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There are 19 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
- Offline: 15 (1 unattainable)
- Online: 0 (3 unattainable)
- Approximate amount of time to 760 : 5-8 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 3
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements? No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes
- Glitchy achievements: No
- Unobtainable achievements? Yes. Revenge, All online achievements
- Extra equipment needed? No

NHL 2k8 shares an achievement list similar to its precursor’s 2k6 and 2k7. Some are franchise based and the remainder can be obtained in quickplay games. Take note that the Revenge achievement is unobtainable, as are all the online achievements. Be aware that certain achievements also have to be done on specific difficulties. Be patient, as some achievements unlock at the end of a game, so don’t quit out until that game is finished. Finally, if this is your first 2k hockey game, it may take a while to get acquainted to the game play and controls.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
You could come at these achievements a number of ways, but I’d suggest starting with quickplay in order to grasp the concepts of the game, and then moving to the franchise achievements.

Step 1: Quickplay (260 )
All of the quickplay achievements could theoretically be gained in one game on All-Star, but it is easiest to cycle through the difficulties, earning the related achievements. Sliders and settings can be adjusted, but you may need to adjust the time to make specific achievements easier. Also, use a high-rated team against a low-rated team.

Rookie: Five on Your Side, Breakout, Starry Night
Pro: Can’t Keep Me Down, Blueline Tally, No Mercy, Miracle
All-Star: Fast Start
Tournament: Tourney Champ (Can be simmed and difficulty does not matter)

Step 2: Franchise (300 )
Now, these can be simmed or played but be sure to either sim or play all three seasons, and not a combination of both. Ensure that your team gets the best record and wins the cup your first season. Keep reloading and simming until you get the 10 shutouts in a row as well. Now you can easily sim the remaining two seasons, ensuring that you make the playoffs and win the cup both years. I used the Habs, but you can use any team, as it is easiest with a highly rated one.

Step 3: 100 Wins and No Favourites (200 )
This is where most of your time will be spent. Just go through a one-minute period game with each NHL team, then continue winning with a team of your choice until you reach 100 wins.

After lots of simming and grinding you now have the max of 760 in NHL 2K8! If you have missed any achievements, check the guide as all of the achievements are explained. If you had fun with this game, be sure to check out the other 2K hockey games. Note: Although the online achievements are unobtainable, you can still play online, the stat servers are shut down and not the gameplay servers.

x360a would like to thank SRJB for this Road Map

Five On Your Side10
Score a goal on a Gillette Fusion power play    (1) 
Score on a power play (5 on 4 or 5 on 3). Their team needs to have someone in the penalty box. Easiest on ROOKIE.
Break Out10
Score a goal on a breakaway on Rookie difficulty or higher in a single-player game.    
Just skate past all the opposing players and score. No defenders can be in front of you except for the goalie.
Can't Keep Me Down40
Score a goal when 2 men down on Pro difficulty or higher in a single-player game.    
Play an All-Star Team against Denmark or some really low-rated team. Set your periods to 5 minutes, Real-time clock. Get two of your players to take penalties (this will help open the ice more) and score a goal. Make sure your difficulty is set to PRO or better. If you score with a defenseman, you can unlock "Blue Line Tally" as well.
Score a penalty shot on All-Star difficulty or higher in a single-player game.  

Based on all accounts read online, looks like it is glitched again. Go figure!

Fast Start50
Score a goal in the first minute of play on All-Star difficulty or higher in a single-player game.    

Score within the first minute of the game (1st period). Must be on All-Star or better level. I set my games to 1 minute periods. Took only a couple of games to get the achievement. Easiest if you use an All-Star team against Denmark or Belarus. This is not 1 minute real-time, it is 1 minute of the game clock. If you want to give yourself 1 minute real-time, set the periods to 20 minutes and the clock to real-time. This way will force you to wait a long time for the game to end (the achievement unlocks after the game), but it will give you more time to score in the beginning.

