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Ninety Nine Nights II (Korea) Achievement Guide

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There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 5
-Offline: 41(800)
-Online: 9(200)
-Approximate amount of time to 1000~40h
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1, but 2 recommended with some orb grinding
-Number of missable achievements: None
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? No Cheats known
-Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes, 1 achievement requires to beat all campaigns on hard
-Glitchy achievements: None
-Unobtainable achievements: None
-Extra equipment needed? No equipment needed

Welcome to Ninety Nine Nights2 or short N3 2. It is a fantasy hack n' slay with huge amounts of enemies to slay, but enough storyline to get an enjoyable game with a bit repipetive mission design. To get the full 1000 you have to beat all campaigns on hard and find some collectibles in form of accessories and color variations for our heroes. If you follow this guide, it is not challenging to complete the game, but may need some dedication to follow the accessory guide and stomach the 2nd run on hard.

Step#1: Singleplayer playthrough on easy OR online achievements
Since this is released quite a while, you can choose whether to beat the game on easy first(normal can be frustrating with a "low level" character and bad equipment or find someone who pulls you through the 5 online modes. If you decide to beat the game first, you can earn most of the achievements and you should focus on collecting the accessories for an easy live on hard. Check the achievement Berserker for a tested great set of skills. I recommend to find someone who helps you with the modes "Hell First" and "Hell Second" in its first iteration to obtain the accessory "Drain Soul"(more orbs per kill once it is leveled to at least 3) and beating the Escort missions to get "Ethereal"(considerable shorter cooldown for all skills on level 5). Then finish the 5 campaigns on easy.

Step#2: The remaining part of step#1
Depending of what you've done so far, either finish the single player or the online modes. If you need someone for coop try to look in this thread for help.

Step#3: Playthrough on Hard
First you need to know, you don't need to start from scratch. Just change the difficulty to "Hard" in the options and continue with your savegame you've been using until now. With a good equipped character(refer to the achievement "Berserker"for more Information) you can tackle the last run through the game. Once you are done with all campaigns you should've completed N3 2.

Mop up:
If you are still missing some achievements please check the corresponding ones in the guide on how to unlock them. 

Overall the game doesn't need too much time and skill to complete, so if you looking for some relaxing action and a quite quick 1000 you found the right game.

Celestial Wolf20
Battle your way through the game with a hero.    

Galen will be the first playable character and once you meet the other characters during the campaign, you can either complete this campaign or mix with the others.

This campaign consists of 10 missions:
- Orphea Castle Gates
- Verdei Keep
- Tramont
- Fort Seratem
- Crystal Cave
- Colunei Canyon
- The Behemoth
- Twilight Wastelands
- Orphea Castle Interior
- Dark Judgment

Guardian of the Elders20
Battle your way through the game with a hero.    

Sephia will be the second playable character. You can play with her after Galen's first mission (Orphea Castle Gates).

This campaign consists of 5 missions:
- Orphea Castle Dungeon
- Holy Mountain
- Cavern of Queens
- Twilight Wastelands
- Sin

Battle your way through the game with a hero.    

Zazi will be the third playable character. You can play with her after Galen's third mission(Tramont).

This campaign consists of 6 missions:
- Feydei Road
- Tramont
- Holy Mountain
- Colunei Canyon
- Verdei Keep Defenses
- Orphea Castle Interior

Battle your way through the game with a hero.    

Levv will be the fifth playable character. You can play with him after Galen's fourth mission().

This campaign consists of 5 missions:
- Fort Seratem
- Crystal Cave
- Colunei Canyon
- Fort Seratem Defense
- Orphea Castle Interior

King of Thieves20
Battle your way through the game with a hero.    

Maggni will be the fourth playable character. You can play with him after Galen's third mission(Tramont).

This campaign consists of 6 missions:
- Forest of the Lost
- Tramont
- Crystal Cave
- Colunei Canyon
- Tramont Defense
- Orphea Castle Gates

Battle your way through the game with all the heroes.    

