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Guide By: TealPavelski
There are 35 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10 for 1000
- Offline: 35 (1000)
- Online: 0 (0)
- Approximate time: 3-6 Hours for 1000
- Minimum number of games needed: 30+
- Missable achievements: None
- Glitched Achievements: None
- Does difficulty affect Achievements? No
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Avatar Awards: None
- Do Achievements unlock using two Controllers: No

Nickelodeon’s Animated All-Stars take on Baseball’s Best in Nicktoons MLB! The epic showdown that fans of America's favorite pastime have been clamoring for is on! For the first time, an all-star roster from Nickelodeon's Nicktoons series including SpongeBob, Dudley Puppy and Fanboy and Chum Chum, will take on players from all 30 MLB teams, delivering not only an unforgettable baseball gaming experience, but also the first to fully take advantage of Kinect for Xbox 360.

Playthrough One:
We are going to focus on all the "in-game" Achievements. First, go into the options menu and set the difficulty to "Rookie" and the innings to 9. Now return to the Main menu and select "Pickup Game". Select any MLB Team and Nicktoons characters, however make sure to choose a pitcher with a 5-Star Fastball. You also want to make yourself the Home Team. Once in the game, pitching a Perfect Game is quite easy. If you chose a pitcher with a 5-Star fastball, simply use the fastball for every pitch by pressing the button. Pitching is all about timing, so make sure to get the pitching meter either in the green or perfect. After a few tries, you should get the timing right and within no time, master the pitching meter. Another tip when it comes to pitching is to pitch the corners of the strike zone, or the edges of the batters "Hot Zone". Pitching a Perfect Game will land you 7 Achievements ('Three Up Three Down', 'Quality Start', 'Complete Game', 'Straight to the Show', 'King of the Hill', 'Winning Ways' and 'Perfect Game'), but you are also going to want and strikeout 18 batters for the 'One for the Books' Achievement as well as strikeout at least one batter using the Turbo for the 'Throwing Smoke' Achievement. When you are on offense you will want to score as many runs as possible, making sure to score a run on a bunt ('Squeezed In There'), load the bases ('Locked and Loaded'), hit a Grand Slam ('Life is Grand'), hit a Home Run with the Pitcher ('Im Not That Easy'), get a hit with every player ('Spreading the Love'), hit multiple Home Runs with at least one player in consecutive at bats ('I Make This Look Good'), scoring 10 Runs Batted In with One Player ('One Man Wrecking Crew') and hit for the cycle (Single, Double, Triple and Home Run in one-game with on player). You also need to score as many runs as you can in the first inning so the CPU will replace the starting pitcher ('Welcome to the Majors!'). This can be anywhere from 5 - 10 runs scored in te first as there is not set limit. Once the game ends you should unlock most of the Achievements. Now return to the Main Menu, select options and change the innings to 3.

Playthrough Two:
Now we are going to focus on Tournament mode. Select Tournament from the main menu and choose any team. The Tournament consist of seven best of three rounds. The first six rounds are versus MLB Teams, with the final round being against the Nicktoons Team. Simply win the first two games of each round and you will advance to the next Team. Once you advance through all seven rounds and beat the Nicktoons Team in the Championship, the Achievement unlocks.

Note that the teams that you beat in the tournament count towards the 'All-American', 'National Pride' and 'A Full Deck' Achievements, so be sure to keep track of which teams you beat in the Tournament.

Playthrough Three:
Next we will get the Achievement for winning a 9-inning Showdown mode game. Showdown mode is simply the MLB All-Star game, except it is MLB Stars vs. Nictoons Stars. Choose either team and to maximize your time, simply bunt every time you are on offense allowing the CPU to throw you out.

Playthrough Four:
Next we will focus on Distance Derby mode. In Distance Derby you must beat any Nicktoons character in a first to 100,000 point contest. You earn points by hitting Home Runs and hitting bonus Targets. The key is to hit 3 Targets in a row, followed by the Stadium Scoreboard for a 30,000 point bonus. Make sure to select a Home Run hitting slugger like Albert Pujols or Ryan Howard. Pretty much any MLB player with a 5-Star Power rating. Once you score 100,000 points and win the Distance Derby, the Achievement unlocks. Next you want to play another Distance Derby game, but this time you want to play it a little differently then you just did. There are baseball cards that you need to acquire from the Distance Derby mode for the 'A Full Deck' Achievement. They require you to hit a certain amount of Targets. If you were to play the game regularly, you would end the game before you hit the required 20 Targets, so you want to make sure that if you hit two targets in a row, to swing and miss a pitch so the consecutive streak bonus resets. Make sure to keep track of how many targets you hit and once you reach 20 simply finish the Distance Derby.

