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There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
-Offline: 48 (965)
-Online: 2 (35)
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 1-3 hours for 500-600, 30+ hours for 1000
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 500 games played
-Number of missable achievements: None!
-Glitched achievements: None!
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements?: No

This is an easy, but very time consuming 1000, just because of the 500 games played, and getting 2000 points. You can alter any settings you want and you’ll still unlock the achievements. Using 4 controllers will help as well, because you’ll have less AI players in your way to score goals and such.

Step 1: Simulating Games
There are 7 achievements worth 270 that can be done by simulating games. This shouldn’t take long. We’re going to alter some player stats to give the best chance of getting these on our first try. So, from the main menu, select “Manage Rosters.” Then select “Team Roster” and pick the team you are going to use to sim these games. It shouldn’t matter which one, pick your favorite if you like. I used the Red Wings.

Next, select each player, then select “Edit Player.” Go to their abilities and start moving all the sliders to the right so all their stats are 99. Hit to finish editing and save the changes. Keep doing this for the other players on the team. You don’t have to edit the entire team, but editing the entire team will give you your best chance of getting all sim achievements, on the first try. I only did about 10 players plus the goalies and still got them on my first go.

Next, start a new franchise with these settings:
  • Trade Deadline – Off
  • Allow CPU Trades – Off
  • Injuries - Off
  • Fatigue – Off
Keep the rest of the settings at default. Pick your super team, and simulate the season. You should be at the playoffs now, and you should have unlocked Blue Jackets Trophy for making the playoffs, and Capitals Trophy for clinching your division. With any luck, you’ll have also unlocked Penguins Trophy, for winning 17 games in a row.

Simulate playoff rounds until the finals. Turn off auto-save and sim the final round. If you don’t win 4 games to 0, quit, and reload the franchise. Turn off auto-save again, and repeat until you win 4 games to 0. You’ll unlock Red Wings Trophy, and Islanders Trophy.

Quit back to the main menu. Go to “Game Modes” and select “Playoffs.” Use these settings:
  • Playoff Style: NHL Playoff Style
  • Playoff Size: 4 Team Bracket
Hit on every team to make them user teams. Simulate every round until you win the Stanley Cup, and you’ll unlock Blues Trophy.

Start another new playoff with these settings:
  • Playoff Style: International Group Style
  • Playoff Teams: International Teams
Again, make every team, user teams. Simulate till the end. You’ll unlock International Trophy.

And there you go! 270 with very, very, little effort on your part, and you didn’t even have to play any hockey!

Step 2: Still Not Playing Any Hockey
From the main menu, select “Manage Rosters” then select “create player.” Hit and select yes. Ducks Trophy unlocked.

Go back to the manage rosters menu, and select “Create Team.” Hit to get to create team signing. Start scrolling down the list and hitting to clone players to your team until it says you have enough players. Rangers Trophy unlocked.

If you haven’t unlocked 2K Blogger already, go back to franchise and view your calendar. Select a game you’ve simmed, and choose “Blog to”

Step 3: Preparing to Play Some Hockey
You don’t need to alter any settings if you don’t want, however, doing so will make the game move much faster, and make it much easier for you to score goals.

Go to "Options", under "Difficulty", use these settings:

  • All settings at 100
  • User Fatigue Effect 0
  • All other User settings at 100
  • CPU settings at 0 (Note that unless you plan on playing against the AI, CPU settings shouldn’t matter)
Under NHL Rules, use these settings:
  • Offside off
  • Icing off
  • Face-Off Delay of Game off
Under Gameplay, use these settings:
  • Overtime Type Sudden Death
  • Fighting 0
  • Injuries 0
  • Home Line Change Off
Step 4: Playing a Little Bit of Hockey
Pond Hockey:Go to Gameplay options and change period length to 1 minute. Go to Game Modes, and select Pond Hockey. Use a second controller for the other team and pull their goalie. Score a quick goal, then let the time run out for the rest of the game. Stars Trophy unlocked.

Mini-Rink:Do the same as above, except select Mini-Rink at the game modes menu. Mini Rink unlocked.

Step 5: Playing Some Hockey
Game #1: Select quick game from the main menu. Choose any team. Make sure you’re playing against the Islanders, or the Rangers. Connect up to 3 more controllers and assign them to the NY team, this is so there’ll be less AI in your way. Hit and change the period length to at least 5 minutes. Make it longer if you think you need more time to do the goals listed below. Choose Wrigley Field for the arena.

