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Guide By: Hurricane Of 87
There are 40 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
Using 2-player split screen:
Offline: 39/40 [970/1000]
Online: 1/40 [30/1000]
Without 2-player split screen:
Offline: 32/40 [735/1000] 
Online: 8/40 [265/1000]
Approximate time: 25-40 hours
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 playthrough (Need to be invited to a Lethal game) + Numerous games of Echelon.
Missable achievements: None (Level Select)
Does difficulty affect Achievements: Yes ("Overstrike," "Overstrike Elite.")
Unobtainable/glitched Achievements: None
Extra equipment needed?: No
Is there DLC? No
Online Pass Required?: No


More than half of this game’s achievements can be considered breadcrumbs since you will obtain them en route to getting bigger/harder ones.

Step One – Echelon:
You’ll start with all characters level 1 and with no team perks and this mode has a tendency to throw the kitchen sink at you. Lots of different enemy types at the same time. Lethal isn’t much tougher than this so it’ll set your expectations at the right level.
Having a second player with high level characters along as host will make this much easier as they can revive everybody if they have Fusion as can their AI team mates.
If you'd prefer to ease yourself into the game then I'd suggest playing the campaign on Normal first and return to Echelon later on. 

Echelon also offers far more Fuse Credits than the campaign so earn as much as possible to purchase good team perks before starting your Lethal campaign playthrough.
You may even prefer to earn 190,000FC and use the shortcut to get "Valued Customer" out of the way now as well as unlocking all team perks in the process.

Only 4 achievements are exclusive to this mode and all of them require a second player. 3 of these are essentially breadcrumbs for "Echelon Agent."

Step Two – Campaign on Lethal Difficulty:
Have someone who’s unlocked Lethal difficulty invite you into their game. All progress you make will now count towards the hardest difficulty. Even if the game stops you can know choose Lethal difficulty from the level select menu!

The campaign specific achievements are;

  • "Overstrike Elite": For completing all 18 campaign checkpoints on Lethal difficulty. 
  • "Group Hug": For completing all 18 checkpoints with 2 or more players.
  • "The Inspector": For finding all 53 collectibles.
  • "Ninja Style": For stealth killing 4 enemies at the same time. Requires 2 players minimum and needs to be done online.
  • "Groom Lake" is story-related and unmissable.
  • "Bro Code Violation" and "Keep On Truckin’" are missable but you can use level select if they slip past.

Step 3 - Both modes (Mop up):
Though the remaining achievements can be obtained in any mode, Echelon is preferred due to the greater opportunities to get the XP, Kills and Fuse Credits you’ll be grinding.
Refer to "Jacob 2.0," "That’s A Lot Of Dead Guys" and "Valued Customer" respectively.

The 4th secret achievement is "You May Want To Stand Back" for activating Fusion for the first time which you will unlock on your skill tree at various points. 

There are character specific achievements for killing 3 enemies simultaneously or in quick succession with their respective Xenotech weapons. Finally there’s "I’m Your Huckleberry" for killing a Lead-type enemy using your one-handed side-arms.

[x360a would like to thank Hurricane Of 87 for this Roadmap]

Missing Persons20
Complete Hyperion Base.    (1) 

See "Overstrike Elite" for more information.

Cold Turkey20
Defeat Ivan Sovlenko.    

See "Overstrike Elite" for more information.

Damaged Goods20
Defeat Meilin Mao.    

See "Overstrike Elite" for more information.

Extraction Specialist20
Complete Raven Facility.    

See "Overstrike Elite" for more information.

Daddy Issues20
Save Luther from the Order of Grigori.    

See "Overstrike Elite" for more information.

What a Waste of a Space Station20
Complete Grigori Station.    (2) 

See "Overstrike Elite" for more information.

Complete all missions on normal difficulty.      (8) 

See "Overstrike Elite" for more information.

Overstrike Elite75
Complete all missions on Lethal.       (5) 

To unlock Lethal difficulty the old fashioned way you will need to finish all 18 campaign checkpoints on Hard difficulty.
Level Select will show what difficulty you’ve done each checkpoint on.

