Overlord Achievement Guide

Guide By: Andrew x360a
There are 54 achievements with a total of 1250 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
- Offline: 40 (930 )
- Online: 14 (320 )
- Approximate amount of time to 1250 : 30-50 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed? 2
- Number of missable achievements? 15
- Glitched achievements? No
- Cheat codes disable achievements? No cheats
- Difficulty affect achievements? Yes

Played properly, this game requires only two playthroughs, but it can be very challenging at the outset of Legendary difficulty.

Step #1: Zero Corruption
Play as the "Nice" Overlord on the regular difficulty level. Simply focus on completing the storyline, including the Abyss levels, which are much easier on this difficulty level. Upgrade your armor and weapons as needed, but don't focus on fully upgrading everything or forging full sets of more powerful armor. The point of this playthrough is to simply get through the story the first time and get the Zero Corruption achievement. By the time that you're done, you should have the following achievements:

Power up the Tower
Rebuild the Tower
Obtain a Mistress
Retrieve the Food
Defeat Melvin
Defeat Oberon
Defeat Sir William
Defeat Goldo
Defeat Jewel
Defeat Kahn
Defeat the Wizard
Zero Corruption
Red Minions
Green Minions
Blue Minions
Steel Smelter
Durium Smelter
Arcanium Smelter
Hell Raider
Demon Master
Infernal Lord
Lord of the Abyss

Step #2: Full Corruption
Play on Legendary Difficulty and play as the "Evil" Overlord. This allows you to use use peasants for lifeforce farming, so feel free to focus on upgrading your armor and weapons to the max and making full sets of more powerful armor. You can also make the evil choices necessary to get all of the Tower objects and Dungeon creatures, so you can work on those achievements as well. Finally, the process of farming will play directly into the Minion Multitude achievements. You will absolutely have to farm on the townspeople early in the game to build up the strength of your horde and the quality of your own armor and weapons. Make no mistake, Legedary difficulty can be very challenging early on. Once you've upgraded a bit, however, the game becomes substantially easier. When this playthrough is finished, you should have the following achievements:

Full Corruption
Ultimate Steel
Ultimate Durium
Ultimate Arcanium
Full Durium
Full Arcanium
Minion Harvester
Amass Minions
Minion Hoarder
Minion Multitude
Tower Master
Ultimate Horde
Dungeon Dabbler
Dungeon Overlord
Mistress Master
Legendary Overlord
Dungeon Legend

Step #3: Multiplayer Achievements
The online population for this game is basically completely dead. This makes boosting very, very easy as well as a necessity. You can find a boosting partner in the achievement trading thread HERE. If you already have the expansion, the DLC maps also count towards the achievements from the original game, so find a map that suits you and your boosting partner and trade wins in each game type (Pillage and Slaughter) until you've both finished. If you like, you can work together for the Survivor achievements as well, but you can also do those alone with a single controller. See the achievement guide HERE for tips on the best way to set up the multiplayer games (Post #9).

Overall, this game isn't too terribly challenging, but it does have some sections that can be a bit tricky. The online component is pretty boring, but it only takes a couple of hours of boosting to get that out of the way. Enjoy the game and good luck!
x360a would like to thank Andrew x360a for this Road Map

Power up the Tower10
Retrieve the Tower Heart to power up the Tower    
Teleport to Mellow Hills by walking into the pool in your Tower. Once you’re in Mellow Hills, summon three minions by locking onto the brown spawn pit with and pressing . Gnarl will instruct you to kill the sheep down the path on your left to increase your life force. Lock onto the sheep with and send your minions to attack with . Once you’ve killed the sheep, return to the spawn pit and summon a total of five minions. Use those five to move the pillar on the right side of the path. Lock onto it with , send your minions with , and they’ll automatically roll the pillar away, revealing a new path. Follow this path past Farmer Bob’s farm. You’ll see the Tower Heart just around the bend sitting in the middle of a pumpkin patch. Clear out the pumpkins by sweeping your minions over them with and then lock onto the Tower Heart with and send the minions to it with . They’ll automatically carry it to the nearest teleport stone. First you’ll need to knock down a wall for them first by striking it with your ax. Press when you’re standing in front of the wall and, after a couple of swings, it will fall. The achievement unlocks as soon as the Tower Heart disappears through the teleport stone.
Rebuild the Tower10
Retrieve a Crane to start rebuilding the Tower    
Teleport to Mellow Hills and walk towards Spree by taking the path to the right of the teleport stone over the bridge that you created to recover the Tower Heart. Use ten minions to move the pillar on the right side of the path. This will open up a new path. Follow the path and continue past the gate to Spree and on towards the Slave Camp. Gnarl will instruct you to kill some Halflings with your Fireball Spell by pressing and setting the wheat field ablaze. Continue to follow the path, fighting Halflings as you go, until you get to the Slave Camp. Kill the Halflings guarding the gate and then use your minions to turn the wheel. Passing through this gate takes you to the Slave Camp. Follow the path through the camp, killing more Halflings. You’ll come to a courtyard with another wheel that you can turn to free more prisoners. When you continue down the path, you’ll see another prison area.

As you approach, a Troll will be set loose that you must fight. When it throws its arms up into the air, it is preparing to jump and perform a belly-flop attack, so call your minions back to you by holding . As soon as it hits the ground, have your minions attack again. Once the Troll and the other Halfling guards are dead, you can turn the wheel on your left to open a gate. Go through the gate and you’ll find the crane sitting just around the corner. Send five minions to it and they’ll carry it to the waypoint. The achievement unlocks as soon as the crane disappears through the teleport stone.
Obtain a Mistress20
Get yourself a little company and some help spending your money    
Go to Castle Spree by teleporting to the Mellow Hills, enter Spree, turning right, and take the second gate to your right out of the town. Follow the path, using your reds to clear fire barriers. Go past the gate and use your reds to clear out the fire barricade in the gap in the wall. Send your minons through the gap to turn the wheel and open the main gate. You’ll need to clear the raiders out of the upper courtyard and proceed down into Dungeons of Spree. To get Rose to come with you, you need to kill all the raiders and retrieve her luggage.

The Dungeons are very linear. Follow the path across from the room that Rose is hiding in, using your reds to break down fire barriers and your browns to fight off raiders, until you find the wheel that opens the gate next to Roses' hiding place. Go through the door to find the room where the luggage is sitting behind a fire barrier. A floating eyeball called a Beholder guards the luggage. It drifts back and forth between two platforms. Post five red minions on each platform, so they can hit it regardless of which way it drifts. During the fight, the Beholder will summon raiders into the middle of the room, so it’s a good idea for you and a small group of browns to stand there and kill them.

Once its dead, your reds can break down the barrier twelve minions can pick up the luggage. After you carry it back to Rose, she’ll come out of the room that she’s hiding in and invite herself back to your Tower. The achievement unlocks after a cutscene in your Tower.
Retrieve the Food10
Retrieve the Food, but will you keep or return it?    
Teleport to the Mellow Hills and enter Spree. Turn right and exit out of the first gate on your right. Following the path out of that gate will require fighting a number of Halflings and another Troll before you get to a very large door controlled by a wheel. Go through this door to enter the Halfling Homes. Clear the first room of Halflings and break down the door straight ahead of you, revealing a hallway with a gated door at the end. Turn right to enter a second room and kill the Halflings so that you can follow the walkway around to the left. You’ll see a small wheel down a narrow hallway. Turning it will open the gated door at the end of the main hall. Return to the main hallway and go through this newly-opened door. Continue down the hall and smash open the door at the end.

To continue, you must find two missing spokes to the wheel that controls the door straight ahead of you. Turn right and smash open the door, entering the next hallway. Go into the room on your left and kill the Halflings before smashing down the door ahead. You’ll find the first spoke on the floor in the next room. Send a minion to it and they’ll take it back to the wheel. Have your other minions go right to turn a small wheel that will open the gated door at the end of the hall you were just in. Return to the hallway and go through the open gate. In this large room is a series of Halfling holes and the second spoke in front of you. This spoke completes the wheel, but you need more minions to turn it.

