro30
Achieve Pro 1 status for your Online Pro 

See EASHL Legend

EASHL™ Rookie10
Achieve Rookie 1 status for your Online Pro 

See EASHL Legend

EASHL™ Playoffs15
Be a member of an EA SPORTS™ Hockey League team when they participate in a monthly playoff (2) 

Every EASHL Team qualifies for the playoffs as long as they played 1 game during that month. So if your team plays 1 regular season game, then you are automatically qualified for the playoffs that run the last 5 days of each month. Just play 1 playoff game win or lose and the achievement is yours.

Savior 15
While playing as a goalie in an EA SPORTS™ Hockey League match, make a desperation save in OT (14) 

In order to do desperation saves, you will need to press  and a direction on the . This is very hard to get legit since not only do you need to make a desperation save, but it needs to be in overtime. Your best bet is to boost it. Get a group of 4 people together and split up into 2 clubs. Get into the dressing room and have 1 person on each team pick goalie, and the other picks LD or RD. Now challenge the other team, start the game and wait until overtime. Use the D-Pad to turn forechecking down so you can just sit there with the puck and the AI won't bother you. Once overtime starts, have 1 goalie hold  and push one direction on the  (DONT LET GO). He will now be laying sideways with the pads stacked. Simply have the human player on the other team come down the ice and shoot low right into the pads (down on the  while shooting). You can then try for the other goalie and get 2 people the achievement in 1 game.

Fear No Man105
Complete 30 EA SPORTS™ Hockey League regular matches without receiving a DNF or backout penalty (34) 

For this, you must play 30 EASHL (not OTP or Drop In) games without quitting, getting disconnected during the game, or backing out at the ready up screens. The games don't need to be consecutive so just keep playing EASHL games. Honestly, this is probably the easiest 105g you will get from an EA NHL game since NHL 07.

Red Light Specialist15
Win the Maurice "Rocket" Richard Trophy in Be A Pro with a Created Pro (1) 

The Maurice “Rocket” Richard trophy is awarded to the leading goal scorer at the end of the regular season. Simply score the most goals and this trophy is yours. As always, adjusting sliders is your best friend so you can just go right through the D and deke out the goalie.

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EA Canada
Electronic Arts


US September 11, 2012
Europe September 14, 2012

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