Mop up:
Now comes the grinding part of unlocking Achievements. You need to beat the remaining MLB Teams that you have yet to beat for the 'All-American', 'National Pride' and 'A Full Deck' Achievements. During this time you will also need to play in each of the 6 Nicktoons Stadium and hit a Turbo Home Run in each. As well as turn a Double Play for the 'Twice as Nice' Achievement, win a game with a walk-off Home Run for the 'Walk This Way' Achievement and win a game by only hitting singles for the 'Grinder Ball' Achievement.


[x360a would like to thank TealPavelski for this road map]

Three Up Three Down25
Have a 1, 2, 3 inning with a single pitcher in any single-player mode   

Simply get 3 batters out in any single inning without giving up a hit or walk.

Walk This Way50
Hit a walk-off home run   (1) 

Simply start a 3-inning game as the Home team. Make sure the game is tied going into the bottom of the 3rd inning and hit a Home Run to win the game. Easiest method is to activate Turbo by pressing and then hitting the pitch with or .

*Note: You change the inning length in the options menu.

Quality Start25
Go six or more innings and allow less than four earned runs with your starter   

See 'Perfect Game'.

Complete Game25
Have your starting pitcher go the distance in a 9-inning game   (1) 

See 'Perfect Game'.

Perfect Game100
Pitch a perfect game (9-innings)   (14) 

You must get all 27 Batters faced out without giving up a hit or walk. The easiest method is to choose a pitcher with a 5-Star Fastball like SpongeBob Squarepants. Simply use the Fastball () and make sure to get either a full green pitching meter or a perfect pitching meter. The timing is not very hard and with practice, can be done quite easily. Another good tip is to "work the corners", meaning pitch the ball in the lower corners of the strike zone or on the edges of the batters "Hot Zone", that way if the batter does hit it, it will most likely be a ground ball, which is easier to field and record the out.

*Note: if you pitch a Perfect game, you will also unlock 'Quality Start', 'Complete Game', 'Straight to the Show', 'King of the Hill' and 'Winning Ways'. Cannot be obtained in Showdown mode.

One for the Books50
Have a single pitcher record at least 18 strikeouts in a single game   

if you use the method above for 'Perfect game', you can strike out 18 batters quite easily.

Win by 10 or more runs   (1) 

Just like the pitching meter, hitting is all about timing as well. This Achievement is not as difficult as it sounds. Simply aim your hits by holding the in any direction (left or right is best) and simply use the contact swing () to get hits. If you can get the timing of the CPU pitcher down, hitting is not very difficult and you can score runs at will.

*Note: It is also wise to use your Turbo by pressing the whenever you have runners on the bases and hit as many Home Runs as possible.

Grinder Ball50
Win by only hitting singles    

Much like the 'Walk this Way' Achievement, start a 3-inning game as the Home team. Do not allow the CPU Team to score any runs and in the bottom of the 3rd, simply get 3-4 singles in a row by holding the in any direction (left or right is best) and using the contact swing (). Make sure your players do not run past first base. Simply score 1 run to end the game for the Achievement to unlock.

Straight to the Show25
Win a 9-inning game in a single-player game   (1) 

See 'Perfect Game'.

World Champion50
Win the Tournament   (2) 

Simply win the Tournament. You must play 7 Teams (including the Nicktoons team) and you have to win 2 games per team, so 14 Wins.

*Note: These wins count towards 'All-American', 'National Pride' and 'A Full Deck'.

Twice as Nice25
Pull off a Double Play   (6) 

Simply allow the CPU team to get a runner on first by way of a walk or a hit. Pitch low balls to the next batter in an attempt to get a ground ball to an infielder. Field the ball, throw to second () and then to first ().

*Note: You can also catch a ball in the Outfield, press to activate Turbo and throw the ball back to the base the CPU runner is at in an attempt to double him off.

Got ‘em All50
Hit for the cycle   (1) 

You must get a Single, Double, Triple and Home Run with the same player. There is no way in the game to keep track of what hits your players have, so simply write down what your players have or just focus on one player (IMO, the easiest method).

The Triple is the hardest hit to get because you have to run all the way to 3rd before the CPU throws you out. The best method to get a Triple is to hit a ball into the Left/Center Field or Right/Center field gap and using Turbo, run from first to third.

*Note: Use the to tell your player which base to run towards. I.E., point the to have your runner run from first to second and then point the to have your runner run from second to third. Make sure you are in a 9-inning game so you will have more at-bats/opportunities to get hits.

One Man Wrecking Crew50
Have a single player account for 10 or more RBI in one game   (4) 

You must earn 10 RBI (Runs Batted In) with one player in one game. Simply use the player that you used for the 'Got 'em All' Achievement and it makes it much easier.

