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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
-Offline: 12
-Online: 0
-Approximate amount of time to 200:gsicon:: Less than 2 Hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: At least one 3m and one 5m Score Attack, Time Trial Mode, Ghost Combo Mode.
-Missable Achievements: None
-Do cheat codes disable achievements: N/A
-Does difficulty affect achievements: You can do them on any difficulty, but for Score related achievements you'll want to play on Expert as you net more points.
-Glitched achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
-Extra Equipment Needed?: A Windows Phone 7

Pac-Man has another go on WP7 in Pac-Man Championship Edition DX. Unlike original Pac-Man for WP7, this game is a lot easier to control, allowing you to swipe anywhere on the screen to change direction as well a landscape view of the mazes. A bit pricey for some people's taste but it's a great translation of the XBLA classic. The achievements are very similar to its XBLA counterpart, and they are about as easy.

Remember, like other Namco XBLA or WP7 games, you get all your achievements at once at the end of the play session.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:

Score Based Achievements [7/12 Achievements]
There are 4 Score achievements, two for 3m Score Attack and two for 5m. Taking the fastest route from one set of pellets to another, as well as waking up as many ghosts as possible will get you the highest scores. You get huge points when you eat a large chain of ghosts, so make pellet collecting and ghost awakening one fluid path.

You'll most likely get 2 other achievements just for reaching the end of each Score Attack. If you have trouble finishing the whole 3 or 5 mins don't collect pellets or wake ghosts.

Getting your game speed up to 50x is another thing that will most likely happen while going for 750,000 points. In fact, it's entirely possible in a 3 minute game too. This will get you another achievement.

Sparkster, No Bombs, No Mistakes [3/12]
If you don't get any or all of these three in the course of normal playthrough, here's a simple trick to get them. Play a 5m Score Attack on Beginner and go away in a corner, avoiding pellets and ghosts at all costs. You can get zero points but up to three achievements!

Time Trial and Ghost Combo [2/12]
The Time Trials are very straight forward and easy. Do a series of small challenges leading up to the final 10 minute challenge. Ten minutes sounds daunting but in actuality you should be done in about half the time if you're doing everything right.

Finally you need to nab 100 ghosts in Ghost Combo mode on your choice of map. The key here initially is to build up a large train. After your first power pellet, you have to sustain your combo going from ghost to ghost that have a pellet inside them, as well as the ghosts already in your train or the middle power pellet only if necessary.

If you were playing for the achievements only this game may have been a quick and pricey 200/200. The game is such a blast though so you'll likely be trying to improve your score again and again while waiting for an appointment, sitting on the bus, or "working".

x360a would like to thank litepink for this Road Map

Emit sparks for 1 second!   

Sparks emit when you swipe your finger in the direction underneath Pac-Man's chin when there is a barrier present. You most commonly see this when you swipe to change directions before you reach a corner or "cornering" as described in the in-game help screen.

In the achievement tile above, you would swipe downward in that situation as Pac-Man travels from right to left. To make this real easy, from the start go to a corner and make sparks there. Do so for 1+ seconds and proceed. Like all Namco games, the achievement unlocks at the end of the play session so you'll get it then.

Big eater15
Eat 100 ghosts!   (2) 

This one is tricky as you have to obtain a x100 combo in Ghost Combo mode. You'll have to re-learn the routes and patterns that you are accustomed too to master Ghost Combo. The basic beginning strategy, is ignoring your train as much as possible. You may be tempted when you get that first power pellet to eat your whole train, but you want to save the ones with power pellets inside of them later on in your combo.

You'll want to seek out the stationary ghosts with power pellets inside of them to sustain your combo, nabbing the ones in your train or the center power pellet only if your about to lose your combo. You'll have to calculate your risks as to which ghosts to go after and which ones to skip. Here is a great example of the strategy you should employ.

If you choose to do this on Score Attack instead, you have to get this all in one 5m session, but not in a combo. When you're going for a high score you'll want to eat as many ghosts as possible anyways for highest possible points. Ignore the power pellet in the middle unless necessary as it wastes a few seconds getting to it. I found this to be more difficult to accomplish rather than in Ghost Combo. 

SCORE ATK (3 m) completed!10
SCORE ATK (3 m) until the end!   

See "SCORE ATK (5 m) completed!"

SCORE ATK (5 m) completed!15
SCORE ATK (5 m) until the end!   

While going for Score achievements you will likely see the end anyways, but for a really easy method, just move around the maze without collecting pellets or waking up any ghosts. You will only have to avoid the "house ghosts" that get added in periodically to chase you. Can be done on any difficulty.

Time Trial Cleared15
Beat the Time Trial mode!   

There are 8 Time Trials and you will have to beat and the last one is 10 minutes long. Time Trial differs in the sense that your main objective should be collecting pellets and avoiding awakening ghosts if possible. Although eating ghosts isn't entirely a necessity you might want to make the trail behind you smaller if it gets too big, as a large chain will create choke points if it gets too big. Here you'll want to utilize your bombs more if you get in trouble as score is not an issue.

There are 11 total Time Trials, but you only need to beat Time Trials (Short) 1-7 to unlock the 10 minute one. Short Trials 8-10 are not required for any achievements.

No Mistakes15
SCORE ATK (5 m) No mistake!   

See "No Bombs"

No Bombs15
SCORE ATK (5 m) No bomb!   

Again, by not waking up ghosts or eating pellets, you can easily traverse the maze without dying or using bombs. Can be done on any difficulty. I would suggest resorting to this only after you have tried for your score achievements as it may happen naturally.

Maximum speed10
Set the game speed to 50!   

As long as you cruise along without mistakes and eat ghosts your speed will get higher. This isn't quite so hard, as it is easily obtainable even in a 3m game. With a 5m Score Attack or 10m Time Trial you'll get this high without thought.

150,000 Points20
SCORE ATK (3 m) 150,000 Points!   

See "750,000 points"

300,000 Points30
SCORE ATK (3 m) 300,000 Points!   

See "750,000 points"

500,000 Points20
SCORE ATK (5 m) 500,000 Points!    

See "750,000 points"

750,000 Points30
SCORE ATK (5 m) 750,000 Points!   

The thing about Pac-Man CE games is there is an ideal route to each set of pellets, and along these routes you want to wake up as many ghosts as possible. Then, when a power pellet appears, you can get a long chain of ghosts for huge points. You'll want to play on Expert because Pac-Man moves faster which in turn will lead to more points.

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