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Guide By: Sakura4600
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 3
-Offline: 12/12 [200/200]
-Online: None
-Approximate amount of time to 200/1000: 3-4 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: N/A
-Number of missable achievements: None
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? No known cheat codes
-Does difficulty affect achievements? No
-Glitchy achievements: None
-Unobtainable achievements: None
-Extra equipment needed? Windows 7 Phone

The video below is a smiple review of Our Manic Game provided by WMPowerUser

Infinite mode
This mode goes on for as long as you can survive, during the course of this mode you will encounter 4 bosses. After the 4th one the 1st boss will be repeated later on in the game. After each boss the game will speed up and the enimes will fire more bullets. You only get 5 lives and once you die your laser level will reset to 1.

5 Minute mode
As the title says is mode only lasts for 5 minutes is it very fun, depending on how fast you kill the eniemes you will only encounter about 2-3 bosses. You can die as many times as you want but whenever you do your laser level will reser to 1

The game is very fun and a simple 200 GS.

I would like to thank you for looking at my achievement guide i hoped it helped =]

[x360a would like to thank Sakura4600 for this Roadmap]

You riled the bosses!   (2) 

For this achievement you will have to play in Infinite Mode, there are a total of 5 bosses. All you have to do is whenever you facing a boss wait whenever you have taking a almost all the the enimes health away then press on him to make him go into manic mode because you have already taken almost all of his health away you have less of a risk being hit by all the extra bullets that are being fired.

Other tips - When playing the game try not to die this will make you laser stronger and you will kill enimies faster.
Most be done in the same playthrough, once all the bosses have been killed in manic mode the achievement will pop up.

Close Combat15
You killed 10 enemies at close range!   (2) 

This achievements has to be done in one playthrough. You can die inbetween these kills. The enemy MUST be in Manic mode when it dies for this to count as a close range kill. An easy way is to get to the point where there are 3 slow moving round blue enemies. Press all 3 to turn them green and they will move slower. Now put the tip of your nose into the enemy and back up as needed until it dies. The little orange shape in the middle of your ship is what can't touch anything, but the rest of the ship can. After they die, you can choose to get yourself killed if you have time (on last remaining enemy). There are two spots where you can do this, very early on at the start.

Cold Blood15
You've stayed still for more than 10 seconds.   

Go to Infinite mode and select normal difficulty and from the very start of the game don't press the screen at all there will be a 1 or 2 enimies that are in the middle but you will kill them before there bullets hit you. After 10 seconds, the achievement will unlock.

God Mode15
You did a full 5-minute run without dying! Good job!   

This achievement isn't hard, just practice and get the hang of how certain enemies move and how many bullets are fired. To avoid putting yourself into danger don't click on the enemies to put them in manic mode, if you think that you can't kill all the enemies that appear in the row you can just leave them out. You will only be fighting 2 bosses within this time.

You covered a mile during a game.   (2) 

This achievement is easier than you might think. All i can say is try not to die. You will cover a mile within 10 minutes of game play. Move your ship everywhere on the screen back and forth to rack up a fast mile.

Thanks to GRIMFISTED for the extra info if you drag your ship across you screen left to right this counts towards the mile and makes it fast to obtain this achievement

You've won more than 2000 points on a single enemy.   

This achievement is very easy, you can either click on an enemy to make him go into manic mode this will give you more points whenever you beat him. Or you can just wait until you go up against a boss you will get 3000 points whenever you kill him.

Killing Spree15
You killed 3 enemies in 5 sec.   

In infinite mode this achievement will become easy of a course of time within the game. Just try and not die so you will be able to kill enemies easier. You will come across 4-5 enemies in a row this will make this achievement easier.

Mr Clear15
You cleared 5 waves in a row.   (1) 

Just as the description says you have to clear 5 waves of enemies, some rows may have 1 enemy or 5 enemies. Whenever your laser get upgraded it will be alot easier to kill the enemies just stay near the bottom of the screen so you have less chance of missing any enemies.

You beat Arkedo's best score! Congrats!   (2) 

Don't let the achievement picture fool you, you only have to get a score of 300,000 points. This is easy you just need a little bit of practice, try not to die therefore you can kill enemies easier with a higher level of laser, to earn more points click on the enemies to put them in manic mode.

Rainbow Warrior10
You upgraded your laser to the maximum level!   

The maximum level for the laser is 5, your laser ungrades every 5 waves of enemies. Whenever you die your laser resets to 1. Just stay at the bottom of the screen and avoid the bullets that the enemies fire, whenever your laser levels up it becomes more easy to kill the waves of enemies.

Staying Alive, Staying Alive.15
You rocked for 8 full minutes!   

For this achievement you will have to survive for 8 minutes in one game. As you play this mode you will get better at it. Kill enemies without putting them into Manic mode to make it easier, or take your chances if you are wanting to get the 300,000 points. You must play Infinite mode for 8 minutes, but this doesn't mean you cannot die. As long as you play in one session, you should get this achievement really easily.

Note: During a few of the boss battles, you may notice that if you just sit in one spot, their bullets will not hit you. And it does not change pattern, so you can pretty much just stay near a corner where bullets are missing.

Secret Achievements
You've already spent 3 hours on the game.    (3) 

Credit goes to 85clarion
Just go in infinite mode on normal and DO NOT touch the screen every time, let your ship die from the enemies. when your game over just do the same go in infinite mode on normal rinse and repeat.
Do this 30- 45 min. Then you come into the game 1 or 2 enemies come and then the game is empty no more enemies spawn you flight alone with your ship in the space, leave it alone for the remaining of time that is left until achievement unlocks.


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