However you can have a friend invite you to a Lethal campaign if they’ve already unlocked it and all your progress will count towards Overstrike Elite.
If the host drops out the new host will continue on Lethal difficulty.
Even if you stop you can go to Level Select and choose any checkpoint and play on Lethal difficulty.
DO NOT SWITCH THE DIFFICULTY, otherwise you will be unable to reselect it.

Ideally you should play a few games of Echelon first to level up and obtain some decent team perks as well as familiarizing yourself with the enemy types seen through the campaign.

Ideal Team Perks: Vitality, Last Gasp, Quickdraw.

The only major difference on Lethal, apart from harder enemies and going down easier is that team mates will be unable to fight out of a Spec Ops’ and Infiltrator’s struggle QTEs. They MUST be saved.

Buddy System20
Complete a single mission in co-op (2, 3 or 4p).   

See "Group Hug" for more information.

Group Hug75
Complete all missions co-op (2, 3, or 4p).   (3) 

Complete all 18 campaign checkpoints while playing with more than one player.
These will unlock for all players whether split screen or online.
There’s no screen that explicitly tells you which ones have been done in co-op but go to Service Records and then Achievements and you’ll see a thin white progress bar at the bottom of the Group Hug achievement as well as many others.

>Find a partner in the Achievement Trading Thread!<

The Merc25
Get Dalton to max level.   

See “Jacob 2.0” for more information.

The Assassin25
Get Naya to max level.   

See “Jacob 2.0” for more information.

The Detective25
Get Jacob to max level.   

See “Jacob 2.0” for more information.

The Hacker25
Get Izzy to max level.   

See “Jacob 2.0” for more information.

Purchase a single Team Perk.   

See "Valued Customer" for more information.

That's a Lot of Dead Guys10
Kill 2500 enemies in Campaign and Echelon.   

As a true-to-the-formula third person shooter you should know what to do to get kills whether by bullets or grenades. Fuse also provides tell-tale red energy bars above enemies, letting you know how much more damage they can take before you get the kill.

Alternatively hammer  whilst next to an enemy to melee them to an early grave or press  when prompted to perform a slick takedown.

Echelon mode is best if you are grinding for kills specifically.

Keep track of your kills by going to Service Records in the Pause menu. Go to Leaderboards and press right on the D-pad twice. This will show your total kills.
The ‘All’ menu in Services Records will only show you your Campaign and Echelon stats separately.

Killer Perk10
Fully upgrade 1 perk in the Team Perks menu.   

See "Valued Customer" for more information.

Valued Customer50
Fully upgrade 16 perks in the Team Perks menu.   (8) 

Behold, the most time consuming achievement on this list!

List of team perks:

  • Vitality (Health Increase)
  • Last Gasp (Bleed Out last longer)
  • Quickdraw (One handed weapons “augmented with Fuse” deal more damage)
  • Fuse Maximizer (Increased total Fuse capacity)
  • Fuse Hoarder (Ammo pickups give more Fuse)
  • Bullet Hoarder (Ammo pickups give more bullets)
  • Sniper (Deal more damage while scoped)
  • Grenadier (Grenades explosion radius increased)
  • XP Multiplier (Increases XP earned)
  • Shield Assassin (Deal more damage to Fuse Shields)
  • Fireproof (Decrease damage from fire and explosions)
  • Banker (Increases Fuse Credits earned)
  • Guardian Angel (Rescuing an agent builds up Fusion meter)
  • Medic (Revives agents faster)
  • Marksman (Gives chance of gaining ammo after headshot kill)
  • Executioner (Takedowns heal a portion of your health)

Each perk can be upgraded 3 times
Level 1 perks costs 10,000 FC
Level 2 perks costs 20,000 FC
Level 3 perks costs 30,000 FC
Except in the case of Quickdraw where
Level 1 costs 30,000 FC
Level 2 costs 60,000 FC
Level 3 costs 100,000 FC

Overall this will cost you a total of 1,090,000 FC

How to get Fuse Credits:
Campaign (Shared): Fuse Credits can be earned by picking up gold bars in the campaign for 500FC. 
At the very beginning of Chapter 2, Checkpoint 2 (And I Gazed Into The Abyss…) you’ll find gold bars to the left for farming.