Once you completed all campaigns regardless of difficulty setting you earn this achievement.

Battle your way through the game with the difficulty set at high    

You have to beat every campaign again on hard, of course you can use your savegame with the leveled characters and skills. Using the following skill set will allow you to plough through the game with ease. There only a few tricky parts as the Keep/town defenses and Levv's boss fight in Seratem Defense and Maggni's Orphea Castle Defense.

1. Use these accessories and weapons(of course everything is maxed out)

- Lightning Bolt (found in Levv's Crystal Cave)
- Radiant Sphere (found in Galen' Colunei Canyon)
- Prism Ray (automaticly once Sephia finishes Cavern of Queens)
- Ice Storm (found in Maggni's Forest of the Lost or Quake)

- Virtue (found in Galen's Orphea Castle Gates)
- Magic Empower (found in Sephia's Orphea Castle Dungeon)
- Ethereal (Complete Network mode Escort level 2)
- Quick Magic or Quick Draw or anything else you like

- Galen: Storm Blades
- Sephia: Zephyr
- Zazi: Eternal Fate, since I don't the rest of them usefull for the selected skills
- Levv: More or less all weapons are useful, depends on what you prefer
- Maggni: If you want to use many melee skills with him use Bone Breaker or Berserker. Otherwise Titan of Doom is just fine

2. Once you've beaten all campaigns and the achievement doesn't unlock, check the mission stats on each mission. The score displayed depends on difficulty and it should be easy to find the mission you missed to replay.

Achieve several top ranks.   

You need 20% A ranks to unlock this. Once you finish every of Galen's missions with a Rank on one! difficulty you unlock this. To get an A rank you just simply have to kill more or less everything in your way and avoid to die. Time is another factor, but it is not important. Getting an A rank is much easier than in N3 1.

Achieve a numerous top ranks.   

You unlock this with ~2,5 complete campaigns on A rank equal to 50%.

Achieve a majority of the top ranks.   

After you finished your fourth campaign complete with A ranks equal to 80%, this achievement is yours.

Master Performer10
Equip all active slots.   

If you find all accessories in Galen's first two missions, you have enough to equip 4 active skills.

Mind Over Matter10
Equip all passive slots   

At least after Galen's third mission you should have enough accessories to equip 4 passive skills if you find every accessory.

Fully Armed10
Equip accessories in all accessory slots.   

Equip 4 active and 4 passive skills and you unlock this achievement.

Light Collector10
Obtain 20% of all accessories.    

If you follow the walkthrough from Mahalo and collect every Accessory on your way you will unlock this before you finish Galen's campaign.

Moderate Collector20
Obtain 50% of all accessories.    

If you follow the walkthrough from Mahalo and collect every Accessory on your way you will unlock this before you finish Zazi's campaign.

Avid Collector20
Obtain 80% of all accessories.    

There are a total of 53 active and 46 passive accessories in the game including the ones you earn through network mode. 
If you follow the walkthrough from Mahalo and collect every Accessory on your way you will unlock this before you finish Levv's campaign.

Level Up!10
Raise your character's experience.   

To level up your character you must spend orbs in the raise stats menu. The first character level costs 1000 orbs.

Blacksmith Apprentice10
Raise your weapon level.   

To level up a weapon is the same as leveling up the character. Costs depend on high the initial weapon level is.

Master Blacksmith10
Raise your weapon level to the maximum level.   

You must level one of the weapons you collect in the campaign to level 10. Chose wisely which weapon you use because it is quite expensive and they only differ in the bonus attribute. Attack strength is same for all in the end, except the weapons you earn through network mode. These are level 10 from the beginning but do weaker damage compared to a fully leveled weapon in the end. Getting an online weapon doesn't count for this achievement.

Designer Apprentice10
Raise your accessory level.   

Level an accessory like you level up a weapon or a character. Costs depend on how good the item is.

Master Designer10
Raise your accessory level to the maximum level.   

