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Guide By: xEndriux
There are 27 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
Offline: 26 (950)
Online: 1 (50)
Approximate amount of time to 1000: 60 hours
Minimum playthroughs needed: None
Missable achievements: None
Glitched achievements: None
Cheats disable achievements?: No Cheats
Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
Extra Equipment?: None

Welcome to PES 2011 - one of the best football(soccer) games you can buy. Konami promised an improvement and now at last, they have. The achievements, unfortunately, are 90% the same as PES 2010. New features are the "Online Master League" and "Online Become a Legend." It will be easier if you change the game settings to the lowest difficulty (Beginner) and 5 minute matches.

Miscellaneous Achievements:
All the achievements for goals, possession rate, free-kick, stadiums can be obtained in exhibition mode, but vs CPU only. You may also edit player settings if you prefer and use the lowest difficulty except for Dead-ball Expert because you won't get fouled by CPU on Beginner – they won’t even tackle you on Beginner.

Master League:
Select Master League from the Main Menu and choose a good team form one of the best League as Italy, Spain or England. Simply win every match and you'll get all related Master League achievements. After that, you have to finish 10 seasons. You can simulate them, but have a look at your money to avoid bankruptcy. In the guide you can check other ML achievements that are unlockable with simulation.

UEFA Champions League:
Select the competition from the main menu and win every match. You'll get 2 easy achievements for Champions League and 1 achievement for Copa Libertadores.

Become a Legend:
In "Become a Legend," you can customize your player and start your career.
After few weeks, if you have played well and gained good match ratings, you'll be a regular player and a National Team player too. Look at the guide to know when you can simulate or not. One achievement is to have played at 10 different clubs across 6 countries. This can be done by simulating, eventually you’ll get offers in the transfer windows – generally the August one. You can accept them, or accept but put the offer on hold which allows you to wait for other offers to come in.

There is only 1 online achievement to unlock online and is very easy if you boost. You can find partners by viewing the Achievement Trading Thread.

As with all previous PES games, this version is a long but easy to 1000. I can also say that it is more difficult than PES 2010 when played on the hardest levels.

[x360a would like to thank xEndriux for this Road Map]

First Glory10
Awarded for your first win.   

This should be the first achievement you get. Just win one game.

Perfect 1025
Awarded for winning 10 consecutive matches.   (1) 

Simply win 10 consecutive matches. Be sure to save after each win so that you can go back if you don't win a game.

Come Back Win15
Awarded for your first Come Back Win.   

Easiest way is score your own goal or let the CPU score one to go 1-0. After that, simply score 2 goals to win the match. If you can manage to score the winner in the extra time you will also unlock the next achievement.

Last Gasp Winner10
Awarded for scoring the Winner in Extra Time.   

Slightly misleading description – it is NOT extra time as in the 30 minutes played in cup ties after 90 mins. It is the injury time added on at the end for stoppages.

Simply score a winning goal in injury time – the time on the clock must be after 90:00. If you struggle with not having enough added time to score a winning goal, just kick it out for a throw or goal kick etc to increase the time added on at the end. The referee will add more if the ball goes out of play a lot in the game so it makes sense to try and get 4 or 5 minutes added by the ref by kicking the ball out of play in the first 85 minutes or so of the game. I would stand just outside of the area until the clock enters 90:00 and then run into the area and score. Make sure it is a winning goal.

World Traveller20
A Title awarded for playing at all featured Stadiums. (Excludes ones created in Edit Mode.)   (2) 

Play a match in all Stadiums. I suggest you play exhibition matches, make a list and cross each one off as you go so you don't miss anything.

The Gentleman20
Awarded for committing less than 1 Foul per match on average in your last 10 Matches.   (3) 

You can get this while playing for the achievement above. I suggest avoiding tackling and trying to win the ball back as you may inadvertently foul the opposition. When you have possession just pass the ball amongst your defenders. Remember that off-sides count as fouls so best not to try any through balls to strikers who may run into offside positions.

Possession Play25
Awarded for having a Possession Rate of 60% or higher in your last 10 Matches.   

Just keep the ball and pass it amongst your defenders. Do that for 10 consecutive matches. You can check the possession percentage at the end of every match.

Hat-trick Hero35
Awarded for scoring 5 hat-tricks.   (4) 

You simply have to score a hat-trick (3 goals with the same player in the same game) 5 times. If you are struggling then increase the game length to 10 or more minutes.

Predatory Striker40
Awarded for playing over 20 Matches, averaging 2 plus goals per Match in your last 10.   

You have to play 20 matches and simply score at least 2 goals per Match in your last 10. On the easiest difficulty scoring is a joke. Defenders don’t even attempt to tackle so this should be easy.

Dead-ball Expert40
Awarded for scoring 5 Direct Free-Kicks.   (7) 

NOTE: Don't set the difficulty level to the easiest one because you won't get fouled by the CPU.

