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There are 38 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10 (4/10 without 2nd controller)
-Offline: 34 (920)
-Online: 4 (80)
-Approximate amount of time to 920: 20-30 Hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 Season and several games
-Number of missable achievements: None
-Do cheat codes disable achievements ? No cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements? No
-Glitchy achievements: None
-Unobtainable achievements? Yes all online achievements
-Extra equipment needed? 2nd controller


Welcome to NHL 2k9. This is a fun and simple Hockey game to get most of the achievements for. Keep in mind the online servers are no longer active so you CAN NOT COMPLETE THIS GAME. Most of the achievements are based on scoring goals, getting assists, getting penalty minutes and winning games. There is no quick way to do this so be prepared to sink a good amount of time on this game. Know that you can do almost every achievement on rookie and with a second controller.

Step 1: Start a Franchise

You'll want to prepare your team for the season. First step is to trade the following players to your team:

Marty Turco - Dallas Stars
Jason Spezza - Ottawa Senators
Joe Thornton - San Jose Sharks
Rick Nash - Columbus Blue Jackets

Each one of those players have achievements tied to them so try and do them during the season. Don't worry if you can't cause they can be done using the second controller method in the mop up section.

Now start a franchise on Rookie and make sure the players you traded for are on your starting lineups by going to the coaching section and selecting edit lines. Make sure you turn OFF fatigue and injuries too. Now start playing games. You should be scoring 10-12 goals a game. Make sure you pass it a lot so you get a couple of assists per goal. Your main reason for playing the season is to go undefeated and WIN the Stanley Cup so you can unlock UNDISPUTED CHAMPION. You'll most likely unlock a good amount of the User achievements for goals, assists, points and PIM (Penalty in Minutes). Don't stress on the player specific achievements or game specific achievements cause those will be unlocked easily with a second controller. Just have fun and play some hockey. When the season is over and you won the Stanley cup the next achievement you want to make sure you get is REEL HIM IN.

Step 2: Second contoller mop-up.

Any of the game or player specific achievements can be done with a second controller. Just make sure you play as the team you traded all those players to. Use the guide on how to unlock the following achievements:


Also remember to try and get RIDE THE ZAMBONI in between periods.

Step 3: The Grind

This last step is where you'll test your steal. Here you'll be working on the following:

1000 goals
1500 Assists
500 PIMS
150 Wins

For the first three just use a second controller and have the team you are scoring against pull their goalie. Once you get those work on the wins by playing 1 minute periods to make the game go faster.

That should be it. Pretty much a easy 920. Overall you shouldn't have any troubles. Good Luck!

[We would like to thank Spanish Assault for this roadmap]