Turn left from the wheel and go down the steps to find a large pumpkin. Smash it and you’ll find a minion object that will raise your maximum horde size. Have three minions pick it up and take it to the nearest teleport stone. Summon fifteen total minions, open the large door, and proceed down to the second level of the Halfling Homes. Clear out the banquet hall and open the door on the opposite wall by turning the wheel to the right. Turn right down a narrow hall and kill the cooks in the kitchen. Go to the end of the kitchen and you’ll find a storeroom with a pallet of food and a small wheel that will open the gate to your left.

Open the gate and send five minions to pick up the food. Just outside the gate you’ll meet a group of peasants. You can either give them the food or you can keep it for yourself. The choice affects your corruption level, but either way, the achievement will unlock.
Defeat Melvin20
Puncture a Hero    
Crash the Halfling party by going through the gate to the left of the entrance to the Halfling Homes. You need to kill the fiddle player by targeting him with and striking him with your ax or a fire spell . Once he's dead, kill the rest of the Halflings. You'll need to find two wheel spokes to go through to door to follow Melvin. The first is up the hill on your right past a number of spawning Halfling holes. Go back down the hill, turn right, and go up a small set of stairs. The second spoke is on a wooden platform near a flaming hilltop. When the wheel is completed, use it to enter Melvin's Kitchen.

Once in the Kitchen's go left and turn the wheel to roast all the cooks. Go downstairs and turn the second wheel to open the door. Melvin is in the room at the end of this hallway. After you start the fight, you can’t leave the room. The fight consists of two phases and both are straightforward. In the first part, he’ll stagger around the room swinging his scepter and occasionally jumping into the air and slamming down in a belly flop. For this phase, just send your minions and attack with your ax. When you see him begin to jiggle back and forth, that’s the sign that he’s about to jump. Back up and call your minions back to you, so they aren’t killed by the flop.

After you’ve taken off half of his health, the second phase of the fight will begin. In this part, he’ll roll around the room like a giant, flabby ball occasionally slamming into the wall. If you’re careful and are willing to take it slowly, you can take him down without losing a single minion. Avoid him until he hits the wall and stops. Post your minions out of the way, lock onto him with , get behind him, and hit him with your ax. He’ll continually try to turn around so he can start rolling directly at you. As long as you stay locked onto him and keep moving to stay behind him, he’ll just spin in place and won’t roll anymore. After a few minutes of melee attacks, a brief cut scene will reward you. Strike him one more time as he’s lying on the floor and he’ll explode.
Defeat Oberon20
Put a Hero to sleep. Permanently.    
You’ll find Oberon sitting in the middle of Evernight forest, surrounded by a giant tree with a protective shield. To deactivate the shield, you have to destroy the six root nodes that power it. You need green and blue minions to access all the nodes.

  1. Directly behind you as you face Oberon.
  2. Outside the entrance of the Viridian Caverns, protected by a poison plant field.
  3. To the left of Oberon’s tree is a path protected by poison plants. At the end of the path is a large central area containing another node.
  4. Exiting this area through the door controlled by the wheel with red spokes brings you to a platform by the water. Sweep your blues across the water to turn the wheel, extending the bridge. This allows you to access Skull Den. At the end of Skull Den is another node.
  5. Leave Skull Den through the exit that was previously blocked by the root from Oberon’s tree. The path directly upwards and to your left will take you to the Mother Goddess Temple. When you get to the end of the Temple, you’ll have to kill a pair of trolls before you can destroy the node that you find there.
  6. To the right of Oberon’s tree is a path that leads down to a river. Use your blues to move the block in the middle of the water and go down the river until you can cross to the other side and destroy the node you find there.

The actual battle with Oberon is relatively straightforward. There’s a mana pit and brown minion spawn pit to the left of Oberon, so your horde shouldn’t be a concern. Begin by sweeping your minions up the ramp at Oberon’s feet so they can attack him. Watch out for clouds of dirt appearing near you. When you see then, move immediately because roots will shoot out of the ground, damaging you. Eventually, Oberon will summon monsters, beginning with blue toads and working up to bloody unicorns, trolls, and the mace wielding minotaur-like monsters. You can overwhelm the monsters with your minion horde and keep replenishing it from the brown spawn point, but I found it much easier to blast the monsters with my fire spell and constantly restock my mana at the mana pit. In between the waves of monsters, keep sending the minions up to Oberon. Once they’ve finished him off, you’ll see a cut scene and then the ramp at his feet will collapse, allowing you to walk up to and strike the killing blow.
Defeat Sir William20
Cure a Hero of life    
You’ll find Sir William in Angelis Keep. The fight consists of two parts, separated by a clash with two succubae. In the first part you find Sir William in the middle of a large room full of Red Dawn cultists. You can try to send your minions in en masse and try to kill off as many as possible. Another option is to post your reds just outside the door. They’ll be able to fire in at cultists as they walk past, but the cultists won’t actually leave the room, so you can slowly pick them off. It’s a slower process, but you won’t take any damage and you won’t lose any minions.

After you’ve killed off enough cultists, you’ll be transported to the middle of the room where you’ll face off with William while surrounded by a circle of cultists. He’ll periodically launch himself up the air and slam down with his staff, so watch out for that and pull your minions back before it happens. He doesn’t move around much, so having some reds to back up your browns can be very effective. A few cultists will come down and attack your minions, but you can generally ignore them and just swarm William until he flees.

Follow him out the door where you’ll come across the succubae. Take them out and proceed down the hallway until you find Sir William in another room. This room is square with a platform on each corner and a sunken central area filled with Red Dawn cultists. Once again there are two different approaches that you can take. The first is to swarm William and his cultists directly and try to overwhelm him. On the easier difficulty level, this strategy is quite effective. William will periodically teleport to one of the various corner platforms for a few minutes before teleporting back down to the middle. The Red Dawn, however, will stay in the central area, so you can stay on the upper level and wait for him to teleport and then rush him and do as much damage as possible before he teleports back to the middle again.

This strategy is especially effective if you’ve lost most or all of your minions because you can rush him, back off before he swings, move in and hit him, backing off again before he swings. Taking this approach, you can hit him three or four times before he teleports back to the middle without him ever hitting you. It’s a slow process, but it is also safe. Either way, once you’ve taken off all his health, you’ll see a cut scene before you get to finish him off.
Defeat Goldo20
End a Hero's obsession    
You’ll find Goldo at the end of the Royal Halls. Red minions will be especially helpful in this fight as will a strong weapon for your overlord. Once you see Goldo, he runs out of the room and returns in Rollie – a metal tank equipped with a flamethrower and a spiked roller on the front. Start by posting your reds off to the side where they can hit Rollie and send five or six browns on top of the tank while you run behind it and use your melee attack on it. If you keep rotating, you’ll stay behind it and away from the flamethrower and spiked wheel.

After you’ve taken off half the health, the fight will enter a second phase. Bombs will fall from the ceiling and Rollie with take off and try to ram you and your minions. Avoid these rushes and when the tank rams into the wall or the pillars it’ll hold still for several seconds. You can send your minions to attack it then or send a minion to grab a bomb and carry it over to the tank. As long as you’re quick to avoid the rushes, the fight will be over quickly. You’ll see a cut scene with Goldo coming out of the tank and then you can strike the killing blow.
Defeat Jewel20
Steal a Hero    
You find Jewel in the ruined city at the end of the Ruborian desert. The achievement is slightly perfectly descriptive because you don’t ever actually fight her. You simply need to herd her onto the teleport stone, so she’s transported back to your Tower for interrogation. Jewel is quick, nimble, and has an impressive jumping ability, so she’ll bounce around the city to avoid you. Your first goal should be to clear out all of the raiders and black sheep in the city.