These are your goals for this game:
  • Deke ( button) out a defense man to score a goal
  • Get a hat trick
  • 5 goals with one player (Which is why line changes are off)
  • 10 points with one player
  • 3 assists with one player
  • Win 20 face-offs ( button)
  • 10 hits with one player ( button)
  • 50 shots on goal
  • 20 Penalties in minutes (Move all penalty sliders to 100 if you think it’ll help)
Shouldn’t be too much trouble to do all that in a single game. If you miss anything, just start another quick game and try again. To make these easier, use this method HERE.

Game #2: Start another quick game. Change the period length to 1 minute. Do not move! Wait for regulation time to run out. When overtime starts, pull the other teams goalie and score a quick goal for Blackhawks Trophy. You should also unlock Senators Trophy for playing a full game without logging any penalty minutes.

Step 6: Playing A LOT of Hockey
That about does it for quick and easy achievements. Now it’s time to start grinding! Here are your goals:
  • Score 30 PPG
  • Win 200 Games
  • Play 500 Games
  • 500 PIMs
  • 500 Hits
  • 1000 Shots
  • 894 Goals
  • 101 Assists
  • 2000 Points
Set the period length to 1 minute. During those 3 minutes of game time, try and score a few goals, take a few penalties, hit some people. And by the time you’ve played 500 games, you should have all the related achievements. If not, you should be close! Again, use the method posted HERE to make it faster and easier.

That was fun, wasn’t it? I bet you’re tired now. Have a nap! You deserve it. You should have all the achievements by now. If not, keep grinding! If you haven’t gotten the online achievements yet, find some people to help you out in the Achievement Trading thread HERE.

[x360a would like to thank bs000 for this Road Map]

NHL 2K10 Complete100
Unlock All Achievements.  (1) 

It's like a Platinum Trophy on PS3, but for Xbox 360. Simply unlock all of the other achievements. Follow this guide for the other achievements and this one is yours!

20 PIMs5
Achieve 20 Penalty Minutes in a game.    

Go under Settings and find the NHL Rules section. In here will be sliders with all of the different penalties. Slide the all of the penalties to the right so that they'll be called much more frequently. Start up a game and start trying to hit, trip, and fight everyone. You'll probably end up getting this before the end of the first period.

3 PPG5
Achieve 3 Power Play Goals in a game.    

For this, I would recommend using two controllers. Start a game up and have the 2nd controller get penalties (have it try to hit people without the puck as that's usually and automatic penalty). Once you get on the power play, pull the goalie or lock the 2nd controller in as a goalie and have him move out of the crease. Fire in the open net and repeat two more times in a game.

You can even use the same player to get the 3 PPG goals to get the "Lightning Trophy" achievement and work towards the "Wild Trophy".

50 Shots5
Reach 50 Shots on goal in a game.    

Go under the Settings menu and adjust the time of the periods to 10 minutes (it's doable in 5 minutes, but make it 10 to be on the safe side). As always, put the difficulty on Rookie and start up a game. From there, just keep shooting at the net. You don't need to score, just fire on net.

100 Games Played5
Reach 100 Games Played.    

See "500 Games Played"

500 Games Played5
Reach 500 Games Played.    

Simply play 500 games. Make the periods 1 minute to get in more games. Going for the other achievements will help unlock this too. Unfortunately, you must play actual games as doing shootouts doesn't count towards this. The good thing is that you don't have to win the game.

2000 Points5
Achieve a total of 2000 Points.   

For those new to the game of hockey, points are either a goal or an assist. When a goal is scored, up to 2 assists can be earned. Therefore, you can potentially earn 3 points for every goal scored.

Not a difficult achievement, but time consuming. You'll get this while working your way on the 500 games played achievement.

200 PIMs5
Achieve a total of 200 Penalty Minutes.    

You can follow the strategy posted in the "20 PIMs in a game" achievement if you want. I found it easier just to leave the sliders alone and play the game normally. Fight a lot as you'll get 5 PIMs for each fight. Once again, this should come up naturally when going for the "500 Games Played" achievement.

1000 shots5
Achieve a total of 1000 Shots.    

Simply shoot at the net. This is another achievement that will come naturally just from playing normally. No special strategy needed.

10 PPGs5
Achieve a total of 10 Power Play Goals.    

See "30 PPGs"

30 PPGs5
Achieve a total of 30 Power Play Goals.    

To make this easier, play with a 2nd controller and have it take penalties. Make their goalie get out of the net or pull him on the ensuing power play and score into the empty net. Repeat this and you should get the achievement.

This isn't difficult to get by playing normally either. But if you find yourself not getting many power plays, use the above method.

