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Guide By: avengerRPM, Mellar
There are 60 achievements with a total of 1250 points.

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- Estimated achievement difficulty: 7/10
- Offline: 48/60 (1105/1250)
- Online: 12/60 (145/1250)
- Approximate amount of time to 20030-40 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 (Multiple races)
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: Second Controller for Split Screen

*Please note that the DLC is no longer available. Unless you already have it you will only be able to get the original 1000 

Project Gotham Racing 4 is likely to be the last in the series now developers Bizzare have gone bust. The game has a nice mix of easy, hard, online and downright quirky achievements. Unfortunately now the DLC is gone you can only obtain the original 1000, but I will still include this in the roadmap as many already have it.

Step 1 - Career Mode:
Start off by casually playing through career mode at your own pace. Always try to win of course, and make your way through the ranks. You will unlock the majority of the achievements in this mode. There are a total of 10 achievements for 350 for getting to the end of the career and reaching rank 1, and you should pick up a bunch on the way. When you reach rank 1 you will unlock "I Love PGR" and "Numero Uno."
You will most likely unlock the following achievements in career mode:

  • Showboater
  • Whitewash
  • Winning Streak
  • 5 Star Racer
  • Superstar
  • Mind Your Manners (Win a street race without touching the walls)
  • Weather Master
  • Winner

Step 2 - Arcade Mode:
Arcade mode will be where most of your frustration will come from. Your aim is to get platinum medals in every event. Anybody who did this in PGR3 will know what I am talking about. Making sure you have the right vehicle is very important, and don't be afraid to use the bikes for some of the races as the acceleration on some of them is immense. Once you have all platinum medals you will unlock "Platinum Gotham Achiever."

On the way to this you will unlock the following achievements:

  • Silver Gotham Achiever
  • Gold Gotham Achiever
  • Silver Double
  • Gold Double
  • Platinum Double
  • Arcade Chapter Complete
  • Play it Again Sam (improve on a medal you have won)
  • Seat of Your Pants (Don't brake during a hot lap)
  • Step 3 - Split Screen

There are a couple of achievements you will need to do in split screen. "Back It Up" is awarded for two players finishing first and second in reverse gear against at least one AI. Although this is technically possible on your own, get someone to help you and it is a very easy achievement. You can also get "Strike A Pose" for two of you both doing an endo whilst facing each other. Again find some help for this one.

Step 4 - Online:
You will need to find some boosting partners for the online part of this game. Use the achievement trading thread found here to find people to play with. You will need to find a group of 8 people in order to go for "Team Domination", but just 4 for "1-2 Finish and "Team Leader." The hardest part of this is getting the group together, as with good communication these can be boosted pretty quickly and effortlessly.
"First Timer" can be gotten on your own, just start an online championship. You will also need to beat someone who has reached rank one and some one who has the viral achievement. Use this thread to find someone who has them and just beat them in any online race for "Giant Killer" and "Beat Bizarre."

Step 5 - Miscellaneous Achievements:
There are a few quirky achievements that are easily attainable.These can all be done in about an hour or so. You may have some of them already but some you will need to do something a bit out of the ordinary in your races. "The Unicyclist" is given for performing a long wheelie for example.

Follow the guide and go for:

  • The Unicyclist (See above)
  • Bibendium (Play all test track disciplines)
  • Stuntman (Press  when doing a wheelie on a bike)
  • 8th Wonder of the World (Do a kudos manoeuvre around the figure 8 test track)
  • Catch Them All (Make sure you hit every opponent during a race)
  • Endo King (Earn 100kudos with one Endo)
  • Rubbin' is Racin' (Knock off opponents wing mirrors)
  • Show Jump (8 vehicles in the air at the same time, easier with bikes)
  • The three puzzle achievements are easy to get and are the definition of quirky when talking achievements. Park yourAston in front of the Casino Royale, get hit by lightning in your Delorean while going 88mph and finish 2nd when Bloc Party's 'The Prayer' is playing. 