Echelon (Not shared): All FC accumulated in Echelon is shown in the top right of the screen.
Fuse Credits are dropped from random enemies.
These will either look like coins (Very small, multiples of 5FC), a money bag (100FC) or gold bars (500FC).

Small amounts of Fuse Credits can also be earned from headshots, revives, healing with Izzy’s health beacon, takedowns and rescuing team mates from Infiltrators or Spec Ops.

In the top-right of your screen is a multiplier that increases by surviving consecutive waves without getting downed. 
Survive 1 wave = x2
Survive 3 waves = x3
Survive 6 waves = x4
Survive 11 waves = x5
As soon as you get downed the multiplier returns to x1. Being caught by Infiltrators or Spec Ops doesn’t affect the multiplier.

There are three types of bonus wave, each one grants a different bonus upon completing it early:

  • Prime Target: Cash rains from the sky
  • High Value Target: Everyone gets the listed cash, which decreases over time
  • Deliver Fuse Canister: Everyone’s Fusion meter is automatically maxed out as long as they aren’t still using it whilst the Fuse is being deposited at the goal

Save your Fusion and heavy weapons for these Prime and High Value Targets.

Recommended that you play as Naya. Her cloak allows you to run past enemies to collect these payoffs whilst your team mates are still busy fighting. It’s just business.

There is a shortcut that requires a USB stick and only 190,000FC as opposed to 1,090,000FC. This will cut down the time required to less than a fifth!

Credit to Crispy Victim

All Grown Up25
Unlock 16 perks.   

See "Valued Customer" for more information.

Dalton 2.025
Upgrade Dalton's entire skill tree.   

See "Jacob 2.0" for more information.

Naya 2.025
Upgrade Naya's entire skill tree.   

See "Jacob 2.0" for more information.

Izzy 2.025
Upgrade Izzy's entire skill tree.   

See "Jacob 2.0" for more information.

Jacob 2.025
Upgrade Jacob's entire skill tree.   (1) 

Levels are consistent over both Campaign and Echelon mode.
Starting level is 1.
All skills on the skill tree start at 0, so you don’t even have a little head start.
Max Level is 35 which is 1,000,000 XP total.
Once you hit level 35 you will obtain that character’s achievement for hitting max level, now pause the game and assign all of their remaining skill points for the respective 2.0 achievement to pop too.

Difficulty does NOT affect XP.

Shared XP:
Your teammates will also obtain XP for completing objectives and challenges as well as picking up yellow XP cans.

Equip the XP Multiplier Team perk to level up faster. Team perks are not stackable so only the highest level of XP Multiplier equipped will count.
Example: Jacob has Level 2 XP multiplier (+8%), Dalton has level 1 XP Multiplier (+5%). All general XP earned will be +8%, not +13%.

Farming spot:
Play to the Ivan Sovlenko boss fight in Chapter 2, Checkpoint 3 (Triton Outpost, Kicking the Habit). Once you have defeated his giant form for the third time you must then directly shoot his human form to finish him off. As soon as you kill him 5,000XP (Objective Complete) will pop up on the screen.
During a cutscene of Ivan writhing in pain, pause and exit to the menu. 
Pick Campaign, Solo then Continue. 
You'll now shoot human Ivan again, netting another 5,000XP. 
You can do this loop in 40 seconds and gain 450,000XP per hour for each character.

Complete 6 waves on a single map with 2+ players.   (1) 

See "Echelon Agent" for more information.

Ain't Got Time to Bleed15
Complete 12 waves on a single map with 2+ players.   

See "Echelon Agent" for more information.

Let's Go Shopping20
Spend 100,000 Fuse Credits.   (1) 

See "Valued Customer" for more information.

Echelon Specialist20
Get 5 Stars on a single Echelon Map with 2+ players.   

See "Echelon Agent" for more information.

Echelon Agent75
Get 5 Stars on all Echelon maps with 2+ players.   (7) 

Echelon mode is unlocked from the start as are its 6 maps.
All maps are 12 waves long.
There is one set difficulty.