*Note: Make sure you are in a 9-inning game so you will have more at-bats/opportunities to get hits.

Spreading the Love25
Have all starters on your team earn at least one hit in Single Player mode   

Simply have all 9 of your batters get at least one hit.

Welcome to the Majors!50
Chase the opposing team's starting pitcher in the first inning   (7) 

Simply score enough runs/get enough hits in the first inning that the CPU changes pitchers. There is no set number of runs/hits for the CPU to change pitchers. It took 9 runs scored for me, but I heard it can be as little as 5 runs scored.

I Make This Look Good25
Hit consecutive home runs with the same player in two at-bats in the same game   

Hit a Home Run with the same player in back-to-back at bats. Activate turbo () to make hitting a Home Run easier.

*Note: You will also unlock 'Hitting for Average'.

King of the Hill25
Make it through a game without falling behind once   

See 'Perfect Game'.

I'm Not That Easy25
Hit a home run with a pitcher   

Simply hit a Home Run with a pitcher. Activate turbo () to make hitting a Home Run easier.

*Note: Can only be achieved with a National League Team as American League Teams use the Designated Hitter.

Winning Ways5
Win a Single-Player Game   

See 'Perfect Game'.

The Final Showdown25
Win a 9-inning game in Showdown Mode   

Simply win a 9-inning Showdown game. The Showdown game mode is not much different from the regular game mode. It is pretty much the All-Star Game with MLB Stars vs. Nicktoons Stars.

Tape Measure Shot15
Win a Distance Derby Round in Single Player   

This is pretty much Home Run Derby, with bonus Targets. Simply hit as many Home Runs and Targets as possible. The best method is to hit 3 targets in a row and then hit the scoreboard for a 30,000 point bonus. The first player to score 100,000 points wins.

Life is Grand25
Hit a Grand Slam   (2) 

Simply hit a Home Run with the Bases loaded. Once the bases are loaded, activate turbo () to make hitting a Home Run easier.

*Note: You will also unlock 'Locked and Loaded'.

Defeat all the American League teams   (2) 

Simply defeat all 14 American League Teams. Print this check-off list to keep track of which teams you have beaten.

American League Teams:

  • Athletics
  • Angels
  • Blue Jays
  • Indians
  • Mariners
  • Orioles
  • Rangers
  • Rays
  • Red Sox
  • Royals
  • Tigers
  • Twins
  • White Sox
  • Yankees
National Pride50
Defeat all the National League teams   (2) 

Simply defeat all 16 National League Teams. Print this check-off list to keep track of which teams you have beaten.

National League Teams:

  • Astros
  • Braves
  • Brewers
  • Cardinals
  • Cubs
  • DiamondBacks
  • Dodgers
  • Giants
  • Marlins
  • Mets
  • Nationals
  • Padres
  • Phillies
  • Pirates
  • Reds
  • Rockies
A Full Deck25
Unlock all baseball cards   (6) 

Simply unlock all 54 baseball cards. The cards are unlocked by doing different tasks such as beating each team, turning a Double Play, hitting 20 targets in Distance Derby, etc. You can check your progress by selecting "Baseball Cards" from the Main Menu.

Throwing Smoke10
Throw a turbo strikeout   

Simply strike out a CPU Batter with a turbo strikeout. Only the final strike needs to be a turbo strike. Activate turbo by pressing .

Under the Sea5
Hit a turbo home run in the Poseidome   

See 'Break a few Eggs'.

The Wind is Blowing Out5
Hit a turbo home run in Air Temple Courtyard   

See 'Break a few Eggs'.

That’s Just Cold, Man!5
Hit a turbo home run in Frosty Freeze Field   

See 'Break a few Eggs'.

Going, Going, Ghost5
Hit a turbo home run in Ghost Zone Stadium   

See 'Break a few Eggs'.

I’ll Take That To Go5
Hit a turbo home run in IRKEN FIELD   

See 'Break a few Eggs'.

Break a Few Eggs5
Hit a turbo home run in Yolkus Stadium   

Hit a Turbo Home Run in each of the 6 Nicktoons Stadiums. Activate turbo by pressing .

Locked and Loaded5
Load the Bases   

See 'Life is Grand'.

Hitting for Average5
Earn a multi-hit game with one player   

See 'I Make This Look Good'.

Squeezed In There30
Gain an RBI from a bunt   

Easiest method is to simply load the bases, bunt by pressing and score the runner from 3rd base.

*Note: Aim your bunt towards the right side of the field by holding the and this will make it harder for the CPU fielder to throw out your runner.

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US September 13, 2011

HDD Space Required : 1.8 GB
Kinect: Required
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