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Operation Flashpoint: Red River Achievement Guide

Guide By: SirDracu
There are 55 achievements with a total of 1125 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 7/10 
- Offline: 48/50 (970/1000)
- Online: 2/50 (30/1000)
- Approximate amount of time to 100025 hours 
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 Campaign (Mission select) 1 or 2 FTE's.
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Glitchy achievements: The secret achievements regarding the 10 rules.
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: None

Welcome to Operation Flashpoint Red River, one of the most realistic tactical first person shooters available on the Xbox 360. The game places you in the role of 1 of 4 classes in a Marine fire team tasked with rooting out insurgents in Tajikistan. As this is a much more realistic game than your standard first person shooter, timing and patience is everything. Stick your head out of cover for too long and you’ll be killed instantly. Thankfully there is plenty of hand holding from your squad leader so you will never feel like you don’t know what to do next. As well as the main campaign there are also achievements tied to the four fire team engagement (FTE) maps. Most of the achievements will unlock naturally as you progress through the game but some may take some grinding.

On a side note, because you are required to level up all character classes, i recommend changing class as soon as you have maxed out one. The levels carry across both the Campaign and the FTE’s so changing your class will mean less grinding at the end.

There are 10 levels in the campaign, none of which will be overly difficult once you learn how the game works and how to survive enemy encounters. Many of the miscellaneous achievements will unlock naturally as you progress but on the off chance you miss any you can always select a mission to mop them up. You will also need to clear each mission under par time to earn enough gold stars to unlock all class skills. Although these aren’t too difficult, it is recommended you wait until after completing the campaign once before attempting these, as trying to run through the missions first go will lead to frustration as enemies often seem to come out of no where and all it takes is a few shots to kill you.
The 10 secret achievements relating to the 10 rules should unlock naturally but many have reported them to be glitched. If you find you are struggling with a particular rule, refer to the achievement guide for more info.

Fire Team Engagements: 
These may prove to be the more difficult achievements as they are somewhat luck based. The location of enemies and objectives will be randomly placed each time you play so trying to unlock achievements, or go for gold medals may take a few attempts. The only difficult achievement is ‘Get To The Chopper’ and is made easier with four friends/randoms, as relying on your AI counterparts is extremely difficult.

Mop Up:
If by chance you still haven’t maxed out your characters or need the secret achievements, play a few FTE’s to make grinding out the remaining levels quicker.

There are only 2 online achievements and both can be unlocked easily. Firstly play a game with 3 other people (use the trading thread HERE to find people who need help with this achievement.) The other is a viral achievement, that by now is very common, again, refer to the trading thread.

Overall Operation Flashpoint: Red River is not a difficult game if you are familiar with Tactical FPS’. The majority of achievements will be unlocked naturally and the rest will require minimal grinding. Just be sure to take your time and learn the levels and you’ll be gunning through them with ease in no time.

[x360a would like to thank DEG23 for this Roadmap]

The Alamo, Vahdat20
You completed Line In The Sand    (1) 

Campaign related, cannot be missed.

Keeping It Simple20
You completed 1st & 10, Let’s Do It Again    (1) 

Campaign related, cannot be missed.

Freeing The Eagles20
You completed Vantage Point    (1) 

Campaign related, cannot be missed.

Doing It The Hard Way20
You completed Almost Too Easy    (1) 

Campaign related, cannot be missed.

Work Your Bolt20
You completed The Wrong Way     (1) 

Campaign related, cannot be missed.

Devils At The Crossroad20
You completed Careful What You Wish For...    (1) 

Campaign related, cannot be missed.

You completed one of the CSAR FTE maps   (1) 

Just complete one of the two maps for this FTE mode. After meeting the pilots, head to the extraction chopper. Pilots do not need to survive for this to pop up.

You completed one of the Rolling Thunder FTE maps   

Just complete one of the two maps for this FTE mode. In order to get it completed, you must reach the destination point; even if all the convoy is destroyed, you still get the achievement..More info and hints can be found in the manual.

You completed and survived a Combat Sweep mission having killed all enemies and destroyed all caches   

In order to get this achievement, you must kill everyone on the map and destroy all 3 caches.There is no time limit but finishing in the smallest amount of time possible nets you a much higher score. First map is easier since its smaller. More info and hints can be found in the manual.