Once the city is empty except for you, your minions, and Jewel, start at the end of the main road farthest away from the teleport stone and post three minions at the entrance to each side street and alley. As you move up the street, Jewel will keeping running back and forth in front of you. Leave a single entrance unguarded at the very end of the street and chase Jewel around the side streets until she runs through this last entrance and out into the main street. Immediately post minions in the final entrance and then run towards Jewel, driving her towards the waygate. She’ll run onto the teleport stone and get teleported back to your Tower.
Defeat Kahn20
Get angry with a Hero    
You find Kahn in Heaven’s Point. The fight takes place in three phases and each phase has its own extraneous challenges other than Kahn himself.

The first part includes a Beholder that constantly spawns raiders and will kill your minions instantly if it floats over them, so your first priority should be to kill that with your reds while avoiding Kahn has he chases you around. Then, get your greens and reds up on the ledges to attack Kahn from above. Be prepared to move the minions away from the edge when he swings his mace and to call your minions back before he starts his jump. He’ll eventually come on top of the ledge, so you just have to run across to the next one. After you take off about a quarter of his health, he’ll flee to another portion of the city.

The second part begins with a cut scene showing three Beholders outside the city gates spawning raiders. Your very first action should be to charge forward and have your minions turn the wheel to close the gate and prevent any more raiders from coming in. You’ll lose a handful of minions, but its worth the cost. There are several spawning pits in the area, so you’ll be able to restock. After the gate is closed and the remaining raiders killed, this phase plays out in essentially the same way as the first phase. Simply keep your reds and greens up on the ledges, so they can attack Kahn from above Once Kahn is down to half of his life, he’ll flee again.

The final part of the fight has three levels and two Beholders that rotate between them. The fastest approach is to quickly move up to the highest level and kill the Beholder that’s there. As long as you don’t move down, the other Beholder won’t bother you, so you can focus on Kahn. Once again, your approach is to attack him with reds and greens and avoid his mace swing and jump attack. Simply move back and forth along the highest level and try to use your Legion of Terror spell to get extra damage in. If you have to restock, there are some minion spawn pits in the area. Once you’ve taken down all of his health, you’ll see another cut scene and then you simply have to strike him once to finish the fight.
Defeat the Wizard50
Defeat the 7th Hero    
For the final boss fight of the game, this is unexpectedly easy. Make sure that you come into the final chamber with as many greens as you can carry. The color of the barrier around the Wizard corresponds to the type of minion that you can attack him with. Stay in the alcove by the entrance and fight off the enemy minions that wander by until he changes to the green barrier. Immediately send in the greens and use your Legion of Terror spell to speed the process up. Once he throws the minions off, call them back to you. You may need to go through this cycle twice, at most three times, before half of his health is gone.

At that point a cut scene interrupts the fight. Afterwards, you and all your minions will be teleported into the middle of the arena and surrounded by a sizable horde of enemy minions. Quickly use your Inferno spell two or three times to kill of the majority of the enemy minions and run to the green minion spawn pit. Hide in that corner as the Wizard does his tornado attack. He’ll reappear by the spawning pits on the opposite side when he’s done spinning around. Wait for him to go back to the green shield and commence sending in the green minions again. With the Legion of Terror spell it should only take one or two cycles to bring him to his knees. After another cut scene, you lay down the final blow. Congratulations, you’ve won the game!
Full Corruption50
Win with the blackest heart    
This is a list of all the various choices and actions that you have to accomplish to get the full 100% corruption. The first part of the list will be the story-related choices that you have to make and the second part is a list of things that you can do to cause general mayhem and destruction. The second part can be done over the course of the game as long as you do it before you get to Kahn.

Plot-Related Choices
3% Keep Spree’s Food
– See “Retrieve the Food”. When you’re faced with the peasants after picking up the food, have your minions kill them and then take the food to the teleport stone.

5% Burn down the Sacred Grove in Evernight Forest
– Use your fire spell or red minions to start a fire at the Sacred Grove. The fire will burn down all the grass and kill the unicorns while you’re at it.

10% Choose Velvet over Rose
– See “Obtain a Mistress”. Have your minions pick up Velvet’s Bed and carry it to the teleport stone.

5% Feed the elves to the slugs in the Glittering Mine
– You’ll see a group of Giant Slugs in an open area near the end of the mine and a group of elves in a prison cell imploring you to kill the slugs and let them out. Just have your minions turn the wheel to open the cell and the slugs will eat the elves as they come out.

10% Take Goldo’s Gold rather than save the elven women in Goldo’s Stronghold
– After you’ve killed Goldo, just pick up the giant gold bag and have your minions carry it out.

5% Keep the Mother Goddess Statue
– After you’ve trapped Jewel with the teleport stone, go back to the other end of the town and have your minions pick up the statue. Right before you get to the teleport stone, two Ghost Elves will teleport in and ask you to give them the statue. Use your blue minions to kill them and then take the statue to the teleport stone.

5% Kill the traitors at Spree
– After Kahn has trashed Spree, a group of peasant will beg your forgiveness in front of the bar. Either have your minions attack them or set them on fire with your spells.

Mayhem and Destruction
3% Kill a peasant
– See Enemy of Mankind. This can easily be accomplished at the very beginning of the game by killing Farmer Bob on your way to the Tower Heart.

5% Kill 20 peasants
– See Enemy of Mankind

10% Kill 100 peasants
– See Enemy of Mankind

15% Enemy of Mankind – All of these steps involve killing peasants. Its not exactly clear how many peasants have to be killed to obtain Enemy of Mankind, but estimates range from over five hundred to around a thousand. Simply kill as many peasants as you can in Spree and Heaven’s Peak. They’ll respawn every time you teleport in, so you can kill them every time you make a trip. As a bonus, this is also a great way to farm for brown life force. Its very important, however, that, if you have the DLC, you make sure you get this before you capture Jewel. Once Kahn wrecks Spree and Heaven's Peak, you won't have a chance to do anymore peasant farming before the end of the game (from Black Dragon).

5% Wenchbane – You just have to kill ten peasant women. This comes pretty quickly if you continually kill all the peasants that you find.

1% Harasser of Humans – See Suppressor of Spree

3% Suppressor of Spree – After you’ve killed several peasants, the rest will attack you in a little uprising. Just continue killing them until they give up.

2% Spree Homewrecker – Use your minions to wreck every home in Spree. These homes respawn every time you visit, so you have to destroy all of them in a single trip. There are approximately fifteen and as long as you’re thorough in your exploration of Spree, you’ll track them down easily.

3% Heaven’s Peak Town Trasher
– Just trash all four homes in Heaven’s Peak. You're looking for the homes that have light in the windows and that aren't boarded up. These are a little harder because Heaven’s Peak is bigger and there are only four, but its also easy to keep track of how many you’ve done. Once again, you have to do them all in a single trip.

3% Capture 10 Servants – After you’ve killed a number of Spree’s peasants, you’ll teleport into Mellow Hills and you’ll find a woman tied up along the path to Spree. The townspeople are offering her as a servant. Have your minions attack her until she falls on the ground and then pick her up and take her back to the teleport stone. There are nine other women scattered around Mellow Hills. You’ll recognize them because they scream and run away.
Three are inside of Spree itself (1), just to the right of the main gate, (2) to the left of the main gate by the pumpkin patch, (3) just past the exit towards Castle Spree at the top of a hill by the mana pit.
  • Near the large herd of sheep (not the one right by the teleport, but the one across the bridge).
  • Go to the Slave Camp and through the sheep herd on your right. Follow the path past that and you’ll find her near a mana pit.
  • Next to a pig roasting on a spit to your right if you walk past the drawbridge entrance of Spree
  • Near the small herd of sheep by the entrance to the Halfling Slave Camp
  • In the herd of sheep to the left of the Mellow Hills teleport stone
  • Close to the pumpkin patch where the Halflings had the Tower Heart.

2% Start a fight at Halfway to Heaven Inn – When you enter Halfway to Heaven Inn, you’ll hear someone ask if you want to fight. Just have your minions attack any one of the peasants in the bar and you’ll start a brawl.

