Panzer General: Allied Assault

Panzer General: Allied Assault Achievement Guide

Guide By: Wii187, KaotiK
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
- Offline: 9 (150)
- Online: 3 (50)
- Approximate amount of time to 200: 10+ hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements : 0
- Glitched achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: N/A
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No

Panzer General: Allied Assault is a strategy game combining elements of turn-based strategy, collectible cards and micro management.

The achievements are relatively simple to get, and the game is fun to play.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
The main bulk of the achievements will come from playing just through Single Player campaign.

It is possible to get four achievements in the first mission; "Iron Cross/Silver Star/Air Commander/Panzer General/Artillery Commander" for a total of 90.

Then after playing through the campaign you will net "D-Day Ribbon/Normandy Ribbon/Battle of the Bulge Ribbon/Legendary Commander" for a total of 60 leaving just the Multiplayer achievements for the rest of the achievements.

Using the Achievement Trading thread found here, find a boosting partner to unlock "Training Ribbon/Bronze Star/Fifty Mission Crush" for a total of 50 completing the full 200.

Overall, Panzer General: Allied Assault isn't a hard 200. It's a fun enjoyable game, and the real game lies in the Multiplayer where you can 100% customize and build a deck how you want to have it.

[x360a would like to thank wii187 & KaotiK for this Road Map]

D-Day Ribbon10
Successfully complete the Campaign Mission One - Utah Beach. 
Complete the first mission to unlock this achievement.

I found the best thing to do was move every unit up straight away, and make use of all your Bombardment cards to lower your enemy's health as much as possible, before attacking them, as their "Dug In" status is a real pain.
Normandy Ribbon10
Successfully complete the first six Campaign missions. 
Refer to "Battle of the Bulge Ribbon"
Battle of the Bulge Ribbon10
Successfully complete the entire Campaign. 
Simply complete the campaign on any difficulty. I have included some tips below;

- Play your cards well, and during the card sacrifice phase, try to resist the temptation to sacrifice your really high paying cards.

- If you're attacking a Dug In position, try and have as many supporting units as possible, so that their extra defense status doesn't make the attack waste of time.

- If you have your tanks on Hill positions, you get an attack bonus. Make good use of this if the enemy is pushing you back.
Training Ribbon15
Win your first Multiplayer game on Xbox LIVE. (7) 
Refer to "Fifty Mission Crush"
Bronze Star15
Win a total of 15 Multiplayer games on Xbox LIVE. (1) 
Refer to "Fifty Mission Crush"
Fifty Mission Crush20
Win a total of 50 Multiplayer games on Xbox LIVE. (1) 
Start up a multiplayer match and win a total of 50 matches.

If you are having trouble doing this, organize to boost the achievement with a partner here.
Silver Star15
Destroy a unit with 6 or more health in one combat. 
Enemy units gain 1 health every time they destroy one of your units regardless of what their starting health was. Allow an enemy unit to destroy some of your units to bring its health up to 6 then attack it. Insure you have several artillery units in range and allied units surrounding the 6 health enemy you want to destroy to boost your attack strength. If the enemy is dug in, insure your attacking unit survives the enemy's first strike.
Air Commander15
Play 6 or more "Air" cards in one game. 
Insure you have all your copies of "Action Card - Air" such as "Air Strike" and "Bomber Run" and "Combat Card - Air" such as "Strafing Run" inserted in your deck before you start. If you do not have enough of these cards in your deck, insure you have several copies of "Action Card" "Good Supply" inserted. The goal is to play at least 6 "Air" cards in a game. Use "Good Supply" to recover 2 "Air" cards used in your discard pile.
Artillery Commander20
Use 4 or more artillery units in support of a single combat in one game. 
Bring out 4 artillery units and move them in artillery range of an enemy unit. Attack the enemy unit with an infantry or armor unit and the achievement will unlock. If the enemy is dug in, insure your attacking unit survives the enemy's first strike.

If you are having trouble getting them all out, try putting as many possible artillery units into your deck as you can. If one is destroyed, try using "Good Supply" to return two cards from your discard pile to your hand.
Iron Cross15
Have a single unit be promoted 3 times by victory during combat in one game. 
You can do this in the first, or any mission.

Using one of your Shermans, use it to spearhead most of your attacks. Have friendly units in diagonal contact with the enemy, and also having Artillery in support of your one unit helps quite a bit.

Don't be afraid to sacrifice cards if you don't think you're going to win a combat, as it can really help.
Panzer General25
Destroy 12 or more units in a single game. (2) 
Allow the enemy to place 12 units during a game and destroy them all. Insure you do not accidentally complete the game before you destroy 12 units by satisfying other victory conditions.

This doesn't have to be in one turn either. You can do it across the course of a whole mission.
Legendary Commander30
Win any game with 3 or more Victory Conditions simultaneously. 
Best accomplished on Ste. Marie-du-Mont (3rd campaign mission). It has 4 victory conditions, 3 of which relate to the enemy base. First, capture 3 of the 4 vital territories (not including the enemy base), then capture 2 adjacent home row tiles to the enemy base and finally capture the enemy base. Leave at least 1 enemy unit not on top of the enemy base alive before you attack the enemy base.

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