Blueline Tally25
Score a goal with a defenseman on Pro difficulty or higher in a single-player game.    
This can be a bit difficult but shouldn't take much. Best way, play an All-Star Team against Denmark or some really low-rated team. Set your periods to 5 minutes, Real-time clock. Get two of your players to take penalties (this will help open the ice more) and score with your defenseman. If you use this method, you will also unlock "Can't Keep Me Down."
Tourney Champ25
Win a Dodge tournament    
This is a new feature. Like "Dynasty" or "Champions", this can be done through simming. Difficulty does not matter.
Win the Stanley Cup in Franchise on Pro difficulty or higher.    (1) 
See "Dynasty"
Win Stanley Cup and Presidents Trophy in the same year in Franchise on Pro difficulty or higher.    (3) 
See "Dynasty". Just make sure you win the Stanley Cup and President's Trophy (best record in the league) in the same year.
Win 3 Stanley Cups in a row in Franchise on Pro difficulty or higher.    

Fairly easy. This can be done through simming through Franchise (not season) Mode. Make sure your difficulty is set to PRO or better. Save often especially once you reach the playoffs. If you get eliminated, just reload your last save.

NOTE: For some reason, there is a glitch with this game, where if you play a game for real and sim a game in the same season, achievements WILL NOT unlock. To save yourself a lot of grief, either only sim games OR only play games, not a combination of the two. This only applies to the regular season and post-season individually, so you can sim the entire regular season and play the entire post-season, but do not mix simming and playing in either section.

Brick Wall75
Record 5 consecutive shutouts in Franchise mode on Pro difficulty or higher.    
Shut out your opponent 5 times in Franchise mode. Easiest way is set it to 1 minute periods. Make sure you are on PRO or better.
No Mercy!65
Win a game by 10 or more goals on Pro difficulty or higher in a single-player game.    (1) 
Beat an opponent by 10 or more. Use an All-Star team vs. Denmark or Belarus. PRO or better. This can be done using 3 minute periods and a little tweaking of the sliders to gain some advantage.
No Favorites50
Play a game with every NHL team.    
This is easy, just play 1 minute periods with each team. You don't have to actually win the game, but it would be best if you did for "Are We There Yet?" -- You need to play the games, simming does not count.
Beat USSR 80 with USA 80 on Pro difficulty or higher in a single-player game.    
There is a new "Challenge" mode where you can unlock Olympic teams as well as classic NHL teams. To unlock them, you must play a game and meet certain criteria (example: With USA '80, beat USSR '80 and get 35 hits in the game). For this achievement, there is a USA '80 challenge that plays the USSR '80 team. Win the game with USA '80 and the achievement unlocks. The game play settings are automatic and you cannot adjust them. You do not have to meet the 35 hits requirement for the achievement, just win the game.
Starry Night10
Earn all 3 stars on Rookie difficulty or higher in a single-player game.    
Earn three stars = Top 3 players in the game. Easiest on Rookie mode by defeating the computer by a large score. Usually a couple of goals or assists with 3 different players will easily get you this achievement. You should get this with "No Mercy!"
Are We There Yet?150
Win 100 games.    
This can be time consuming. You MUST play all the games with your profile, simming does not count. Simple math here:

30 wins if you go for the "No Favorites"
1 win for getting "Miracle"
5 wins for "Brick Wall"
36 wins easy. To get the rest, you can play a season or franchise mode. Thanks to W2WSS for the info that the shoot out mode doesn't count this time towards wins. Simply put it to one minute periods and keep scoring once, then hiding behind your own goal with the puck to run the clock out.
Online Champion100
Win an online league with at least 4 players.  (2) 
Get 3 people to join a league and sim the games. It will prompt you to pick the winner. Just choose yourself. Once you win, you will need to back out of the tournament mode to the main LIVE screen and then go back into your tourny and the achievement will unlock. Be nice and help out your fellow gamers and join their leagues too. Check out the Achievement Trading Thread.
Online Gamer100
Play 30 ranked matches online.  (1) 
This can be done by boosting. Just find someone to boost with and each of you quit 15 games. One will be prompted that if you want to allow them to quit, choose "no". The quitter will then be told they are forfeiting, they choose "yes". Counts towards the "Secret Achievement" as well.
Secret Achievements
Quit 10 games online.  (3) 
Basically, just quit 10 online games. Find someone to boost with for this or you may get negative feedback from someone for quitting. You need to wait for the drop of the puck. When you quit, the opposing person will be asked if they allow it, they choose "No". You will be asked if you want to forfeit, you choose "yes".

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