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Guide By: Arsenic 17
There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10 
- Offline: 10/20 (80/200)
- Online: 10/20 (120/200) Can also be done over Wifi.
- Approximate amount of time to 20030+ hours (8-12 hours if you spend around $20).
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: Windows Phone 8 ONLY (1 GB RAM Required).

N.O.V.A 3 is another impressive first-person shooter from Gameloft. Following the never-ending trials and tribulations of Kal Warden, N.O.V.A. 3 continues the story as Warden is yet again recalled into action, this time to the ruins of San Francisco to aid an old friend. The graphics are the main selling point of this game. The gameplay gets a little repetitive, moving from one objective marker to the next across the game's entire single-player campaign. It will without doubt remind you a little bit of the Halo series, but that is not a bad thing. The controls can be frustrating at times on the smaller devices, but overall they offer a solid experience. The game also boasts full multiplayer support online and over Wifi. The online community is routinely less than a couple at any given time and the servers are downright bad, so don't get too excited about taking your skills online to prove yourself. Currently the game is listed at $6.99 in the Windows Phone Store.

Step 1: Single-player campaign (10 for 120 ):
The single player campaign consists of 10 missions that get progressively harder. You must complete all of them. There are no difficulty-related achievements, which is good in theory, but that is actually because there is no difficulty setting at all. The game is rather forgiving in checkpoints, and most of the achievements are easy. A majority can be completed by replaying some of the easier levels. The last of the campaign achievements requires that you purchase all the upgrades. This will take around 10 hours of grinding to earn enough credits to do so. See the guide for more information. 

Step 2: Multiplayer (10 for 80 ):
The online multiplayer community in this game is already dead. With that said, your best bet is to find other players to boost with. See THIS thread for other players looking to boost. However, the servers are very unreliable, kicking any and all players from the game at will. Even getting to the online multiplayer menu within the game can be impossible at times. Most of the achievements only require you to find one other partner, but the "Against All Odds" achievement will require two others. The "Fly Swatter" achievement may require you to spend another $12 to unlock. See that specific achievement for more information. With no server issues (unlikely), you should be able to knock most of these out in a couple of hours or less.

N.O.V.A 3 is actually a very good shooter. The campaign is meaty for a phone game, but the lack of an online crowd and the added server issues really makes the entire multiplayer half of the game a fail and essentially unplayable. The achievements are not too bad, but you will definitely need to set-up a boosting session with a couple other players. The game is quite a grind unless you spend the additional cash. If you spend the $12 or find someone with a jetpack that will let you kill them, you can cut out 10 to 15 hours of multiplayer boosting. If you pay the $7 for campaign credits, you can cut out another 6 to 10 hours of single player grinding.

[x360a would like to thank Arsenic 17 for this Roadmap]

Close Call5
Have your HP reduced to less than 10%, avoid dying and recover to full HP 

*SINGLE PLAYER ONLY* This will likely be your first achievement. You must simply let your health (the white bar at the top middle of the screen) drop below 10%. Then, you must avoid dying and take cover to avoid further damage. Within a few seconds, your health will begin to regenerate. Once your health gets back to full, the achievement will unlock.

Full Armory15
Wield 7 weapons in a match. 

*MULTI PLAYER ONLY* This achievement requires that you use 7 weapons in a match. You will need at least one other player and either you or your partner must be at least level 3 and have purchased the shotgun from the Armory. Whoever has the shotgun must equip it. Then load up a Free-For-All game on the Last Stand map (Time Limit set to 0). You will be picking up four of the weapons from the random weapon spawns on the map. There are four weapon spawns you need to keep checking: one in each of the bases, one in the middle lower area, and one in the middle sniper perch. Pick up whatever weapon spawns so the spot can generate another weapon (in about 30 seconds). Weapons spawn randomly, so it may take a while to get all four to spawn. If you are already maxed out on a specific weapon's ammo, you will not be able to pick it up. Equip that weapon, fire a few rounds, then reload. You will then be able to pick up the weapon from the spawn.

The weapons picked up will be the grenade launcher, rocket launcher, sniper rifle, and flame thrower. Between you and your partner's inventories, you need to get the pistol, shotgun, and machine gun. You will only have two of these (which you spawn with). To get the other one, you will need to kill the other player while they have the weapon you need equipped. When they die, the gun will fall to the ground and you can pick it up by walking over it. Dying or switching classes seems to void the achievement, so make sure to gather all of them in one life. As soon as you have the 7th weapon in your possession, the achievement will unlock.

Slick 20
Capture 3 flags without dying in a match. 