5% Destroyer of Elves – You have to kill ten elves for this. The Ghost Elves of Evernight do not count. You’ll find regular elves scattered around the Golden Hills level. Make sure that you kill them and they aren’t killed by the Dwarves as they run away from you. There’s at least twenty elves throughout the level, so you should be able to get this relatively easily if you’re thorough.
Zero Corruption50
Win with the clearest conscience    
This achievement is slightly easier than the 100% corruption because you just have to make the right choices throughout the story. Other than that, just avoid killing any peasants or trashing any homes.

Plot-Related Choices
3% Return Spree’s Food
– See “Retrieve the Food”. When you’re faced with the peasants after picking up the food, stand by the platform and have your minions drop the food there.

5% Spare the Sacred Grove in Evernight Forest
– Kill the bloody unicorns in the Sacred Grove without using any red minions or fire spells.

10% Choose Rose over Velvet
– See “Obtain a Mistress”. Have your minions turn the wheel and leave the level with Rose.

5% Save the elves in the Glittering Mine
– You’ll see a group of Giant Slugs in an open area near the end of the mine and a group of elves in a prison cell imploring you to kill the slugs and let them out. Kill the slugs first and then release the elves by having your minions turn the wheel.

10% Save the elven women in Goldo’s Stronghold
– After you’ve killed Goldo, just have your minions turn the wheel to extend the bridge and allow the elven women to flee to safety.

5% Return the Mother Goddess Statue
– After you’ve trapped Jewel with the teleport stone, go back to the other end of the town and have your minions pick up the statue. Right before you get to the teleport stone, two Ghost Elves will teleport in and ask you to give them the statue. Have your minions drop it where the elves ask you to and they’ll take it back to Evernight.

5% Spare the traitors at Spree
– After Kahn has trashed Spree, a group of peasants will beg your forgiveness in front of the bar. Leave Spree without harming them.
Red Minions10
Retrieve the Red Hive    
After you kill Melvin (see "Defeat Melvin"), you'll exit into another part of the Kitchen. Turn the wheel on the left to free the Red Minions. Summon five reds and break down the fire barrier on the right. Kill enough Magma Beetles to be able to summon ten red minions. Use those ten to pick up the Red Hive to the right of the path, past the fire barrier. After you pick it up, you'll need to recall your reds with to kill several Halflings in the lower part of the kitchen and then use all your minions to fight off a few Halflings that come through the door. Then pick up the Hive and go through the open door. Place your reds on a guard marker all the way to the left with to kill the cooks and then sweep your browns with to turn the wheel controlling the gate in front of you. Carry the Red Hive through the gate to the teleport and the achievement will unlock as soon as the Hive disappears.
Green Minions10
Retrieve the Green Hive    
The Green Hive is found in the Veridian Caverns in Evernight Forest. Access Evernight and walk straight down the path until you see two Ghost Elves who ask you to kill a pair of bloody unicorns. The first is down the main path in the next clearing and the second is the left across a stream. Use the log bridge to get the minions across while you walk through the water. Return to the Ghost Elves and go down the path that they have now opened. Turn right when you get to Oberon and destroy the root node. Turn right and go down the path that was blocked by the root. You’ll see the green minions running into a poison field.

Continue down the winding path until you see three skull priests dancing in a clearing. Lock onto the poison pod with , send a minion to it with , sweep that minion into the middle of the three priests with and then release to have the minion drop the pod. When it explodes, it will kill the priests. Guide your minions along the narrow path with (this is much easier if they’re all on a guard marker) while you walk through the water until you both meet near another clearing with dancing priests. Kill them and sweep your minions across another bridge. Follow the path, clearing out two more groups of priests. After the final clearing, you’ll see the greens run into the Veridian Caverns.

Follow the Green Minions through the caverns to get to the Hive. Occasionally, they’ll go through poison plant fields, but there’s always a parallel route that you can take. Once you get to the Hive you’ll need to summon some greens to access it. Puff beetles spawn throughout the level, so I had forty green lifeforce by the time I got to the Hive. As you carry the Hive back, you’ll occasionally need to stop and fight beetles and one Troll. Make sure that you don’t have your minions drop the Hive on a sloping part of the path because its possible for the game to glitch. When you try to pick the Hive up again, your minions will just stand there holding it and not travel anywhere, forcing you to leave the Caverns and come back again. The achievement will unlock once the Hive has been teleported back to your Tower.
Blue Minions10
Retrieve the Blue Hive    
The Blue Hive can be found in the Moist Hollows outside Heaven’s Peak. When you teleport to the main waygate outside the city, you need to go down into the refugee camp and then follow the path down towards the water. On the other side of the swampy area you’ll see the blues hopping around the entrance to a cave blocked by a field of poison plants. Sweep your minions across the log bridge while you cross the shallow water and use your greens to access the Moist Hollows. The blues are very weak and you’ll have to fight a number of enemies throughout the cave, so you’ll want to make sure that you have a number of browns to do the hard work.

The biggest obstacle that you’ll face is a giant water serpent that prevents you from leaving. If you use your greens or browns and careful timing, you can kill the serpent without losing a single minion. Sweep six or seven minions back and forth in front of the serpent until it strikes. After it strikes, it will hold its head over the platform for several seconds. Immediately, sweep the minions onto the head and wait exactly five seconds before calling them back. They’ll jump off its head and back onto the platform just as it raises its head back into the air. Repeat this cycle until it dies and you shouldn’t have lost any minions or taken any damage. Continue onto the teleport stone. The achievement will unlock as soon as the Hive has been teleported back your Tower.
Steel Smelter10
Retrieve a Smelter    
Teleport to the Mellow Hills, enter Spree, turn left and exit out of the first gate on your left. Follow the path past the burning farmhouse until you see the smelter surrounded by fire. Extinguish the flames and then use twelve minions to carry the smelter back to the waygate. Pay attention because Halflings will continually attack your minions along the path, so be prepared to fight them off. The achievement will unlock when the smelter teleports back to your Tower.
Durium Smelter15
Retrieve a powerful Smelter   
The durium smelter can be found in the second level of the Understreets. After you’ve cleared the first level, you can exit and restock your minions at the spawn pits just outside the main gate of Heaven's Peak. Break down the barrier into the second level with your reds. You need to fight your way around a circular level to get to the smelter. In two places you’ll have to fight off zombie wizards that continually spawn zombies. Ignore the weaker zombies and focus your attacks on the wizards until they’re dead and then you can clear out the rest. Once you get the smelter, you just have to turn the wheel to extend a bridge and have ten minions carry it to the teleport stone. The achievement will unlock when the smelter is teleported back to your Tower.
Arcanium Smelter20
Retrieve the most Powerful Smelter   
The arcanium smelter can be found in the Arcanium Mines directly in front of you when you get in, but its too large to fit along the shortest path, so you have to carry it around the area and bring it up the other side. The fastest way to get it is to get a large horde of reds and supplement it with a few browns. Start clearing the level moving through it in the opposite direction as the smelter. There are a number of places where walls of flames block your way, but your reds can walk through unscathed. Once you’ve killed all the enemies in your way, have your reds pick up the smelter and they’ll carry it back the way you just came. The achievement will unlock when the smelter is teleported back to your Tower.
Ultimate Steel10
Forge an Ultimately Imbued Steel Set   
This achievement requires you to have a complete set of steel equipment (helmet, weapon, armor) that has been imbued with the maximum number of minions: Helmet - 675, Armor - 325, Weapon - 175.

There’s a glitch that you can exploit to make this easier. Put as many minions as you like into the given piece of equipment and begin forging. As soon as the animation starts, before the minions actually jump into the fire, pause and quit the game. When you restart it, the minions will have been added to your equipment, but not subtracted from your horde. Repeat as many times as necessary to get the achievement. Unfortunately, Codemasters has patched the game, so if you’ve downloaded the patch, you’ll have to do this the slow way by actually sacrificing the requisite number of minions.

