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There are 41 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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+ Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
+ Offline: 41 (1000)
+ Online: 0 (0)
+ Estimated time for 1000: 50-70 hours
+ Minimum playthroughs: 1 full, 2 half, and 1 quick 'beat the final boss' run.
+ Missable achievements: The Sheep Whisperer, Lightspeed Fighter, Legendary Gardener, Boss 'Time Limit' Achievements
+ Glitched achievements: None
+ Cheats disable achievements: No cheats
+ Difficulty affect achievements: Nope!
+ Unobtainable achievements: 0
+ Extra equipment needed?: None
Read the Ending Guide before attempting Ending B to have a general understanding of what will be required to get all endings, and to save yourself the most amount of time.

*General Warning* - Viewing Ending D will ERASE ALL of your saved games. This makes many more achievement's technically 'miss-able', but if you follow my instructions (in the Ending Guide), there is a way to prevent this from hindering your achievement progress. Consider yourself warned!


Ending A: Plan to beat the game in less than 15 hours to earn Lightspeed Fighter. It is recommended that you play on the Normal difficulty (game allows you to change difficulty at any point) or lower to accomplish this. To give you a general idea, I was able to beat the game in a speed run in 7 hours and 30 minutes, which included skipping all text and cut-scenes (and I knew exactly what I was doing). Since its the first time you are playing the game, enjoy the story, but complete a minimal amount of quests and always follow where the red x is telling you to go next. However, to enable gardening and more efficient gardening, you must complete 2 specific quests, so do quests "Shopping List" and "A Return to Shopping" given from the Village's florist ASAP because they can be missed later in the story! If you follow these steps and play on Easy/Normal, you shouldn't have a hard time making 15 hours. At some point in the first 5 hours of the game (because after a certain event, sheep will no longer be found) - save your game and get The Sheep Whisperer. Then load your game directly after it unlocks to ensure you keep a low playtime. At the end of this run, you should have grabbed Call Her Back, Material Hunter, All Aboarded!, and all of the story related achievements.

Ending B: Relax, take your time on this run. Start looking to complete your weapon collection, but don't worry if you missed anything. Explore dungeons, and break every box you come across. Complete at least 30 quests to receive Village Handyman, Jack of All Trades, and Go-To Guy and start earning enough money to get upgrades and buy other quest items. Complete the fishing quests and earn Fish of Legend and A Round by the Pond. Completing this run gets you Lingering Memories.

Ending C: This time you will need to make sure you have 100% weapons (use the Weapons FAQ), earning you Weapons Collector. You can choose to attempt Man of Means, and get 1 million gold BEFORE you buy the remaining weapons, as they cost around 200K. If you haven't gotten Combo Fanatic and Combo Master by now, you should be strong enough to use my second method to get it. You should also be strong enough to plow through all bosses to earn every 'Time Limit' Boss achievement. Completing this run earns you Thank You.

Ending D: During this run, you should focus on earning Wordsmith. Completing this run gets you Something Very Special. prepared with a 'backup' plan (pun intended) before letting the game delete all your saves.

First, tackle the Legendary Gardener achievement. Next, complete many quests and start upgrading every weapon for the three weapon upgrade achievements (these will probably be the last things you get, and are the most time consuming, use this guide for help). Last but not least, if you haven't gotten Man of Means by now, decide if you will earn money via harvesting (recommended), fishing, Junk Heap runs, or remaining quests. Completing all quests should net you around 500K, so you will still need to grind for money. Good luck (you'll need it)!
[x360a would like to thank PeRFeCK for this Road Map]

Combo Fanatic15
Pull off a 50-hit combo.   (1) 
See 'Combo Master' below.
Combo Master30
Pull off a 100-hit combo.   (10) 
These achievements should be fairly easy to pull off. If you need help, here are a few places you can get them. Getting hit stops your combo, so don't get too greedy and dodge accordingly.

1. When you reach the part in the story where you go underneath the mansion, there is a room with a massive amount of shades, at the beginning of Underground Facility: B2. Equip your weakest 1 handed sword and go at it, dodging when needed. If you get hit, die and try again.

