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Ninja Gaiden 2 Achievements
Completed Chapter 310
Finished Chapter 3, "Thunderclap of Catastrophe."
This is a story related achievement.

Boss: Gigadeath
Electric Projectiles: This is his main attack. He will fly around, then stop, and start shaking rapidly. This is followed by streams of electric orbs flying out from him in the general direction that he is facing. If you are in front of him when he does this, quickly dash to the side of him to avoid the attack. If one hits you, you will be stunned and knocked backward a considerable distance.

Electric Shock: If you touch him or even get close to him, you will be shocked and thrown backward. Simply avoid getting too close and this is easy to avoid.

Mini-Worms: You can see these worms trailing Gigadeath. Frequently, they will disengage from him and swarm down the tunnel to attack you. If you're standing against a wall, wait until the last second and then dash away or jump into the air and they will impact harmlessly against the wall and floor. You can also use the area effect of the Art of Inferno as a weapon by waiting until they are almost upon you before you cast it.

Face Attack: While rare, this is easily one of his most dangerous attacks. He will start shaking again, but this time, a massive blue face will come out and attack you. If it connects, it does catastrophic amounts of damage. You can either use the invincibility frame from a ninpo to cancel the damage right before it hits you or simply try and dash away quickly, so it impacts with the wall behind you.

Grab Attack: If you happen to get caught directly in front of Gigadeath, he will grab you in his mouth and then grind you up against the wall of the tunnel for some ways before dropping you again. Simply dash away from him before he gets to you to avoid this attack.

Strategy: The strategy is easy in concept, but can be quite hard to pull off. All it entails is staying where you are, charging a level two arrow Ultimate Technique and shooting him in the face. If you have to fire quickly, a level one arrow will do an acceptable amount of damage in a pinch, but you do really want to wait the extra seconds for a level two. Once he closes on your side of the tunnel, run to the other side and repeat the strategy. If he turns upside down during the battle, you can damage him with melee attacks. When he has a bit of life left, he will crash to the ground. Run up to his face and press  to trigger the final Obliteration Technique.
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Team Ninja


US June 03, 2008
Europe June 06, 2008

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