If you have not yet downloaded the DLC, thereby updating your game automatically, you can clear your cache and remove the update for the retail version of the game. To clear the cache: Dashboard > System blade > Memory > Device Options while highlighting HDD > > Yes. Don't update when you restart (from bobbowski).
Ultimate Durium20
Forge an Ultimately Imbued Durium Set   
This achievement requires you to have a complete set of durium equipment (helmet, weapon, armor) that has been imbued with the maximum number of minions: Helmet - 1150, Armor - 575, Weapon - 300.

See “Ultimate Steel”
Ultimate Arcanium40
Forge an Ultimately Imbued Arcanium Set   
This achievement requires you to have a complete set of arcanium equipment (helmet, weapon, armor) that has been imbued with the maximum number of minions: Helmet - 2000, Armor - 1000, Weapon - 500.

See “Ultimate Steel”
Full Durium10
Forge a full Durium set   

To unlock this achievement, all you have to do is forge a Weapon, Armor, and a Helmet from the Durium smelter when you retrieve it.

Full Arcanium20
Forge a full Arcanium set   

Just forge a Weapon, Armor, and a Helmet from Arcanium once you get the Arcanium smelter.

Minion Harvester10
Harvest Lifeforce   

See "Minion Multitude".

Amass Minions10
Harvest lots of Lifeforce   

See "Minion Multitude".

Minion Hoarder15
Harvest a huge amount of Lifeforce   

See "Minion Multitude".

Minion Multitude40
Harvest a massive amount of Lifeforce   
These achievements just require you to harvest increasing amounts of life force. You’ll receive most of these in the course of playing the game, especially if you want to forge fully imbued weapons and armor. If you’re playing with zero corruption, you’re limited to farming life force by killing sheep around Spree or beetles in the dungeon. You can get about 25 life force each time you kill all the sheep and 75 life force from each round of beetles in the dungeon. The advantage to the beetle route is that you can get all the different kinds of life force, rather than just brown.

If you don’t mind increasing your corruption rating, you can also farm for life force by killing the peasants in Spree and Heaven’s Peak. Doing so can get you around 80-90 brown life force. If you'd rather not travel back and forth from the Tower, you can also go the Temple of the Mumblers in Heaven's Peak. Once they've accepted you as their god, you can continually kill the civilians in the courtyard while the priests on the upper level resurrect them (from BlackDragon).
Tower Master40
Collect all the Tower Objects     

This achievement consists of collecting all of the various items that improve your health, mana, minion horde, and spells along with bags of gold and other objects like statues. I’ve chosen to organize the list according to the area in which it is found. Not every object will be obtainable the first time that you enter an area, but, with a few exceptions, you can come back and get them later.

As far as the spells are concerned, it doesn’t matter which order you pick them up because you’ll always get the next version of the spell. For example, it is impossible to skip the Flamethrower spell (the second version) and directly obtain the Inferno spell. To get the Inferno spell, you have to find all three spell items.

This achievement also requires you to make choices that increase your corruption level, so don’t try to get it while you’re playing as the “good” overlord.

Mellow Hills

Crane – See “Rebuild the Tower”

Domination Spell #1 – Go out of Spree towards the Halfling Homes and immediately turn right. Lower the bridge by turning the wheel. The item is in the broken tower immediately before the bridge.

Fire Spell #1 – Included with the Tower Heart.

Gold Bag #1 – Inside the Halfling Homes. Clear the first room of Halflings and break down the door straight ahead of you, revealing a hallway with a gated door at the end. Turn right to enter the second room and kill the Halflings so that you can follow the walkway around to the left. Take the first right and you’ll find the bag in the room at the end of that hallway.

Gold Bag #2 – In the area where the Halflings are throwing their party. Go past the central area where the fiddler was and up the hill immediately to the right of the entrance to Melvin’s Kitchen. You’ll see the bag at the top of the hill surrounded by fire. Requires red minions.

Health Item #1 – In the outer courtyard of Castle Spree. When you cross the drawbridge, turn right and go through the arch. You’ll see it on a turret to your right.

Minion Horde Item #1 – Included with the Tower Heart.

Minion Horde Item #2 – Walk down the path to the Slave Camp (see “Rebuild the Tower”), turn right at the Blood Pit, and follow the path to the left of the Mana Pit. You can see it when you get down to the water. Requires blue minions.

Minion Horde Item #3 – Inside the Halfling Homes. At the end of the first level you’ll find the door to the second level. On the left is a grassy patch with a giant pumpkin that Gnarl suggests would be fun to smash. The item is hidden inside.

Red Minion Hive – See “Red Minions”

Rose’s Luggage – See “Obtain a Mistress”

Spree’s Food – See “Retrieve the Food”. For this achievement you must choose to keep the food, rather than give it back to the peasants.

Steel Smelter – See “Steel Smelter”

Tower Heart – See “Power Up the Tower”

Evernight Forest

Green Minion Hive – See “Green Minions”

Gold Bag – On the way to the Veridian Caverns, by the next to last poison pod, you’ll see a barrier in the water. Smash the barrier and the gold bag is right behind it. Requires blue minions.

Health Item – Sitting under the tree in the Sacred Grove. To get to the Grove, go past the sixth root node and follow the path until you get to a field of yellow flowers. The item is under the tree.

Mana Item #1 – Sitting in a clearing in front of an altar just to the right of the entrance to the Veridian Caverns.

Mana Item #2 – In Skull Cave you’ll come to a four-way intersection. Take the path to the left and you’ll see it sitting in the middle of a small room. Be prepared because four enemies pop out of the ground as soon as you pick it up.

Minion Horde Item #1 – You’ll find this item just before the entrance to Skull Cave. You have to destroy root node #3 to access it. Requires green minions.

Minion Spell #1 – After you’ve killed the bloody Unicorns, destroy the barrier down near the water on the right and you’ll find the item behind it.

Minion Spell #2 – When you finish exploring the Mother Goddess Temple, you’ll find this item on the platform in the last room.

Shield Spell #1 – To the right of Oberon’s Tree, but it isn’t accessible until you’ve destroyed the root node outside the Veridian Caverns. Requires green minions.

Shield Spell #2 – After you’ve defeated Oberon, the entrance to the Golden Hills appears where he was sitting. This item is sitting directly in front of the opening.

Heaven's Peak

Blue Minion Hive – See “Blue Minions”

Domination Spell – You’ll find this item at the end of the top level of the Understreets, sitting in the middle of the same room as the entrance to the lower level and the exit into Heaven’s Peak.

Durium Smelter – See “Durium Smelter”

Fire Spell – Go through the main gate of Heaven’s Peak and turn left. You’ll see this item tucked into a small alcove on the side of the main square.

Gold Bag #1 – On the left side of the courtyard where you fight the Silent Order.

Gold Bag #2 – At the very end of the Moist Hollows you’ll find this bag to your right before the last geyser.

Gold Bag #3 – Just outside the Moist Hollows, this bag is surrounded by Boombo Birds as it sits just beyond their nest. Requires blue minions.

Gold Bag #4, 5, & 6 – These bags are all sitting on a ledge behind a water serpent in the Understreets. After you’ve killed the serpent, send your minions across the water and sweep them up onto the ledge to get the bags. Requires blue minions.

Health Item – Teleport to Heaven’s Peak and go down to the right, across the sheep fields, and through the graveyard. Just past the graveyard, you’ll see a round platform with a pair of zombie wizards on it. Go up the stairs on the opposite side of the platform and you’ll see them guarding this item.

Mana Item #1 – Teleport to Heaven’s Peak and go through the refugee camp outside the city. As you head towards the swampy area, you’ll fight a succubus and then find this item just outside the entrance to the Moist Hollows.

Mana Item #2 – Turn right as you exit the Citadel in Heaven’s Peak and find the hole in the outer wall. Follow the path until you see three elevated points of land connected by fallen trees. There will be a number of zombies and zombie wizards along with a turn wheel. Clear out enough enemies to allow you to turn the wheel, which will extend a bridge for you. Go down the path and you’ll see this item at the end, guarded by Boombo Birds and zombies. Requires Blue Minions.