2. On your second or third playthrough on your way to the Shadowlord, you should be able to kill the 'reviving pig' in 20 hits or so. Spam your sword and you should be able to kill him while he is reviving, before he hits you. Your weapon attacks faster the higher combo you have, so once you get the first 20-30 hits locked, you should be set.
The Magic Man15
Learn every type of magic.    (4) 
This will come naturally as you progress through the story. Not possible to miss.
Collect 50 percent of all words.    (1) 
You learn words randomly while killing enemies. This will be one of the last achievements you get, and came during my 4th playthrough at level 38. Be patient and it will come with time, you can check your word completion percentage via the menu.
Weapons Collector30
Find every weapon.     (5) 
No weapons are missable! There are a total of 30 weapons. To break it down, it's 13 one-handed swords, 8 two-handed swords, and 9 spears. Many weapons can be bought in shops, although they can be very costly. Two quests, "Disturbing the Sleep of Kings" (given by the King of Facade) and "The Damaged Map" (given by the Village blacksmith) give weapons. Some weapons are found in dungeon boxes, so make sure you smash everything you see. For more detailed information, visit the Weapon Location FAQ.
Village Handyman10
Complete 10 quests.    
See 'Go-To Guy' below.
Jack of All Trades10
Complete 20 quests.    
See 'Go-To Guy' below.
Go-To Guy10
Complete 30 quests.    
You can be picky with the quests that you choose because there are a lot more than 30 available. If you are having trouble finding a quest, go to the pub in the Village and Devola will point you in the right direction. Unfortunately, most quests are time consuming and usually require that you report back to the quest-giver. In addition, there appears to be a limit on accepted quests, once you hit it, you won't see any more quest offers until you complete one.

I recommend you do all of the fishing quests in Seaport because they count towards two other fishing achievements.
Man of Means10
Accumulate 1,000,000 pieces of gold.    (2) 
You must have 1 million gold in your inventory all at once, anything you've spent in the past does NOT count. Check to see how much money you will have after selling all your items, then grind the rest out. You can make money by harvesting (recommended), catching fish (royal fish for 4K each), completing quests, or doing junk heap runs. Since Harvesting is recommended, I will explain it here:
  • Buy 99 rice/wheat seeds and 99 bounty fertilizers from Seaport
  • Fertilize, then plant rice/wheat in all 15 harvesting spots (located next to your house in the Village)
  • Save game
  • Exit the game to the dashboard, advance your system clock by one day (if clock is at 4/25 then go to 4/26)
  • Load game
  • Harvest all 15 spots, sell your items at the Village shop, then repeat.
Since signing into Xbox Live updates your current time, make sure you unplug your Ethernet cable or wireless adapter so you do not sign in.

Rice is worth the most money but you will notice that the game only allows you to carry 99 of one item at once, and you can optimize your time/money output by planting 10 spots with rice and 5 spots with wheat, therefore only having to run to the item shop to sell twice per date change.
Educated Warrior10
Read the final novel segment.    (1) 
This will come naturally as you progress through the story. You obtain it at the beginning of your Ending B run. Not possible to miss.
King of the Lost Shrine10
Defeat a certain boss within two and a half minutes.    (2) 
See "The Strongest Bond" below.
A True Friend10
Defeat a certain boss within one minute.    (1) 
See "The Strongest Bond" below.
Boss of the Junk Heap10
Defeat a certain boss within four and a half minutes.    (1) 
See "The Strongest Bond" below.
Scourge of The Aerie10
Defeat a certain boss within eight and a half minutes.    (1) 
See "The Strongest Bond" below.
Protector of Facade10
Defeat a certain boss within three and a half minutes.    (1) 
See "The Strongest Bond" below.
Permission Granted10
Defeat a certain boss within two and a half minutes.    (1) 
See "The Strongest Bond" below.
A Dirge for the Hero10
Defeat a certain boss within two minutes.    (1) 
See "The Strongest Bond" below.
Soul Crusher10
Defeat a certain boss within three and a half minutes.    (1) 
See "The Strongest Bond" below.
Book Burner10
Defeat a certain boss within one and a half minutes.   (4) 
See "The Strongest Bond" below.
The Once and Final King20
Defeat a certain boss within three and a half minutes.  (1) 
See "The Strongest Bond" below.
The Strongest Bond30
Defeat a certain boss within three and a half minutes.    (5) 
Don't sweat missing these on your first playthrough, they become MUCH easier on later runs when you are a higher level (because you retain your level/weapons). None of the bosses in the early parts of the game have achievements associated with them. Each boss after Kaine gets unfrozen has an achievement associated with it.