*MULTI PLAYER ONLY* This achievement requires that you capture 3 flags in a row without dying and you need at least one other player. Start a Capture the Flag game on the Last Stand map, with the Score Limit set to 3. Have your partner stand there while you quickly capture 3 flags in a row to win the game. The only way you can die is if your partner kills you. The achievement unlocks as soon as you capture the third flag to end the game. This will also unlock the "Star Player" achievement for you as well.

Stress Relief 15
Kill a sniper with a melee weapon. 

*MULTI PLAYER ONLY* This achievement requires that you melee another player who actively has the sniper rifle equipped. The other player will need to pick up the sniper rifle from a random weapon spawn. On the Last Stand map, the sniper rifle commonly appears first at the top spawn in the middle area of the level (sniper perch). Once they have the sniper, make sure they equip it. Then walk up very close to them and you will see the melee button appear (looks like a saw blade). Hit that button and you will instantly kill them and unlock this achievement.

Make It Count5
Kill an enemy with your last bullet. 

*MULTI PLAYER ONLY* This achievement requires that you kill an opponent with your very last bullet and needs one other player. Make sure you have a class created in which you have a pistol. Then set-up any game type on the Last Stand map. Be careful not to pick up any other weapons. Empty out all of the ammo in the gun which is not the pistol. Then empty out the pistol ammo until you have exactly 2 bullets left. Walk up to the other player and aim at their head. Fire both remaining bullets into their skull to kill them and unlock this achievement immediately.

Against All Odds15
Kill 5 enemies in a match while under 25% energy. 

*MULTI PLAYER ONLY* This achievement requires that you kill five enemies in a match while you are under 25% health and is the only achievement that requires two other players (in addition to yourself) to unlock. Start a Free-For-All game on the Last Stand map with unlimited Time and Kill Limits. 

Basically what you need to do is have one player shoot you slowly with a pistol until your health bar empties and turns red. As soon as it turns red, you need to kill the other player (NOT the one that is shooting you to lower your health). The player that dies respawns and runs back and the process is repeated. You do not need to constantly keep your health below 25% for the duration of the 5 kills. You can even die between the kills, as long as you make it to 5 by the end of the match. This achievement seems to be a little glitchy. Some tips to try to replicate from my session in which three of us got the achievement:

  • The person lowering your health should shoot you IN YOUR CHEST AREA, not the head or legs.
  • Use a rocket launcher to get the kills. Have it aimed at the player you are going to kill and fire it IMMEDIATELY when your health bar turns red.
  • It may take more than 5. I would keep going until you get 15. Past that, you are doing something wrong.
  • If it doesn't unlock, die and try a few more after you respawn. Dying doesnt reset the counter.
Five in a row 10
Win 5 consecutive matches 

*MULTI PLAYER ONLY* This achievement requires that you win 5 consecutive matches of any type and requires at least one other player. It also requires good connection, as lagging out can sometimes (but not always) reset the counter towards this achievement. Capture the Flag on the Last Stand Map with a Score Limit set to 3 is the fastest way to get this done. Just constantly sprint to collect the three flags and continue to the next game afterwards. It is best if the player going for the achievement is host. Each game can be completed in about 3 minutes. Make sure not to capture the last flag when the "Connectivity Error" is counting down on your screen or the win will not count. As soon as you finish the 5th game in a row with a win, the achievement will pop. You can exit the entire game and even do the wins on different days. You do not have to stay continuously in the game for all 5 of the wins.

Fly Swatter5
Kill a flying enemy. 

*MULTI PLAYER ONLY* This achievement requires that you kill an enemy while they are flying through the air using a jetpack. This is easy in principle, but the problem is, to unlock the jetpack you need 9,200 gold coins. These coins are earned very slowly through multiplayer play, so slow that it would take more than 10 hours of pure boosting to earn enough coins. And this achievement is not even something you can do for yourself. You need to come across and kill ANOTHER player that has the jetpack! This leaves you with one of two options basically.

  • Find another person that has earned a jetpack and will let you kill them
  • Find another person that is willing to also purchase a jetpack so you can kill each other. You should do this after you already got all of the other multiplayer achievements. Depending on how many coins you saved up, you will probably need to spend $10 - $12.

NOTE: The player with the jetpack needs to equip it after purchasing it. This is done by clicking in the bottom right corner of the picture of your character in the Armory. This will change the color of the square from red (not equipped) to blue (equipped).

NOTE ON COIN GRINDING: If you decide to take the grinding route, know that you must actually complete the game for the coins to get saved to your profile. This is a pain, because you can boost for an hour, then the server kicks you and you loose all that progress. This makes boosting next to impossible and downright annoying. If you are boosting with only one other player and they either leave or get booted in the middle of the game, you will loose you progress as well. As much as it pains me to say it, it is recommended that you forgo wasting your time and just suck it up and pay the money to get the completion if you want it.