5 Goals5
Achieve a total of 5 User Goals.    
See "1000 Goals" for more info.
25 Goals10
Achieve a total of 25 User Goals.    
See "1000 Goals" for more info.
75 Goals20
Achieve a total of 75 User Goals.    
See "1000 Goals" for more info.
150 Goals40
Achieve a total of 150 User Goals.    
See "1000 Goals" for more info.
1000 Goals100
Achieve a total of 1000 User Goals.   
The fastest and easiest way to get this is to use the two controller method. Once the game starts take the controller 2 and press and then press which will cause the team to pull their goalie. Do this 1000 times and the achievement is yours.
10 Assists5
Achieve a total of 10 User Assists.    
See "1500 Assists" for more info.
40 Assists10
Achieve a total of 40 User Assists.    
See "1500 Assists" for more info.
100 Assists20
Achieve a total of 100 User Assists.    
See "1500 Assists" for more info.
200 Assists40
Achieve a total of 200 User Assists.    
See "1500 Assists" for more info.
1500 Assists100
Achieve a total of 1500 User Assists.    
An assist is the pass or passes which immediately precede a successful scoring attempt; a maximum of two assists are credited for one goal. You can do this in franchise mode or use the two controller method to get this. You should aim to get 2 assists per goal.
10 PIMs5
Achieve a total of 10 User PIMs (Penalties in Minutes).    
See "500 PIMs" for more info.
50 PIMs10
Achieve a total of 50 User PIMs (Penalties in Minutes).    
See "500 PIMs" for more info.
100 PIMs20
Achieve a total of 100 User PIMs (Penalties in Minutes).    
See "500 PIMs" for more info.
150 PIMs40
Achieve a total of 150 User PIMs (Penalties in Minutes).    
See "500 PIMs" for more info.
500 PIMs100
Achieve a total of 500 User PIMs (Penalties in Minutes).    
The easiest way to get this achievement is to use the two controller method. Go to the options menu then go to NHL Rules. Turn penalties on. Then slide all the sliders to the right so it says 99. The ONLY one that you will slide all the way to the left is penalty shots. Also set the penalty length to 2 minutes to maximize the time. Once in the game pause it then go to the options menu then controller set-up. I personally found it easier with the Classic controller type. So all you have to do it get behind a person on the other team who has the puck and press . You'll either get called for tripping or hooking and get 2 minutes.
1 Win5
Achieve a total of 1 User Wins.   
See "150 Wins" for more info.
15 Wins10
Achieve a total of 15 User Wins.    
See "150 Wins" for more info.
50 Wins20
Achieve a total of 50 User Wins.    
See "150 Wins" for more info.
100 Wins40
Achieve a total of 100 User Wins.    
See "150 Wins" for more info.
150 Wins100
Achieve a total of 150 User Wins.    
The fastest and easiest way to get this is to set the period length to 1 minute. Use two controllers and pull the other team's goalie and score, then wait out the rest of the time.
Powerplay Specialist20
Score three Powerplay goals in one game.    
Again, use two controllers. Take controller two and commit a penitly so the profile you want the achievement with goes on the Powerplay. Use controller two to pull the other team's goalie and you can get an easy goal. Do this 3 times in a single game for the achievement.
Boom Goes the Dynamite10
Score a goal from behind the blue line.     
Use the two controller method and pull the other team's goalie. Just shoot from the center line and if you make it into the empty net the achievement is yours.
Kill It10
Kill a full 2 minute 5 on 3 powerplay.    
Easiest using the two controller method. Commit 2 penalities before the wistle blows for the first flagged penalty. Follow the strategy for the PIMs achievements, just use two of your players to hook/trip the same person on the other team so you'll get called for two penenties. For 2 minutes it will be 5 on 3. Just dont let the other team score and it unlocks once your players are out of the box.
Skillful Skater10
Score a goal after performing a 1-on-1 deke special move.     
Easy with the two controller method. Use the Classic controller set-up as its easier with that type. Pull the other team's goalie and in front of their goal press the so you spin and press to shoot. Once the puck goes in the achievement will unlock.
Masterful Scorer10
Score a goal using a goalie deke special move.     
Same as Skillful Skater but use the hybrid controller type. Pull the other team's goalie and in front of their goal press and use the to shoot and the achievement will unlock when the puck is in back of the net.
Score on a wraparound goal.    
This achievement can be a little tricky. It's easier with the two controller method. Pull the other goalie. Once behind the empty net go near one of the post and press . This will start a little animation of your player reaching out with his stick to score a wrap-a-round goal.
Ride the Zamboni40
Win the Zamboni mini-game.   
Start off going straight and turning right. Go along the boards until you reach the other net side. Turn right at where the net is and keep going straight. Turn left when you reach the boards and now keep going in circles making your way towards the middle and if you're lucky you will get it. Also you don't have to clean the whole rink. You can leave little spots untouched and still get it.
Marty Turco10
Get a shutout with Marty Turco in net while facing a minimum of 20 shots.   