Maximum level for accessories is level 5. If you level "Virtue" which is highly recommended you should be able to max it out after the 2nd or 3rd mission.

Ground Fighter20
Score 1000 hits.   

You need to pull off a combo with 1000 hits, shouldn't pose much of a problem. Just remember that without an specific accessory your combo ends ~3 seconds after the last successful hit. First spot to earn this is in Galen's first mission. Once you are through the first gate and your objective is to destroy the summoning towers, just stay in the middle of the map and kill the hordes of monsters. However don't kill too fast or you run out on enemies and your combo will end.

Ground Master30
Score 3,000 hits.   

If you have some patience you earn this in the same place as the 1000 hit combo, it just takes a few minutes until you reach 3000 hits. But there are several places with more or less infinite spawns that you can abuse during the campaigns. The first would be in Galen's approach to Orphea Castle as written in "Ground Fighter".

Air Fighter20
Score 1000 hits while in the air.  

The description is misleading. You don't need to air juggle enemies and pummel them while in midair, it suffices to mash  with Galen in a group of enemies and most of the time you score some hits on airborne enemies without recognizing it. Another good is way is to level the skill "Quake" and use it in a big group of enemies. Even with Quake on level 1 it is a piece of cake, it just takes a bit longer and the hits don't have to be consecutive. You may earn the achievement in Galen's second or third mission.

Air Master30
Score 3,000 hits while in the air.   

You should unlock this during Galen's campaign if you use Quake in groups of enemies on a regular basis.

Wail of Wrath20
Defeat an enemy with the highest orb spark level.   

As you fight enemies you will up your blue gauge below your health gauge. Once it is completely full, press and hold  and move  from left to right in rapid succession once a gauge in the middle of the screen appears to unleash powerful move to kill weak enemies.

Dance of Delusion20
Defeat an enemy with the highest orb attack level.   

Similar to an orb spark attack, but once the orb gauge is full only tap :rb and hack away with either  or  until you finish the sequence with a nice signature move.

Respect for Individuality10
Use a unique character action.    

You execute a unique characater action with pressing  and you are prompted in every campaign to do that, to advance in certain missions.

Learning Skills10
Execute a skill attack.   

To execute a skill attack you must have accessories equipped in your character's active slots. Then during a mission press  + ,, or  and you have one more achievement.

Chain of Skills20
Use your skills 100 times.   

Using your skills 100 times will come naturally during the game and should unlock during your first or second campaign if you use them frequently.

Transcended Technique30
Use your skills 500 times.   

Sounds much, but you will definetly get this during your first playthrough if you use them frequently.

Observant Eye20
Perform 100 flash attacks.   

To perform a flash attack you have two options. 1st block an enemy attack with pressing  and once you see a small white animation during the block mash . The easier way is fighting shielded enemies. Just hit their shields with  until it moves aside they look stunned. Now mash  and maybe you can chain several flash attacks depending how many shielded enemies are around you. Best way to farm them is Survival level 2 as there spawn legions of shielded enemies.

Master of Insight30
Perform 300 flash attacks.   

Just replay Survival level 2 a few times with a partner and you will get it in 3-4 runs.

Iron Clad20
Block 100 attacks.   

Easy as it sounds, just block 100 attacks with . Best spot to do this is in the mission Crystal Caves. You will pass through a section with several torn down Pillars you have to cross a dried out canal. On each side of the canal are archers. Nothing special, but they shoot all at the same time so you can get ~15-20blocks per arrow wave they shoot. Just stand there and block all the time and you will be done in a few minutes.

Block 300 attacks.   

Use the spot and tactic written in "Iron Clad" to unlock this.

Hair's Breadth20
Evade 100 attacks.   

To evade you must dodge an enemy attack with  + moving the  in a direction. Best way to farm it is using a roll after each complete attack combo as example  +  or just stand in a crowd of enemies and dodge through. I obtained 100 evades during the fight against the Lord of Night with Galen. 

Evade 300 attacks.   

