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Parachute Panic Achievement Guide

Guide By: Tyger7
There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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-Estimated achievement difficulty: 9/10
-Offline: 20/20 (200)
-Online: 0
-Approximate amount of time to 200: 4-5 Hours, though you may never get them all.
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2 (1 on each difficulty). Very short game, will be playing many times.
-Number of missable achievements: None
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? No Cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes. One easy, and one normal playthrough. The difficulty achievements do not stack.
-Glitchy achievements: "Life Jacket" achievement not unlocking for some. See this thread HERE for disussion.
-Unobtainable achievements: None
-Extra Equipment Needed: Windows Phone 7 only game.


This game has a very simple concept. You start, save as many parachuters as you can, and that's about it. As you save them it will start getting more difficult. There will be more dangers, more parachuters at once, and sometimes it will be harder to land on the ships. There are only a few hard achievements in the game that will depend on how patient and good you get. Get a few achievements out of the way before tackling step 1. Press on the shark 10 times in the main menu (he is at bottom of screen). Then start a match on easy, and land no parachuters. Now start on easy and land 1, but no more than that. This will ensure you beat your own high score. Now continue to play the game to beat each difficulty.

Step 1: Endgame Achievements

Play through easy, then medium until you beat both final stages (though you continue after them still). You will pick up various achievements along the way. You will also start getting a bit better at the game as you go. Try not to focus on any other achievements while doing this, except for beating your own score mentioned in the introduction. If you have successfully beaten both difficulties, move on to step 2.

Step 2: No Risk, No Fun - Death Gourmet - Doodler Champion achievements

Now go ahead and focus on the achievements listed in this step title. Land 10 parachuters with a risk bonus in one match, die all 5 different ways, and tap on the Doodler character 20 times. See the achievement guide for more info on these.

Step 3: The Harder Acheivements

Now that you have most achievements (should have gotten most of the cummalative achievements by now), you will focus on the hard achievements. This is getting 100 parachutists in a row, unlocking all extra lives, and getting 360 saved parachutists at once. If you can manage these, you will have most likely gained all achievements in the game.


A simple game with a few tough achievements. It doesn't have much to offer in the form of variety, but it is just a phone game. 135 points in this game is extremely easy, but the rest will take many attempts and patience. This is one of the better looking games on WP7 and may be worth playing the trial.


[x360a would like to thank Tyger7 for this Roadmap]

1 Up5
First extra-life unlocked.   

See "Baby Boom" achievement description for more details.

100 in a Row20
Save 100 parachutists in a row   (2) 

You must do this in one game. It will probably take you several attempts, and possible memorization of the levels. Will come easier with multiple playthroughs.

Airborne Predator5
Destroy 50 helicopters.   

Helicopters will fly by and are dangerous for your parachutists. Tap the helicopter until it explodes. It will take 3 taps on easy, and 5 taps on normal difficultly. The total amount is cumulative between all games.

Area 515
Destroy 50 UFO's.   

UFO's will sometimes appear and try to abduct your parachutists. While less dangerous than a helicopter, you will still want to destroy them quickly. They take 3 taps on easy and 5 on medium. When they are destroyed, it will look like a vortex is sucking them in. If you do not destroy them, they will just fly away. This is cumulative between all games.

Baby Boom10
Collect 100 storks.   

If you have your sound on, you will hear a baby sound effect. This means a stork is on it's way. Collect a stork when they show up by navigating your parachutist to touch it. It will give you an extra life.

Death Gourmet10
Die in every possible way during a single game.   

There are a total of 5 ways for your parachutists to meet their demise in this game. It must all be done in one game. As you play through normal trying to get the achievement "Endgame (Normal)" you will likely get this on the way. Try watching the ways you die and keep track in your mind. As you gain lives, maybe then it's safe to sacrifice one of your parachutists to the specific death you need. You will likely get this while going for all other achievements.