Shock And Ore20
You completed End Of The Beginning    (1) 

Campaign related, cannot be missed.

You completed one of the Combat Sweep FTE maps   

Just complete one of the two maps for this mode. There is no time limit to do this, but doing it in little time will net you higher scores thus you get more experince. More info and hints can be found in the manual.

You completed one of the Last Stand FTE maps   (1) 

Just complete one of the two maps for this mode. This modeis the hardest, but getting this achievement is extremely easy. Just as soon as the helo goes, you can call the chopper back and get in and the achievement pops. More info and hints can be found in the manual.

Venomous Bite20
You completed The Human Terrain    (1) 

Campaign related, cannot be missed.

Welcome To Gissar20
You completed Welcome To Tajikistan    (1) 

Campaign related, cannot be missed.

Protection Detail20
You completed Meet The Neighbors    (1) 

Campaign related, cannot be missed.

Danger Close5
You called in Combat Support within 300m of your location   (2) 

This is fairly easy, you need to call any type of combat support to get this. To be in the right distance, you can measure with binoculars or a rifle scope and then call the support. In the last mission you have unlimited supply of strike orders so it might be easier then. Any type of strike will count.

Pride Of Balletto10
You completed a mission as the Auto Rifleman   (1) 

Just complete one mission as the autorifleman class.

Pride Of Kirby10
You completed a mission as the Rifleman   (1) 

Just complete one mission as the rifleman class.

Catch This!5
You destroyed an enemy vehicle with the FGM-148 Anti Tank Weapon   (1) 

Easy, since the weapon has a heat autolock-on. In the last mission you can get it fairly easy or in the observatory mission. It looks like a big javelin and you can carry it as a second weapon. Any land vehicle destroyed counts for the achievement.

Buzz Kill5
You destroyed an enemy aircraft with an anti aircraft weapon   (1) 

Simple as the one above. You can get it in the observatory mission (when the humvee with supplies arrives and you can shoot down the heli that keeps killing you). You will get several chances troughout the game to shoot down helicopters.

The very first mission you get an AA weapon is the 5th. Near the end, where you get to the Marine base, an helo appears and if I remember correctly it must be destroyed in order to continue the mission. You take it down with a FIM-92 Stinger

Driver's Ed5
You drove a humvee   (1) 

Easy, in the later missions you will get oportunities to drive a humvee. Make sure to choose the driver's seat.

Florence Nightingale Award 2.020
You healed a development team member or someone who already has this achievement    (1) 

This is an online achievement, easy just as the title says. For more info check this or this

Of The People, For The People5
You picked up an enemy AK   (1) 

Just pick an enemy AK after killing them.

Old Enemies Die Hard5
You killed your first PLA soldier in Red River campaign    (1) 

Self explanatory, you get it later in the game.

Pride Of Soto10
You completed a mission as the Scout   (1) 

Just complete one mission as the Scout class.

Pride Of Taylor10
You completed a mission as the Grenadier   (1) 

Just complete one mission as the Grenadier class.

You customized a weapon   (3) 

Before starting a mission, go to the class setup screen and customize a weapon. As you grow in level, more items will be unlocked.

With A Little Help10
You played Red River with three other friends   (1) 

Play the game with 3 people; note that they must be in your friends list, it's not unlocked if you play with random people.

Operation Enduring Shield50
You completed Act 1 of the campaign    (1) 

Campaign related, cannot be missed.

Operation Unbroken Resistance75
You completed Act 2 of the campaign    (1) 

Campaign related, cannot be missed.

Operation Dragon Slayer100
You completed Act 3 of the campaign    (1) 

Campaign related, cannot be missed.

Get To The Chopper!20
You completed a Last Stand mission to stage 4, wave 4 and escaped alive   (1) 

You must reach and finish Stage 4, Wave 4 and made it alive to the chopper. This is far the most hard to get (at least for me). Getting it with 3 other friends that know how to play the game could be easier, but still is hard to survive. After stage 1, enemy vehicles start to show up. First map is easier since its smaller and the enemy only comes from one direction. Also, if a player dies, it respawns after 15-20 seconds or so, but if all team dies at the same time its mission over. For more info check this; also some tips are in the manual.

