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All Gold

Obtained all Gold Medallions in the Survival Missions
In order to get this achievement you need to get gold medallions on all of the survival missions - missions 17 through 24 on Mission Mode.

You are awarded a medal for each 500,000 Karma, so that goes for:
- 500,000 – Iron Medallion
- 1,000,000 – Bronze Medallion
- 1,500,000 – Silver Medallion
- 2,000,000 – Gold Medallion

Survival Mode is all about killing as many enemies as you can before you die. The key to earning the necessary scores is getting your karma burst multiplier up to 5x as quickly as possible and then chaining Ultimate Techniques. You'll also get bonuses for getting multiple kills in a row. It's important to remember that Ultimate Techniques and Obliteration Techniques will always give you yellow essence, so they're useless for getting the green essence that you need for your karma burst multiplier. The guide will list some of the most reliable moves with each weapon to get kills in a hurry.

Vigoorian Flails: Foe Destroyer () is an instant kill against most enemies. Izuna Drop (forward ) and Piercing Mountain (While jumping towards an enemy with ) are good.

Falcon Talons: Izuna Drop (While jumping ) is effective. Wings of the Vermilion Bird ( Forward ) is an instant kill and an easy on-landing UT.

Dragon Sword: The Izuna Drop () will kill any ninja in a single hit.

Tonfa: Flower Garland Drop ( Toward ), Stone Breaker (While jumping towards enemy ), and One Thousand Blossoms () are all effective.

Scythe: Cry of Ares () and Demon Procession () can be instant kills.

Blade of the Archfiend: Blade of the Mind ( Toward ) and Blade of Dharma's Way ().

Kusari-Gama: Immense Tragedy () and Fuji Drop (Toward ).

Falcon's Talons: Izuna Drop (While jumping towards enemy ) and Charging Boar ().

Lunar Staff: Gleaming Shadow () and Izuna Drop (While jumping ) are both good.
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Team Ninja


US June 03, 2008
Europe June 06, 2008

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