This one took longer, nearly the whole first playthrough to get. You can try to dodge arrows in the Crystal Cave, but it is not confirmed if it works.

Break open a treasure chest.   

You will find Chests in every map, they contain either orbs, weapons or accessories. You will find the several in Galen's first mission, for example in the western most part in the map where you get trapped.

Time Out5
Obtain a recovery item.   

Recovery items are either in vases like the achievement tile or randomly drop from the Giant troops. Green replenish health and blue your orb gauge.

Enter the Maze20
Complete a stage in network mode.   

Just finish any stage with a coop partner you earn this.

Eternal Maze20
Battle your way through network mode.   

Once you finished 50% of all stages you unlock this achievement. To make this an easy one at least one should have the skill set used for the hard playthrough with an exception for the mode "Maze" where you are seperated and survival 4 +5 in which you face hordes of strong enemies. You should both use the skill set mentioned above.

Full-Fledged Adventurer30
Use the leaderboard.   

After the first completed stage in network mode you upload your score and resulting in this achievement.

Secret Achievements
Chameleon Apprentice10
Obtained a character color variation.    

Just find one color variation. The first is in Tramont in Galen's campaign. After you finish the first altar, advance to the small portion of the map northwest of it. The black ghost there(it is its real name) will drop it, but it can be invisible for short durations, so wait until it appears and just spam attacks until you kill it.

Master Chameleon20
Obtained character color variations for all characters.    

You have to find every color variation for all characters. Here is a list in which mission you find one of the 4 colors for each character.

- Red(default)
- White
- Black
- Gold

First Costume Color is in Tramont. Near the start of the level, hug the left hand side of the linear path till you find another small route leading off to the west. At the dead-end there you'll find a big mob of Horsemen and a Black Ghost.

Second Costume Color is in Colunei Canyon. You have to play the level wit Zazi and lower a brigde with her aimed crossbow shot. After beating the "Battle your way out" mission, enter through the doorway below the stairs and head eastward to the bridge leading to the easternmost point on the map; the bridge Zazi lowered back in her level will be down, allowing you the chance to cross to the other side and find a Black Ghost amongst the Swordsmen and Wizards.

Third Costume Color is in the Orphea Castle Interior. After surviving the "Defeat all wizards" bonus mission, you'll be able to kill a nearby Black Ghost. 

- Red(default)
- Green
- Black
- Gold

First Costume Color is in Orphea Castle Dungeon. On your way towards the easternmost chain of Angel Statues you must rotate to open the final light seal, you will see a rolling boulder. Follow it up a series of stairs to a new area, dodging all the boulders in your path. Keep following the path and it will eventually terminate in an area with two Angel Statues. Use them to open the northernmost light seal door; inside is a horde of Harpies and a Black Ghost. Kill the Black Ghost.

Second Costume Color is in Holy Mountain. First, you must have played through the level as Zazi and you must have lowered the bridge that lets you reach the "Defeat the cavalry captain" mission. If so, the bridge will be lowered for Sephia when she plays the level; cross the bridge, destroy all the summoning towers and kill the enemies, then look for a small building nearby with a seal flame. Have Sephia destroy it and enter to find a Black Ghost inside. 

Third Costume Color is in Twilight Wasteland. Before going into the bottommost field near the boss fight (where you have the last huge summoning tower battle), go north into the dead-end to find a big squadron of Ghosts. Hidden among them is a Black Ghost, however, there are reports that this one is glitched, specifically that the Costume Color sometimes does not get dropped. If you don't get it, try suiciding back to a checkpoint.

- Blue(default)
- Red
- Black
- Gold

First Costume Color is in Tramont. After surviving the "Defeat the Ambushers" mission, kill that pesky Black Ghost that was firing shots from behind the forcefield

Second Costume Color is in Verdei Keep Defense. From where you do the "Rescue the allies" mission, look around south for a set of stairs leading down to a gate. The trigger crystal is behind the gate; shoot it to open the gate and head inside to find a room filled with crates and stone blocks. After collecting the Dark Reaper, a horde of enemies will appear in the room you are in, including a bunch of Ghosts. One of the Ghosts is a Black Ghost.