Minion Horde Item – Go to Halfway to Heaven Inn and follow the Red Dawn cultist into the back area of the inn. The first room where you find a group of Red Dawn will have door directly in front of you as you enter. Break it down and you’ll find this item inside a small room.

Succubus Statue – In the Halfway to Heaven Inn you’ll fight a succubus queen. At the far end of the room as you walk in, you’ll see this statue sitting on the floor between the platforms that the succubus flies to during the fight. When the fight is over, have your minions pick up the statue and take it back to the waygate. You can find it later sitting in your Tower down near the Tower Heart.

Velvet’s Bed – After you’ve killed Sir William, you’ll meet Velvet, Rose’s sister. Taking Velvet’s bed means choosing her over her sister, so you’ll increase your corruption level.

Golden Hills

Arcanium Smelter – See “Arcanium Smelter”

Beer Kettle – In the second level of the Brewery, you’ll find a long straight pathway with two lower platforms on either side separated from the platform you’re on. There are two switches on each side that have to be flipped. There’s a brown spawning pit by the entrance, so don’t worry about sacrificing browns to kill the dwarves guarding the switches. Swarm them and then sweep your minions along the wall to avoid the dwarven rocket fire from above. Flip both switches and then repeat on the other side and the kettle will be accessible at the end of your path. You’ll have to fight through a number of dwarves coming down the elevator once you pick it up, but as soon as you put it on the teleport stone, you can flee.

Domination Spell – In the area outside the Brewery, you’ll see a table with a group of dwarves sitting and drinking. Past them there’s a side path that leads upwards towards a statue. Behind the statue is the item.

Fire Spell – In the Arcanium Mine you’ll find an area where you have to flip the switches to change where the molten metal and fire is flowing across the path. To one side, you’ll see an area full of Magma Beetles. If you follow that path, you’ll find the item at the end of it.

Gold Bag #1 – In the central furnace area of the Arcanium Mine, you’ll see one of the little “No Slugs” signs. Behind that sign is a path that leads to this item.

Gold Bag #2 – Teleport to Goldo’s Stronghold in the Golden Hills and head through the main gate. The bag will be on the left side of the courtyard as you enter.

Gold Bag #3 – In the first room inside Goldo’s Stronghold you can find a small hallway off on the left side. The bag of gold is the little room at the end. You MUST get this bag before you fight Goldo. You cannot return once the Stronghold has collapsed.

Gold Cart #1 – At the very start of the Glittering Mine, you see a Giant Slug swallow a Gold Cart. Kill the slug to recover the cart.

Gold Cart #2 – In the first barricaded area that you find, follow the path to left and you find the cart at the very end.

Gold Cart #3 – In the same barricaded area, you’ll find this cart after you kill off the dwarves.

Gold Cart #4 – At the end of the Glittering Mine, you’re faced with the choice to feed the elven prisoners to the slugs or free them. The last cart is sitting in that room.

Goldo’s Gold – After you kill Goldo in his Stronghold, you’re given the choice to take his gold or save the elven women. Taking the gold will give you corruption points, but it is necessary for this achievement.

Health Item – Outside of the Brewery is a wheel that you have to turn to gain access to the Brewery itself. In that area, you’ll find a path that leads back outside the main gate and takes you to the platform where the dwarves were throwing bombs at you before you blew open the gates. This item is sitting at the far end of this platform.

Mana Item – Teleport into the Golden Hills and follow the path straight into the Dwarven Camp. At the very back of the camp you’ll find this item surrounded by some barrels.

Minion Horde Item – In the Temple Construction area you have to kill a rock giant by freeing the rolling monsters, so they crash into it. In the holding pen of one of those monsters, you’ll find this item.

Minion Spell – You can find this item at the very back of the Dwarven Camp.

Shield Spell – At the end of the Brewery you can find this item just to the right of the exit on your way out.

Ruborian Desert

Health Item #1 – The first time that you see Jewel in the Ruborian Desert, she’ll lead you towards an open sandy area. Once you’ve cleared out the enemies, head up towards the hill on your right. You’ll find a village and a number of sheep. In the middle of that village area, you’ll find this item.

Health Item #2 – This item can be found at the far end of the Desert before you get to the city where you capture Jewel.
Mana Item – This item is sitting on the sand where you find the first sand worm. Once you’ve killed the worm, you can take the item back to waypoint.

Mother Goddess Statue – In the ruined city where you capture Jewel, this statue is sitting at the entrance closest to the desert. Once you pick it up, you’ll be faced with the choice to give it back to the elves or take it to the Tower. For this achievement, you must kill the elves, increase your corruption, and return the item to your Tower by having your minions place it on the teleportation stone.

Ultimate Horde40
Get a full Horde, fully equipped   
This achievement refers to the percentage that you see on the screen when you summon your minion army. It quantifies how strong your horde is based on the number of minions and the quality of their equipment. For this achievement, you must first have fifty minions, which is the largest possible horde. To this end, you must get all six minion objects (see the “Tower Master” achievement) and a fully imbued Arcanium helmet. Once you have fifty brown minions, you have to equip them with the best equipment – the gold armor and weapons that they scavenge in the ruined villages of the Ruborian Desert. The following strategy has been outlined by a number of different forum members.

Start by rampaging through the Ruborian Desert and breaking open every crate and barrel that you can find. Your minions will drop their inferior equipment and replace it with the better stuff that they find. Eventually, you’ll get close to the maxiumum 400% rating. At that point send all of your minions back into the spawning pit. Begin slowly summoning them out of the spawning pit again. At first the strongest ones will come out and your rating will be at 400%. As soon as you summon a minion that drops your percentage below 400%, send it back. Place all of your remaining minions at a guard marker by themselves and summon the remaining possible minions. These are the ones that still need to upgrade their equipment.

Place them at their own guard marker and send the fully equipped ones back to the spawning pit. Now you should just have a small handful of minions that still need equipment, so sweep through the desert villages again until they pick up the weapons and armor that they need. Once this handful has been reached 400%, summon the remaining minions from the pit and you should have a fifty-minion horde at 400% and the achievement will unlock. You may need to make multiple trips because there's a limited amount of equipment available, but the chests will respawn between visits.
Dungeon Dabbler20
Defeat half the Dungeon Creatures   

To unlock creatures in the Dungeon, you have to kill them out in the game world first. Once you kill them, you can go into the Dungeon in your tower and fight them in the arena. Kill half of them to unlock this achievement.

See "Dungeon Overlord".

Dungeon Overlord30
Defeat all the Dungeon Creatures   

Kill every creature unlockable in the Dungeon. Once you've reached the Wizard in the campaign you should have all the creatures unlocked.

Locations to find creatures:

Battler Beetle - Melvin's Kitchen, after defeating Melvin.

Bloody Unicorn - Evernight Forest, before you enter the main area.

Boulder Beast - Golden Hills Construction Zone, near the beginning of this area in narrow corridors.

Dazzler Beetle - Moist Hollows, various locations within the area.

Dwarf Bomber - Golden Hills, inside the fortress guarding the Dwarven Brewery.

Dwarf Crossbowman - Golden Hills, in the small colony straight ahead of the Tower Gate.

Dwarf Miner - Golden Hills, in the small colony straight ahead of the Tower Gate.

Dwarf Warrior - Golden Hills, after destroying the door of the Dwarven fortress one will appear.

Fallen Knight - Heaven's Peak, one will attack you as soon as you leave The Understreets and destroy a barricade.

Flamer Dwarf - Golden Hills, on the path to the Dwarven fortress attacking sluglets.

Forest Troll - Evernight Forest, in the Mother Goddess Temple you will fight two before destroying the final root node.

Ghost Elf - Evernight Forest, straight ahead from the Tower gate. You MUST use Blues to kill them.

Halfling Cook - Halfling Homes, in the kitchen section before you find Spree's food.

