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Completed every trial in Winter Blunderland  

Coldbricker -[Video]Aim for the second rectangle from the top on the top left of the screen and the ball will once all the way down the screen, taking out all of the blocks and peg.
Frostbite - Just tap without moving the cannon and you're done.
Nice Ice, Baby - Bounce the balls off the green pegs to hit the top of the orange peg lines on either side of the level to combo the entire column.
Kool Katch - Very simply use the ball to knock any one of the pegs into the bucket to get a Cool Catch como and complete the trial.
Orange Ice - Clear all of the orange pegs yet again. As usual, I chose Gnorman due to his ability to clear out large clusters with relative ease.
Derp Freeze - This level is identical to one of the main levels, with the added bonus of having an infinite ice buff. The main goal is to bounce off of the two bumpers on either side of the map as much as possible to deal as much havoc as possible with your first one or two balls so you don't need to worry about starting with only 5.
A Million Snowflakes - Keep reloading the level until you see at least one green peg very close to the center bridge that connects the two circles. Once you find a level with it, launch the ball at it and watch the magic as hitting the green peg freezes the circle it's in, and the ball bounces to the opposite circle to immediately freeze that one as well.
Low it Down - Yet another "stay below 175k" level, however this was considerably easier than the last for me, just be sure to avoid doing an extreme slide like I did and you should have a good cushion at the end of the level with whatever character you used (I wasn't paying attention and selected Gnorman).
Buncha Orange - It's not a mystery who I chose here - Gnorman again. As Gnorman, you may want to considering taking out the blocks prior to going for the powerup pegs, but it doesn't matter too much either way.
Cave o' Dreams - As Gnorman, start off by grabbing as many orange blocks/pegs as you can to stock up a multiplier, and once you hit the green block/peg, aim your shots in accordance with the bumpers to do maximum damage.

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US December 09, 2013

HDD Space Required : 1.69 GB
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