Third Costume Color is in Orphea Castle Interior. Right after beating "Destroy the summoning towers (2)", you will enter a circular room, and the next room after is a hall filled with Magic Cannons. As you enter the hall, look up and shoot a trigger crystal on a ledge to open a secret door in the circular room. Inside is a mob of Elite Ghosts and an Elite Wizard, summoning tower, and Harpies will attack from behind; in a dead-end next to the Elite Ghosts is a lurking Black Ghost. 

- Purple(default)
- Red
- Black
- Gold

First Costume Color is in Fort Seratem. You need to have played through this level as Galen first, and have smashed open the tower near the fleshy tentacle gantlet using Galen's unique ability. If so, the wall will still be smashed open when Levv plays the level; enter and drop down the shaft to find a Black Ghost wandering around down there.

Second Costume Color is in Fort Seratem Defense. One of the Ghosts in the "Escape the trap" bonus mission is a Black Ghost and drops the Costume Color.

Third Costume Color is in Orphea Caste Interior. Before you enter the throne room door that begins the boss battle, go directly right from it down the steps to find a group of Ghosts; one of them is a Black Ghost.

- Red(default)
- Blue
- Black
- Green

First Costume Color is in Forest of the Lost. After killing the enemy captain, go south and look for a slab Maggni can move aside to reveal a small secret area. Kill the Black Ghost lurking around there. 

Second Costume Color is in Crystal Cave. You must have played through this level as Galen and you must have smashed all the symbol-covered rocks in what will be the eastern area of Maggni's version of this level. If so, as Maggni, go almost directly east of the giant block you push to access the north-easternmost escape route to find a small pushable block. Use it to jump to the nearby ledge and shove the large block up there aside to reveal a small corridor. If you smashed the right rocks as Galen, Maggni will be able to enter the corridor and find a Black Ghost inside a secret area.

Third Costume Color is in Colunei Canyon. You need to have beaten this level as Zazi. Once you do, progress to and beat the "Wipe out the Giant troops" mission. The route to the ruins will now be available, and the bridge Zazi lowered will still be down. Enter the ruins and head to the central area with the twin stairs to find a Black Ghost just sitting there. Beware, the ruins are crawling with Red Wizards who will flood the whole building with Giants and Red Giants unless you kill them first.

Obtained Galen's level 5 weapon.   

Beat all 5 Survival levels in network mode. Each level consists of 3 waves which are each hordes of enemies. The first 3 levels are quite easy, but level 4 and 5 confronts you with lots of exploding and fire breathing enemies, Lightning Bolt, Radiant Sphere and Prism Ray are mandatory here.

Light Dancer20
Obtained Sephia's level 5 weapon.   

Once you beat all 3 iterations of "Hell First" and "Hell Second" you get this weapon. If the enemies are too strong or annoying, you can run through most part of the level, but at least someone should have the skill set used for hard.

Shadow Dancer20
Obtained Zazi's level 5 weapon.   

Beat all stages of Maze. It has 3 iterations with the same map, but enemies will replaced with stronger versions in each level. Once you found the way through it the first time, you won't have much problems if you are both good equipped and leveled. As advise you will encounter stone barriers you have destroy with simple attacks or skills and not Galen's personal action.

Servant of Destruction20
Obtained Levv's level 5 weapon.   

Finish all stages of "Race". Basicly let one do the necessary kills to advance and then kill everything on your way to finish the level. It has as well 3 iterations.

Fist of Judgment20
Obtained Maggni's level 5 weapon.   

Finish all levels of "Escort". You are seperated and have to escort a legion of elven soldiers to the plaza in the middle of the map. Once there you have to fight a final big battle against spawning hordes.

Five Weapons of Lore30
Obtained all level 5 weapons.   

Unlocks with the last completed stage in network mode.

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