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Full Corruption

Win with the blackest heart   
This is a list of all the various choices and actions that you have to accomplish to get the full 100% corruption. The first part of the list will be the story-related choices that you have to make and the second part is a list of things that you can do to cause general mayhem and destruction. The second part can be done over the course of the game as long as you do it before you get to Kahn.

Plot-Related Choices
3% Keep Spree’s Food
– See “Retrieve the Food”. When you’re faced with the peasants after picking up the food, have your minions kill them and then take the food to the teleport stone.

5% Burn down the Sacred Grove in Evernight Forest
– Use your fire spell or red minions to start a fire at the Sacred Grove. The fire will burn down all the grass and kill the unicorns while you’re at it.

10% Choose Velvet over Rose
– See “Obtain a Mistress”. Have your minions pick up Velvet’s Bed and carry it to the teleport stone.

5% Feed the elves to the slugs in the Glittering Mine
– You’ll see a group of Giant Slugs in an open area near the end of the mine and a group of elves in a prison cell imploring you to kill the slugs and let them out. Just have your minions turn the wheel to open the cell and the slugs will eat the elves as they come out.

10% Take Goldo’s Gold rather than save the elven women in Goldo’s Stronghold
– After you’ve killed Goldo, just pick up the giant gold bag and have your minions carry it out.

5% Keep the Mother Goddess Statue
– After you’ve trapped Jewel with the teleport stone, go back to the other end of the town and have your minions pick up the statue. Right before you get to the teleport stone, two Ghost Elves will teleport in and ask you to give them the statue. Use your blue minions to kill them and then take the statue to the teleport stone.

5% Kill the traitors at Spree
– After Kahn has trashed Spree, a group of peasant will beg your forgiveness in front of the bar. Either have your minions attack them or set them on fire with your spells.

Mayhem and Destruction
3% Kill a peasant
– See Enemy of Mankind. This can easily be accomplished at the very beginning of the game by killing Farmer Bob on your way to the Tower Heart.

5% Kill 20 peasants
– See Enemy of Mankind

10% Kill 100 peasants
– See Enemy of Mankind

15% Enemy of Mankind – All of these steps involve killing peasants. Its not exactly clear how many peasants have to be killed to obtain Enemy of Mankind, but estimates range from over five hundred to around a thousand. Simply kill as many peasants as you can in Spree and Heaven’s Peak. They’ll respawn every time you teleport in, so you can kill them every time you make a trip. As a bonus, this is also a great way to farm for brown life force. Its very important, however, that, if you have the DLC, you make sure you get this before you capture Jewel. Once Kahn wrecks Spree and Heaven's Peak, you won't have a chance to do anymore peasant farming before the end of the game (from Black Dragon).

5% Wenchbane – You just have to kill ten peasant women. This comes pretty quickly if you continually kill all the peasants that you find.

1% Harasser of Humans – See Suppressor of Spree

3% Suppressor of Spree – After you’ve killed several peasants, the rest will attack you in a little uprising. Just continue killing them until they give up.

2% Spree Homewrecker – Use your minions to wreck every home in Spree. These homes respawn every time you visit, so you have to destroy all of them in a single trip. There are approximately fifteen and as long as you’re thorough in your exploration of Spree, you’ll track them down easily.

3% Heaven’s Peak Town Trasher
– Just trash all four homes in Heaven’s Peak. You're looking for the homes that have light in the windows and that aren't boarded up. These are a little harder because Heaven’s Peak is bigger and there are only four, but its also easy to keep track of how many you’ve done. Once again, you have to do them all in a single trip.

3% Capture 10 Servants – After you’ve killed a number of Spree’s peasants, you’ll teleport into Mellow Hills and you’ll find a woman tied up along the path to Spree. The townspeople are offering her as a servant. Have your minions attack her until she falls on the ground and then pick her up and take her back to the teleport stone. There are nine other women scattered around Mellow Hills. You’ll recognize them because they scream and run away.
Three are inside of Spree itself (1), just to the right of the main gate, (2) to the left of the main gate by the pumpkin patch, (3) just past the exit towards Castle Spree at the top of a hill by the mana pit.
  • Near the large herd of sheep (not the one right by the teleport, but the one across the bridge).
  • Go to the Slave Camp and through the sheep herd on your right. Follow the path past that and you’ll find her near a mana pit.
  • Next to a pig roasting on a spit to your right if you walk past the drawbridge entrance of Spree
  • Near the small herd of sheep by the entrance to the Halfling Slave Camp
  • In the herd of sheep to the left of the Mellow Hills teleport stone
  • Close to the pumpkin patch where the Halflings had the Tower Heart.

2% Start a fight at Halfway to Heaven Inn – When you enter Halfway to Heaven Inn, you’ll hear someone ask if you want to fight. Just have your minions attack any one of the peasants in the bar and you’ll start a brawl.

5% Destroyer of Elves – You have to kill ten elves for this. The Ghost Elves of Evernight do not count. You’ll find regular elves scattered around the Golden Hills level. Make sure that you kill them and they aren’t killed by the Dwarves as they run away from you. There’s at least twenty elves throughout the level, so you should be able to get this relatively easily if you’re thorough.
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