Peggle 2

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Completed every trial in Gnorman's Gneighborhood

Zap 'em! - You need to wait until the moving peg is above the orange pegs before hitting the peg so the lightning will jump from the peg you hit, to the orange pegs.
Discharged - Aim for the top left block, nearer the bottom of the block, to bounce the ball back and forth across the screen and take out enough blocks/pegs
Orange Glow - Perhaps the easiest "orange peg clear" trial yet, especially if you grab at least one of the power ups on the screen right off the bat.
Maximum Overvolt - You have five overcharged balls to clear the orange pegs from the map, which thankfully isn't too tricky, especially if you get a lucky jump when your ball bounced off the central blocks (I didn't and still finished no problem).
Colonel Discharge - The trick here is to bounce the first shot from either side of the top layer of pegs to get it to roll across the layer and get maximum shockage. This will also alleviate the issue I had my first try, where the ball just opened a massive hole in the middle of the level that my next two balls would bounce into and miss all of the orange pegs. Each ball needs to bounce around 10 times to get one of the two uber volt skill shots you need.
Short Circuit - This one can be kind of tricky depending on how the game feels like responding to you, but your main goal is to bounce the ball off the top right corner of the top left ball in this circle. It should bounce around and then slide a bit on the inside of the circle. IF the bottom of the circle doesn't fall out AND lightning actually chains to the top right block, you should finish the level. Otherwise, keep retrying the same method.
Gnome Style - I recommend clearing out the whole bottom-middle of the map to allow you to use the solid pegs at the top to get two easy bounces into the bucket a piece, otherwise, bouncing off of the moving pegs is far too unreliable in terms of going straight into the bucket, or another 20 pegs then the bucket.
Orange Box - Best case scenario, you will have a green peg that is in the box around the block box in the middle of the screen so you can use that empty spot to bounce around the blocks and pegs with the charged shot, clearing most of the screen in one go.
Low Amps - I found this to be by far the hardest low-score trial yet, if only because I constantly got ridiculous combos that I DIDN'T want. I used Gnorman to get around the yellow moving wall things with the shock ability.
Machine Dream - Gnorman, once again, to cut through to 500k points for this level. Overall, this can either be really tricky, or really easy depending on the peg spawn locations, and how the ball bounces around. My first go, the ball would bounce straight to the bottom of the screen 75% of the time, while it bounced around a LOT on my second attempt.

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PopCap Games
Electronic Arts


US December 09, 2013

HDD Space Required : 1.69 GB
Price: $11.99USD
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