3 SHGs5
Achieve a total of 3 Short Handed Goals.    

See "10 SHGs"

10 SHGs5
Achieve a total of 10 Short Handed Goals. 

Use the 2 controller method and get a penalty with the first controller. With the second controller, pull the goalie and have the first controller score into the empty net. Repeat until the achievement comes up.

200 Hits5
Achieve a total of 200 Hits.    

See "500 Hits"

500 Hits5
Achieve a total of 500 Hits.    

One of my personal favorite achievements. Go up to an opponent that has the puck and press to hit them. This achievement is very quick to get and should obtained within 10 games or so.

Ducks Trophy5
Create a Player.   

Go into the Features section at the main menu and go to create a player. Simply create a player and save.

Thrashers Trophy5
Clean 95% of the ice surface with the Zamboni.   

Hard to describe the pattern for this, so follow this video. Even though this video is for NHL 2K9, it's still the same strategy.

Bruins Trophy5
Register 10+ hits in one game with any skater.    

Go into a quick game and pick any two teams. Make sure you turn line changes off (not a must, but will make it quicker). Pick any player you want on your team to get the hits and start hitting the opposition (when they have the puck so you don't get an interference penalty).

Sabres Trophy10
Get 3+ assists with one player in a single game.    

Use the 2 controller method and have the 2nd controller pull their goalie. Designate someone on your team to be the assist man and make sure the person he passes to scores with out that player losing possession of the puck. Repeat this 2 more times.

Flames Trophy10
Deke out a defenseman using a 1 on 1 move and then score a goal.    

Dekes are fancy hockey moves used to evade defenders. They are done by pressing and holding the and pressing a direction on the or a face button.

Select a skilled player (like Ovechkin, Crosby, Malkin, etc. Just use one of the all-star teams actually) and get into the offensive zone. Pull off a deke and then fire on the net. Keep on doing that until you score.

Hurricanes Trophy10
Win 20 Face-Offs in one game.    

I found face-offs to be a bit challenging in this game so use the 2 controller method. Have the 2nd controller not do anything and you'll win the face-off every time. I'd recommend using 5 minute periods so you can get more face-offs in.

Blackhawks Trophy10
Score an overtime goal.    

Use 1 minute periods and a 2nd controller. Leave both controllers idle until overtime. Have the 2nd controller move the goalie away and score on the empty net with the first controller.

Avalanche Trophy10
Win at home in front of a sold out arena.    

I did this by playing a quick game at Wrigley Field. Press when choosing teams and set the venue to Wrigley Field. Play as the Home Team and win the game and the achievement will unlock.

Blue Jackets Trophy15
Make the playoffs in your Franchise or Season Mode.   

For this achievement as well as other franchise mode achievements, create a team filled with superstars. Once you have that team, start a new franchise, turn off the salary cap and budget, and substitute your superstar team in for another NHL team.

No playing is required and you can just simulate all the games.

Stars Trophy25
Win a Pond Hockey game.   

For this achievement as well as other franchise mode achievements, create a team filled with superstars. Once you have that team, start a new franchise, turn off the salary cap and budget, and substitute your superstar team in for another NHL team.

No playing is required and you can just simulate all the games.

Red Wings Trophy75
Win the Presidents Trophy and Stanley Cup in one season.   

Follow the method under the "Blue Jackets Trophy". When you get to the playoffs, sim every game and save often in case you do end up losing. I recommend playing the Stanley Cup Finals so you can also knock off the "Islanders Trophy" which is rewarded for sweeping the Finals.

Oilers Trophy65
Achieve a total of 446 goals.    

This will be obtained just by playing regularly. In case you're wondering, the 446 goals is the number of goals that the Edmonton Oilers scored as team one season in the 80's which was the most one team had ever scored in a season.

Panthers Trophy10
Get your 10th leaderboard win in a ranked match.   

Select the Ranked Match option in Quick Play and win 10 games. You can try to boost these using the Achievement Trading Thread to find others.

Kings Trophy75
Achieve a total of 894 goals.    

Same as the "Oilers Trophy". Just play normally and it will be unlocked.

The number 894 is the number of goals Wayne Gretzky has in his career, the most all-time by any player.

Wild Trophy10
Score 5 goals in one game with one player.    

Use the 2 controller method and pull the other team's goalie. Pick a player on your team to score 5 goals and score with him. I recommend using 5 minute periods for this.

Canadiens Trophy10
Achieve a total of 101 Assists to celebrate 101 years of the most successful team in NHL history.    

Just get 101 assists total throughout all your games. This will unlock relatively quickly as you'll get 1-2 assists on most goals.