Halfling Rocklobber - Mellow Hills, at the gates to the Slave Camp on a small wooden tower.

Halfling Spearman - Halfling Homes, in a corridor in the first section. Identified by the spears they use as weapons.

Halfling Swordman - Mellow Hills, inside the farm you destroy at the beginning of the game.

Hulking Toad - Evernight Forest, in the swamp surrounding a root node near the Sacred Grove.

Magma Beetle - Melvin's Kitchen, after releasing the Reds there are some behind a fire barricade.

Puff Beetle - Veridian Hollows, various locations within the area.

Red Priest - Halfway to Heaven Inn, in the basement of the Inn in the Order of the Red Dawn's hideout.

Rock Giant - Golden Hills, outside the Glittering Mine across the bridge from the Tower Gate.

Ruborian Bomber - Ruborian Village, on some rooftops in the first section of the village.

Ruborian Fighter - Ruborian Desert, near the campsite by a large skeleton to the right of the Tower Gate.

Skull Boar - Evernight Forest, behind a barricade on the path to the left of Oberon. Also around the root node in the same direction.

Skull Rat - Evernight Forest, in the area surrounding Oberon.

Skull Stag - Evernight Forest, in the swamp on the way to Veridian Caverns.

Slug - Golden Hills, inside the Glittering Mine. You must kill a number of them to proceed.

Sluglet - Golden Hills, the appear from green holes in the drinking area near a minion spell.

Succubus - Heaven's Peak, in the swamp as you approach another Tower Gate.

Troll - Slave Camp, you must kill one to proceed in this area, before you steal the crane.

White Priest - Heaven's Peak, in the Silent Order's compound where there is a Tower gate.

Zombie - Heaven's Peak, in the graveyard behind the Tower gate.

Zombie Lord - The Understreets, guarding the third wheel spoke.

Strategies for victory:

Battler Beetle (25) - Minions, 50 Browns. Move to the edge of the dungeon and approach the beetles, get close enough to attract a small group of them and then draw them away. Fight small groups and make good use of your minions, setting a guard marker might help if you want to keep yourself out of danger, just lead the enemy close enough for your minions to attack.

Bloody Unicorn (6) - Minions, 50 Greens. Target a Unicorn and send your Greens to attack it. They will jump onto it's back and do a lot of damage, which should take it down quickly. Recall your minions and then send them to attack another, repeat this a few times and you are victorious. Alternatively, send all 50 Greens in to attack without targetting and they will begin to damage all of your enemies at the same time. This is quicker but will undoubtedly lead to the loss of minions.

Boulder Beast (5) - Minions, 50 Browns. These enemies will only take damage when they aren't rolled up into a ball. You need to avoid charging enemies, you can take a lot of damage and lose minions if you aren't careful. Go to the edge of the dungeon and get a single enemy to charge at you, dodge the attack and then send all of you minions in to attack it once it hits the wall and unrolls. They can be taken down swiftly so this will be a quick battle, just be sure to avoid rolling attacks and make good use of your minions.

Dazzler Beetle (25) - See Battler Beetle.

Dwarf Bomber (5) - Minions, 50 Browns. An extremely easy battle, these enemies have very little health and are slow to attack. Send all minions in to attack without targetting, if you see a bomb has been thrown then recall all of your minions to spare them.

Dwarf Crossbowman (10) - Minions, 50 Browns. A frustrating battle, these enemies can kill minions very quickly but die without much effort. You can rush them with your Browns and sacrifice a few and the fight ends quickly.

Dwarf Miner (25) - Minions, 50 Browns. Another simple battle, rush the enemy with all of your minions and they will die quickly. Be sure to get into the fight yourself as there are many enemies and you don't want to lose minions. Alternatively, draw a smaller group of enemies out and tackle them seperately. This saves minions but will take longer than needed.

Dwarf Warrior (10) - Minions, 40 Browns, 10 Greens. Use a single Green to bring some of them forwards, then attack with Browns. You could also use of your group of Greens and send them all in first, be careful of the others though as they won't hesitate to attack any Greens that do not jump onto an enemies back.

Fallen Knight (15) - Minions, 50 Browns. An easy battle, rushing with all of your minions works well if you start from one of the sides rather than the front. Use your Overlord in the fight to finish off any groups of enemies that are threatening your minions.

Flamer Dwarf (10) - Minions, 50 Greens. This is an interesting one, I tend to sacrifice Greens to make this easier. The positioning of the enemies makes it hard to go in yourself without taking a lot of damage, so Greens are your best option. Target one of the Dwarfs on the end of the line and send a single green in to attack, one the enemies begin to attack, recall your minion and quickly send three Greens to attack the enemy on the other end of the line. You will need to repeat this a few times but eventually you will have enough space to attack them yourself and save a few minions from being toasted. This one takes time and will use up a bit of lifeforce if you are not careful.

Forest Troll (7) - Minions, 35 Browns, 15 Greens. A simple battle, killing Trolls should come naturally after playing the game through. Target a single troll and send in a few Greens to attack it, then send in your Browns to the same troll. When it lifts it's arm up recall your minions to avoid the splash damage attack, knowing when to do this will minimise your losses. Repeat this until all foes are vanquished.

Ghost Elf (24?) - Minions, 50 Blues. You can ONLY use Blues for this fight, they are the only minions that can do damage to ghosts. Take in a full hoarde and rush the enemy. If your minions die it doesn't matter, you can revive them all at the end providing you are quick enough and have some left over. There isn't much challenge from the enemy, you have superior numbers and should easily take them down.

Halfling Cook (10) - Minions, 50 Browns. You could also take some Greens, but Browns are more than competant here. The Cooks can take down minions quite easily, so attack from the side as they are quite slow and you should be able to take them out without too much trouble. You can also draw them away from the group and attack, which will save you some minions.

Halfling Rocklobber (16) - Minions, 50 Browns. A very easy fight, rocklobbers have low health but will be able to do some damage from a distance. Close the gap quickly and they will go down without doing too much damage to your hoarde. The enemies are positioned into four groups of four, so it is best to take out one of the side groups first and then sweep across the dungeon. You could also send your minions out to all four groups at the same time, this is quicker but may cause more losses.

Halfling Spearman (20) - Minions, 50 Browns. These enemies do most of their damage charging you, so lead your assault with your Overlord and then send in minions once you are closer to the pack. Browns will be able to take out the spearmen easily, the enemies have low health and will be overwealmed by your numbers.

Halfling Swordman (14) - Minions, 50 Browns. A simple case of rushing again, send all of your minions out and help out yourself where needed.

Hulking Toad (5) - Minions, none. This can be tricky, the toads jump around a lot and so can be difficult to attack. They also have a habit of eating your minions, so going solo is always a good choice. Go solo and concentrate on a single toad at a time, you should take too much damage but make use of the targetting feature.

Magma Beetle (25) - See Battler Beetle.

Puff Beetle (25) - See Battler Beetle.

Red Priest (5) - Minions, 50 Browns. One of the easiest battles, send all minions in to attack and it will be over in moments. The priests rarely have time to attack you so there is very little risk of losing minions.

Rock Giant (5) - Minions, 50 Greens. A simple battle, just send as many Greens as you can at a single enemy. If you notice that no more are jumping onto it's back then target a new enemy and repeat the process. When the giant throws your minions off it's back then recall them and send them out again. Take your time and watch out for the other giants to avoid being hit.

Ruborian Bomber (10) - Minions, 50 Browns. An easy fight, but watch out for the bombs! Browns can easily finish off the bombers, but you may lose a good chunk of your hoard by rushing. Single out enemies and attack them seperately, take your time and you should come out with minimal losses.

Ruborian Fighter (10) - Minions, 50 Browns. Another easy fight minus the bombs, use the strategy above and you will prevail.

