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Trials and Some Tribulations

Completed every trial in the Gravely Grove  

Dark World - [Video] There is a VERY easy method to this one, which requires you to clear out the middle section of the map and then just continue to launch balls directly into the bucket (straight down) as it goes by. Obviously, doing this after taking out some of the orange pegs will allow you to finish the lever faster this way.
Deeper Shade - Focus on bouncing the balls into the bucket early on as you build up a multiplier, and then you can focus more on bouncing balls so they get the ghost bonus and give you a significant score boost, and thus at least one free life.
Leap of Life - You need to bounce the ball off of either orange peg in such a way that it leaps across the screen to hit the other peg. You'll need to aim at the top corner of the peg that is closest to the cannon (either peg works, but the right one seemed to work more often for me).
Armor Mysterious - I found the easiest route to take on this level is to clear out the blue shielded blocks with your Nightshade to allow you to break them in one hit as opposed to two, so you can get to the orange pegs underneath the shield wall earlier.
Orange Shroud - As Gnorman (duh) you will probably want to use one power up on either side of the screen, one to thin out the columns on the right, and the other to destroy all of the shielded pegs on the left. From there, it's all about lucky bouncing to clear whatever's left .
Underground - I ended up using Jeffrey for this due to my complete inability to get less than 200k with Bjorn or Gnorman. Jeffrey got it on the first attempt since I was able to quickly grab both greens and clear most of the screen before a multiplier was built up.
A Paler Green - I ended up doing this on my first shot as Gnorman, most likely because a majority of the orange pegs spawn around the middle of the map, which I took out with a slide and then cleaned up with the Uber-Volt. The remaining pegs were picked off 1 to 2 at a time after that.
Touchy Ghosts - In order to get the Ghost Touch Style Shot you need to have the ball pass through 18 or more blue pegs in a single shot. To do so on this trial, your best bet is to aim at the orange pegs at the bottom of the screen (the ones in directly below the cannon seemed to have the best bounce) and have the ball bounce around just enough to get the shot without destroying all of the orange pegs.
Orange Party - Using Gnorman, as per usual, this can be pretty easy if you open up a hole in the top two circles that is a couple blocks wide prior to getting the Uber-Volt, and then hope you get some lucky bounces.
Rose Garden -This one is very easy as Gnorman as there are quite a few green blocks, and his Uber-Volt destroys shielded blocks/pegs in one hit. Your bouncing luck should only separate you between barely getting 750k and crushing the score.

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