Step 6 - DLC - Premium Challenge Pack:
This DLC only has two achievements tied to it, but it does include getting platinum medals in the Platinum Plus events for "Platinum Plus." These events are harder than regular platinum events, so all I can say is good luck for this one, and just practice until you get it right.
The other achievement, "Download King" is awarded for playing through the DLC and winning every race. You can only use the cars from the premium pack, but this one shouldn't give you too many problems if you got on okay with the main part of the game.

Step 7 - DLC - Free Challenge Pack:
You will need to find someone to boost this with, again use the achievement trading thread. Once you have a group you will have no problem getting the two Cat and Mouse related achievements. "Tourist Kudos King" is awarded buy getting the most kudos in a tourist event. Again this one is easily boosted.
"Make The Grade" is the one that is giving some people issues. This is for qualifying for a tournament. Tournaments are still being held but there is some speculation about when they are held, if they are region specific, or how often they are held. That said, people are still unlocking this in various regions, so keep checking back to see if one is being held.

Step 8 - Mop Up:
You should have everything done by now, but if you are missing anything it is just a matter of doing a few more quick races to mop up anything you may have missed. You may still need to buy an achievement, and to make a 3-D photo. These are shop bought items which you can just buy with your Kudos. Be sure to upload an image and a video to PGR on Demand and vote for them for a couple of easy achievements.

PGR4 is a definite improvement on previous editions. The addition of motorbikes and the vastly improved career mode are a definite plus. Improved matchmaking also makes the online achievements much less stressful than PGR3. None of the achievements are glitchy, but getting all the platinum medals will be very stressful. Good luck!

[x360a would like to thank RacerC & Corrupt x360a for this Roadmap]