Hijacked 10
Hijack a vehicle after killing its driver. 

*MULTI PLAYER ONLY* This achievement requires that you to kill an opponent that is in a jeep and then get in to the jeep and requires at least one other player. Load up a Free-For-All game on the Badlands Map. This map is basically shaped like a circle, with a two bases on opposite sides of the circle. In each base, there is a jeep (that looks like the Warthog from Halo). Have the other player get in the jeep and walk up to him. Kill the other player by shooting him a few times with a machine gun or pistol. Once the other player dies, quickly jump into the vehicle (done by walking up to it and pushing the button that pops-up on-screen). The achievement will unlock instantly. 

Star Player15
Be the best player during a match. 

*MULTI PLAYER ONLY* This achievement requires that you finish a game with the most XP out of everyone in the game and will need one other player. Simply load up a Capture the Flag game on the Last Stand map. The player going for the achievement should quickly capture 3 flags while the other player does nothing. The achievement will unlock at the end of the game.

Ghost in the Machine10
Kill 10 enemies with the Mech. 

*MULTI PLAYER ONLY* This achievement requires that you get ten kills while riding in a Mech and will need at least one other player. Load up a Capture the Flag game on the Badlands Map with a Time Limit of 0. This map is basically shaped like a circle, with a two bases on opposite sides of the circle. In each base, there is a Mech (looks like a big robot). Get into the Mech (done by walking up to it and pushing the arrow button that pops-up) and meet up with the other player. Have him stand there while you kill him with the machine gun or rocket attachments of the Mech. To speed things up, take the whole operation over to the other player's base (you can tell by their color). Since it is a Capture the Flag game, they will always spawn there. After you get the 10th kill with the Mech, the achievement will unlock immediately. The kills do not need to be done in the same game, but there is no reason not to do so.

Lightning Fast5
Complete level 2 in under 20 minutes 

*SINGLE PLAYER ONLY* This achievement requires that you complete Level 2 - Price of Loyalty in under 20 minutes. All time in the level counts from the minute you tap the screen to start the level, including black load screens, cut scenes, and retries of all checkpoints. Some tips:

  • You need to kill enemies as quick as you can because in most cases the level will not allow you to progress until you do so (i.e. you can just run past enemies).
  • Make sure to use the sprint button (right above the left thumbstick) as much as possible.
  • Skip ALL cut scenes immediately by tapping the screen and then tapping again on the arrows that pop-up in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Be careful not to die. All time counts, even that from replaying the same area over and over again.
  • Use the zoom button to auto-aim onto enemies. From the zoom screen, double tap the zoom button to lock onto the next enemy.

You can see your time on the "Mission Complete" screen. On my first attempt of the level without even trying for this achievement, I got 26 minutes. On my second attempt, when going for the achievement, I got 18:30 minutes. I died once and had to replay a lengthy section. So this achievement is entirely do-able. See the playthrough of the mission below in a video by YouTube user GeGeMoN123 if you are stuck (NOTE: This is not a speed run video).

Headhunter 5
Get 10 headshots with the sniper rifle in a Campaign level 

*SINGLE PLAYER ONLY* This achievement requires that you get 10 headshots with a sniper rifle in a single mission. The very beginning of Level 2 - Price of Loyalty, is the perfect spot for this. When prompted, head into the elevator, ride it up to the tower, and pick up the sniper rifle. There are at least 12 fairly stationary enemies to snipe. The counter for this achievement seems to include body shots as well, so if you miss a head or two, don't worry. You have to be somewhat quick, as if you are too slow and both your allies die, the mission will be failed. As soon as you hit your 10th head, the achievement unlocks.

Flawless 10
Complete a campaign level without ever retrying 

*SINGLE PLAYER ONLY* This achievement requires that you finish an entire campaign level from start to finish without retrying at all. Essentially this just means you cant die or pause and push "Restart Checkpoint." You will probably get this without trying while working through the campaign. The first five levels are good bets. Level 1 has a tricky defend sequence and it is quite long compared to other missions. The only potentially challenging section in Level 2 is the part where you are a gunner in the jeep. One RPG hit and you will be dead. For these reasons, it is probably best to attempt this achievement on Level 3 - Lost Ark. Just take it slow, always hiding in cover and picking off enemies when you can. Also note your surroundings as you progress since there are a few locations where you need to run and jump to avoid falling to your death.

Blind Shot 5
Kill one enemy with the sniper rifle without using the aim 

*SINGLE PLAYER ONLY* This achievement requires that you kill an enemy with the sniper rifle without using the zoom. This is best done in the earlier levels when the enemies are almost exclusively the weakest ones. Once you get a hold of a sniper rifle and some ammo, take out all of the enemies in the area you are in except one. Then, run up to the enemy with the sniper rifle equipped. Basically you want to put the barrel of the gun into the enemy's body and shoot until they are dead. It only takes one hit with a sniper to kill most enemies. The achievement will unlock the instant the enemy dies.

