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There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
-Offline: 50 (1000 )
-Online: 0
-Estimated time for 1000 : 15-30 hours
-Minimum playthroughs: 1 (2+ recommended)
-Missable achievements: 0
-Glitched achievements: 0
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes, you have to beat Hard to get the final Emblem

It is a lot easier as Ninja Gaiden II, even hard should be no problem with upgraded Swords and full Life + Chi gauge. Only the first encounter with the Bosses can be hard, since you have to get used to them and find the right Sword and strategy. The game has a glitch, which is patched now, if you can access XBL. For those who play without XBL at all read the For Offline Gamers parts.

I recommend doing minimum 2 playthroughs, since playing Hard with the Level 5 Stonerender is really easy, but most likely you have to do a few more replays on some missions to get an A+ rating or finish the specific mission with one sword in the end. For Offline Gamers: You can replay any mission but should only do Mission 9, if you are 120% sure that you have 0 Retrys on all Missions and A+ Completion Score and a lot of A+ in the subscores. The Overall Scorestats become glitched once you beat Mission 9 and replay any mission after that. Since one Outfit is tied to "Ninja School Valedictorian" and one Emblem is tied to "Your work is done" you won't get "Walk-In Closet" and "Brings out your Eyes" either, if you don't get the first two achievements after Mission 9.

Step #1 Normal Difficulty + Collectibles + Improving Score if necessary
Play through the game on Normal, upgrade your Stonerender and Dual Knives first, since Oni Slayer Blade makes less damage than Stonerender and isn't as protective like the Dual Knives. You can get most of the Missions done with just the Stonerender/Dual Knives, reducing your mop up replays. Collect everything as you play through the game with this list.
For Offline Gamers:
Once done with Mission 8, double check your Mission Stats having in all eight Retry Count 0 and Completion Score A+ and all Sub Scores A+. You need 50000 Overall Completion Score to unlock Ninja School, if you don't want to rely on your luck with the glitch. Beat Mission 9, enjoy the end and several achievements unlocking along with two Outfits and several Emblems.
If you haven't unlocked "Ninja School" and "Your work is done" start a new Save file and begin again.

Step #2 Hard Difficulty + Mission Challenges
Now that you have all 9 Shinobi Moji, start Mission 5 defeat the Blastmite. After Kuroh's Speech, go into the Cave to the left and collect the Moonlight Sword. Change difficulty to Hard (QTE difficulty doesn't matter) and replay the all Missions preferably only using one sword during a mission. Using the Moonlight's ,(hold) attack with Ninja Vision deals massive damage to bosses and makes Mission 9 a lot easier. After you've finished this run, you unlock the Plasma Shield Ninjutsu (do Mission 8 with Level 2 Plasma Shield before upgrading it to level 3). Switch back to Normal or Easy and you can do the Mission Challenges easily, with everything maxed out.

Step #3 Mop up
You should have most of the Achievements now. The only thing left to do is replaying all Missions with just one sword used for attacking and maybe some miscellaneous achievements like "deflect 20 bullets", raising the Overall Completion Score to 50k+, or getting some emblems you missed.

After all not a hard game to complete, but you have to invest some time for the full 1000. If you successfully unlocked Ninja School and Work is Done in Step 1, there is nothing much to worry about after that. If you started the game on normal/hard and you don't get the achievement for beating the difficulty, check in the options if the game has switched to easy.
x360a would like to thank Cra for this Road Map

Good Job40
Complete all missions on Normal or higher game difficulty.      (1) 

See Musashi's Way

It Slices! It Dices! 10
Upgrade a sword.   

See Hattori Hanzo Achievement Award

Enter the Way of the Ninja10
Upgrade Ninjutsu.   

See Snatch the Pebble

How Ya Like Me Now?!10
Complete a Todomé attack.    

A Todomé attack is nothing but a Quicktime Event to finish a boss. You initiate it by pressing after the Boss's hitpoints are at zero. You can get this by killing the Pox Giant in Mission One.

Yes, I Am That Good.10
Achieve a 10 Hit Combo.   (1) 
See Showboat
Not Too Shabby10
Achieve a 3 Kill Combo.   

See Show-Off

Let Off Some Steam10
Use the Cyclone Shuriken to put out a fire.    

During Mission One you will learn how to use Ninjutsu. Go near the fire blocking the path and press .

Burn, Baby, Burn10
Use the Flame Shuriken to set an enemy on fire.   

In Mission Two you will enter a dark room. On the right side is a plant that is highlighted in green in Ninja Vision. Set the plant on fire.

Lightning Strikes Twice10
Use the Lightning Shuriken to charge the surface of water and shock an enemy.   

