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Completed every Celestial Realm trial  

Classic Helix - This one is VERY easy as Berg since a single hit with the ice power up will freeze the entire (or 95% of) the helix, leaving you with a few stragglers on either side to clean up and you're golden.
Maestro Bounce - For this rather unique trial you will need to utilize the / or / to move your aim slightly as you aim at the central bumper to hit the orange pegs concealed beyond a wall. Chances are the ball will bounce enough to where it will hit the lower balls while you aim at the group in the middle of the screen, but if not, do the same for their bumpers as you did for the main one.
No Free Lunch - This level is a perfect example of why Gnorman is awesome, so make sure you get at least one green box near the top to start out with a bang, as Gnorman's Uber-Volt will chain effectively through the boxes as the ball bounces around, and if you get clusters of orange boxes like I did, this trial will be over in no time.
Rubber Needle - This can be entirely up to luck, or incredibly difficult (especially if you're easily frustrated), however I was able to take out the orange peg on my second shot by firing the instant the nearest bumper had the aiming line passes the middle of the bumper (so the line is in the left side of the bumper), by the time the ball reaches the bumpers it will barely squeeze through the opening at the top, and should be good at the bottom as well. Due to the angle, bouncing off the walls seems far more difficult than going through the center (which is the intended route).
Seven in Style - Seven Style Shots!? Luckily, the circles aren't moving this time, so you can use Bjorn's guide ability to easily bank shots off of the outer side of the largest circle on either side of the screen so they land in the bucket. Keep an eye on where you're aiming as you will need to do at least one shot without the guide.
Orange Overflow - This time around I used Jeffrey, starting out by launching a ball down whichever side had a green peg, then launching a boulder down the other side, then grabbing the next green peg and launching a boulder down the middle, favoring whichever side of the middle had more orange blocks. After that the screen will be about 50% clear, with a hopefully only a few orange blocks/pegs left.
Shooting in the Dark - I once again recommend Jeffrey as you will have no aiming line when you shoot, and Jeffrey's boulder can act as a bull in a china shop pretty much. One hopefully helpful tip is that if you aim just below the farthest left or right you can go with the cannon (just before the cannon is off the top of the screen) and launch a regular ball from there, you can slide down the whole top wall of blocks, and usually a lower tier wall of blocks in one go. The aiming can be a bit tricky to reach, but generally even being a bit inaccurate will take out a good chunk of blocks.
Huge Honking Shot Score - [Video] This one is definitely tricky, but I would recommend using Gnorman as usual and hopefully you get a good location for the powerup (which will spawn in one of the inner circles). What you want when you load up the level is : a bunch of shielded orange blocks on the outermost ring (at least 5, but the more the merrier), the powerup on top of the inner block ring, and patience. You want to break a hole through the outermost ring that is three blocks wide, and you also want to weaken the shielded orange blocks in this ring in case you can't get the powerup. You will use the hole you broke into the ring to shoot a ball into it once the hole is at either 10-11 o'clock, or 1-2 o'clock, allowing the ball to get just the right angle to spin around the inner part of the ring for a couple of extreme slides, and hopefully at least one orange attack (which is why you weaken the orange blocks first). You can add to this by opening a hole in the top of the inner ring as well, which I managed to hop into after a full circle of the outer ring, bringing me to 700k in one ball. There are a lot of things that need to go right in this trial, so don't lose focus.
The Precipice - I think this is most heavily reliant on the spawn of the green blocks, and your ability to get the ball into the bucket on the first shot at least. Once you have the Uber-Volt (Boulder is also a good choice), you should be able to get enough points with the subsequent shots where you don't have to worry too much about landing in the bucket.
No Love - The most important thing to do is spawn a map that has as few orange blocks/pegs below the center shiny circle thing as possible, especially the bottom two slots, which I'm not entirely sure are hittable when the rest of the level is almost completely cleared out. You may even want to consider using Bjorn as his super guide will work, despite the lack of aimer otherwise.

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User Comments
Comment #1 by SoulReaver626
Friday, January 10, 2014 @ 07:35:32 PM

I just beat the last of the 10 Celestical Realm trials, but the achievement won't pop. I turned off my Xbox One, started it back up and went into the achievement section on the game's main menu.

I've got every trial in the game beaten, so I don't know why it hasn't unlocked.

Any advice?

Comment #2 by Me Love Cars 23
Sunday, February 23, 2014 @ 02:03:25 PM

@#1 Don't why that happened. Mine popped fine for me when I completed them. Is there any chance your internet dropped out/was very slow at the time? I reckon your console needs a solid connection to the network in order for achievements to correctly pop, but I may be wrong.

Comment #3 by Me Love Cars 23
Sunday, February 23, 2014 @ 02:04:40 PM

Don't know why*

Sorry, must correct my spelling mistakes. XD

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