Obviously, you are going to want to attempt these achievements on the "easy" difficulty. Learn the boss patterns and make sure you skip all cut-scenes (using ) associated with boss intro/death scenes. I won't really go into Boss strategy because you honestly don't even have to try to get most of these. Each of these achievements should pop after a boss cut-scene ends. If you are worried about missing them, make sure you use the mailbox before each boss to save, and simply load your game if you missed the target.

The last 'time-limit' boss achievement will only be obtainable while going for Ending C or D, and it is a little tougher than the others to obtain due to the massive amount of projectiles. Dodge your way around them and use your weapon to cut through them when you are close. Once you are able to hit her, spam your attack and with a little luck the achievement should pop.
Secret Achievements
The Book of Legend20
Grimoire Weiss joined your party.    
Story related. Not possible to miss.
The Wild Companion20
KainĂ© joined your party.    
Story related. Not possible to miss.
The Mellow Companion10
Emil joined your party.    
Story related. Not possible to miss.
You freed KainĂ© from her petrification.    
Story related. Not possible to miss.
Key Collector20
You unlocked the key to the Shadowlord's castle.    
Story related. Not possible to miss.
A World in Flux10
You defeated the Shadowlord.    
Story related. Not possible to miss.
Call Her Back100
You viewed the first ending (Ending A).    (2) 
Story related. Not possible to miss.
Lingering Memories100
You viewed the second ending (Ending B).     
Story related. Not possible to miss.
Thank You100
You viewed the third ending (Ending C).     
Story related. Not possible to miss.
Something Very Special200
You viewed the fourth ending (Ending D).     (2) 
Read the Ending Guide.

If followed correctly, getting all four ending achievements will require 1 full playthrough, 2 half playthroughs, and 1 quick 'beat the final boss' run.
Legendary Gardener10
You successfully cultivated the legendary flower.    (11) 
Hopefully you have a garden that is a 3x5 grid by completing the quests mentioned in the Road Map, or this could take longer. The "Legendary Flower" is a White Moonflower Seed, you will receive the achievement as soon as you harvest one. You can buy Red, Blue, and Gold Moonflower Seeds in Seaport or other towns. Here are the possible combination's:

Blue + Gold = Indigo
Red + Gold = Peach
Indigo + Red = Pink
Peach + Pink = White

Be aware that a successful plant mix is rare, just like finding rare items. Just knowing the correct formula does not guarantee that it will work. The more chances you give yourself, the better odds you are of successfully mixing the plant.

Theories on mixing plants:
1. Plant both colors directly next to each other.
2. Plant one color, let it die, harvest the seeds, and plant the next color over top of it.

I suggest doing a mix of both. This is an example on how to get White Moonflower Seeds, so replace the colors I use for the formula you need. Get enough Peach and Pink Moonflower Seeds, and plant them as follows:

Pe Pi Pe Pi Pe
Pi Pe Pi Pe Pi
Pe Pi Pe Pi Pe

Save the game, advance the system clock by 2 days. Since signing into Xbox Live updates your clock to the current time, make sure you unplug your Ethernet cable or wireless adapter so you do not sign in. Load your game, harvest all seeds and do it in reverse:

Pi Pe Pi Pe Pi
Pe Pi Pe Pi Pe
Pi Pe Pi Pe Pi

It shouldn't take too long using this method, but keep repeating until you harvest a white moonflower seed and achievement unlocks.
Fish of Legend10
You caught a rhizodont.    
You will need to raise your fishing level to the max by completing all fishing quest (given in Seafront) before being able to catch this fish. Go to the desert fishing spot in the north sandstorm area (will need to advance the story and gain the ability to do this yourself from someone near the King in Facade).