Winning Streak30
Win 3 race events back to back in either Arcade or Single Player Career Mode.   
Play through Arcade or Single player, and win three. Difficulty does not matter.
1-2 Finish10
Complete a Ranked Match Team Championship with your team taking the top two positions.   (10) 
Online, win a Ranked Team Championship, with two teammates winning the top two spots. Probably easiest with fewer players.
Team Domination20
Complete a Ranked Match Team Championship with your team taking up the top four positions.   (5) 
See "1-2 Finish"
Team Leader10
Earn the most points for your team in a Ranked Match Team Championship.   (3) 
For the Championship, be the best overall racer for your team. Perform lots of Kudos.
Earn 9000 Kudos in a single race.   (3) 
See "Superstar"
5-Star Racer20
Earn 5 Kudos Stars.   
See "Superstar"
Earn 5 Kudos Stars three times in a race.   (2) 
For this achievement, and for "5-Star Racer" and "Showboater", take a car with high power and good drifting (ex- DBR9) and do continuous drifts around the figure-8. Be sure to end your combo once you ahve gotten up to 5 stars, because you cannot get more than 5 stars at once.
Mind Your Manners25
Win a Street Race in Arcade or Gotham Career mode without making contact with walls.   
Easiest on the first career race. Just get out in front, and stay in the middle of track.
The Unicyclist20
Perform a long Wheelie on a motorcycle.   (3) 
See "Endo King"
Play all 3 Test Track disciplines and set a score in each one.   
Once you have unlocked the Michelin Test Track, go to all three of them. For the SKid Pan, you must complete the entire time, do not quit before it ends. For the Speed Test, and the Track Test, just complete an entire lap.
Weather Master25
Win races in rain, fog, and snow in either Arcade or Single Player Career modes.   
Will come with time while playing through Career or Arcade.
Win your first event in either Arcade or Single Player Career modes.   
Will most likely get on the first race you complete, as long as you win. Simple as that.
Silver Gotham Arcader40
Earn a Silver medal in every Arcade event.     (3) 
See "Platinum Gotham Arcader"
Gold Gotham Arcader10
Earn a Gold medal in every Arcade event.     
See "Platinum Gotham Arcader"
Platinum Gotham Arcader10
Earn a Platinum medal in every Arcade event.    (3) 
The bike or car you use may need to depend upon the event. A car with better handling and acceleration/top speed may be better for racing, where as a car with better drifting may be better for kudos challenges. Will take time, but is possible. Just keep retrying, and dont be afraid to change vehicles, or switch from car to bike, or vice-versa.
Silver Double30
Earn at least a Silver medal with both a bike and a car in any Arcade event.     
See "Platinum Double"
Gold Double5
Earn at least a Gold medal with both a bike and a car in any Arcade event.     (2) 
See "Platinum Double"
Platinum Double5
Earn at least a Platinum medal with both a bike and a car in any Arcade event.    
Find a race that you feel comfortable with on both a bike and a car, and then obtain a Platinum Medal with both the bike and the car.
Arcade Chapter Complete30
Complete any chapter in Arcade mode.   
Just complete any set of 6 races in Arcade Mode. Difficulty Medal does not matter, but the chapter must be completed with all the same kind of vehicle.
Reach the rank of Professional in Single Player Career mode.   
See "Numero Uno"
Reach the rank of Hotshot in Single Player Career mode.   
See "Numero Uno"
Reach the rank of Master in Single Player Career mode.   
See "Numero Uno"
Become a National Champion in Single Player Career mode.   
See "Numero Uno"
Win your first Championship in either Single Player Career or Ranked Match play.    
See "Numero Uno"
Motorcycle Ace25
Win a Single Player Career Championship on a motorcycle.   
Complete a championship with a motorcycle. Try to find a race with shorter courses, and lots of turns. Choose a motorcycle with really high acceleration.
Major Winner40
Win a Major in Single Player Career mode.   
See "Numero Uno"
Win all three Single Player Career Majors.    
See "Numero Uno"
Perform your first stunt on a bike.   (1) 
This achievement requires that you hold the B button while either doing either an endo, a wheelie, or a drift, while on a motorcycle.
Buy an Achievement20
Buy the K1,000,000 gamer picture to earn this Achievement.   (1) 
Kudos will come eventually, so dont save up all your Kudos, unless you really want to. But once you have 1,000,000 Kudos, and you can select to buy it in the PGR Shop, go ahead. Get it.
Back it Up!10
In a split-screen Street Race, finish 1st and 2nd in reverse gear against at least one AI opponent.   (3) 
In a multiplayer race, both players need to cross the finish line in reverse. Set up the race with only 1 AI, and once the race starts, both players need to stay together because the second player only has 15 seconds to cross the line once the first player crosses. Once you can see the line put on your brakes and stop, turn around, and back up across the line.
Strike a Pose10
Get two bikes facing each other, 15 metres apart, with each performing an impressive endo.   
Can be done online, or split screen. Play with a friend and endo towards each other. Keep trying it and you will get it.
First Timer10
Complete your first Ranked Match Championship.   (2) 
Self-explanitory, just begin an online ranked championship, and race all races until completion.
8th Wonder of the World20
Complete a lap of the Michelin Test Track 'figure of 8' while sliding.   (1) 
Go to the Michelin Test Track, and perform a Kudos Combo around the entire Figure-8 track. Does not need to be a continuous slide, only a continuous combo.
Catch 'Em All5
Swap paint with every opponent in an eight vehicle race.    
Best time to do this one would be on an 8-vehicle Eliminator. You have to get to the front anyways, so you might as well hit them all. Any kind of contact counts, even a light tap to their rear fender.
Endo King20
Earn 100 Kudos by performing an Endo with a motorcycle.   (1) 
Use the A-Class Kawasaki Ninja, and go to New York and do endos after crossing the entire bridge, just before the corners. Make sure you keep the bike up, and dont even hesitate or slightly drop the bike, as my achievement only came after a perfectly held endo.
Seat of your Pants25
Complete a Hot Lap event in Arcade mode without touching your brake.   (1) 
No Hot Laps are unlocked initially, so once you have unlocked one, go ahead. You just have to complete the lap in under the given time, on any difficulty, with both a bike and car. Wallriding is ok, which is the easy way to do it with a car. For the bike, either try to ride the wall, or just crash in every corner.
Rubbin' is Racin'20
Knock off the wing mirrors on all of your opponents' vehicles in a Single Player Street Race event.   (3) 
Try this with a single opponent, and knock off both wing mirrors.
Show Jump10
Get eight vehicles in the air at the same time.   (4) 
In a custom match go to st. petersberg, the hermatige race REVERSE. set all the ai vehicles the same as yours. i used a hyabusa because i thought the bikes would be lighter and faster. just stay with the pack on the straightaway and there will be a small hill. Jump it.(thanks to bookemdano76)
I Love PGR5
Buy everything in the PGR Shop or complete PGR 3 and get to Rank #1   (3) 
This achievement is very misleading. For one, having beaten PGR3 does nothing for the achievement, as Microsoft ruled that no achievement can be based upon another game. This achievement is also misleading in the fact that you do NOT have to have purchases everything from the PGR4 Store. It seems that most people earn this achievement when they reach Rank 1 on the Career Leaderboard.
Win every event in a Single Player or Ranked Match Championship. 
See "Numero Uno"
You Won't Believe Your Eyes!5
Create a 3D image using Photo Mode.    (2) 
You have to purchase the ability to take 3-D pictures, so once you ahve enough Kudos, buy it from the PGR Shop, and then take a photo with the 3-D filter turned on.
Secret Agent5
Puzzle #2   (2) 
Go to Custom Race, And take the Aston Martin DBS to Las Vegas on the Long Strip Straights Track. Go backwards at the start until you can see Casino Royale to the right. Come to a complete stop and the achievement is yours (thanks to Twin Axes).
Puzzle #1   (5) 
Start a custom race, with the DeLorean, and with a Storm going. Be going 88mph when lightning strikes, and you have the achievement.
Tonight Make Me Unstoppable5
Puzzle #3   (19) 
Complete a race while Bloc Party's "The Prayer" is playing. You can go to music and make it so that it is the only song playing. You need to finish in second.