To obtain a 5 star rating you will need to complete all 12 waves in under 25 minutes.
Being downed, dying, using Fusion or failing time goals is okay.

It has been known for someone to join a game of Echelon mid-way and still receive a 5 star rating but not have it count towards to "Echelon Specialist/Agent" achievement.

>Find a partner in the Achievement Trading Thread!<

We're Gonna Need a Mop20
Eviscerate 3 enemies at once using the MagShield.   (1) 

Only obtainable whilst playing as Dalton

To Leap to Dalton hold  and press 
Press  to equip the Magshield

Hold  to hold out the Magshield and get close to normal enemies.
Enemies will be highlighted in yellow if your MagBlast will hit them.
Line up so that a minimum of 3 enemies are glowing yellow at the same time and press , the Blast XP bonus should pop-up on every kill that you made by yourself.
On Normal they shouldn’t require are softening up, one blast will kill them. 

Everywhere is good for this achievement. You’ll be doing this hundreds of times whilst playing as Dalton.

Chain Gang (of Dead Guys)20
Create a chain reaction that takes out 3 enemies at once.   (2) 

Only obtainable whilst playing as Naya

To Leap to Naya hold  and press 
Press  to equip the Warp Rifle

This gun will overheat if fired for too long so wait until 3+ enemies are within close proximity of each other.
Approach from an angle where you can spray all enemies without the need for much adjustment. 

Good spot: Chapter 2, Checkpoint 2 (And I Gazed Into The Abyss…) when the riot shield guys first appear. There should be 5 side by side. 
Cloak with , approach from behind and fire at all enemies until they have been ‘painted’ with antimatter. Then focus all fire on one enemy until it sets off a singularity. This should trigger a chain reaction setting off black holes on the other painted enemies.
They shouldn’t turn around unless you de-cloak so it’s very easy.

These riot shield enemies are also found early on the Deveraux’s Hideout map in Echelon Mode.

Shots Fired!20
Pin 3 enemies within a 10 second period.   (2) 

Only obtainable whilst playing as Jacob

To Leap to Jacob hold  and press 
Press  to equip the Arcshot.

To “pin” enemies you need to kill the enemy using the Arcshot with a wall close behind them, though pinning them to the floor also works.
Enemies are more likely to stick to a surface if they are on the same height platform as Jacob. 
After 10 seconds their bodies will fall off the walls so aim to have 3 pinned up at once.
Being scoped or getting headshots are not necessary.

Do not press  or you will Liquify the enemy.

Good spots: Chapter 4, Checkpoint 2 (No Honour Among Thieves), after you breach the wall and turn off the fans you’ll go up a ladder and take cover. A string of baddies will be lined up in front of you with a wall behind them.

Another good area is Chapter 1, Checkpoint 2 (Future Proofing). When delivering the fuse containers you will have infinite Arcshot ammo whilst within the pulsing orange radius so fire away like a maniac.

The Geologist20
Crystallize and kill 3 enemies at once.   (2) 

Only obtainable whilst playing as Izzy

To Leap to Izzy hold  and press 
Press  to equip the Shattergun

Fire at 3+ enemies who are within close range of each other. When they are crystallized they will be connected to each other. The higher level Izzy is the higher the chance of her shattering all enemies with continued fire from the Shattergun. You can use a grenade instead to get the simultaneous kills.

Good spot: Chapter 2, Checkpoint 2 (And I Gazed Into The Abyss…) when the riot shield guys first appear. There should be 5 guys side by side. Throw a grenade then crystallize them by firing directly at their shields. The grenade will then kill all 3+ simultaneously.

Also found early on in Deveraux’s Hideout in Echelon Mode.

Shh... Go to Sleep20
Perform a stealth takedown on 2 enemies at once in a co-op game.   

See "Ninja Style" for more information.

Ninja Style30
Stealth takedown 4 enemies at once in a four player co-op game.   (23) 

This is the only achievement that will require you to be online and playing with 3 other players or 2 if using a split screen co-op partner.