Start an exhibition match and use one of the best free-kicks takers such as Cristiano Ronaldo. You can adjust the height of the opposing goalkeeper to the lowest possible, do the same for his stats. Keep the ball and stop the player near the penalty area. As soon as the opponent tries to keep the ball, move your player and you should get a foul. It is not easy to get fouled and can be frustrating.

Long Ranger50
Awarded for scoring from 35m out or more.   (9) 

Set the goalkeeper height to the minimum and edit his stats. Use a good player as Totti or Rooney to score. Another method would be edit a team and change their corner taker to be their goalkeeper. Then play that side in an exhibition match, concede a corner then break up field from their goalkeeper’s corner and score while he is trying to get back having just taken the corner.

League Winner15
Awarded for winning one of the top leagues in [Master League]   (2) 

Select "Master League" from the main menu. Use a good team in one of the best league; such as Italy, Spain, and England. Now just simply win the league. I suggest playing every match without simulation in order to get other achievements below.

European Elite 1620
Awarded for making the Knockout phase of the UEFA Champions League in [Master League] .   

In Master League, if you pick a team already qualified for the UEFA Champions League (Inter or Barcelona for example) you'll get this achievement in the first year. Simply finish 1st or 2nd in your CL group.

Kings of Europe30
Awarded for winning the Master League UEFA Champions League.   

See the achievement above for details on which sides to pick to make this easier. You have just to win the Champions League in Master League mode.

The Invincibles90
Awarded for an undefeated season in Master League winning League, Cup and UEFA Champions League.   (6) 

In PES 2011 however, I simmed my final game of the season and drew and then forwarded to the end of the season year, and the achievement popped. So, for me at least, I didn’t have to win EVERY game.

No.1 Club 50
Awarded for topping the Team Ranking in Master League.   

Select a good team, such as Barcelona, who are already at the top of the Team Ranking. Considering you have to win every match, in order to get the above Master League achievements, you'll unlock this one at the end of the first year.

World Footballer of the Year70
Awarded if a member of your team wins World Footballer of the Year in Master League.   

A fast way to get this is to choose Barcelona for playing Master League, cause Messi will win the WFotY. If Barcelona is not your choice, you have to use the same player, while playing Master League, to get best assist player, best scorer and best player in Master League, Cup and CL.

Tip: You can edit a team to have the best players in the game, sim 1 season and you'll get this achievement.

10 years of Service50
An award to honour 10 years of service in Master League.   (6) 

You have to finish 10 seasons with one master league side. It is possible to simulate matches but be sure to check your money to don't go bankrupt.

The Debutant10
Awarded for your First Professional Appearance in Become a Legend.   

Select Become a Legend from the main menu. You can play on easy if you are having trouble. You get this achievement after your first official match.

International Cup Debut15
Awarded for your First Appearance in the Become a Legend International Cup.   

If you become a good player, (which is easy on the lowest difficulty) you'll be called up to be part of the National Team. The next World Cup will be in the 2014 so you'll unlock this achievement after 4 years of playing.

International Cup MVP30
Awarded for being named International Cup Player of the Tournament in Become a Legend.   (2) 

You have to be the best scorer, assist man and player (getting 8.0 you'll be named best player of a match) in the World Cup.

The Journeyman40
A title awarded for playing at 10 different clubs across 6 countries in Become a Legend.   

Play with 10 different teams across the 6 division. Try to change teams every transfer window. I suggest to don't do that before you get the Super Hero achievement.

The Super Hero50
A title awarded for being named World Footballer of the Year in BECOME A LEGEND.   

From the Main Menu, select Extra and buy all packages about Become a Legend.
Select Messi as your player, play all the matches until you are sure to win (more or less you have to play from August to April). Now you can simulate all except the Champions League and Cup matches. Next year play only the European Super Cup, simulate the rest and the achievement is yours.

In case you play without extra content, you cannot simulate the first year because you start as a young player, not as Messi. Your stats are poor and you are not a regular player. The second year you have to be the best player and the best in assist, goal in Championship, Champions League and Cup.
The third year, play the European Super Cup and you’ll get the achievement.

Mr. Consistency (Online)50
Awarded for winning 75% of your Last 20 Ranked matches Online.  (17) 

To get this, simply boost with a friend and let him score 3 own goals, the match ends and it count as a win.
Check out the Achievement Trading Thread for a boosting partner.

Made the Knockout phase40
Awarded for making the Knockout phase of the UEFA Champions League.   

Select Champions League from the main menu, finish 1st or 2nd in your group.

European Champions70
Awarded when you win the UEFA Champions League.   

In UEFA Champions League, simply win all the matches.

Kings of Latin America80
A title awarded for winning the Copa Santander Libertadores.   (5) 

Select Copa Santander Libertadores form the Main Menu. You have just to win, personally I used the team Flamengo but on the easiest difficulty you'll get this achievement with every team you may choose.

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