  • Death from Falling: This death will happen when you don't activate the parachute and they hit the deck of the ship and fall off the screen.
  • Death from Shark: This happens when a parachutist falls into the water (without hitting the deck).
  • Death from Helicopter: When you have a helicopter on the screen, if a parachutist touches the blades they will die.
  • Death from UFO: A UFO will come in briefly and try to abduct one of your parachutists.
  • Death from Cloud: Clouds will kill any parachutist that has the parachute deployed and is touching the cloud while it's raining. It is actually fairly tough to avoid this.
Doodler Champion10
20 Doodler hits in a row.   (1) 

The Doodler Champion falls from the sky and you can tap it to gain points. Tapping it 20 times before it falls off the screen will gain you this achievement. Play on either difficulty and wait until the section that has two ships for the first time. Now watch for it to drop, and tap it as fast as you can. If you don't get the achievement, hit back and try again. If you gain 0 points up until the Doodler appears, then your score will reflect how many times you hit it.

Endgame (Easy)5
Reach the final stage in easy mode.    

See "Endgame (Normal)" achievement description for more details.

Endgame (Normal)20
Reach the final stage in normal mode.    

The final stage has nothing to do with how many points or parachutists you have landed. Each time the ship's horn go off and they move on, a new set of ship(s) will show up. When you get to smaller ships and they are in sets of three, you will know you are close to the final stage. After you beat this stage, you can continue on playing. Normal difficulty is slightly harder but after playing and getting used to the game, it will become manageable.

Grab 100 fishes with your parachutists.   

Randomly a Blowfish will jump high into the air, expand (puff up) and sit there for a second, then fall from the sky back into the water. You must have one of your parachutists deployed and touch it to grab it. This is cumulative for all games played.

Life Jacket25
Unlock all extra lives.   (4) 

This is an extremely hard achievement. To unlock all lives you must get a score of 1000. To see tips for this achievement, visit the thread below:

Click HERE

Note: Some people have had problems unlocking this achievement, even when gaining 1000 points. Please see this thread HERE for that discussion.

No Risk No Fun15
Get 10x risk bonus in a single game.   (3) 

To get a risk bonus, you must deploy a parachute moments before the figure hits the deck. Tap them about 4 squares up right where the smoke from the ship ends. If done at the right time, you will see your bonus pop up above the parachutist's head. You must get 10 of these bonuses in one game sessions (best done on easy). They do not have to be in a row. It will likely take getting used to, so be patient as you die several times before getting it right.

Finish a single game with a score of 0.   

When the game starts, don't touch anything. Let all of your lives run out.

Perfect Couple15
Safely land 2 parachutists at the same time.   

This will likely unlock without you trying. Two parachutist have to land at the same time on the ship. Can be done on the same ship, or two different ones. You really won't have to even try for this one.

First parachutist landed safely.    

Being this is the main goal of the game, it will be one of the first achievements you get.

Beat your own best score.   

Being your first time will have a lower score than your later attempts, you should gain this naturally. Though to be safe, make sure you have a really low score the first time you play (land one parachutist). Then play normally and you will unlock this. One thing to note, is that you gain different scores on easy and medium mode. You can check your high scores in either leaderboards or statistics. Worse case scenario you can't beat your high score, you can re-set your stats in statistics menu. This would be an extremely rare situation.

Take Your Time10
Keep a parachutist in the air for 20 seconds.   

When a plane drops a parachutist, tap to deploy the parachute right away. Now from the feet of the stick figure, swipe upwards to push wind up. It will slow down the parachutist down. Ignore everything else and keep it in the air until the achievement unlocks. Could be done easily with the first parachutist right when you start the game.

Survived a storm cloud for the first time.   

To survive a cloud you must fall through it before deploying. You will only die if your parachute touches the rain. If you die on ie once, it will stop raining and not count anymore. You must use a cloud that is raining.

Secret Achievements
Easter Egg5
Find the Easter Egg screen in the game.   (2) 

The Easter Egg is not actually "in the game" but in the main menu. Right when you start the game up, tap on the shark at the bottom of the screen. You will hear a smacking sound as well as a red indicator. Do this 10 times total to the shark to get the achievement.

Xbox Addict20
Safely land the exact number of 360 parachutists in a single game.   (3) 

This is best attempted on easy. There is no in-game way to count how many parachutist you have saved! You must get that exact number in only one game of play. You will have to count in your head or have help from a calculator to keep track of this easier.

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US January 26, 2011

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