The ideal spot is on Chapter 1, Checkpoint 2 (Future Proofing).
There will be two guards straight ahead and two snipers on raised platforms beside them. Two characters will have to climb ladders and the other two will perform stealth kills out of cover.

This can this be done with 2 players both using split screen, an extra controller each and guest accounts.

Video guide by WORLDEATER


>Find a partner in the Achievement Trading Thread!<

The Inspector30
Collect every piece of Intel in the game.    (8) 

All Intel looks like tablet computers. They glow like other pickups so they should catch your eye. 
There are 53 in total. 
There is an in-game checklist but it only tells you the names of Intel already found. It doesn’t tell you at what chapter/checkpoints they are in the game.
Every time you pick one up, you get 500 XP and a little back story. 
You’ll also get 2,000XP for each complete Intel Set.

Chapter and Checkpoint Breakdown:

  • Chapter 1 (Hyperion Base) – 7 (3,2,2)
  • Chapter 2 (Triton Outpost) – 9 (4,3,2)
  • Chapter 3 (Sheng Island) – 11 (3,5,3)
  • Chapter 4 (Raven Facility) – 10 (2,7,1)
  • Chapter 5 (Jodhpur Stronghold) – 9 (2,4,3)
  • Chapter 6 (Grigori Station) – 7 (3,2,2)

This >Intel Guide< provides a list of all intel in the game. Just figure out which ones you’re missing and find the corresponding link to their place in the video guide. 


I'm Your Huckleberry20
Kill 3 Leadfires, Leadfoots, or Leadshots using only your sidearm.   (8) 

Leadfires, Leadfoots, or Leadshots are heavy enemies that resemble 8 foot tall mechs.
These enemies all have tanks on the middle of their backs that act as a weakpoint.
Any 3 mechs will do for this achievement. They do not need to be the same kind.

Only kills with one-handed sidearms, the Guardian and the Dragonfly, count towards the achievement.
Equip a sidearm using .
Using both the Guardian and Dragonfly on the same mech is okay.
Leaping between characters is okay.
Using the Quickdraw team perk is okay.
Being downed is okay.

Your AI team mates may still use Xenotech weapons and other methods to deal damage to the mech, but as long as you only use sidearms it should be okay.
However there seems to be one exception, if Izzy crystallizes the mech with her Shattergun. To prevent this from happening simply play as Izzy.

Good spot:
A Leadfire can be found early in Chapter 1, Checkpoint 3 (They Came…They Saw)

>Find a partner in the Achievement Trading Thread!<

Secret Achievements
Groom Lake5
Retrieve your Xenotech Weapons.    

Story related, cannot be missed.

Keep on Truckin'5
Destroy all of the trucks at the bunker defense.   (1) 

This is found on Chapter 3, Checkpoint 3 (Sheng Island, A Bad Breakup)
You’ll need to destroy a total of 4 trucks. 2 will already be parked up once you arrive but they are invincible until reaching the rally point within the building.
Once you’ve hit this point the bunker will be stormed. Mount one of the two turrets. The trucks should blow up after firing one rocket () at them.
Another 2 trucks will arrive at the front entrance eventually.
Will pop for everyone playing.

Video guide by PowerPyx

You May Want to Stand Back5
Activate Fusion for the first time.   (1) 

This will not pop if other co-op players activate Fusion. You will need to do it personally.
You will need Level 19 at bare minimum, requiring 330,000 XP
Once you’ve purchased the Fusion ability you’ll have another meter underneath your XP meter. 
Once fully charged press  to activate Fusion.

Bro Code Violation10
Perform a stealth takedown on the Raven soldier at the urinal.   (1) 

This isn’t what he had in mind when he said he needed a slash.

This particular Raven soldier is found in Chapter 2, Checkpoint 1 (Triton Outpost, Worms In The Apple). 
Do not shoot your gun. Approach from behind and press  when prompted to perform a stealth takedown. 
Don’t waste time or the enemies on your right will notice you.
The team AI will hang back until you’re done.
Only the executioner gets this in a co-op playthrough.

Game Info
Insomniac Games
Electronic Arts


US May 28, 2013
Europe May 31, 2013

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