Skull Boar (15) - Minions, 25 Browns, 25 Greens. Target an enemy and send out a few minions, target another and send out some more. You should be able to attack two or three at a time without much worry. Enemies are grouped into fives, so concentrate on one group at a time, start on one of the sides and avoid provoking the other groups. Take your time and draw your enemies back to the starting point if you want to attack en mass.

Skull Rat (25) - Minions, 50 Browns. Send all of your minions out and get into the fight yourself (a fully upgraded sword = one hit kills), start from one side to avoid the ranged attacks from the whole group and you will reduce your loses. The enemies don't have a lot of health but they are agile, aid any minions that are being attack by a group of enemies and you will win.

Skull Stag (5) - Minions, 50 Browns. A simple battle, rush in and take them out, the stags don't do much damage so this should be a quick fight.

Slug (10) - Minions, none. Possibly the hardest dungeon battle there is. Taking minions will result in them dieing, but they can do a lot of damage near the start to make things easier for you later on. You will spend a lot of time doing hit and runs, so be patient with your attacks and know when to back down. Avoid the big hits, a slug with rear up and lunge forwards, as soon as it begins the animation for this haul ass to avoid being knocked down and taking more damage. Be sure to have armour with regeneration so that you have health to fight, and fully upgraded equipment is a must. Patience is your greatest weapon here (besides a big arcanium thingy).

Sluglet (5) - Minions, 50 Browns. Easy in comparison to their big brothers, they offer no real threat but be sure to make use of a full hoarde. Rush them and it is night-night sluggy.

Succubus (5) - Minions, 40 Browns, 10 Greens. Concentrate on a single Succubus at a time, you will be able to take them down if you use all of your minions. When one of them lands be sure to use your Overlord to attack, you will take a large chunk of health off if you have decent weaponry and the whole battle goes quickly.

Troll (2) - See Forest Troll.

White Priest (5) - Minions, 50 Browns. This can be a complicated battle, your enemies can revive each other so you will need to take them out quickly or use your minions well to attack them all at the same time. You have superior numbers and they don't deal much damage to worry about.

Zombie (loads) - Minions, 35 Reds, 15 Browns. Slow enemies mean you can position all of your minions on a guard marker and send them in by controlling the marker. You need Browns to protect your Reds, but the Reds will do most of the killing. Send the guard marker close to the enemies and your Reds will set them on fire, any that get lose will suffer a death by Browns.

Zombie Lord (10) - Minions, 50 Browns. You can just rush the enemy here, but they have a viscious flame attack that will kill your minions quickly. Going solo is always an option, so you may take that route. When using minions, focus on a single pair at a time with 50 minions they will drop like stones.

Mistress Master40
Fulfill your Mistress's wishes   
This achievement can be unlocked with either Rose or Velvet. If you're going to play as a corrupt overlord, wait to buy upgrades until you've dumped Rose and obtained Velvet because the mistresses have different upgrades. Once you’ve obtained the mistress, you’ll be given the option to buy those upgrades for your Tower to make her happy. You can find the options by going up to your quarters and into the room with the miniature version of your Tower. If you need more money, you can simply raid Spree repeatedly and build up your cash reserves. After purchasing all the upgrades, Gnarl will tell you that your Mistress is waiting for you. Go upstairs to your Private Quarters and you’ll see a cutscene, after which the achievement will unlock.
Last for 5 minutes in Survival   (3) 

Easily done, just live through 5 minutes of Co-op Survivor with your partner over Xbox Live.

See "Ultimate Survivor" 

Superior Survivor20
Last for 15 minutes in Survival   

Survival doesn't really get hard until the 20 minute mark, so you shouldn't have any problems getting this achievement.

See "Ultimate Survivor"


Ultimate Survivor30
Last for 30 minutes in Survival   

Survive for 30 minutes in Co-op Survival. Some people recommend doing this on the Gates of Destruction map, but I found Last Stand to be much easier. If possible, you're going to want to do this with a friend, because you'll need a lot of communication going on. It's easy for the most part, just grab the food when it spawns and mix up your minions to make sure you don't run out of any of them. When you need to sacrifice minions for health or mana, use your blues, as they seem to be in constant supply.

It doesn't get rough until around the 26 minute mark. At that point, try to kill as many of the enemies as you can, but at about 28 minutes you'll get overwhelmed. Don't even fight anymore, just run around in circles around the map for a minute or so while sacrificing minions when you pass the pits. Once you get to the 29 minute mark, run up the stairs and hide by where the food spawns. It might be close, but you should be able to get the achievement on the first try if you and your partner both know what you're doing.

Compete in Pillage10
Complete a ranked Pillage match   (1) 

All you have to do is play a ranked game of Pillage over Xbox Live to unlock this.

In Pillage, the objective is to get the most gold by the end of 10 minutes. Unlike Slaughter, you don't get many points for killing the other Overlord, but you'll make them lose some gold. The best way to win is to go straight for the bags of gold and get them back to your teleporter. You'll also get money for killing monsters; the bigger the monster the bigger the reward.

A few tips for winning:

-Go for the bigger bags of gold first. You want to get them before the other guy does

-Look for a marker to pop up when your opponent picks up a bag of gold. Run over there asap and kill him to steal it.

-Always keep a few Greens with you. They do the most damage to enemy Overlords.

-Don't fight unless you have to. If you're winning, your best bet is to avoid the enemy Overlord as much as you can. But if you're losing, do whatever you can to kill him and steal his money bags to keep him from gaining a bigger lead.

-Let the enemy do the work for you. In some cases it's best to wait by the teleporters for your opponent to try to return his gold. If you kill him, all his minions disappear, and you can steal the gold he was bringing back and return it yourself.

Win in Pillage20
Win a ranked Pillage match   
See "Compete in Pillage."
10 Wins in Pillage30
Win 10 ranked Pillage matches   
See "Compete in Pillage."
50 Wins in Pillage40
Win 50 ranked Pillage matches   
See "Compete in Pillage."
Compete in Slaughter10
Complete a ranked Slaughter match   (1) 

All you have to do is play a ranked Slaughter match over Xbox Live.

In Slaughter, your objective is to kill the enemy Overlord as many times as possible while killing monsters and bringing back tower objects to boost your score. The best way to win is to get to know the maps well and know how to catch the enemy Overlord offguard. Send all your minions on him, and he'll drop in a few seconds if he doesn't see you coming.

A few tips for winning:

-Get Green minions as soon as you can. They deal the most damage to enemy overlords and also slow them down for your other minions to catch up.

-Know where the sacrificial pits are. Getting your health back when you need it is key.

-Objects that boost your Minion army size are the most important. The more minions you have, the easier it is to overwhelm your opponent.

-The only really important spell is Fireball. It helps a lot in close fights with the enemy Overlord. All the other spells are useful, but Fireball is the only one you should really concern yourself with.

-Camping the minion pits will win the game for you. Normally I wouldn't condone camping, but the point of this game is to be evil, and camping is pretty dirty. A little trash talk never hurt anyone either, because the more frustrated your opponent gets, the less clearly they're going to think.

Win in Slaughter20
Win a ranked Slaughter match   

See "Compete in Slaughter."

10 Wins in Slaughter30
Win 10 ranked Slaughter matches   

See "Compete in Slaughter."

50 Wins in Slaughter40
Win 50 ranked Slaughter matches   

See "Compete in Slaughter."

Legendary Overlord50
Defeat the 7th Hero in Legendary Mode    
Extended Survivor20
Last for 45 mins in a Expansion Survival Map   
Extended Pillager20
Win 25 ranked Expansion Pillage Maps   
Extended Slayer20
Win 25 ranked Expansion Slaughter matches   
Dungeon Legend30
Defeat all the Expansion Dungeon Creatures   
Hell Raider20
Conquer the Mellow Hills Abyss    
Conquer the Evernight Forest Abyss    
Demon Master20
Conquer the Heavens Peak Abyss    
Infernal Lord20
Conquer the Golden Halls Abyss    
Lord of the Abyss30
Conquer the Ruborian Desert Abyss    

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Japan May 29, 2008

ESRB: Teen
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