Mission Three: You will encounter two Gunners behind large metal bars - you will see them in the cutscene. Just throw the Lightning shuriken and they will be shocked.

I'm Rubber and You're Glue10
Deflect an enemy's projectile.   
See Ya can't touch this
Nothing Left But the Dying10
Complete a Finish Attack.   

See One With The Blade

Chewy on the Inside10
Destroy a piece of armor.    (1) 

You will receive your third sword during Mission One. This should pop up after you get the Stonerender and break the shield of the Carrier waiting in the room.

Gotta Get Them All10
Find a Shinobi Moji.    

See Brings out your Eyes

Sharp Dressed Man10
Find an outfit.    

See Brings out your Eyes

Bling or Flair?10
Find an emblem.    

See Brings out your Eyes

Hattori Hanzo Achievement Award20
Upgraded all swords to their maximum level.   

Each sword has five levels. Upgrade to level four is standard and the price for upgrading is the same on Normal and Hard, but level five is unlocked as follows:

Level 5 Oni Blade: Available after Mission Eight.
Level 5 Dual Knives: Unlocked after getting Completion Score A/A+ in every Mission
Level 5 Stonerender: Collect all shinobi moji, then start Mission 5, kill the first boss of the level. After the little speech, head straight forward. Turn left to the first opening you see and the sword will be there.
If you upgrade the last sword in the briefing screen, it will unlock once you start a mission. Don't worry about getting orbs, they come during naturally during the game.

Snatch the Pebble20
Upgraded all Ninjutsu to their maximum level.   

Each Ninjustsu has three levels. You get the first three during the Missions 1-3 and the 4th by beating the game on Hard.

I Think I'll Go for a Walk30
Max out the Health Gauge.」    

See Brings out your Eyes

"Feel it flow through you."30
Max out the Chi Gauge.    (1) 

See Brings out your Eyes

Almost There15
Find 50% of the Shinobi Moji.    (1) 

See Brings out your Eyes

Complete Set30
Find all the Shinobi Moji.    

See Brings out your Eyes

Walk-in Closet30
Collect all the outfits.    (1) 

See Brings out your Eyes

Brings Out Your Eyes30
Collect all emblems.    

Click HERE for a detailed list of all 12 Health/Chi Pieces, all 20 Outfits, and all the Emblems.

Ya Can't Touch This15
Deflect 20 projectiles.   

The fastest way to do is in Mission 1. You'll come to and area with six Gunners and they will fire projectiles at you. With good timing, you can deflect them with or . It is a lot easier with the dual knives, using + to deflect. When you have the Lightning Shuriken you can use the standard move and create a "barrier" against projectiles, which reflects them. You can also just play through the game normally and you will likely unlock it as you go.

One with the Blade15
Kill 25 enemies with the Finish Attack move.   

During Mission 1 you will learn that you can finish enemies with pressing when their hitpoints are low. This triggers a two-button Quicktime Event. Simply kill 25 enemies over the course of the game in this manner.

Mission.001: Speed Demon15
Complete Mission 001 within 30 minutes.   

The key is being familiar with the bosses, so that you can defeat them quickly. Upgrading your weapons as much as possible will also be very helpful. I recommend using the Moonlight Sword (Level 5 Stonerender).

Mission.002: Master of Style15
Complete Mission 002 with more than 20 Finish Attacks.   

You can get some easy Finish Attacks against the Impaler Leech and the Slime Chopper. The gray unshielded ones and the Gunners can both be finished after one hit with a Level 4 Stonerender.

Mission.003: Hit Combo Fever15
Complete Mission 003 with a Max Hit Combo above 30.   

Easily done in the area where you have to fight bats along with multiple carriers at once. Do it either with Cyclone Shuriken or Dual Knives.

Mission.004: Ninja Sky Marshall 15
Complete Mission 004 with less than 30% jet plane damage.   

Just get to the final fight with all 3 Hydraheads (Hydra Thundecore) where you have push the Hydra off the plane and die. Health is full again and now finish the fight!

Mission.005: Nick of Time15
Complete Mission 005 within 40 minutes.   

Once you get all shinobi moji you'll be able to get the Moonlight Sword after you defeated the first Blastmite. After Kuroh held his little speech you regain control over Ken. Now head straight forward and turn left to the opening. There will be a passage. Go in acquire the weapon and the Mission ends.

Mission.006: You Want Some?15
Complete Mission 006 with a Max Kill Combo above 10.   

I did this after Kuroh begins to ring the Gong and fighting the two Pox Giants. Some Bats appear and just kill the swarm with Cyclone shuriken equipped and pressing .