Package Delivered20
You completed and survived a CSAR mission, rescuing both pilots   

Complete one of the two maps. In order to complete it, you must rescue both pilots and get them alive to the chopper; destroying the downed heli doesnt count for the achievement (except for the final score). The faster you complete this, the better, since the enemy will continue to respawn indefinitely, so as soon as you got the pilots just nonstop run to the chopper (careful as the pilots run slower than you, have less armor and only weak firearms).

Thunder Run20
You completed and survived a Rolling Thunder mission with the entire convoy surviving   

A convoy consists of 4 vehicles; you can stop and start the convoy at any time. The best way to do this, is to go with your team and clean all the map of enemies and then just run alongside the convoy to the final point. Beware that if the convoy is stopped by you, the score keeps getting slower every second(but as i said before this counts only for the leaderboards and NOT the achievement, so take all the time in the world to do it right).

Outlaw 2's Brave10
You obtained the highest level for one character class   

The maximum level for a class is 20. You can get it in one playtrough with a bit of luck. Experience is gotten for killing enemies, completing first and optional objectives.

Outlaw 2's Finest30
You obtained the highest level for two character classes   

A quick way to get lots of xp is to keep doing the last mission and the Combat Sweep maps( kill everyone and destroy all chaces will net you good xp)

Outlaw 2's Hero50
You obtained the highest level for all character classes   (1) 

There are 4 classes in the game. Either play the campaign 4 times or keep playing Combat Sweep mode.

You maxed out one core soldier skill   

See Lifer for more information.

You maxed out three core soldier skills   

See Lifer for more information.

You maxed out all core soldier skills   (1) 

Every class has 6 skills. Every skill starts at level 1 and the max level is 10. Points needed in order to rise these skills are gained from completing the missions and FTE maps by getting gold/silver/bronze (gold = 3 points/silver = 2 points/bronze = 1 point). You need 54 points in total to rise all 6 skills (this means you need to get gold in all missions and all FTE maps). Its not so hard, but can take a while.

Secret Achievements
Rule #420
Watch your bullet drop   (1) 

In order to get this, you must kill a target from a great distance, usually more than 1000m(?). Try to aim above their head, so that you get the illution the bullet drops. AT weapons can also be used to get this; the last missions is a great opportunity.

Rule #520
Patch your wounds   

When you're bleeding or injured, just use a medic-kit.

Rule #620
Keep a full mag   

When you're about to leave combat, have a full mag (always keep reloading your weapon)

Rule #120
Don't get shot   (2) 

Do not get shot for an entire checkpoint, NOT a whole mission. An easy way of doing this is start a Clean Sweep FTE. As soon as you get out of the helicopter, you can run over to the extraction zone, which will usually be within 30 m.

Rule #220
Short, controlled bursts   

Shoot in short bursts, you''ll get this eventually; remember that many weapons have 2 fire modes. Select the Rifleman class in a Clean Sweep FTE. You need to get 4-5 kills without reloaing with the burst fire mode selected.

Rule #320
You discovered what Knox's Rule #3 is    (1) 

You get this at the end of the game, it's kinda campaign related so it cannot be missed.

Rule #1020
Beware of confined spaces   

This usually pops up after succesfully got trough some buildings or small spaces and you don't die after enemy encounters.

Rule #720
If in doubt, fall back    

You can get this in a mission where you have to fall back several times or at anytime you fall back from combat with your squad.

Rule #820
Keep the enemy suppressed   (1) 

Just order your teammates to suppres the enemy any time you have the chance; you can get this as early as the first mission.

Rule #920

Just issue orders for your squad.

DLC: Valley of Death Map Pack
Price: $6.99 USD Achievements: 5 Points: 125
VOD Master50
Obtain a Gold rating on all VOD FTE maps   
Complete a VOD Rolling Thunder map without the convoy ever stopping   
Millionaires' Club20
Complete a VOD Last Stand map with over 1 million points   
More Speed, Less Haste20
Find the pilots & destroy the chopper in under 5 minutes on a VOD CSAR map   
Lethal Modelling Clay15
Destroy an enemy tank with C4 on any of the VOD maps   

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US April 26, 2011

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