I understand that this is one of the achievements that give people the hardest time, but I was at Best Buy and looked in an open copy of the Official Prima Guide, and it said that the developers chose Block Party's song because there is a line "2nd best, runner up. Is it so wrong to want rewarding?" The developers wanted this to be part of an achievement, so they made this one. The guide states that the only requirements are that you finish a race in second, with Bloc Party's 'The Prayer' as the song playing. I know some people have claimed to have done this, but, as always, KEEP TRYING!!
Play It Again Sam20
Improve on a medal earned in any arcade event   
Win a race on Bronze difficulty, and then beat it again on a harder level.
PGR On Demand - Photo5
Upload a photo and vote on a photo in PGR On Demand  (2) 
Take a photo and upload it, then go to PGR On Demand, view one, and vote for it.
PGR On Demand - Video5
Upload a replay and vote on a replay using PGR On Demand  (1) 
Save a video and upload it, then go to PGR On Demand, view one, and vote for it.
Giant Killer20
Win against a human opponent with Rank 1 single player status on Xbox LIVE.    (2) 
Beat someone on Xbox Live who has "Numero Uno". Does not need to be ranked.
Numero Uno50
Reach Rank Number One on the Single Player Career Drivers' Leaderboard.   (1) 
Progress through the Career Mode, completing the championships that give the most points. Difficulty does not matter.
Beat Bizarre10
Defeat a PGR 4 team member on Xbox LIVE, or defeat anyone who's bested a PGR 4 team member.    (8) 
Find a friend, or a friend of a friend, or someone on here, who has the achievement, and beat them. Does not have to be ranked
DLC: Premium Challenge Pack
Price: $4.99 USD Achievements: 3 Points: 170
Platinum Plus60
Get all the platinums in the Platinum Plus Challenge    (3) 

Challenge Pack - Premium

Ok, I can not really help you with this achievement. This is based upon your skill on PGR4. Platinum plus events are harder than normal Platinum events. All I can say is Good luck!!
Download King60
Complete the DLC Challenge chapter (at various difficulties)  

Challenge Pack - Premium

Once you have downloaded the content, just enter the 'World Challenge' mode and enter 'DLC Challenge'. Just win all the races and Achievement Unlocked. Remember, with this event you can only use the Premium Package cars.
Arcade Challenge50
Complete the Arcade Challenge chapter (at various difficulties)   

Challenge Pack - Premium

You will get a new menu item once downloaded for the World Challenge Series. Go in there and select the Arcade Challenge. All you need to do is win a medal in each of the 5 events. If you want the achievement fast just go for Steel medals.
DLC: Free Challenge Pack
Price: Free Achievements: 7 Points: 80
Tourist Kudos King15
Earn more kudos than anyone else in a Tourist event   (2) 

Challenge Pack - Free

You can either do this legit or boosting, just start up a Tourist event and get more Kudos than anyone else. I'd recommend playing against as few players as possible to minimize your competition.