Mission.007: Back in a Flash15
Complete Mission 007 within 50 minutes.   (2) 

Try to avoid unnecessary fights. Just grapple your way through the caves and defeat the bosses. Even if the message appears to kill all carriers, you just need to kill the bosses. There are 4 Bossfights. For the Cyclone shuriken you fight the yakuza pair. After that the first version of the Pox Giant for the Fire shuriken and then finally the Crab to receive the Lightning shuriken. Final boss is a Arachne.

Mission.008: Only a Flesh Wound15
Complete Mission 008 without taking 1000 points of damage.   

Once you complete the game on hard difficulty you unlock the 4th ninjutsu. This gives you a protective aura. Beat the mission on normal and reload manually if you take too much damage. Using Adrenalin Boosts and swapping swords to avoid the overtime damage by the Ninja Blade will help.

Mission.009: That Just Happened!15
Complete Mission 009 without retrying.   

This can be tough, so proceed with caution. Kill all the Gunners from a safe distance to avoid getting knocked over an edge and use the Ninja Blade's (first run)/Moonlight Sword's ,(hold) attack to defeat the Bosses.

Ninja School Valedictorian75
Achieve a Total Play Result A+ ranking.   (2) 

See Your Work is Done

Musashi's Way50
Complete all missions on Hard or higher game difficulty.     

Complete all missions with the difficulty changed to Hard. Do the first eight missions and then Mission Nine. If you have done Mission Nine prior to the rest, in some cases you have to beat it again for the achievement to unlock. Quicktime Event difficulty can be set to normal.

Your Work Is Done20
Complete all missions without retrying.   

In most cases, this achievement is impossible to unlock if you don't get it in your first try, due to a glitch in the overall Stats after you replay a Mission on a "Completed Savegame". Before you attempt Mission 9, make sure you have beaten all eight missions with no retrys, A+ completion Score and a lot of A+ in the subscores in the Mission Score menu.

A Perfect 1020
Achieve 10 "Perfect" button presses in a row during a Quick Time Event.   (3) 

Contrary to the description you have to do twenty in row. A perfect press is when the outer ring passes the outer line of the shown image.

The first 6 inputs in Mission 1 are:

2*2 Flying Demons, Dodge against Pox Giant

If you get these six perfects, battle the Pox Giant. Let yourself grab fourteen more times and the achievement will pop up. Or do the whole twenty times with the grabs, but you will need one or two first aid sprays to survive it, if you haven't upgraded your Health gauge.

"...And that's all I need."20
Complete all missions using only one of the swords to attack.   (2) 

To get this achievement you have to use just a single sword from your 3 available during a mission. Of course you can use Ninjutsu, switch Swords to break a wall or grapple, but don't fight with other Swords. Difficulty Setting doesn't matter and the achievement is cumulative.

Here is a small list for an easy playthrough:
Mission 1: Stonerender
Mission 2: Stonerender
Mission 3: Stonerender
Mission 4: Dual Knives
Mission 5: Stonerender
Mission 6: Stonerender or Dual Knives
Mission 7: Stonerender
Mission 8: Ninja Blade
Mission 9: Stonerender (Level 5) or Ninja Blade

Achieve a 100 Hit Combo.   (1) 

The 100 hit combo is easily done on the last mission against any of the worms. Just start shooting with the machine gun, press for ninja when reloading then cancel ninja vision and continue to shoot. It takes around fifteen seconds for the 100 hit combo.

Achieve a 50 Kill Combo.   

In the first mission, chase the spider type carrier after you get the falcon knives. Grapple hook to the next building, run up the wall and you'll see two groups of bats. Approach the one near the spider slowly. They will start flying towards you. Now head backwards to the first group. Wait until most of the 60 Bats have surrounded you and use Cyclone shuriken to kill them in an instant.

Secret Achievements
Only a Ninja Can Stop a Ninja25
Completed Mission 001 on any difficulty.    

Story related, unlocks after beating the mission.

Two-Wheel Daredevil25
Completed Mission 002 on any difficulty.    

Story related, unlocks after beating the mission.

Family Ties 25
Completed Mission 003 on any difficulty    

Story related, unlocks after beating the mission.

In the Event of an Emergency... 25
Completed Mission 004 on any difficulty    

Story related, unlocks after beating the mission.

There's Always a Bigger Bug 25
Completed Mission 005 on any difficulty    

Story related, unlocks after beating the mission.

Oni Hanzo 25
Completed Mission 006 on any difficulty    

Story related, unlocks after beating the mission.

Déjà Vu 25
Completed Mission 007 on any difficulty    

Story related, unlocks after beating the mission.

Prepare for Glory 25
Completed Mission 008 on any difficulty    

Story related, unlocks after beating the mission.

Pass the Torch 25
Completed Mission 009 on any difficulty    

Story related, unlocks after beating the mission.

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Europe April 03, 2009

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