Bullseye 5
Finish a level with an accuracy higher than 60% 

*SINGLE PLAYER ONLY* This achievement requires that you finish a campaign mission with 60% or higher accuracy throughout. This is best done on the earlier missions (not Mission 2, as it has a vehicle section) where the enemies are mostly all the same and weak. For this achievement you are going to want to be abusing the auto-aim of the game. When you click the zoom button, your gun will auto-aim right to an enemy on your screen if there is one. You should exclusively use the machine gun in most situations. This gun requires three body shots, or one headshot, to kill each enemy. Make sure to single tap the fire button to take single shots. Never hold your finger on the fire button as it will rapidly fire bullets. Zoom in, make the 3 shots to kill the enemy, and then double tap the zoom button to auto-lock onto the next enemy. Repeat for the entire level.

Lone Ranger15
Complete an entire level using only the pistol 

*SINGLE PLAYER ONLY* This achievement requires that you finish an entire campaign mission using only the pistol. You can swap through your other weapons. Just make sure not to fire a bullet with any other gun. This is best attempted on Level 3 - Lost Ark, as there are no vehicle parts or sections that require the use of another weapon. Just go slow, picking off one enemy at a time. It takes two body shots with the pistol to kill most enemies (several more for the more powerful ones). You need to be somewhat close to the enemies for the pistol to be accurate. The achievement will unlock at the "Mission Complete" screen if you met the requirements.

Collector 10
Buy all the upgrades available in the campaign mode 

*SINGLE PLAYER ONLY* This achievement requires that you purchase all the upgrades for your campaign character. The upgrades are only available to purchase from WITHIN a campaign mission. In the Pause Menu, you will find the Military Shop on the left side of the screen. Tap the Upgrade tab. Here you can see the five upgrades that must be purchased, which cost a total of 8,280 blue credits. 

Blue credits can only be earned by playing through the campaign missions. The level must be completed to actually be awarded the credits. Each mission completed will earn you around 300 credits, with an entire campaign playthrough earning you only around 3,000 credits. Unless you fancy playing through the whole thing about 3 times, it is suggested you choose a level to grind these on. That way you become familiar with it and can progress as fast as possible to the end. I personally recommend Level 2 - Price of Loyalty. This mission is one of the shortest and has some vehicle sections which could mix up the monotony a bit. 300 credits can be earned every 20 minutes, or around 900 per hour. Level 10 (the final boss) is shorter and easier, but unfortunately awards no credits.

NOTE ABOUT $$$: To avoid the grind, you can purchase the 4000 and 1500 credit packs from the in-game Store for $7.00 total. Combined with the 3,000 credits you earn from a single playthrough of the campaign, you should then have enough to purchase all of the upgrades. This will cut out 6 to 10 hours of straight-up grinding.

Versatile warrior10
Kill at least one enemy with each weapon of the game in the same level 

*SINGLE PLAYER ONLY* This achievement requires that you kill at least one enemy with each available weapon in the game. This achievement is first obtainable on Level 6 - Eye of the Storm, in which you will first encounter the flame thrower (sitting on a blue weapon crate directly in your path of progression near the beginning of the level). When playing through the campaign, be sure to play the levels consecutively (dont return to replay any missions; always click Continue). This practice allows you to carry-over from mission to mission all of your weapons, ammo, and grenades that you collect. Through the first five missions, save a little of each ammo for all of the weapons. Once you get the flame thrower, you can begin getting one kill with each weapon. The weapons you must get a kill with include the machine gun, pistol, shotgun, rocket launcher, grenade launcher, sniper rifle, and flame thrower. It is not confirmed as a requirement for the achievement, but you should also attempt to get kills with both the frag grenade and remote mine (run up to an enemy and throw this at their feet, it will pop up and explode if they are close to it). Grenades can be cycled just like weapons, by swiping over the equipped one. Be sure you don't die after getting a kill with a specific weapon as you will have to redo it if you did not reach a checkpoint. The achievement unlocks at the "Mission Complete" screen.

Humanity Saved10
Complete the campaign mode 

This achievement is awarded when you complete the single player campaign. There are 10 missions total, the last of which is only the final boss battle. The campaign starts out very easy, but gets significantly more challenging towards the end levels, where you constantly get bombarded with waves of strong enemies. It is in these levels that the Paralyze power (Lightning Bolt above and to the right of the fire button for the gun) becomes very useful to freeze enemies. With a little perseverance, you can get through the campaign in around 5 to 8 hours.

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