Predators Trophy10
Score an awesome goal with a goalie deke.    (2) 

Get on a breakaway and use and a face button or to deke the goalie and then score on him. You can use the two controller method if you want too. This is one of those achievements that is actually easier by just trying to let it happen naturally.

Devils Trophy40
Achieve a total of 50 User Wins.    

Simply win 50 games. Use 1 minute periods to make it go by quicker.

Islanders Trophy40
Like the '82 Islanders, sweep the Stanley Cup Finals in Franchise or Season Mode.   

Using your created team of superstars mentioned in the "Blue Jackets Trophy", get to the NHL Finals (save often) and sweep the other team (win every game) in the Finals. You can sim the games if you want, but I'd play them just to be on the safe side.

Rangers Trophy10
Create a Team.   

Go into Features and select create a team. Make your team of superstars for the franchise achievements mentioned for "Blue Jackets Trophy".

Senators Trophy25
Go a full game without logging any penalty minutes.    

Go into the Settings and turn penalties off. Then play a quick game with 1 minute periods. Doesn't matter if you win or lose.

Flyers Trophy25
Achieve a total of 500 Penalty Minutes.    

As mentioned earlier, this will just come naturally. If you want, you can adjust the sliders up on all the penalties. Be sure to fight a lot as well since you get 5 PIMs per every fight.

Coyotes Trophy25
Average an A teammate grade.   (5) 

Go into the team-up mode and play a game. Make lots of passes between you and your teammate and try not to take many penalties. It's easier than it sounds. You don't even need to win the game to get this.

Penguins Trophy50
Play and win 17 games in a row in your Franchise or Season Mode.  

Using your team of superstars, play 17 games in a row and win them. Use 1 minute periods and save after every game. You can use the 2 controller method if you want as well. If you do lose a game, go back to the dashboard.

While you can get this achievement by simming, it's not recommended since even the best teams in the game won't have huge winning streaks like that. But if you want to sim a few games and hope that it gives you a little streak to start with, go for it.

Sharks Trophy40
Achieve a total of 200 User Wins.    

You'll get this by simply playing games. Use 1 minute periods and play on Rookie (you can use the two controller method if you're really bad) and you'll get it eventually.

Blues Trophy40
Win the Stanley Cup in Playoff Mode.    (1) 

Very easy to do. Go to Playoff mode and select all 16 teams for yourself. Sim the entire playoffs and the achievement will unlock.

Lightning Trophy10
Get a hat trick.    

Follow the guide the "Wild Trophy" as you'll get this achievement while going for that one. A hat trick is 3 goals by one player in one game.

Maple Leafs Trophy50
Get 10 points in one game with one player.    

Using the strategy of the "Wild Trophy", use the same player that you'll have scoring all the goals and have him get 5 more goals or assists. Turn line changes off so that he's always out there and use the 2 controller method.

Canucks Trophy10
Get revenge for the '82 and '94 Canucks. Beat the Islanders or Rangers in any game mode.    (1) 

I'm not sure if you just have to beat the Islanders or Rangers with anyone or with the Canucks. I used the Canucks just to be safe. Play the Islanders (it says "or", doesn't have to be both) because they're bad with the Canucks on Rookie with 1 minute periods. You can use the 2 controller method if you want as well.

Capitals Trophy30
Clinch your division in your Franchise or Season Mode.   

You'll get this achievement while getting the "Red Wings Trophy". Just sim the entire season with your superstar team.

2K Blogger10
Upload your Franchise to  

Play or sim a game in franchise mode and click on the box score of the game. There should be an option to upload. Select it and you'll get the achievement.

Did I Just Do That?10
Shoot while stumbling or falling and score a goal.    

This achievement is more about luck than anything else. Pressure the other team and hope one of their players bumps into you as you have the puck. Shoot while falling and hope it goes in. You can use the 2 controller method for this.

To be honest, I unlocked this achievement without even going for it. You'll definitely get it on your quest to 1000/1000 without even trying.

It's Cold Out Here10
Win a game at Wrigley Field™.    

Go to quick game and press and select Wrigley Field for the venue. Just win the game there. You'll also unlock the "Avalanche Trophy" when you win the game if you choose the home team.

Mini Rink25
Win a Mini-Rink game.    

Select mini rink under game mode and win a game. Use 1 minute periods and the 2 controller method if necessary.

International Trophy20
Win the International Tournament in Playoff Mode.   

Same thing as the "Blues Trophy" except change the playoff format to International. Select every team and sim the whole thing.

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