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Vanquished Alexei15
Defeat Alexei in battle.
This is a story related achievement. You will encounter Alexi at the end of Chapter 4, "A Captive Goddess". This chapter is also the first, but not last, time that you will have to fight a sub-boss in the chapter before you get to the primary boss at the end.

Sub-Boss: Godomus
Final Smash: This is his opening attack. He will raise his fist and slam it on the ground. All you have to do is quickly run or dash away.

Quick Punch: He will just punch in front of him really fast. If you're not in front of him, which you shouldn't be, then it won't hurt you at all.

Shock Wave: He will lower down on all fours and spray a massive sound blast directly in front of him. You have to quickly dash to the side to avoid it.

Swipe: If you're behind him, he will turn around with a punch. It isn't easy to avoid, but you can block it, so do so and then dash to get back behind him again.

Shock Wave 2.0: This is not as powerful as the first one. If you are near him, he will slam both fists on the ground and create a shock wave around him. You can dash away from him when you see him lift his fists.

Strategy: The fastest way to win this battle is to get just behind his legs and slash away with a mixture of light and heavy attacks. Keep an eye out for the attacks mentioned above, especially the swipe. Since you're going to be hanging out behind him, expect to see this move a lot. Block it and dash behind him to continue the assault. Once he's stunned, attack his head with a  attack to trigger the final Obliteration Technique.

Boss: Alexi
Whirlwind: Alexi starts spinning around and creates a tornado that can track you. Just continuously run and dash away from it until he stops.

Grab: This is easily his most dangerous attack. It has no start up and he just darts across the screen to grab you. Fortunately, he doesn't track you on this attack, so if you keep moving, he'll end up dashing behind you and missing you altogether. He's open for a moment after the dash, so it's a good time to get a quick combo in.

Electric Projectiles: Alexi will fly outside the map and fire a continuous stream of spherical electric projectiles at you. You'll have to keep dodging them until he stops. This is one of the only times that he's reliably vulnerable to ninpo attacks, so feel free to hit him with Art of the Inferno if you like.

Melee Combos: You can block most of his melee attacks directly, although some can break through your guard, or simply dash behind him to avoid them. In the latter case, use that moment to hit him with a quick combo.

Strategy: Despite his speed, the safest place during this fight is actually close to Alexi. As long as you stay near him, he'll generally avoid using his whirlwind and projectile attacks. As long as you keep dodging his melee combos, you can chip away at his health with quick combos of your own. If you have your Dragon Sword upgraded to level three by this point, the Divine Flying Swallow move can do a great deal of damage if you connect with the full combo (Jump forward ).
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