NPPL Championship Paintball 09

NPPL Championship Paintball 09 Achievement Guide

Guide By: Apple
There are 13 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
-Offline: 10 (820 )
-Online: 3(180 )
-Approximate amount of time to 1000 : 15-25 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
-Any missable achievements?: Yes!
-Glitched achievements: None!
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheats

Paintball 2009 has 13 achievements for 1000 . First off this game is not very good or fun, but by reading this I can assure you will not have to play through it twice. After finishing all the single player achievements in pursuit of the 1000 you will have to boost your way to get the online achievements. To be noted, the online will take longer than the single player.

There is only one achievement you will have a real problem with and that is “World Tour”. This will require you to save before every “choice” you are forced to make. Throughout the single player you will come across five of these choices (see below). The key to obtaining all of these is by making a separate save, on your first save play the first choice and on your second save play the second choice. After you finish the career be sure to play the 6 Woodsball locations in exhibition in order to obtain the achievement.

Malaga, Spain, Orlando, Florida
London, England, San Diego, California
Toulouse, France, Houston, Texas
Nurburgring, Germany, Tempe, Arizona
Paris, France, Huntington Beach, California

The multiplayer is straightforward and for the boosting you need a minimum on 4 people. If everyone searches at the same time and you should not have a problem finding each other. You will get the 200 eliminations while you are boosting.

Step 1(Pro Career)
Start your career be sure to choose "PRO" since these achievements are stackable so you will not have to play through the game twice. Once you have started play the training stages and unlock that achievement. You will get skill points every time you place second or first in a tournament.  Be sure to spend these on your player to obtain all of the skill achievements. Then continue through the campaign remembering to make separate saves at each “choice”. Once you finish the career play the 6 woodsball locations and you will have 820 .

Step 2 (Multiplayer)
Find a group of 4 people and start boosting. I recommend elimination as this is the fastest game type. Everyone search at the same time and you should have no problem finding each other. Each team should take a turns winning. Make sure you get 50 wins in both speedball and woodsball. The 200 eliminations will come over time while boosting. You will need to play 200 games for both parties to get the achievement.

This game is not very hard for a full 1000 , it just takes some time. The hardest part will be boosting considering it takes a lot more time than single player.

x360a would like to thank Krueger for this Road Map

Amateur Paintballer150
Finish the Career on Amateur difficulty level     

See "Pro Paintballer."

Semi-Pro Paintballer150
Finish the Career on Semi-Pro difficulty level      

See "Pro Paintballer."

Pro Paintballer200
Finish the Career on Pro difficulty level     
NOTE: See "World Tour" before starting your career.

Start a New Game and choose Chance Johnson in the Character Selection, since he has the highest speed rating. Pick a team and set the difficulty to Pro, as these achievements are stackable.

Go to options in the Main Menu, then Gameplay, and turn Autosave Off, hit accept and proceed to Career Mode. If you are unfamiliar with the game, go through the training first, under Dynasty Training Drills.

Career Mode consists of 26 tournaments that you must complete. You will only need to come in 2nd place in each tournament to proceed to the next, so getting 1st place isn't necessary. There are a total of four divisions in the entire career, which are: Division 2, Division 1, Semi-Pro, and Pro. Every time you complete all the tournaments in one division, the next will unlock.

Career Tips/Help/Strategies:

  • When picking your teammates, always pick Middlemen, when available.
  • When you complete tournaments you will earn credits. Spend those credits on your teammates and yourself, until you reach the Pro Division. (You can buy points by selecting Team Management under Career Mode, then select a teammate and press X to adjust skills. Press Y to buy points, (1 Points = 30 Credits) then adjust your stats from there).
  • Your character will always be the first on the list in Team Management. You will want to max your Speed stat first, for easier flag captures.

Flag Capturing
  • All of the tournaments are Capture The Flag, except 1v1 tournaments, which are elimination.
  • During the gameplay, look at where the other team heads off first, as they usually all go in one direction. Head to the opposite side they are going, and strafe in a wide circle around them. Once you are close enough to the flag, make a mad-dash (LB to run) towards the flag, and head back to your side to capture it.
  • When there is only one player left on each team, the opposing team will always go for the flag capture, rather than try to take you out. You can camp either flag for the easy kill.

  • Before every match you will be able to work out a Strategy for your gameplay in that match. Always make your teammates rush towards one side, preferably the side that has more Bunkers/Cover.
  • During the gameplay, look at where the other team heads off first, as they usually all go in one direction. Head to the opposite side they are going, and strafe in a wide circle around them. Once you are close enough to the flag, make a mad-dash (LB to run) towards the flag, and head back to your side to capture it.
  • When there is only one player left on each team, the opposing team will always go for the flag capture, rather than take you out. You can camp either flag for the easy kill.
  • Both the RB and RT buttons are shoot, so you can press them both for twice the fire rate.
  • Cheating is a way for you to get yourself out of an elimination when you get shot. The cheat meter may or may not come up, depending on your clothing, and how much bounce protection you have.
  • Try to cheat every time you get hit, as long as you don't totally miss the meter (don't stop in red) you will only eliminate yourself, and not your teammates.
World Tour80
Play a game of paintball in all the Career and Woodsball locations    
In Career mode, there are a total of 31 tournaments, but you can only play 26 in one play-through. There are also 5 Woodsball tournaments which are only playable in Exhibition mode. You will need to play in all 36 tournaments for the achievement.