The following are the basic ways of getting kudos. Finishing first will also award you more kudos then losing will.
  • 360 ................... Quickly spin around in a complete circle.
  • Air ................... Get all four wheels off the ground.
  • Clean Section ......... Drive cleanly through a designated section.
  • Cone Gate ............. Drive cleanly between two cones.
  • Overtake .............. Pass an opponent.
  • Overtake (Draft) ...... Draft behind a car, and then slingshot past it.
  • Race Line ............. Maintain optimal speed when cornering by starting wide and cutting the inside edge of your turn.
  • E-Brake Slide ......... Brake as you enter the corner, and then use the handbrake at the apex to break traction on the rear tires.
  • Braking Power Over .... Come into a corner at very high speed, and then step off the gass and turn sharply while braking.
  • Feint Drift ........... Turn gently out of the corner as you approach, and then turn sharply into the corner using the cars inertia to push the tires sideways across the track.
  • Braking Drift ......... Come into the corner too fast, and then apply the brake to transfer weight off of the rear tires. Apply power and countersteer to maintain the slide.
  • Braking Feint ......... Turn gently out of the corner as you approach, and then turn sharply and brake heavily to initiate a drift.
  • Power Feint ........... Turn gently out of the corner as you approach, and then turn sharply and apply a lot of power.
  • Two Wheels ............ Get two wheels off of the ground.
  • Combo Bonus ........... Link moves together before your Kudos Stash moves to your Kudos Bank.
  • Top Speed ............. Be the fastest player in a Multiplayer event, and receive a Kudos bonus at the end of the race.

Open Cat Champion15
Be a cat on the winning team in a Cat and Mouse Open Event   (2) 

Challenge Pack - Free

You can either do this legit or boosting, just start up any 'Cat And Mouse' race on an open event with you as the cat and win the race.

Cat and mouse has two teams, the cat and the mice. As a cat you must ram the mice who will attempt to run away from you. Ramming a mouse will give you around 400,000 thousand points every time. Try to get the mouse into a corner or up against a wall so you can hit them multiple times before they can escape.
Open Mouse Master15
Be a mouse on the winning team in a Cat and Mouse Open Event   (4) 

Challenge Pack - Free

Select "Cat and Mouse" mode from the xbox multiplayer menu. You can either do this legit or boosting, just start up any 'Cat And Mouse' race with you as the mouse, then win the race.

As a mouse you need to avoid getting hit by cats while simultaneously scoring as many kudos points as possible. Check the achievement "Tournament Kudos King" for a list of ways to get kudos.
Activate one of the cheats in the cheat menu    (3) 

Challenge Pack - Free

Simply from the Main Menu, select 'Options' then 'Cheat' then turn on any of the cheats. Start up a Custom Race then you should have the achievement.
Make the Grade10
Try to qualify for a tournament   (6) 

Challenge Pack - Free

For the achievement, go to the tournament section and select a tournament that is currently open for entries. After the first lap your time is posted and your achievement is unlocked.
01 Yee Haw10
Puzzle #4   (2) 

Challenge Pack - Free

The achievement an only be obtained using the Dodge Challenger (well this achievement is based on the Dukes of Hazard). Just start a race on St. Petersburg, The Hermitage Race in reverse using the Dodge Challenger. Drive forward some distance and then turn around and floor it. Jump off the bump in the road at the start of the race and lean the car slightly forward and land back on the road. You need about 130 MPH or more to make the jump. When you land the achievement should unlock.
Are You the One?10
Puzzle #5   (4) 

The achievement can only be obtained using a Ducati 998 (The achievement is based on The Matrix when Neo jumps off the lorry on the motorway with a 998). To get the achievement just start up a race on St. Petersburg, The Hermitage Race in reverse and use a Ducati 998 and make sure you're in an external view. You will see a bump in the road when you start which you will air off and do a 360 camera rotation clockwise. I recommend setting the camera to the and then holding the right as you go off the jump.

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