Penny Arcade Adventures: Episode 2

Penny Arcade Adventures: Episode 2 Achievement Guide

Guide By: Captain Funtimes
There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.

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Estimated achievement difficulty: 2
Estimated time for 1000: 5-6 hours.
Minimum playthroughs: 1
Missable achievements: Reluctant Hero
Glitched achievements: Steel Cannibal
Offline: All
Online: None

The achievements for this game are a piece of cake, if you know what to do and should get all 200 points with one playthrough. The only one that can be missed is Reluctant Hero. Just refuse to join Gabe and Tycho 5 times in a row until this one unlocks. You don't need all the robot parts to upgrade the weapons, because you will have 610 left. But I would say kill all the robots so you will get to 30 in time.

The Steel Cannibal achievement is also glitched and sometimes won't unlock, so you better save before the last upgrade or you have to do the whole game again. A patch was recently released, but is still unknown if it fixed the glitch.

For all the other non story related achievements you can do them all before entering the last area at the worlds fair. So you can do Lab Assistant and Pervert if you load a save state that is before the ending.

 [x360a would like to thank L0cke for this road map]

Collect one million dollars in cash.    

When in Riverbrook Estates, you’ll fight a man who drops an ATM card. Use it on the ATM in front of him and put in the pin 361.

Moving On Up 15
Collect the Wealthy key.    

On the desk of the first boss.

Burn down the Riverbrook Apartments.    

Win the second boss fight.

Collect a ticket for the World's Fair.    

Win the third boss fight.

Can't Nobody Hold You Down 15
Defeat the final boss of the game.    

Stay alive until you reach the cutscene. After the cutscene, use the A button ability to slow it down. Then, use Y button. Finish it off with the X button attack. Be quick or the boss will heal itself.

Steel Cannibal20
Spend robot parts to upgrade all weapons.  (2) 

Be warned, this achievement is glitchy and sometimes won't unlock. Kill most of the robots in the game to get their parts. In the Sanitarium, there are a pair of manacles for Gabe's last upgrade. Anne Clair will upgrade your weapons for you. When Anne Clair leaves, you can upgrade your weapons at the Ameliorator at the fair.

Lab Assistant15
Complete Dr. Stripe's and Dr. Whimple's missions.    (1) 

Dr. Stripe (Mime with the Top Hat) is located in the ‘Symposium on the Future of Man’ and wants his wedding ring back. Say that you will find the ring for him. Go to Riverbrook Estates and you find a couple in front of the locked gate of the apartments. Talking to them you will see that the lady has the ring you are looking for. Tell them to give it to you and engage them in combat. You just need to kill the woman and the fight will be over. Return the ring to Dr. Stripe and half of this achievement is done.

Later in the game, the scientists move into the big room. Dr. Wimple wants you to have the other scientists sign a petition. The petition needs to be signed in a precise order. The Dr. Uno (Scientist below Dr. Stripe) is first, then Dr. Stripe, Dr. Twee (Explorer Outfit), then Dr. Drei (White Lab Coat), then Dr. Quatromain (Mustache), finally have Dr. Blood sign it. Return the petition to Dr. Wimple and get the achievement. 

Reluctant Hero5
At the beginning of the episode, refuse to join Gabe and Tycho 5 times.   

When starting a new game, Gabe and Tycho try to get you to rejoin them for more escapades. Deny them 5 times to get this achievement.

The Strength To Rule 20
Kill enough enemies to earn the XP needed for all party members to reach Level 30.   

If you kill everyone in the game, you’ll get it.

Block enemy attacks and get one party member's hit counter up to 40.   

Frustrating if your not good at blocking. To get this achievement, use Gabe to pummel his opponents with regular attacks and counterattack/block all attacks. If Gabe misses or only gets a partial block, the hit counter resets. Be sure to save before every battle while getting this achievement so if you do miss a block, you won’t have to keep starting over. I used Gabe because he is the fastest and “Lightnin’ Juice” only makes him faster.

Pack Rat Strikes Back 25
Only use items to win a fight. No attacks or counter attacks allowed.   

When you will get an item called “White Christmas," it kills early game robots with one hit. When fighting the robots, uses these items to a quick victory and this achievement.

Secret Achievements
Inspect a pair of withered binoceros testicles with genuine enthusiasm.   

After defeating the first boss, you will see a pair of balls on the wall behind his desk. Inspect them 5 times for this achievement.

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Hothead Games


US October 29, 2008

HDD Space Required : 253.28 MB
Price: $9.99USD
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