This can be done two ways. You can do this legit, or you can use the two controller method. He can be found on the Dallas Stars. You can edit all his abilities and max out everything. Once you max out his stats start a game and take the second controller and start shooting easy shoots. You need a minimum of 20 saves for this achievement to pop up.
Jason Spezza10
Get at least 6 points with Jason Spezza in a single game.    
Jason Spezza can be found on the Canadian National team. You need 6 points for this achievement to pop. Once you get the 6 point the achievement will pop right up in the game. Use the two controller method. A point is either an assist or a goal. So you can choose if Jason will be a scorer or a helper. Pull the other team's goalie if needed.
Joe Thornton10
Get at least 2 goals, 3 assists and 4 PIMs with Joe Thornton in a single game.    
Joe Thornton can be found on the Canadian National team. You will need 2 goals, 3 assist and 4 PIMs. Use the second controller method and pull the other team's goalie to score the two goals. Pass a lot to try for the assists. For the PIM follow the method for 500 PIMs. This has to be done in a single game.
Rick Nash10
Get at least 3 points and a shootout goal in a win with Rick Nash.    
Use the two controller method. Rich Nash can be found on the Canadian National Team. Once the game loads pause it and go to edit lines. I ended up putting nash on F1 (line 1) since that line was out on the ice all the time. While you're in the edit lines part put Rick Nash as the 1st person to take a shot in a shoot out. He isn't on the original lineup. Once you're all done, resume the game. Now once Rick has the puck pull the other goalie and you have an easy goal. Do that three times total. Now you just need the shootout goal. With the second controller, get the puck. With controller one, pull the goalie and score a goal against the Canadian National team. You'll need 3 (or however many goals you scores with the Canadian team) to tie the game to send it into overtime. Now just wait for overtime to be over. Now in the shootout, just score a goal with Nash and whoever is after win to win the shootout and the game. Once the game is over you'll get this achievement.
Undisputed Champion45
Win the Presidents' Trophy and Stanley Cup in a single season.    
You can do this one of two ways. You can just play through franchise with any team on rookie and just do well or you can go to Features > Manage Rosters > Team Rosters. Take your favorite team and put all the 90+ players on your team. Once done save the roster and play francise with current roster. Now just sim and you'll get the Presidents' Trophy and the Stanley Cup in one season with no problem.
Reel Him In15
Resign a Superstar (95+ overall) to your team.   
This should be easy if you followed Undisputed Champion. When the playoffs are over you will go into the off season. Go to Contract Negotiations and just resign any 95+ player. As soon as the player accepts your offer the achievement will pop.
Get a hat trick with a player that's fully-bearded in the Stanley Cup playoffs.    (1) 
The quickest way for this is to make your own player. You can name him whatever you want. Go to appearance and set the beard type to type 15, beard length longest and beard color black. Next max out all his stats, then save and exit. Go into franchise mode and sim the season to get to the playoffs. Use the 2 controller method here if you want. Now once in the game just score three goals with your created player and as soon as you score the third goal the achievement will pop.
Team 2K20
Beat a Team 2K member or someone that has unlocked this achievement in an online game.    (7) 
This is a viral achievement. Go here to look for people boosting this achievement. You need to beat someone who has this achievement. Once you beat the person the achievement will unlock.
Good Teammate20
Average an A teammate grade.     
Go to the Xbox Live menu, then choose Ranked Team-up. Your performance on the ice gets you a better grade. Big hits, winning face offs, scoring, shots on goal and assists all help. Try to get a solid A. It will unlock after the game is done. If you get an A your first game the achievement will unlock right away.
Alter Ego20
Customize your Online Avatar.  
On the main menu go to Xbox live, then press the to the left. Go to Online Features, then My Avatar. Now select an avator and press and the achievement will pop.
Download and rate a reel from ReelViewer.  (1) 

From the main menu go to Features > 2K Reelmaker > Reelviewer. Choose any of the categories. Now choose any reel you want to download by pressing . This might take a few minutes to download. Once it is downloaded you will be prompted to choose a storage device. Choose whatever storage device you have. Name it and save. Press to back out to the previos menu and go to Saved Reels. choose the storage device you saved it to. Now press on the reel you want to rate. Let it play. Once it is done you will see options you can choose from. Choose Rate It and give it a rating.



  • All achievements except the zamboni mini-game and online achievements can be done with the second controller method.
  • To check how many goals, assists, wins and PIMs you have: Main Menu > Features > Trophy Room. Once inside the trophy room press Y to see your stats.
  • All achievements can be done on Rookie difficulty.

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