Use the sardine for bait, and make sure you buy enough of them from Seafront before you go. Staring at the end of your fishing pole, you will know you have him (and not a different fish or item) when you see two quick down movements which are not strong. If you see a different pattern, reel in your pole so you don't waste any bait. Once you have him on the line, it will take a good 3 minutes or so to reel him in. Be patient and focus on the movement in the sand so you know which way to hold your analog stick, he moves around quick!
A Round by the Pond10
You caught one of every type of fish.    (2) 
You will want to complete all the fishing quests to raise your fishing level before attempting some of the other fish. Dunkleosteus is the toughest fish to catch. There are many different locations/baits you can use, these are merely suggestions:
  • Sardines (Fishing Quest 1) - Bait: Lugworm - Location: Seafront, Beach by the lighthouse.
  • Blowfish (Fishing Quest 2) - Bait: Lugworm - Location: Seafront, By fishing quest-giver.
  • Rainbow Trout (Fishing Quest 3) - Bait: Lure - Location: Northern Plains, Dock.
  • Bream (Fishing Quest 4) - Bait: Lure - Location: Seafront, By fishing quest-giver.
  • Black Bass (Fishing Quest 5) - Bait: Lure - Location: Village, Dock.
  • Sandfish (Fishing Quest 6) - Bait: Lure - Location: Desert, Dock.
  • Royal Fish (Fishing Quest 7) - Bait: Earthworm - Location: Eastern Road from Village, Lake.
  • Blue Marlin (Fishing Quest 8) - Bait: Lure - Location: Seafront, Dock.
  • Hyneria (Final Fishing Quest) - Bait: Sardine - Location: Desert, Dock.
  • Rhizodont - Bait: Sardine - Location: Desert, Sandstorm fishing spot.
  • Shaman Fish - Bait: Lure - Location: Seafront, Beach by the lighthouse.
  • Giant Catfish - Bait: Lure - Location: Village, Dock.
  • Shark - Bait: Sardine - Location: Seafront, Dock.
  • Carp - Bait: Earthworm - Location: Village, Dock.
  • Dunkleosteus - Bait: Sardine - Location: Seafront, Dock.
For even more information on fishing, check out the Fishing Guide.
Material Hunter10
You collected 50 types of raw materials.    (2) 
You should get this naturally as you beat the game. I got it about half way through my first playthrough. 'Gather' at shining spots on in the world, and kill enemies to 'strip' them of items, or pick them up when they drop them in dungeons.
Upgrade Apprentice10
You upgraded 5 weapons to their maximum level.    
See 'Forging Master' below.
Reform Specialist10
You upgraded 15 weapons to their maximum level.    
See 'Forging Master' below.
Forging Master20
You upgraded 30 weapons to their maximum level.    (8) 
Weapons can be upgraded in the Junk Heap, which is in the north-east of the Northern Plains. There are 30 weapons in the game, so this requires ALL weapons to be upgraded. Upgrading weapons is very time consuming and expensive as each upgrade requires specific parts. The best advice I can give is to never sell any materials because you WILL need them, and grind gathering money. You can buy many materials at the different towns in the world, but many will only come from 'gathering' or enemy drops.

A Weapons Upgrading/Materials Guide can be found here.
A Materials Finding Guide can be found here.

Some materials can be gathered more efficiently by performing the 'load trick'. This trick exploits the fact that loading the game is faster than zoning in and out of an area, and it also resets all harvest points. Below is an example for getting Eagle Eggs:
  • Save game in the Aerie
  • Walk down the lower bridge until you get to the middle section, turn around and look directly at the eagle egg spawn point. double jump to verify if its there or not.
  • If the harvest point doesn't exist, load your game and try again.
  • If the harvest point exists (is flashing), walk over to the gathering point, harvest and cross your fingers.
  • If its not the eagle egg, load your game and try again.
  • If it is the eagle egg, go save your game and load again until you find as many as you need.
All Aboared!10
You rode a boar for at least five minutes.    (1) 
This should come naturally as you play the game. To ride the boar, you must first complete the quest "Boar Hunt!", given by an old man sitting next to the item shop in the Village. Boars are found at the entrance of most towns. If you want to rush this achievement, just sit on the boar idle for 5 minutes.
The Sheep Whisperer10
You killed 100 sheep.    (2) 
The Northern Plains has plenty of sheep to kill at the beginning of the game. If you kill them all, zone out and come back to respawn them. Once you pass a certain plot point, they will be replaced by goats and are not found anywhere else. I recommend that you don't overwrite an early save on purpose to allow yourself to go back and finish this achievement off, so you don't waste any time if you are going for the 15 hour achievement.
Lightspeed Fighter10
You completed the game within fifteen hours.    (5) 
Since earning the full score only requires one full playthrough, I recommended you do this on your first run. This means you should not be fighting every shade, and things will be easier if you choose the "easy" difficulty. Further endings start you on the last half of the game, but retain all previous play time, so it will not be possible to get this while getting the other endings. You can check your play time in the "Memo" tab of Grimoire Weiss, by picking "Status".

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US April 27, 2010
Europe April 23, 2010

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