You can do this one of two ways:

1) When you come to a tournament where you must choose between one, make a separate save right before you play it. On save A) play the first choice, on save B) play the second choice. Continue through the Career and for every tournament that you have to choose, (there are five) make a separate save. If you do it this way, you won't miss a tournament while going through the Career, as all the American located tournaments cannot be replayed in Exhibition.

2) When you come to a tournament where you must choose between one, play the ones located in America (there are five total). When you finish the Career, you can play all the ones you missed the first time, in Exhibition.

Speedball Career

Division 2
Charlotte, North Carolina
Toronto, Ontario
Buffalo, New York
Las Vegas, Nevada
Bakersfield, California
San Bernardino, California
San Diego, California
San Jose, California
Tempe, Arizona
SC Village

Division 1
Huntington Beach, California
*Malaga, Spain, *Orlando, Florida
Miami, Florida
Charlotte, North Carolina
Jacksonville, Florida

*London, England, *San Diego, California
Toronto, Ontario
Houston, Texas
*Toulouse, France, *Houston, Texas
Buffalo, New York

Buffalo, New York
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
*Nurburgring, Germany, *Tempe, Arizona
Houston, Texas
Orlando, Florida
*Paris, France, *Huntington Beach, California
San Diego, California

Woodsball Exhibition
Jungle Park
Tippmann Field
San Diego Field
Train Depot Field
Gold Mine Field

* marks tournaments that you only have one choice.
* bold marks tournaments located in America.
Training Buff30
Complete all training stages   
The Dynasty Training Drills can be located in the Career Mode Menu, just after Gear Store. There are 3 main drills with 3-5 stages each.
  • Accuracy - 5 Stages
  • Fitness - 5 Stages
  • Leaning and Snapping - 3 Stages
Thoroughly listen to the guy explaining what to do, and complete all 13 stages.
Communication Skill Proficency50
Max out the main character's Communication Skill   

See "Accuracy Skill Proficency."

Handling Skill Proficency40
Max out the main character's Marker Skill   

See "Accuracy Skill Proficency."

Reload Skill Proficency40
Max out the main character's Reload Skill   

See "Accuracy Skill Proficency."

Speed Skill Proficency40
Max out the main character's Speed Skill   

See "Accuracy Skill Proficency."

Accuracy Skill Proficency40
Max out the main character's Accuracy Skill   
Each Skill can be raised to a maximum of 40 points. You receive credits for placing in tournaments, and each point costs 30 credits.

To raise your points for a certain character or teammate, go to Team Management in Career Mode, then select the player you want to edit and press X. You will come to there Skill screen, press Y to buy points with the credits you have.

You can get all 5 Skill achievements by placing 1st in the first tournament (then saving), then spend all your credits on points. You should have enough to max out one skill. After you max out your first skill, hit B once and the achievement will unlock. From here, reload your save and max out the next skill. Do this for all 5 skills.
Woodsball Chief50
Win at least 50 Woodsball Ranked Matches over Xbox LIVE   

See "Speedball Chief."

Speedball Chief50
Win at least 50 Speedball Ranked Matches over Xbox LIVE   

The quickest way to get Ranked Match wins is to boost with others, whom you can find here.

From the Main Menu select Multiplayer, Xbox LIVE, Ranked Match, then Custom Match. Set the Game Mode to Woodsball/Speedball and the Game Type to Elimination, then search. Since you can not invite friends in Ranked Matches, you will have to find each other randomly, which is not hard. Once you have four players, start the game and have one team grab the flag, run it across the field and score 3 times.

Make at least 200 eliminations in multiplayer matches   

The quickest way to get kills in multiplayer is to create a custom field. Go to your Field Creator from the Main Menu and select the Pre-Made NPPL Houston, in Houston, Texas (first option). Hit X until you have no bunkers on the field and then select the blue rectangle bunker, as shown in the picture below. Line them up like in the picture as well, press start, Store Custom Field, and exit.

Friendly fire eliminations do not count toward the achievement. Go into Multiplayer, Xbox LIVE, Player Match, Create Game, Custom, and set the following:

Game Type - Elimination
Time Limit - 1 Min
Rounds - 5 out of 9
Friendly Fire - No
Allow Cheating- Yes
Voice Chat - Everybody
Gamertag Visible - No
Maximum Players - 14
Reserved Slots - 13

Switched to the Yellow Team and put 7 Bots on the Red Team (press LB), and leave yourself with no bots, it should be 7v1.

When the game starts, the opposite team with 7 players will have no cover to hide behind and come running straight at you, giving you an opportunity to make 7 easy kills, in 5-9 rounds. You should end up with 50 kills per match, in under 7 minutes.

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